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  1. can we actualy add to the map? Im looking for that function but not finding it.
  2. The strong martial tradition of the Ogier has faded over the years. During the Age of Legends and the War of the Shadow, they were known to be fierce warriors (and also appear to have acted as a police force), with Lews Therin Telamon elected as their head. The Ogier of the lands of the east have been tied to the stedding since the Breaking of the World. Due to the chaos of the Breaking, they could no longer could find the stedding nor stay very long in any they could find. Seanchan Ogier also do not suffer from the Longing, because the concentration of stedding in Seanchan was much higher than in the land where Artur Hawkwing was born. This allowed them to stave off the Longing, though the effects on their culture and mindset is unknown. ---- from WOT wiki. It seems that even in the AOL there were two sets of Ogier anyways the ones who fought in wars and the ones who were Treesingers and helped grow plants, so I think when they do meet up they will be like oh no problemwe can drop our treesingers off with you, any of you Randlanders want to fight?
  3. ah when the last battle starts there going to take all the children to the se3afolk isle and baby sit them, then when everyone on the mainland has died humanity will be repopulated with passifics.
  4. I picked up TEoTW when i was 11 or 12, now im 25- be 26 in Nov. Introduced the books to my Hubby 3 years ago when he said I'm board- tossed him book 1 and now he's hook as deeply as I am, lol. Never was able to get into Tolken, Rice or King- I read them to fall asleep, lol. Like Norton, Niven, McCaffery( hey I was hooked on her when I was 7), Bertin(been waiting 11 year for the last book in her series, much longer than GRRM's ;D), Carol Berg, I should stop here I could go on and on with all the writers that I like.
  5. currently? 10 miles past the end of the world. ah but im from Sacramento, California. but im working in a tiny little town in NE California that is about 2 hrs from anywhere- google Alturas, CA and you'll se there is nothing up there but cows and rocks, lol.
  6. ah but as some one has stated she does have PTSD. With PTSD a persons view on certian events would be seen from a different angle than from the view of someone with out PTSD. To Egwene any Seanchan is a direct threat to her. Just think back to Book 10 and her reaction to the possiblity of a Seanchan helping her. Her striking out is well within the bounds of the 3 Oaths due to her mental state.
  7. the only one mentioned that would have deserved some sort of punishment was #3. Tho IMO I think that she was going to turn her over once she milked her of every little scrap of knowledge, then she would have taken a public penance. but then again with the treatment that she got once she was captured I think that that penance was delivered 5 fold- what was she up to before the seanchan attack 10 beatings a day? 1- she only did this with the sisters who were trying to manipulate her for there own purposes, and also as said before it was not on the Oath rod so- 1 it was not binding, and 2 it had been done before in tower history, 3 she will more than likely let those who did swear go of the oath now that the tower is whole. 2- I dont recal Suian telling her that the Red thing is a lie, so she is unaware of the lie for a lie. 4- She has the 4th Oath removed as soon as possible from all non BA sisters so not bad. 5- this has also happened in the past, some people will look at the situation with askanace(sp) but it is alowable.
  8. the king of murandy, never actualy "seen" on screen but have heard about him/from him a few times. yes im pulling it back up from history muhahahaha ;D
  9. hey we cant keep citing the if weve had X's POV they can't be a DF- that was turned on its head with Verin we did have her POV and well we all know what happened. now going on this vein will Perrin bemarked with Fains sooty mark- with all the dark thinking that Perrin did while the rescue of Faile arc "I'd even make a deal with the DO to get her back, ect..."
  10. in this case i have to agree that the sword is just a sword- just a special type of sword. not all the swords that were power made were imprintened with a herron, the Herron maked blades were given to generals and rulers, those that were powermade but not marked went to common soldiers ala Lan's sword- though if justic is a herron marked blade then Rand would have owned 3 which is realy realy weird seeing how herron marked ones are kinda rare.
  11. how many times would YOU want to write a word that most people would have a hard time pronouncing? lol, dosen't he have like 20 names for them anyways?
  12. the base for Birgitte more than likely stems from the mythological Artimis rather than Tolken's Legolas. Artimis is depicted with blonde hair and silver bow/arrows in art. we do know that RJ drew heavily on European myhtos, soon you'll see Nordic referencis in regard to one of the main trio.
  13. same here we get the last book finished by the end of the world and then relize that we have spent x amount of our lives with the books, me i found them when i was 12 now im turning 26, yup over half of my life, no matter what happens at the end of it im still going to finish the book and bawl my eyes out.
  14. know i shouldn't say this but has some one been reading HP recently- theory sounds to much like the snape thing in book 7, lol. hey i can post now.... well for the next 2 week before i go back to work.
  15. Tired old plot device, hope that doesn't happen, if it does im throwing my book at sanderson, and at mr jordan's grave, lol. perfect ending, lol. Elyane gives birth to two fully formed adults who then Bitch slap her into the next age where she dies.
  16. just like Nyn's net, its a set of *angeal that were made to work together with diff functions in each
  17. we can also assume that due to the unwillingness of the shido to accept the revalation that rand gave that the clan will die out within 3 generations- as per the saying of the AS at Rhuidean.
  18. Zach where in the world did you get the impression that Talents are directly or even indirectly linked with the power? dreamwalking is a talent- we have seen people who can't touch the sorce dreamwalk, how about the wolf brother, also not related to the power far from it, last one mins aura reading is also a talent that has been repeadely been confermed that has no relationship with the power. we have also seen a talent that has sofar only manifested in men- sniffers, also been confermed that this has no relation with the power. so in summery if a man had a talent, unless he uses the power then he would not go mad or be affected by the body rotting of pre cleaning would have caused. edit: got to carried away there and forgot to argue semantics with Luckers, lol. ah i'm too tired to night to have a long debate with him tonight. ;)
  19. also nyn grew up with her father, he taught her her woodscraft knowledge. he thought of her like the son he never had.
  20. i would see it as pitch black cloth it would move with the myrddraal but not be affected by any other external source unless the myrddraal was dead- immagry comes from descriptions of dead Myrddraal capes flaping in the wind.
  21. also remeber in the borderland any male over the age of 16 can, and possibly will be called to go to war at any time, yes each boderland nation might only have a standing army of ~150,000- 200,000 people but when the horns of war call dont be to suprised if each nation has 1 mil + marching behind the banner. so we could probly see the army of the light totaling upwards of a 150 mil or more (especialy if tuon gets of her high horse and gates the rest of the seanchan army/airforce to randland, and any person 16 years old and up to hold a wepon.)
  22. The knowlege comes from the last age when all of the questions except the big one_ the meaning of life, was answered.
  23. 1)There are two animals known to be sensitive to the One Power. Each is repelled by one force and attracted to the other. Which two animals are they and which is attracted/repelled by which forces? Cats and Dogs- Cats to saidar, dogs to saidin 2)Name three ter'angreal known to use both saidin and saidar. TBotW, the access keys, mats medalion negates both(does this count?), possible FM Gard, I'm going to say a Binder aswell (seeing how both males and females back then had to be bound). 3)During the Age of Legends, a male channeler and a female channeler each come into their gifts at the usual time. The meet and fall in love and begin getting intimate shortly after. Their families are horrified. Why? Three reasons, It is the end of the AoL and men are going mad, On is consideraple older than the other, or they are closely related and didn't know it. 4)Name two ter'angreal known to be created with neither saidin nor saidar. Don't you mean uses neither? the rings in the Aiel Waste, any of the twisted doorways, the glass pillers, list can go on. 5)Name five creatures of the shadow known to have been directly created by use of the One Power. Trolocs, darkhounds, draghkar, gholam, jumara(also called worms), cafar, zomara 6)If fifteen people are in a link, what do you know about the group? that there are 15 pople in it, that there is at least one man in it. 7)Name three known side-affects of the taint on Saidin. There are only two confirmed effects of the tain, that of the body rotting and that of the mind rotting(madness). The hearinfg of voices is a part of the madness. the nausa is spicific only to rand( it could bw RJ's way of desribing Rands body rotting) 8)Name three things known to exist in the current day setting as a result of saidin being used by tainted male channelers. The Ways, Machin Shin, Dragonmount, The dragonwall, The Aiel Waste( the whole new face of the world, lol) 9)When a fade feels the One Power being used, how does each force feel to him? As an itch 10) An Accepted of the White Tower attempts to light a candle using a strand of fire during a class on channeling and is immediately reprimanded. Why? Becuse it was Nynaeve trying to channel the fire and she blew up the wall instead of lighting the darn candel, btw the candle is still unlit.
  24. and we know that ny knows the weave to bring a soul from T'A'R due to her ablility to see a weave once and know it. Ya Rand is going to die but becuse his soul will immdeatly go to T'A'R Ny will go and bring him back out
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