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  1. Mr Smith has a bed that has steep sides and sometimes he can’t climb all the way in so he falls out. It’s pretty cute! Here he got in all the way! Good job, Smith!
  2. Awesome, James! You did a great job! I’ve seen The Road and don’t particularly remember liking it. I enjoyed that you knew some background info on the set. I didn’t realize it was filmed in Pennsylvania. So interesting that there are places so bleak here. Last night my husband and I watch a film called The Thin Man (1934), starring William Powell and Myrna Loy. Not Sci-Fi/fantasy so not counting for the challenge. It was delightful! The two actors play Nick and Nora Charles—Nick is a retired detective and Nora his wealthy wife. The dynamics between the two of them are #couplegoals! They were sweet and cute and the plot never focused on them being mean or jealous of one another. A friend of Nick’s goes missing and he’s asked to investigate. He refuses but the underworld of New York thinks he’s involved so he’s quickly caught up in the scheming whether he wants it or not. This film also features their dog named Asta who was super cute and animated. His addition to many of the scenes had me laughing. It was fun and funny and light. IMDB trivia states some of the dialogue was considered for censorship. At one point, Nick is attacked by a criminal and wounded. The next day when questioned by police, Nora makes a comment about Nick nearly being in the tabloids. Nick responded with “The man never went near my tabloids.” Also the amount of alcoholic drinking was “offensive” to some movie viewers back in the day. This is the first in a series with these two characters and my husband bought the whole set! I can’t wait to watch the next one!
  3. And here’s a skill I’m super proud of! Mohawk crosses! A Mohawk is where you switch directions (forward to backward) with only a change of your feet. For Mohawk crosses you do a Mohawk then cross over and then the opposite Mohawk then cross over. Since I’m a lefty skater my right Mohawks are still a struggle to me.
  4. Here’s a faster one foot spin. On the last class before winter break I was actually able to do a spin from a one-foot entry! It looked like shit, but I DID IT!
  5. Since I got my new job (and am making much more money) I've been indulging with private lessons more often. I definitely see an improvement in my skills. I'm feeling more comfortable on the ice as well! I'll post another couple videos of my practices!
  6. I’ve got a few in mind already. Maybe Gemini Man with Will Smith. Or even After Earth (also Will Smith) which I haven’t watched despite wanting to. I’d highly recommended Jumanji if you want to see one in theaters! I watched it a few weeks ago so it won’t count for me! :’(
  7. I've made a few siggies for anyone who's interested in using one!
  8. Do you watch a lot of movies? Want to get raising reqs for it? Look no farther than the White Ajah’s 2020 Movie Challenge! How it works: Each month will have a different theme. Anyone who’s interested in participating can watch a film they’ve never seen before that fits the criteria of the month. For raising reqs, post a report (at least 100 words) about the film—what you liked, what you didn’t, connections to other films or to real life, share what you know about its historical context, let us know any background info on the actors, director, or others involved with the film, etc. To receive raising credit, you must participate in three out of the twelve monthly challenges. Don’t need raising credits? Don’t worry! Anyone can participate! Want to do more than one report a month? Post as many times as you’d like! Watched an amazing movie that doesn’t fit the theme? Share it with us without hesitation (though it won’t count for raising reqs). If you have more to say about the film you watched, discuss it further in our Discussion Thread. Monthly Themes: January: Watch a sci-fi/fantasy film February: Watch a film directed by a person of color March: Watch a film released before 1950 April: Watch a film about war May: Watch a film directed by a woman June: Watch an animated film July: Watch an Academy Award winning film (in any category) August: Watch a film with your favorite actor/actress September: Watch a musical October: Watch a horror film November: Watch a film from a foreign country December: WILD CARD! Pick any movie you’d like to report on! If you have any questions, PM me!
  9. This is a place for us to discuss the films we've watched or to comment on another person's movie report. Even if we disagree, let's keep the discussion civil!
  10. I'm so proud of us so far! The best way to make changes is to do small, manageable things. I feel we start of the new year with so many resolutions and it's too overwhelming. So I made a point of NOT making new years resolutions this time. I didn't exercise January 1st, and I was fine with that. Rather than freak out over the things I HAVEN'T done, I'm going to praise myself for the things I HAVE done. Positive mindset goes a long way! My sister is working on her internship to be a registered dietitian. She has two months left to go! She's such an inspiration to me and has helped me tremendously in the past two years since she graduated from ASU with her degree in dietetics. Here's something she posted on Facebook earlier this week and it's such great advice!
  11. Mr Smith is so old he’s getting increasingly deaf. His hearing is so bad now we need to be right next to him for him to hear us. Today I had to drop my in-laws off at the airport. When I came home and opened the garage (which is loud) and came loudly into the house, and pet Friday loudly, he slept through it all! He slept for nearly four hours and Friday and I loudly watched The Witcher on Netflix. And when he finally did wake up, he napped on my legs as we watched another four hours of The Witcher on Netflix. (I’m on Winter Break and return to work on Monday.)
  12. Sounds like a great plan, Lava! I did a 15 minute walk tonight so I feel I’m off to a good start! The difficult part is squeezing exercise into my day. My new job is still so time consuming and my commute is terrible! When I get home the last thing I want to do is jog. I want to look into resuming Irish step dancing lessons. It was an amazing workout and so much fun!
  13. I agree! Consistency is key. My diet isn’t the worst but it can definitely be improved. My focus will be on being more active. If I’m consistent with activities, I know my health will get better. Ice skating helps, but 30 minutes twice a week isn’t enough!
  14. I’m going for 12. I don’t think I made my 24 goal last year. January: 1. Red, White, & Royal Blue - Casey McQuiston
  15. As a holiday present for my father-in-law, I did a twelve month photo shoot of my pups (Mr. Smith and Friday), having each picture represent a specific month. The resulting images were precious! As we move into a new year I wanted to have a space to show off our best pet pics from 2019! January February March April May June July August September October November December
  16. Welcome to a whole new year here in the White Ajah! In the past we’ve done “Getting Lean” challenges but this year we’re going to try something different. Rather than focus on weight loss, we want to emphasis better, healthier choices. Many factors indicate a healthy body. Our obsession with weight only can do more harm than good. Losing weight isn’t a bad thing, but highlighting good habits, discussing ideas for being more active, sharing healthy recipes, etc. can help us get into a more productive mindset! So join us on a quest to a healthier body and a healthier mind!
  17. *lol* Actually, the shopping wagon was really easy to push! I was very concerned it would be hard, but it wasn’t. It was such a fun routine! I can’t wait to do another with this group! They’re such amazing skaters.
  18. Yes! I loved this thread! Thanks for starting it again, Mother!
  19. *lol*. Not quite, Ben! But I appreciate your confidence in me! I posted the videos on YouTube so hopefully they’ll be watchable now!
  20. I’m very much looking forward to a break from school, but I’ll have family visiting the entirety of the break, so still no rest. Ugh! Our show was Aladdin! (The farthest from Christmas you can get!). Our recital last week was holiday themed. I’ll post a video of that one soon. But here’s my outfit from our Aladdin show. I was a merchant (background character), but I was in four of the routines.
  21. Heck yeah! And we’re so close to each other! Let’s do it! Yes, your reasons for college are accurate. There’s a lot less hand holding. I think it would be amazing to teach people with a bit more comprehension. But maybe I need to work in baby steps. I really love my school and my team but I can’t get my education degree here because I’m not teaching 6th grade or higher. I could transfer to the upper school, but only if my principal lets me.
  22. Haha! Crazy DM. It’s always been wonky. Glad you’re here now, Ben! ❤️
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