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  1. I'm not too sure about that, Mardragon.  The scene you are thinking of is "A Village in Shiota" (Knife of Dreams, Chapter 10).  It's hard to say if they are the normal ghosts or if they are a bubble of evil.  I don't think the peddler--who gets sucked into the ground with the village--we in pain; I think he was screaming out of fear. 


    It might be similar to how the rooms and walls move inside the palace in Caemlyn or the Stone of Tear.  It's a piece of the Pattern that got moved.  The peddler just got stuck in it; the same way Nynaeve said she had to Travel out of a room at the Stone when the door disappeared.


    If the Dark One doesn't have access to souls, as I argue, then I don't think the bubble of evil would bring up dead souls.  It's most likely the Pattern fraying and transplanting another Age into the current one.

  2. Daedelus, you're completely right.  Naturally, I don't want to think of anyone from the Two Rivers as being a Darkfriend, but it is a possibility.  That would be a good reason for the Dark One to have her soul.  However, I still don't think Ishy would have been able to have access to it at that time.

  3. I'm not sure if Amazon will ever get the hard copy, Graendals.  But, they currently have the Kindle version; and you can get it from the DM eBook store as well.


    If you're really anxious to read it, I would suggest getting the digital copy.  And you don't even need a Kindle device--you can read it on your computer or download the Kindle or eBook reader app on your phone.

  4. Interesting idea, Shift.  I never thought of a link between the chora tress and the standing flows.  And as Laica points out, the glass-column ter'angreal in Rhuidean is accessible by those who cannot channel. 


    However, we know there are other ter'angreal that don't require channeling to work.  The twisted doorframe ter'angreal that leads to the Finns, for instance.  Mat's--and Elayne's copies of the--foxhead medallion don't require channeling to make it work, either.  Mat and Birgitte can use them without any problem.


    Naggash, I did speak on that a little.  I stated that they would use the standing flows to "better the lives of the common citizens."  Also, just by contrasting the current Aes Sedai's lack of desire to help shows how different it was in the Age of Legends. 


    As for Egwene, she was doomed to die from over using to much of the power after her love died. it was foreshadowed in the first book when matrim spoke the old tongue the first time, she almost understood it. No help from anything or anyone could have saved her.


    I don't get this. Can someone explain?



    I think what MJ is saying is that since Egwene almost understood the Old Tongue, she was Ellisande reborn--hence she would take in too much of the Power to kill herself, while protecting others, after the death of her husband.


    I think it's more likely Nynaeve is Ellisande reborn, not Egwene.


    Ahtullai, that's the reason I don't feel Nakomi is the Creator.  I don't think he would take part, and I don't think Brandon would add in anything relating to his own books.

  6. She's not mentioned by name, but fans have concluded she is the person in the Bore with Rand:


    A Memory of Light

    Epilogue, "To See the Answer"


    He could … see, just faintly. A figure kneeling down beside him. “Yes,” a woman whispered. He did not recognize the voice. “Yes, that’s good. That is what you need to do.”


    He blinked, his vision fuzzy. Was that Aiel clothing? An old woman, with gray hair? Her form retreated, and Rand reached toward her, not wanting to be alone. Wanting to explain himself.



  7. Rand's mother was Tigraine, the Daughter-Heir of Andor, not an Aiel.  She ran off to join the Maidens after Gitara Moroso, the Aes Sedai advisor, told her she had to. 


    One of the interviews with RJ that I found mentioned we would see more of Kari al'Thor, Rand's adopted mother, but only in the prequels RJ had in mind to write.  I can't find anything about seeing more of Tigraine.

  8. I also assumed Perrin would find the song, for the same reasons you state.  But perhaps Min's viewing could be seen in a different way.  The Blight is starting to bloom, and Perrin will be King of Saldaea.  Perhaps it's as simple as all the Blight around him and his throne blooming and growing with green things?

  9. Bigdoug, I agree about Nakomi.  She's probably never going to be explained to us.  The interviews I've seen are conflicted too, as to whether or not she'll have a section in the Encyclopedia.


    Naggash, I think there are a lot of people who think along those same lines.  We'll explore those kinds of ideas next week.

  10. When asked about Mat and his visit with Lanfear in the White Tower, RJ said:



    "That is a coincidence. When they say that Mat has the Dark One's own luck, he can get as mad as he wants to, but in a way it is true. It wasn't a gift from Lanfear, though."


    I really don't have any idea what that means, since recent talks with Brandon have insinuated that Mat's luck (as Hawkwing calls him "Gambler") is innate, not a part of being ta'veren or anything like that.  I can't imagine it comes from the Dark One, but RJ seems to imply there might be some connection.

  11. I'm confused, did they say that Jain Farstrider turned to the SHadow because Graendal compelled him? How early was she freed? Or was that just a subtle hint as to who sent Jain to Ebou Dar?


    I think it was about sending Jain to Ebou Dar.  I found a quote from Team Jordan that says:



    There has been some discussion lately on the identity of the old man seen in Graendal's palace. Many of us believe that it was Jain Farstrider, the same man who wandered into the stedding all those years ago. But some have recently begun to think it could be Alsalam, as the descriptors are similar: older man, long hair etc. Can you confirm that the old man from the stedding and Graendal's palace are the same person: Jain Farstrider?
    Alan Romanczuk and Maria Simons
    (They whispered to each other for a bit before they answered, we offered to put our fingers in our ears and hum...) It can't hurt to tell you all—yes. It was Jain Farstrider.


  12. Rhienne, I think all the info is in the book; this is not really anything new.  But the quote is from Robert Jordan himself, so it adds a bit of authenticity to have it directly from him.


    Daedelus, "algai'd'siswai" means "The Fighters of the Spear."  What you're probably thinking of is "siswai'aman" which means "Spears of the Dragon" and implied ownership.

  13. I think it applies to anyone who wants to be let free.  Moghedien, especially, is very weak in spirit.  That is, I think she will break easily.  They will have her believing she is a good damane before the treaty is enforced, and she will want to stay leashed.  That's what I think, at least. 


    We have the example of Liandrin to go off of.  She was strong in the power, sure of herself, but after just a few books (which equals just a few months in the books), she's Suroth's loyal pet.  I think Galina will suffer the same fate in the hands of Therava.  Those of the Shadow lack the strength of will, in most cases, making them perfectly easy to brainwash.

  14. I was able to get an early copy! Apparently they have a special Con volume (only half the book, to my understanding), and they are selling it specially at the Phoenix ComiCon. It only has five stories (Terry Brooks, Kevin, Hearne, RJ & Brandon, Peter Orullian, and Shawn Speakman). When I saw it on sale, I was so excited because I thought it wasn't out yet. That's when the seller told me it was a special Con edition. I'm really eager to read River of Souls! Brandon talked about it a little on a panel today and it sounds so interesting!

  15. Actually, I just found a great quote (which would have helped when I originally wrote this article):



    At the signing tonight in Lexington, I asked Brandon about [the Song]. This is pretty much exactly what he said:


    Brandon Sanderson

    Robert Jordan's notes on this are very clear: the Tinkers will never find their song. They've lost it for too long, that even if someone stood in front of them singing The Song, they would just nod their head, say 'that's a nice song' and go on their way.



    He also confirmed that Rand was singing The Song in Tuon's garden.


    This is from Theoryland's Interview Database.


  16. I think Mat could recognize the song 1). because he has access to past lives where he could remember the tune, or 2). because one of the themes of the series is how things from the past ages come again.  There are several times when the characters think they know the song, but by a different name.  Even the tune of "The Color of Trust" is being sung today (at the Salidar camp), but the song is much, much older.

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