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  1. It's been stated by a few number of Aes Sedai that they think they have been culling the ability to channel out of the population by gentling all the men with the spark. However, people born with the spark are rare. Even with women, only a handful have the spark inborn. Most are only able to learn. So since people with the spark are a vast minority of the channelers, I don’t think the power has been culled at all. Men with the ability to learn are still reproducing and passing the trait on. With the taint clean, I think the amount of male channelers will skyrocket since people with the ability to learn won't be afraid anymore. Anyone agree? ~Mashiara
  2. The Daughter of the Nine Moons is revealed in book 9. Keep at it and you'll see. :) ~Mashiara
  3. I think that there are slight diffreneces in the way Aes Sedai/Asha'man do the bonding. Elayne says she watched while two Aes Sedai bonded their Warders and that she tried to learn the weave from them in secret (one Aes Sedai even had her Warder give an oath to obey). When Elayne bonds Birgitte, Elayne isn't able to force Birgitte into anything. Maybe Elayne doesn't know how to do it, or maybe she formed the weaves differently than the other Aes Sedai did. Alanna isn't able to force Rand to do anything. I don't think channeling has anything to do with it, since other bonded channelers have no problem compelling. It might be that he is Ta'veren and that protects him. I think it would be interesting to see if Alanna bonded any of the other Ta'veren if the same would happen. When Logain bonds his Aes Sedai, he is able to have complete control over them and he appears to do it with ease. Myrelle really has to work at forcing Lan to come to her when he first arrives at the Salidar camp. My conclusion is that every weave/person is different, and the bond cannot be the same for every two that are connected. ~Mashiara
  4. I know that the body swap theory is popular because we have so many other instances of people being combined together. Still, I'm a believer that nothing in WoT is impossible and that Nynaeve might be able to Heal death. Also, I think it's a real possiblility that the Creator might take an active part. Since the DO is able to influence the world, why can't the Creator? I really think it was the Creator speaking to Rand in EotW, and I know that Jordan changed a lot of things since then, but to think the DO would talk to Rand is even more farfetched than the Creator, I think. Either way, I'm excited that the end is in sight (even though it makes me sad too). ~Mashiara
  5. I think that makes a lot of sense. I'm not one of the people who hate Perrin or Perrin's storyline, but I can see why others wouldn't be too fond of reading his parts based on what you said. It's hard to get emotionally attatched to any of the characters in Perrin's camp. We have known and loved most of Mat's company since the first few books while (most) everone in Perrin's camp was introduced much, much later. I can't say who I love the most out of the main three Ta'veren. When I'm reading Rand, Rand is my favorite. When I'm reading Perrin, Perrin is my favorite. It's hard to not love Mat the most all the time, but I really appreaciate the characteristics (and the flaws)of Rand and Perrin as well. ~Mashiara
  6. The Big White Book says: "...[the vehicles] used a type of antigravity technology. ... Jo-cars had a very efficient four-wheel design or in the floater version, a type of gravitational hovercraft technology. Both jumpers and hoverflies could float suspended above the ground at various distances." Jo-cars seem to be regular cars, and also hovercraft cars. Hoverflies seem to be helicopters. The sho-wing was "an airborne vehicle available in several types and sizes. ... The sho-wing designs were derived from a basic delta-wing pattern..." Sho-wings are airplanes. "Shocklances and other tools for long-distance destrucion were built along with suitable body armor." I think a shocklance must be similar to a stun-gun. Hope that helps. ~Mashiara
  7. There was probably a span of an hour or two when Mat, Aviendha and Asmodean were killed before Rand balefired Rhavin. Rand is one of the strongest (if not the strongest) male channelers alive. I think it would take someone much more powerful than him to make balefire that erases an entire day or two. I'm a firm believer that the voice Rand hears in EotW is the Creator and I like the idea that the Creator will take part in the Last Battle just to put Rand's soul back inside another (or his own) body the way the DO does with the Forsaken. (I don't think I've found anyone who agrees with that theory.) ~Mashaira
  8. Getting back on topic... :) Is Aviendha's toh that she ran from Rand and was caught? If she had run harder or fled faster then Rand would not have caught her. She blames herself for it and therefore thinks she has toh to Rand because she was too weak. I still don't see how killing Rand would help that... Maybe killing Rand would meet the toh to Elayne and killing herself would meet the toh to Rand. ~Mashiara
  9. There are a lot of times in the Shadow Rising when he begins have deep conversations with Asmodean. Maybe being around someone from the same Age made Lews Therin start to perk up. Also, I think it happens mostly after he had been channeling a lot and had exposure to vast amounts of saidin. In tSR Rand says he will bury himself in the Can Breat. He calls Moiraine "Little Sister." And is that when he calls Lanfear Mieren? ~Mashiara
  10. I'm not sure that Ishamael was bound closer to the surface than the others, I think it might just be that he wasn't sealed properly. I can't remember any exact places where this is mentioned, but since he is able to come and go for a few decades, I don't think it has anything to do with where he is sealed, More like how he was sealed. Encyclopaedia-WoT says, "Time touches them (Aginor and Balthamel) and they grow immensely old, but they are the first to escape in the current Age." I think I remember one of the other Forsaken saying they had a restless sleep in the Bore, while another (maybe Lanfear) said she didn't dream at all. Regardless, I think there are a lot of things about Ishy that need to be clarified. ~Mashiara
  11. I agree that being burned out should be able to be Healed. It just doesn't seem possible that the way you are cut off from the Source would make a difference whether it could be Healed or not. Maybe it's Healed differently, though. Here's an interesting thought. When Setalle Anan put the a'dam on, why did it cause Joline pain? We've seen Siuan and Leane both put on the a'dam when Moghedien was wearing the collar and it never hurt anyone in that situation. Siuan and Leane are even able to feel Moggie's feelings through the a'dam. I guess it's never stated if Setalle was able to feel Joline, but I doubt it, or Joline would have been able to feel her too, and I didn't get that impression.
  12. I read somewhere (can't remember where...) that it might be in the White Tower. When Elayne and Nynaeve use need to find the Bowl of the Winds, they were first taken to a storage room in the Tower. They specified that their "need" was for something that would help Rand, and possibly bring him and the rebel Aes Sedai to each other. They dismissed it since there was no way of getting it while Elaida held the Tower. Might be a shot in the dark, but it's a possibility. ~Mashiara
  13. I had a thought about the Shaido. With Couladin dead (and Suladric), Sevanna spoke as Clan Chief until we learn in KoD that the Wise Ones have sent someone else (I can't remember what his name is) to Rhuidean. At the end of KoD, the Shaido Wise Ones say they will return to the Waste and never come out... but... If they send someone through the glass columns ter'angreal and he comes out a Clan Chief, he will see that Rand is the real Car'a'carn. If he commands them, as Chief, to go to Rand, will the Wise Ones agree? Can Rand really unite the Aiel? Just a thought. ~Mashiara
  14. Also, we need to remember that Siuan and Moiraine are still Accepted--they are perfectly capable of lying at this point. Tamra can BS her way around answering directly, but with Siuan and Moiraine's testamony saying Gitara said nothing, why would any Sisters doubt? ~Mashiara
  15. This is something that has always bothered me about Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene. They despise and absolutely hate the Seanchan for collaring women who can channel. YET, they don't even bat an eye at collaring Mogheiden. They can get around that hypocrisy because she is one of the Forsaken and deserves it. But the way the Seanchan are raised in their society to believe women who can channel are, in much the same way, as horrifiying as one of the Forsaken. Looking at it that way, the Seanchan are also justified in collaring women. It is very bothersome to see those three get all high and mighty about hating the Seanchan, but then go and do the exact same thing. I think this is a serious fault in all of them, one that I think shouldn't have been written into their characters. Especailly Egwene. She should know better than that. ~Mashiara
  16. Favorite: When Mat says, "I wonder what Dav did with that badger." Hilarious. Least Favorite: How horrified Rand was when he finds out Egwene can channel. If he loved her as much as he claimed, he shouldn't have had such a fit about it. In fact, when Egwene finds out HE can channel, she is a lot more accepting. ~Mashiara
  17. KoD says (p. 471), quoting the thoughts of Master Aldragoran the jewel merchant: "Besides, he could not recall the last time he heard of a Malkieri girl going to the White Tower. The Tower had failed Malkier in need, and the Malkieri had turned their backs on the Tower." Any Sister would be informed that there was some WT involvement but since they were too late, so denied everything rather than being seen to fail. I'm sure there are just as many Malkieri as any other smaller nation. But, I think it's like the Sea Folk Sisters... there are a few, but they are hardly worth mentioning. ~Mashiara a Malkieri Aes Sedai :P
  18. It might be a mistake, but I think we need to remember that Moiraine knows A LOT more than we think she does. When she goes into the rings at Rhuidean, she says some things she knew already. She's emersed herself in the Prophecies of the Dragon, went into the doorway ter'angreal in Tear, and went into the rings in Rhuidean, there are (I'm sure) countless other things Moiraine had researched and/or gathered in the 20+ years she searched for Rand. I think it is a fault of the reader to assume Moiraine (or any character) only knows what we see them learn. ~Mashiara
  19. What if when Rand meets Tuon for the first time, she tells him that Mat is her husband. Rand, out of shock, falls to the ground, kneeling, but not necessarily out of submission or surrender. Just the thought of what Rand will do when he finds out that news makes me laugh hysterically. ~Mashiara
  20. *goggles* That was very well thought out Luckers and very nicely written. I am very impressed with you and that whole explination. Good job! ~Mashi
  21. I agree that the definition of Talent is a little confusing. I tihnk a Talent is something that cannot be taught, you just can do it. Like Elayne with making ter'angreal. I don't think any Aes Sedai, even the strongest, could do it unless they had the Talent. Traveling shouldn't be a Talent... any Aes Sedai could channel, and if they are not strong enought, then two can link to form the gateway. I'd list Nynaeve's listening to the wind as a Talent. Fortelling and Dreaming too, of course. The making of cuendillar and angreals. Seeing ta'veren. I might be missing a few, but I can't think of any more. I think most everything else can be taught so should not be listed as a Talent. ~Mashiara
  22. I think that while some of the "major characters" may have thick threads in the weave of the Pattern, they aren't ta'veren. They might have more influence or better luck, but that's just because they are important threads. If every other person started being ta'veren, then the whole point of them would become useless. Ta'veren are rare and special. The fact that there are three at once is unheard of. To add more to that would just be strange and probably make the Pattern fall apart. I think RJ just said that to get us arguing amongst ourselves. Can you have a Talent and realize you have it, without actually using it? I mean, what if Suian could tell she could see ta'veren without really seeing one. She's barely over 40 years old (right?). I'm not sure that a ta'veren would have been around in her lifetime other than the three. ~Mashiara
  23. Hi MatsLuck! Welcome! That's a great thought, about Rand dying and him coming back from the call of the Horn. That would be very unexpected and thrilling if it happened in that way. I'm not too sure how I think Rand will die. Alivia will help him... so that leads me to think that it'll be more a self-sacrifice. Other than that, I have no thoughts one way or another. There are just too many possibilities. On the subject of Rand's death however... I see two ways it could happen: 1. Nynaeve Heals death. It could happen. 2. The Creator finally takes part in the world and brings back his soul, like the Dark One does with the Forsaken. Also, on another side note, I like how you point out that Mat sounds the Horn. It seems like most people forget that he is the Hornsounder. Many think he'll be in charge of the armies against the Shadow, but I think his main role will be to sound the Horn. I think Rand will need the other ta'veren by his side to pull the threads of chance and luck around them. If they're off the Light knows where, the pattern won't swirl the way it's supposed to. They all need to be together. ~Mashiara
  24. For a hypothetical example: Say Elayne were stilled then Healed by a woman. Her power drops to... does it ever say exactly what the ratio is? I'm going to assume for my purposes that it drops her down to half of what she was. With her new strength can she made the angreal that she was able to do before? It seems like that Talent would be linked to her strength in the OP. If she can't handle enough of the Power, she can't make all the flows, hence she looses the Talent. Does that make sense, or am I over analyzing? ~Mashiara
  25. In the first few chapters of The Great Hunt, Siuan tells Moiraine that she has a Talent for seeing ta'veren (which leads me to assume that she must have seen another ta'veren at some point in her life to know she has that Talent... but that's another story.) The fact that she has this Talent escaped my memory until I was rereading. When thinking of channelers able to see ta'veren, I just think of Nicola and Logain. However, my question is, since Siuan was stilled and Healed, does she keep the same Talents? Can she still see the glow around the ta'veren? Do any channelers' Talents have to do with strength (all the neatest Talents seem to be from the most powerful channelers)? Will having less of the Power effect any of these Talents she has or Talents she can learn? ~Mashiara
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