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  1. "The only stupider thing anybody ever could have done was to try to adapt The Wheel Of Time before it was done. Who's to say that GRRM won't walk out of his house tomorrow and get hit by a semi? Or contract a fatal disease, like RJ did?

    Brandon Sanderson doesn't have time to finish Fire and Ice, too"

    Found this quote on a different MB had to pos...

  2. the entire last Mat chapter rocked, so loved it all from the excape to Moraine telling Thom that she'll marry him. Also the forging of Thor's hammer by Perrin and the rediscovring of the weaves needed to make power enhanced wepons was so cool, expecialy whith the fact that Perrin was standing in the middle of an iron star at the end, as soon as he steped up and started working the forge I said out loud that he's making Thor's hammer. oh and one more thing the fool of a tool is nolonger a fool or a tool, man he grew some, hope he keeps going in that direction.
  3. In the light of Mat's letter, One does have to wonder about all the other red sealed letters we saw branding about in the book, like what in the one that was given to Rand when he went to the WT, what was in Allana's letter that made her flee Tear? I do have to agree that what the hell with Oliver, budding sociopath is a little to light in what we see there, when did he get tainted?
  4. k still not seeing it, grrrrrrrrr. or am i the only one?
  5. @ailli- hehe same here, though then again they are both short, dark haired and "young" looking.
  6. hum is it time for me to bleach my cloak white? applyed for this year, heres crossing fingers.
  7. if i add to my app the prommise ill bring and give BS my ice age/alpha/beta magic cards would that up my chances lol.
  8. hey when are apps going for stormleaders? i can make it to the sac event, hey it is my old stomping grounds.
  9. just had a thought, Elyane snuck out and hid in Mat's tent to speek with him and thats where she gave birth, hence the smell of blood, lol. Eyalne- "Hi Mat hope you dont mind me using your second favorite coat to wrap my babes in..... Man i need a bath." muhahahahahaha
  10. i think 100,000 might be a little to low for a major city pop maybe 250,000? hum wondering if he snuck into the bookstore down the street from me and planted on there when he was in the bay area..... now that i think on it tWoK is consipiciously missing from the local BN aswell hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  11. my fine friend who taught you high chant? i do have to agrre with only the little snippit that we no *con-ers have at our hands one can only think bad things of a once bad ass person.
  12. well if you every get to the point that the droped hints we all do give ya arn't just working anymore flip through the new e-book covers, man i knida hope that those become the new paperback ones, lol.
  13. well here is a stub from encyclopaedia wot about blademaster swords.... Im still looking for the direct quote from land to Rand about their swords.
  14. love it, you do get some things right here and there ;)
  15. so i just added both of my locations, lol.
  16. simple she has a lot of the old blood in her just like mat, perrin and eggy do, maybe she just has more of it ;D, to some extent they understood intuitivly some of the old toung without learning it. also they were spying in T'A'R so there could be some language rules that we dont know that effects T'A'R, ie maybe that place has some sort of universial translator?
  17. see he left himself an opening in that interview that if he changed his mind, so we might actualy go there besides the opening wind line. ;D
  18. well we know from what was relised alredy that the wind this time starts in Imafal which is where the ToM are located so.........
  19. ye sI found one last night and now my eyes are burned to the back of my skull for staring at the cumputer for 15 hrs, lol. man I wish, but then again If I did find that coppy It would be reported to Tor...... as everyone else has said I read it, muhahaha. yes I would still buy a coppy or three. I mean I think im on my 6th copy of TEotW.
  20. ah but some of the WO's are dreamers aswell as dreamwalkers. heince some of them being able to help eggy to interperate her dreams
  21. wow this will be the second time i get to relive my first trip through the books, my first time was when my hubby picked up tEotW and stoped every other page to ask something. wow its been like 15 years from my first read, yes i was a young tike when i picked the books up- turning 26 this year. Man you have a good eye for some of the hints, all im saying. also if you look at it this way a gleeman= journyman bard.
  22. in no particular order- What Verin Did An Agreement Made To Handle Fire A Blue Stone The Wreath The Death of Rand To Lose the Light A New Name? Silence Meetings Birth and Rebirth
  23. I dont think that they happen to be acual dreammers as we have seen but more like dreamwalkers- kinda like what perrin does with his "wolf-dream", he has acess to the world of dreams but he doesn't have true dreams.
  24. wasn't it stated by BS that a good portion of ToM will be before Rand's revelation on the top of Dragonmount? if so then well will probly see-or hear about that is, Dark Rand in this one.
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