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  1. *LOL* The person I know a relationship won't work with is..... Mr. Smith. He and I fight more than anything! My lucky star is Friday! ❤️ The song that goes with the one I love (Jeremy, my hubby) is Two Gunslingers, by Tom Petty.... not sure about that one....
  2. 7. In Japan, people have statues of this animal which is supposed to bring luck with money. Cat 8. This green thing is lucky in Ireland and is said to be based on the Holy Trinity and God's grace. Four-leaf clover 9. A superstition beginning in the Victorian era, brides would put this in their shoe to bring good luck in their marriage. Coin
  3. No, no, and no! Good guesses! YES, YES, and no! *LOL* Two points for James!
  4. I love Chinese astrology because I watched the anime "Fruits Basket." It's got lots of Chinese lore in it. I'm a pig (or boar). Seems pretty accurate for me!
  5. 4. This is the name of the luckdragon in the film The Neverending Story. Falkor 5. This piece of metal is considered good luck, but only if it's not facing down. Its good luck origins come from the UK and tell the tale of a blacksmith who bested the devil. Horseshoe 6. To celebrate New Year's Eve in Spain, people will eat this many grapes to symbolize good luck in the coming year. Twelve
  6. No, no, and no! But good guesses! No, YES, and no! Dar'Jen has 1 point!
  7. Wow, James! You're so light on your feet! I absolutely love that move where the woman is spinning the man! Never seen it done that way before! Please just enjoy yourself, Lily! Help yourself to the tea (or something stronger if you prefer)! Looking as elegant as always, Mother! Let me fetch you a plate of food! *runs off to grab lots of noodles for Mother* Welcome in, Dar'Jen! If there's something you want to eat that you don't see, simply let us know! I'll grab you anything you want!
  8. I want to invite you all to come play with us as we celebrate the Chinese New Year! We'll have games and discussions and lots of yummy food to eat. https://dragonmount.com/forums/forum/450-white-ajah/
  9. (Also, I'm not fact checking my trivia... I don't have the time for that!) 1. This nut is a good luck symbol in Norway. People will place them in their windowsills to protect against lightning. 2. This catholic Saint offers protection (or maybe good luck) to travelers. St. Christopher 3. In this country, people believe it is good luck for a bird to poop on you. Russia @kukasö is #3 true?
  10. Welcome, friends! Do you think you know a lot about good luck customs from around the world? Well, prove it! The Good Luck Trivia game will start today and run till Friday the 31st. I will post questions (maybe one at a time, maybe a few in one post) about good luck rituals, people, and items from countries around the globe. Whoever can answer the most correct will win a wonderful siggie as a reward. How to play: I will post a question. Anyone is free to answer in a post below. Keep guessing until someone is right! If you guess wrong, you can try again without waiting for another person to reply. Players: James: 2 Dar'Jen: 5 Ryrin: 6
  11. And just a quick announcement: 2020 is the year of the rat! Wear this New Year siggie if you'd like!
  12. Welcome all to the White Ajah's Quarters! We are here to celebrate our Winter Carnival, which falls on the start of the Lunar New Year--traditionally the start of the new year in Chinese culture. In this thread, we will have all our usuals: food, drink, and dancing! But we may add a dash of fireworks for good luck! Come in and make yourselves at home!
  13. Too precious, Mother! I love the pic of the kitty with the leopard! ❤️
  14. The White Ajah is having our annual Winter Carnival at the end of January. Our theme is going to be the Lunar New Year! If you’re interested in helping out and earning requirement points, please let me know. Post here or PM me!
  15. Mr Smith has a bed that has steep sides and sometimes he can’t climb all the way in so he falls out. It’s pretty cute! Here he got in all the way! Good job, Smith!
  16. Awesome, James! You did a great job! I’ve seen The Road and don’t particularly remember liking it. I enjoyed that you knew some background info on the set. I didn’t realize it was filmed in Pennsylvania. So interesting that there are places so bleak here. Last night my husband and I watch a film called The Thin Man (1934), starring William Powell and Myrna Loy. Not Sci-Fi/fantasy so not counting for the challenge. It was delightful! The two actors play Nick and Nora Charles—Nick is a retired detective and Nora his wealthy wife. The dynamics between the two of them are #couplegoals! They were sweet and cute and the plot never focused on them being mean or jealous of one another. A friend of Nick’s goes missing and he’s asked to investigate. He refuses but the underworld of New York thinks he’s involved so he’s quickly caught up in the scheming whether he wants it or not. This film also features their dog named Asta who was super cute and animated. His addition to many of the scenes had me laughing. It was fun and funny and light. IMDB trivia states some of the dialogue was considered for censorship. At one point, Nick is attacked by a criminal and wounded. The next day when questioned by police, Nora makes a comment about Nick nearly being in the tabloids. Nick responded with “The man never went near my tabloids.” Also the amount of alcoholic drinking was “offensive” to some movie viewers back in the day. This is the first in a series with these two characters and my husband bought the whole set! I can’t wait to watch the next one!
  17. And here’s a skill I’m super proud of! Mohawk crosses! A Mohawk is where you switch directions (forward to backward) with only a change of your feet. For Mohawk crosses you do a Mohawk then cross over and then the opposite Mohawk then cross over. Since I’m a lefty skater my right Mohawks are still a struggle to me.
  18. Here’s a faster one foot spin. On the last class before winter break I was actually able to do a spin from a one-foot entry! It looked like shit, but I DID IT!
  19. Since I got my new job (and am making much more money) I've been indulging with private lessons more often. I definitely see an improvement in my skills. I'm feeling more comfortable on the ice as well! I'll post another couple videos of my practices!
  20. I’ve got a few in mind already. Maybe Gemini Man with Will Smith. Or even After Earth (also Will Smith) which I haven’t watched despite wanting to. I’d highly recommended Jumanji if you want to see one in theaters! I watched it a few weeks ago so it won’t count for me! :’(
  21. I've made a few siggies for anyone who's interested in using one!
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