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  1. There's a few interviews--with Jordan and Sanderson--where they talk about Mordeth.  He did go to the Finns to ask how (it had to be the Aelfinn) to stop the Dark One.  Whatever answers he got only corrupted him and, no doubt, the Aelfinn were alluding to Rand using the evil Mordeth created as the siphon to cleanse saidin. 


    I suppose whatever dark arts he got into could have made him immortal without the aid of Mashadar.  But, I'm curious if there is a link between the two of them still.

  2. Actually, it was the Keeper, Gitara, who saw Rand's birth. And that was through a Foretelling, not the ability to see ta'veren. Siuan's ability--like Logain and Nicola--require the person to be visible. Nicola had to be right beside Mat to see his glow.


    Yes, Warders are amazingly loyal and ready to do their Aes Sedai's dirty work. There are several instances in the series when this happens.

  3. Moiraine only used this weave once--that we saw--but it's been in the series at least two other times. First, when the Salidar Aes Sedai's embassy visits Rand, they use it (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 49, "The Mirror of Mists."  Also, Verin uses it on the Two River's girls after they find out Rand is the Dragon Reborn (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 11, "Lessons and Teachers").  Though the WoT-Encyclopaedia calls the weave "Illusion," not Mask of Mirrors... or even Mirror of Mists, as Lews Therin thinks of it.

  4. Good point about the link between Egwene and Eldrene.  However, I wonder if they are too closely paralleled.  One lesson we get from this series is that while people are reborn, they have a chance to change their outcome.  Rand realized in his epiphany that this was his second chance, he could not break the world this time.


    So I wonder, if Egwene was Eldrene, if she's doomed to the same fate, over and over and over.  That doesn't seem fair.  While there is a cycle, and each Age comes and goes, I really hope that any thread within the Pattern wouldn't be fated to lose a husband and burn themselves out endlessly.


    Maueja, thanks for your kind words!  As for Moiraine's staff, I'm not sure what it is.  Moiraine was a wilder, who learned the trick of eavesdropping while still living in the Sun Palace in Cairhien.  So, she learned a block, of sorts, for working with an "aid to concentration."  It's the blue stone she wore in her hair that she used to listen in to conversations.  Because of this, I think Moiraine channels easier when she has something to help.  The staff could be just a staff.  She very easily could have reinforced it with Air--Bornhald's sword reflecting off solid Air would make it bend that way. 


    It's funny that she doesn't use any other aids as the series continues.  Perhaps she wanted to be as powerful as possible when first meeting the Dragon Reborn, so she wanted to have an extra leg-up when channeling.  Of course, that's just my opinion.


    I also firmly believe that Myrddraal can sense or touch the True Power, in one way or another; there's evidence on both sides.  But I agree that this link--unless performed by a Dreadlord--would have to be done by the Myrddraal and would use the True Power.



    And one last thing on the subject of Ishamael needing Rand, why else would he give Rand the hint about the Eye of the World? That's like giving away the location to the bank you are going to rob to the police. It doesn't make sense. They could have tried to make it a trap—with Balthamel and Aginor waiting—yet they say it was Mat's dagger that led them there, not any plan amongst the Forsaken. But letting this information slip allows Rand to not only kill two Forsaken, but also get the Dragon Banner, the Horn of Valere, and save the battle at Tarwin's Gap. Seems pretty stupid for someone of the Shadow to help the Light so much.

    Why would he give up info on robbing the bank.  To get the bank owner to rush to the bank on the rumor, so you can go in, and rob it once the vault door is open.


    The 'bank' or Eye of the World was only accessible by need, and once our heros were there, it was fixed in place and the bad guys could get in and rob it.  To bad Rand started to Channel and kill all the robbers.  It was a good plan if not for that.



    I see what you're saying.  That the dagger led them to the location after it was firmly set in place.  Of course, that raises the question if the Shadow's needs would have been strong enough to call the Green Man.  Probably not, since they are filled with greed and desire for glory.


    However, I do stand by my earlier statement about Ishamael letting info slip.  They wouldn't even have headed for the Eye if he hadn't told them of it.  It was all three clues--Loial's story, the Tu'athan's story, and the boys' dreams--that made Moiraine decide to go there.  If it was a trap, I can't believe it was so screwed up by the Shadow.  These people--the ones who are free so far--are some of the greatest minds of the Age of Legends!  Yet they can't beat one Aes Sedai, a Warder, two Wilders, and a man who can barely grasp saidin?  And really, only Moiraine and Rand can actually do anything that's really called fighting (and Someshta, of course, but only because it was so unexpected by the Forsaken). 


    James, I've heard that there are several things within The Eye of the World (I think they're called EotWisms) that don't hold up with the rest of the series, for exactly the reasons you state.  Even if Jordan had pages and pages more of notes, there would still be some inconsistencies over a series lasting 14 books.  Even Harry Potter has a couple, and that was only 7 books.  But I don't think any of Min's viewings fall under that category.  The ones about Lan and Thom are also about the future.  Jordan answered this specifically here:




    Do Min's viewings always predict the future, or do some tell about the past, mainly the seven towers around Lan in The Eye of the World?


    Robert Jordan:

    Um, her viewings are always concerning the future.
  6. Thanks for that post, James!  I am very passionate about Wheel of Time, and I'm glad that does come through!  This is my 9th re-read, and I'm still discovering new things.  That's what is so great about Robert Jordan's--and even Brandon Sanderson's--writings... they know how to hide things within their texts.  And this ability is the mark of a talented author, in my opinion.


    You make a good point about the fear associated with males and saidin.  That fear could be something any male would subconsciously feel, knowing there is a chance they could learn to channel.  So, their brain could already be susceptible to the insanity before they even start channeling, due to the paranoia and self-doubt.  And, as the series goes on, that insanity--even after saidin is clean--is still something the world wants to trust in.  Just look at Egwene in A Memory of Light, and how she tells Rand it would be better to have saidin tainted again, since the world already knows how to deal with it.  That's really backwards thinking--but it does make logical sense to Egwene.


    And Moiraine's ruthlessness might have been necessary, sure.  And, as the Borderlander's prophecy did say, it would be better for Rand to be dead than in the Shadow's grasp.  But, it's just so abrupt, Moiraine's change in disposition.  She is sweet and noble, then threatens to kill them.  You can see why Rand has a hard time trusting her.

  7. I agree!  I think Perrin often gets overlooked by readers.  He's the type of person you don't realize you miss until he's not around anymore.  The silent type, but so strong and secure you can count on him for anything.


    I very much liked Perrin better at the beginning of the series.  He's sweet and thoughtful and so caring for Egwene when they are separated from the rest of the villagers.  Yet, Mat does grow and mature a bit, bringing his awesome levels so much higher than Perrin.


    That being said, my favorite ta'veren is the one I'm currently reading.  When I read Rand parts, I'm sad when it cuts to Perrin.  When I'm reading Perrin parts, I'm sad when it cuts to Mat.  When I'm reading Mat parts, I'm sad when it cuts to Rand.  Etc, etc.  :)

  8. I think that they can have glimpses of their past lives--everyone one, not just Heroes of the Horn.  Everyone has been reborn over and over and over.  So, it's possible that sometimes they can remember fragments or memories from their previous lives.


    Mat remembers a big chunk of one of his previous lives (being Aemon, we assume) in The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 19, "Awakening."  This is before he's gone to Finnland, so those memories are all his own.

  9. Steve, the only argument I have against that is that being Ta'veren is extremely rare. So, to me it would seem unlikely for Tam to be one just 20 years before three others would be made. People have also argued that Janduin--Rand's biological father--was also Ta'veren, but I still think it unlikely.


    However, Siuan does know she has the Talent to see Ta'veren, so there must have been one in her lifetime.

  10. Knife of Dreams, Chapter 18, "News for the Dragon" says:


    Ta’veren could be found by their effect on the Pattern, though only the Forsaken knew how. Lews Therin certainly had never mentioned knowing—their “conversations” were always brief, and the man seldom gave information willingly—and nothing had drifted across from him on the subject. At least, Lanfear and Ishamael had known how, but no one had found him that way since they had died.

  11. There are crazier theories than that, jsimpkins.  I've even heard that Nakomi was Egwene who traveled back in time.  I agree with you about time travel, though, and I don't think Robert Jordan would have used those dues ex machina tactics. 


    Also, if it was Aviendha from the future, how was she able to get inside of the Bore when it was being sealed?  Rand and Moridin barely made it out in time.  Any other person would have been killed.

  12. You make an interesting point, Laica!  Sensing Shadowspawn is something the Wondergirls didn't pick up right away.  Rand is able to sense them early on--he mentions it in the beginning of The Dragon Reborn.  Moiraine obviously can sense the Trollocs, so I wonder why Egwene and Nynaeve didn't pick up on it just as quickly.


    Wotfan, I don't think we know for sure all the details about the sensitivity to Shadowspawn.  Perhaps it's a Talent?  Maybe that's why Egwene and Nynaeve--or any other Aes Sedai that I can remember--doesn't talk about being able to "sense" the Trollocs.  I'm trying to remember it being mentioned any other time--Moiraine in The Eye of the World and Rand in The Dragon Reborn.


    Anyone else remember a time sensing Shadowspawn was talked about?

  13. I'm not sure if maybe I missed it or not, but has anyone considered that maybe Tam was ta'veren for a time?  The wheel may have needed him to find Rand and so guided him to where he needed to be?


    That's interesting to think about, however, the point of ta'veren is that they are super rare.  I've also heard theories that say Rand's real father, Janduin, was also ta'veren.  I just find that too hard to believe.


    On the other hand, Suian knows that she has the talent for seeing ta'veren.  So that would imply she at least has seen one before.

  14. Yes, Laica, I think that it's possible that Myrddraal can channel--or at least manipulate--the True Power. (Look here for a blog I wrote on it last October.) 


    I've also touched on the Nym and the One Power several times, but the book does say Someshta "took those threads and wove them into his dance" (The Shadow Rising, Chapter 26, "The Dedicated").  We know that Seed Singing used the Power, and in this section we know the Aiel can't channel, and we know the Ogier can't channel.  Which leaves only the Nym able to control the flows (or the weaves) that are being used.


    Therefore, I think it likely that the Myrddraal could so something similar with the True Power, if they can't actually channel (like Suttree suggested).

  15. As for myrddraal and chaneling, one must have an active connection to the OP in order to access th TP. The DO can not grant it to someone who can not already channel.


    That's a good point, Suttree.  But what about the Nym?  They don't channel, yet they control the weaves when Seed Singing.  Perhaps Myrddraal are the same?  They don't actually reach for and embrace the True Power, but they can use existing weaves to manipulate themselves and the area around them.

  16. Actually, that's a common misconception.  Balefire erases that person's thread, but it doesn't erase it completely.  RJ said:


    If someone is balefired, the Dark One can't reincarnate them. But they CAN be spun back out into the Wheel as normal. Balefire is NOT the eternal death of the soul.


    Which is exactly my point: dying in T'A'R shouldn't kill anyone entirely--like the wolves.  They should still be able to be reborn.  It doesn't make sense for their threads to be erased completely when even balefire doesn't do that.

  17. Do you have any of your own thoughts to add Suttree? Cause I think those statements leave a lot if wiggle room.


    I think it's still likely that Rand was ta'veren very early on. Even if not "from birth," he could be ta'veren an hour after birth--when Tam found him on the slopes of Dragonmount. There were way too many coincidents in his life--a lot if it might be the Pattern (like Laman's Pride)--but some had to be from Rand.


    Also, the True Power is not the same as the One Power. And there are some definite similarities between what Myrddraal do and how the True Power is used. We did a whole blog on it last year; I'll post a link in a bit.

  18. Yes, Naggash, I see what you are saying.  I think we talked about this previously as well.  But when Nynaeve does Heal the insanity in Naeff, she thinks how she didn't use Healing weaves.  So perhaps it is not Healing in the same sense of the word. 


    In "Dragonmount," though, Elan Morin doesn't capitalize the H in heal when he says, "Be healed, Lews Therin."  That also makes me wonder about the healing... Healing is with the Power, healing is not with the Power.

  19. Yes, you are right, Naggash, on the healing part.  I had gotten those mixed up.  I remembered an inteview that mentioned not being able to Heal insanity with the True Power, but the quote says:



    Access to the True Power is a matter of wanting it and the Dark One letting you. NOT black cords. In the Prologue to The Eye of the World we saw True Power used to heal insanity. The One Power cannot be used to heal insanity. True Power used at Shayol Ghul will fry you instantly.


    Of course, this quote makes me wonder how Nynaeve Healed insanity in Towers of Midnight, then.

  20. Laica, I edited your post because The Wheel of Time is copyrighted material and should not be reproduced online.  It is against Dragonmount's Code of Conduct to link to sites that infringe on copyrighted materials.



    Also, the Dark One was most likely sending out ravens to the far corners of the world.  Remember, in New Spring, the Dark One knew the Dragon had been reborn, but didn't know when.  That's why so many "lucky" people were killed off by Darkfriends in that book.  So, the Dark One was probably narrowing his sights, trying to figure out more clues about who the Dragon Reborn could be.


    We'll talk about it later, but it was Padan Fain's information that finally led the Dark One to Rand, Mat, and Perrin.  I doubt the ravens contributed much from this one visit we see.

  21. I don't think you can find "Ravens" online.  But I would suggest trying your local library.  They'd probably have it there.


    Thanks for you input as to where to start the series!  I first read New Spring in the Legends Anthology.  It was a condensed versions--it begins when Moiraine is already out of the Tower on her way to look for the Dragon Reborn.  It left off the opening parts of her in the White Tower, her testing for Aes Sedai, etc.  I was very happy to read the extended version when it came out.


    However, I can't imagine starting the series there.  It doesn't feel like the beginning.  Perhaps it is a beginning, but I felt it would work best this way.

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