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  1. Welcome to the new and hopefully improved home of the Ogier! Please feel free to contribute to any existing thread or start one of your own if you have a mind to. Right now the hot topics are books, gardening, games and taking it easy in the Sung Wood where you can enjoy a stein or two of our famous Ogier Ale or any other brew.
  2. Yes, hasty humans! I just found out about all this moving business last Tuesday when I was asked to stay as club leader. I still have access to the old boards, so if you need to have anything moved over, just let me know.
  3. Some zucchini, but for first time, this year I have spaghetti squash! Yummy!
  4. Stayed up late last night updating the point total (I hadn't realized that it had been nearly a year since the last update) and transferred over a couple old threads. And then today I find out that even with the archiving, I still have access to the old files and can still move archived threads back and forth. LOL. I do not know if we will use any of this, but it was fun to go back over the good old days. One thing I might bring back right off the bat is the Ogier Ice Cream Trolley and maybe even the Travelling Ogier Beach Volleyball Team.
  5. Yes, he really does sound like different characters.
  6. Nope, I just checked. Narrated by Martin Jarvis, who does a pretty good job of it. I didn't know about the BBC full cast production. The one I got has a nice pic of the Amazon movie production.
  7. Listening to Good Omens right now after watching it on TV.
  8. I have the list as an Excel file. I could do one final update, but I am not too sure if it matters any longer - we'll see how it goes.
  9. If there are any other favorite threads you would liked migrated over, better let me know soon - today is the last day!
  10. Welcome Duadhe! Glad you found the place! *pours another round for everyone*
  11. That looks mighty tasty! Thanks for the recipe!
  12. Love Terry Pratchett! Listening to Good Omens right now after watching the TV show. Not bad! Think I'll drag our old Terry Pratchet thread over as well. ?
  13. Had to bring some things along with just to make it a home.
  14. Wow, it took 3 and a half years to get that last one! Your quote sounds familiar, but I'll have to give it some thought.
  15. I have my son to help me with it. ? Loial
  16. Jalanda (an Ogier historian quoted by Loial) I gots the WoT Companion
  17. A good welcome to members new and old to Club Ogier, our new stedding here at Dragonmount! I thought we could start fun and light with some new and old games. Please feel free to join in at any time. I also brought over some of our classic threads, The Ye Olde Sung Wood Pub - a place to hangout with friends and enjoy a stein of two of your favorite brew; The Great Library - a place to discuss your latest read; To Serve Ogier - a cookbook where you can share your favorite recipes as we all like to eat (some of these are really good!); The Ogier Architect Museum - a place for the Bu
  18. good one! Having a little trouble with "F" - thought of something good, but forgot by time I got to the keyboard, so how about: Far Madding
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