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  1. Sure! After faking his death, a child escapes from jail. His father travels without him. The child becomes lost, and his mother is murdered.
  2. *lol* I was 3. But I remember watching it a lot as a kid.
  3. Yes! Though I’m afraid I got a different message as a child. I totally gravitated toward a handsome villain willing to give the woman he loves powers. Not the best mindset growing up. Kinda damaging for my early relationships. Lol! Luckily I grew out of it.
  4. I suppose it’s the same as Snape. He’s a terrible character, but Alan Rickman is the love of my life, so my feelings of devotion transfer to the character. Davis Bowie is just cute and popular and charming, so I feel the same about Jareth.
  5. I am so torn! Jareth as a character is so intriguing to me! I mean, I love the message, “You have no power over me.” Young girls need to believe that! It’s a powerful message for them. But then why make Jareth so sexy and desirable?!?!?? Hahah.
  6. He’s adorable! I have a sudden desire to show this film to my 4th graders at school. They love fart jokes!
  7. Here’s another one! “Dance magic!” I have that story all ready to send to a publisher! This is amazing how much inspiration I’ve taken from this film.
  8. The worm guy is so cute! I love his scarf! I want to make a costume of him for my dog to wear for Halloween!
  9. Sarah first says, “Goblin King, wherever you may be, take this child of mine far from me.” Then the goblins say her phrase didn’t even start with “I wish,” meaning the one she said didn’t, but the one she’s suppose to say does.
  10. And why would a goblin king take the form of snow owl?
  11. I can trace a ton of my childhood fantasies to this movie! And a lot of my desires to be a writer! For example, I adore the idea of a faraway Goblin King falling in love with a young woman. It’s a seed for at least four story ideas I’ve had. Haha. I guess it’s not super original, is it.
  12. That's a good way of looking at it, @Sajius. It would have been nice if that could have been developed more in the series.
  13. Hoggle? When Jareth takes away something of his...... Hmmmm... I haven't started the movie re-watch yet. :P
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