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  1.  Let's look at these, one by one.  :D


    You seem to be glossing over the fact that Moiraine ensured the Dragon's Peace. Rand was about to walk away before she made her grand entrance.

    I don't think Rand would have left.  Egwene was calling his bluff, and he admitted it; but he never would have walked away.  At the same time, if Moiraine hadn't shown up, I don't think Egwene would have been stupid enough to refuse Rand.  I know a lot of people don't like her, but she does have some sense.  So in this, I don't think Moiraine added too much.



    youve completely forgotten about Knotai(mat).

    For Rand to win (ie: go into Shayol Ghul and defeat the Dark One and Moridin), Mat help was unnecessary.  His aid saved a ton of Aiel, and his maneuvering of the battle cause many to live who would have died, but Rand could have completed his tasks without Mat (at least in my opinion).



    Moiraine did something that nobody else did, nobody else in the world could possibly have done - be removed from Rand's list of people that died because of him.


    I don't think this really factors into anything, since the whole list vanished when Egwene died and told Rand to "let go" (as I quoted above).  Whether or not Moiraine was still on the list, it was Egwene who rid him of the list completely.


    I fully believe Moraine's duty was to help establish the Dragon's Peace, saving the world after the DO was defeated.


    Perrin was the final mastermind behind the Dragon's Peace, offering a way to include the Aiel.  I don't think Moiraine did anything beside mystify a few people with her Aes Sedai riddles (and I mean that in the nicest way possible).  The meeting would have concluded the same, I'm sure, without Moiraine's timely appearance.


    In addition, while Egwene wasn't actually the one to break the seals, it's entirely possible (probably likely) that if Rand hadn't given them to Egwene they never would have been stolen by Taim's lackies (they were taken from Egwene; Rand would have known immediately if he'd still had them) and Logain wouldn't have ended up with them.

    The seals were stolen before Rand gave them to Egwene.  He had been carrying around the fake ones for awhile: "Then it happened before," Rand whispered.  "I didn't look them over carefully after I fetched them.  He knew, somehow, where I'd put them" (A Memory of Light, Chapter 19, "The Choice of a Patch"). 


    Perhaps it hasn't happened yet...

    This might be the case, but I agree it's unlikely. 



    They are all good arguments, but I'm not seeing how Moiraine's interference has led to the "saving" of the world.  I'll go look for Brandon's tweet, to see if that is the case, though.

  2. You may be right, Mark.  Perhaps the others are called Talents as well.  I thought they were called something different, or at least referred to as a talent with a lowercase t.  Either way, Foretelling is only shown as being manifested in channelers, so I think it's safe to assume that it's specific to channelers.  We have no evidence to even suggest otherwise.

  3. Foretelling is Power related.  It is referred to as a Talent which, in Randland, represents something of the Power.


    Mark, Min is bonded to Rand, but I think it's the same way a Warder is bonded to an Aes Sedai.  We know someone who can't channel can be bonded in such a way, and I think that was what happened with Min.  We can go back and forth all day long, so I think we're going to have to agree to disagree.  :)

  4. But since she doesn't have the ability, she's not the one actually weaving the weaves of the bond, so she couldn't be able to access either saidar or saidin.  There's a logic to it that mind mind comprehends, but it's difficult to put into words.  A double bond works on two channelers.  Min couldn't be part of a bond like that because she can't channel to begin with.  Does that make sense?

  5. Wallyrocket, you are right!  I had forgotten about that part.  But it raises the question of whether it was a Talent anyone could do (with the double bond), or if it was something only Pevara could do (a Talent, like Foretelling that only she can do).  Or, to phrase it differently, was it something that can happen at any time, or was it a factor of it being the Last Battle with the Pattern getting stretched thin? 


    Wotfan, I think that would be a definite advantage of the double bond, too.  But, again, it's not sure if accessing each others Talents is possible.  Say for instance that Elaida became part of a double bond.  Would the Asha'man be able to Foretell too?  Maybe, but maybe not.  Since Talents are tuned to the channeler, I could understand a double bond letting the other person have access to the innermost Talents they possess.  But, with Foretelling, it's hard to say if it would affect the other bonded.  There's plenty of room to speculate.


    One other thing I should have mentioned about the single bond: will the Asha'man's wives suffer from the "death rage" if the Asha'man dies?  Are they bonded like a Warder, or is the bond to them different?

  6. My prediction came true they used both the op and the tp to seal the bore


    I didn't think the True Power would work, since the Dark One's power shouldn't be able to be used against him.  But I should have realized Rand would buffer it with the One Power--like he buffered saidin with saidar during the cleansing.  I'm glad it happened that way, but I sure didn't predict it.

  7. I agree about Bela and Egwene's death, ahtullai!  They were both very shocking.  Also, I think mark is correct about Elayne's twins.  They might be Calian and Shivan, twin Heroes of the Horn that bring about a new Age.  I think Birgitte was going into the body of someone who was being born that moment.  Elyane still has a few months on her pregnancy.  Also, Gaidal Cain is rumored to be Gadren Grady, Jur Grady's son.

  8. RSA, it was Rand carrying out Moridin's body--Moridin, I think, had his personality fried by channeling so much of the True Power.  He was alive, but fading.  Rand carried out the body, and once outside, he grasped that fine thread that connected the two of them and merged them together, then separating into the opposite body.  That way, Rand (in Moridin's body), recovered since he had no physical wounds.  Moridin (in Rand's body), eventually faded because of too much True Power.


    I don't think Moridin had anything in mind but his own desire to cease living.  He didn't do anything that aided the Light.

  9. Metal Head, I think Egwene faced that fear when fighting Mesaana, so probably won't happen again.  I also think she'd be able to beat it, if it does happen (like all the Wise Ones) because she knows how to embrace the pain.  It won't work on her.  They won't be able to break her.  But everything else sounds likely.


    Paul, I know a lot of people thought Olver was Gaidal Cain, but Robert Jordan says, "No. I didn't really think that this would last as long as it has. The timing is wrong. He has another reason for being there besides being a red herring, though." 

  10. Another thing I thought about is what if Aviendha has her children stilled/gentled at their birth.  The problem with stilling is that a woman knows about the loss of saidar, and the pain of that loss eventually kills her (unless she can find something else to add meaning to her life).  But if you take it away BEFORE they know the wonder of channeling, it couldn't possibly be dangerous.  Imagine if Rand had been cut off, even after the first few times he touched saidin.  He didn't want to touch it again.  If he had been gentled at that time, he wouldn't have died, I don't think.


    That being said, I'm not sure how much the babies' actual channeling could affect the fate of the Aiel, but it's an interesting though.

  11. There are several instances when the Wise Ones talk about those caught by the Seanchan.  In Towers of Midnight, Chapter 21, "An Open Gate", it says:


    “They have chained Wise Ones,” Edarra said, her too-young face growing dark. She smelled dangerous. Angry but cold, like the smell before a person planned to kill. “Not just Shaido, who deserve their fate. If there is an alliance with the Seanchan, it will end as soon as the Car’a’carn’s work is finished. Already, many of my people speak of a blood feud with these invaders.”


    “I doubt Rand wants a war between you,” Perrin said.


    “A year and a day,” Edarra said simply. “Wise Ones cannot be taken gai’shain, but perhaps the Seanchan ways are different. Regardless, we will give them a year and a day. If they do not release their captives when we demand them after that time, they will know our spears. The Car’a’carn cannot demand any more from us.”


    So, there is the idea that the Shaido, and others caught, will willingly meet their toh, though it's a bit unorthodox, but must be released after the year and a day is up.


    I don't think Tuon will give up any damane, under any circumstances.  I think she will agree to not collar more, but that's it.  To forestall the war Aviendha has seen, the Aiel must let this go.  I don't think there's any other way around it.

  12. yea, i cant see the aiel submitting to the seanchan... specifically because the seanchan taking their wise ones as damane is an insult to their whole culture... they might make oath to serve the white tower again tho...


    That's the point, Mark.  Aviendha needs to make them do something impossible--or perhaps Rand does it (one of his nine impossible things?).  She sees what they become, and if someone else goes through the ter'angreal and sees the same thing, they will know they have to act.  It will hurt their pride for the moment, but it won't destroy them later down the line.

  13. I think Cadsuane is too obvious as a darkfriend.  If it happened, everyone would say, "that makes sense," so there's no real surprise.  Therefore, I think she's probably not a darkfriend.


    Ebou Dar as the halls of mourning makes so much sense!  And I think it's implied Mat is going back to Toun, so he'll be walking those halls shortly.


    The Broken Wolf... could be Hopper.  Death has known him.  Would that mean that if a wolf dies in Tel'aran'hriod, they don't die permanently (like Hopper thinks) but they turn into Darkhounds?  Or more clearly, if they die in the dream, the DO can access their souls and turn them into Darkhounds.


    I can see your logic for Perrin dying, but I really don't think any of the main characters will die.  I wrote this blog explaining why I think Perrin will live.


    Lots of good thoughts there, jsimpkins!

  14. Congrats Metal Head!  I was a Storm Leader, and to this day, it was one of the best experience of my life.  I actually got to sit beside Brandon Sanderson and share a meal with him.  INCREDIBLE!  I hope it's an all around pleasant experience for you.


    For the longest time I thought Alivia had to be one of the female forsaken in disguise, but none of them logically fit.  So, that's out.  If she was a high up darkfriend--like Taim--I think Cyndane would have recognized her, or at least known of her, and her presence with Rand's group. 


    Perhaps she is some important Seanchan official; she had the blood of Hawkwing inside her which made her able to shake free from her captivity when it was presented.  It's possible.  But I'm still leaning towards her being evil in some way, or in the very least, serving the will of the sul'dam still.

  15. NeekNack, I'm not sure about that.  I'm thinking that Sorilea's words about Semirhage being "human" was the clue to breaking her, so Sorilea aided in the breaking of one of the Forsaken.  No darkfriend would dare to do that.  They put themselves up over other darkfriends, but they all bow down low when one of the Forsaken come around.  Perhaps Sorilea was just playing the part, but again, she did give the final clue to break Semirhage, so would share in the blame by the rest of the Forsaken.  I don't think that's something any darkfriend would do.

  16. I'm currently on my Towers of Midnight reread, so I'm not 100% sure, but has Rand seen Alivia after his epiphany?  Actually, after a quick check on my Kindle, Alivia's name isn't even mentioned in Towers of Midnight.


    Sorilea works so hard to protect Rand, and has such contempt for Semirhage; she doesn't seem like darkfriend material to me.  But I could be totally wrong on that one.


    The term "help" can bee seen as positive, but Rand knows he's going to die.  He thinks it is necessary.  So, since he goes in with that mindset, even Fain, or one of the Forsaken could "help" him die.

  17. Demonchild, I agree.  I think that's what Rand's plan is, to use the True Power, rather than saidar and saidin, to touch the Dark One and hold him in place.  Lews Therin says that he used saidin to touch the Dark One during the sealing, so Rand knows he has to use something to hold him--and he won't want it to be the One Power because he'll be afraid they will get tainted again.  However, I think this desire to use the True Power will be Rand's downfall.  I don't think it will work the way he thinks it will because it is the Dark One's own power.  Perhaps after this mistake, saidar and saidin linked can protect one another if used together.

  18. What if in order to remake the DO's prison takes the Melding of booth sides of the OP and the TP?


    if the TP is the DO as lews suggests... "it's him!"... i dont see how you could use the DO against the DO... seems kinda contradictory...


    Robert Jordan said, "No, the Dark One is not pure True Power."  So I think Lews Therin realized it was the POWER of the Dark One, not necessarily the Dark One himself.  It's a fine distinction, but there is a difference between the two.


    Also, I agree that Moiraine should have recognized Luc, and Isam as well.  Nynaeve said Slayer's Isam form looked like Lan.  Moiraine would have said something if the man had looked like Lan.

  19. You make a good point, Sakke.  What was demanded of or given to Moridin when he went to the Finns?  If he went in by the doorframe ter'angreal, he would have been given three answers.  If he went through the Tower, he would have had to bargain for Lanfear... or rather, bargain for a way out, since Lanfear was already dead by that point, right?  The Finns killed her accidentally, but Moridin still went looking for her?  Was he there while they killed her?  If she was killed before, the Dark One should have been able to access her soul without Moridin going to the Finns at all.  Perhaps they killed her after he left, and they had her hidden while he was there?  Either way, Moridin went to the Finns (we're assuming), so they may have given him answers/gifts.  


    Another thing you said got me thinking.  You said that the Moridin/Rand link shouldn't interest the Dark One, but if the Dark One is really intent on killing Rand, he could kill Moridin.  I think it's implied that if one dies, the other will as well.  I'm sure the Dark One knows about the link, and I'm sure he has plans for it--if he didn't make Moridin do it in the first place.  So, that could be the plan, the Dark One can kill Moridin at the Last Battle, and Moridin would willingly give up his life, killing Rand as an after-affect.


    It may be a stretch, but it's something to think about.

  20. There are three times (off the top of my head) when Rand says he will kill the Dark One in The Gathering Storm: Chapter 15 ("There is a way to win, Moridin," Rand said. "I mean to kill him. Slay the Dark One. Let the Wheel turn without his constant taint."), Chapter 15 again ("Anyway, it doesn't matter if the Forsaken return, it doesn't matter who or what the Dark One sends at us. In the end, I will destroy him, if possible. If not, then I will at least seal him away so tightly that the world can forget him."), Chapter 44 ("My duty is to kill The Dark One," Rand said, as if to himself. "I kill him, then I die. That is all.").  So I think he really means to try to kill the Dark One.  We haven't had too many POVs from Rand since he and Lews Therin merged, but since Rand has access to Lews Therin's memories, he could have more clues to how to do it.


    We talked in a previous blog's comments about the possibility if Rand kills the Dark One, time might become linear, breaking the Wheel.  So, if Rand is able to convince Moridin that that could free him, Moridin could change sides.

  21. Tsukibana, I agree that Rand/Moridin being spun out together doesn't always mean in opposition.  Even Birgitte said she and Gidal Cain got together as a couple, sometimes not.  It would be the same for Rand/Moridin.


    To everyone, I think another major point we overlook is the actions of the Wheel to right the imbalance.  EVERYTHING the Forsaken have done has benefited the Light--whether it be Rand, Mat, Perrin, or even the other characters.  Each obstacle helps the Light characters grow and reach new heights.  Every struggle gets them closer to their goals.  So, even the Dark One's plans aid the Light.  And if Moridin (and Ishamael before) lead most of the Dark One's plans, it can be argued that Moridin/Ishy, knowing the logic of all this, that the Dragon HAS to live to the Last Battle, would know he was aiding the Light even with his Shadow plans.  So, he could easily keep it from the Dark One, because he's playing the Shadow's side--only knowing it will be exactly what the Light needs to win.


    The scene with Rand and Moridin is in The Gathering Storm, Chapter 15, "A Place to Begin."  I agree that it is an awesome scene, and Rand even thinks, "One might have thought that they were two old friends, enjoying the warmth of a winter hearth."  There is a definite bond between the two, and it doesn't seem hostile in this scene.  Their threats seem out of habit, not out desire to harm one another.  This interaction hints at something more, something deeper, between the two.  It could just be from the balefire bond--but why did Moridin save Rand from Sammael in the first place?  Did he know--maybe from some prophecy or Foretelling--that he would be needed in Shadar Logoth, and that he needed to use balefire on Mashadar? 

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