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  1. I always thought Min knew Egwene would be Amyrlin.  The first viewing she has of Egwene, Min says, "When I look at her, I see the same as when I look at Mistress Alys. She won't refuse it" (The Eye of the World, Chapter 15, "Strangers and Friends").  The "she won't refuse it" sounds like something more to me.  I don't think you would phrase it that way if Egwene decided not to join the Aes Sedai.   Does that make sense?


    Also, she sees a white flame above Egwene (The Great Hunt, Chapter 24, "New Friends and Old Enemies").  Yet--as far as I can remember--she doesn't mention the white flame in connection to Elyane or to Nynaeve.  So, I think it would represent the Flame of Tar Valon, not necessarily just an association with the White Tower.

  2. Oh, thanks for that Jack!  My memory is fuzzy in regards to ToM and MoL. 


    So the last time they talked was during the fight against Masaana. Egwene really learned a lot from that encounter, but it would have been nice for Perrin to be able to connect with her again.  I guess, people grow and change.  Things that were once important aren't anymore.

  3. Yes, I think they do.  But I want something deeper, another connection like they had in this book.  Also, I forgot to mention it in the blog, but Brandon Sanderson has said that when he first read the series, he hoped Egwene and Perrin would get together.  I don't really see it that way; he loves her, but not romantically.  But it's interesting that others--even Brandon--can feel the emotion between these two.

  4. I don't think it's that she sees him as a lover, though I'm sure she does have feeling of love and companionship for him.  I think she feels that Lan likes Nynaeve and is concerned that someone is poaching her property.  And that's what I think is petty--though human at the same time.

  5. I never even thought of cuendillar!  However, despite its rarity, people do know what it looks/feels like.  So I think they would be able to tell if that's what it was.  Still, that's a really interesting thought.  And good point about the Breaking.  What's the likelihood that it would be over a river before, and then over a river after?  Very curious!  Perhaps it was made after the Breaking.

  6. Yes, Ryrin, I agree that a King who follows the Way of the Leaf might not last long.  I always thought Galad wouldn't make a good King for similar reasons--he can't be conniving and manipulative like a King would need to be.


    Bougher, you bring up a good point.  Perrin hates to see people suffer.  I love that about his character.  Perrin isn't someone who could just stood by and let killing happen.  He would defend anyone with his own life.  That is very opposite of the Way of the Leaf.  Still, he does have that gentleness, and a part of me wishes he could have let go of his hammer and just be a peace.  Just wishful thinking, I guess.


    Thanks, Wotfan!  Like I said, I should get on a more regular schedule once school is out!

  7. That's a good point about Egwene. It was her who would have turned down Rand's agreement. I very much dislike that aspect of her personality--that she thought she could put herself higher than Rand. Part of having authority is recognizing who is more important than you. She should have done anything Rand wanted. He was a million times more important than her.

  8. Yes, this series is so deep and detailed that multiple rereads seem necessary.  Of course, on the flip side, it is daunting to think you would have to reread this series--if you weren't overly thrilled with it the first time; so I understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea. 

  9. Dreamshards are also in Tel'aran'rhiod, to my understanding.  We see the Forsaken using them multiple times in the last books, though I can't say for certain we saw any of them injured.  But since a dreamshard sort of grows off Tel'aran'rhiod, I'm thinking the principles are the same. 

  10. Do we have confirmation that the entire Wheel of Time series will be in the voter packet, not just simply Eye of the World or the like? Already a member of LonCon3 (and have been a Worldcon attendee or supporter the past 5 years or so) and already own all the ebooks so basically just curious if we're expecting the Hugo voter to read them all by July. :D


    YES!  The complete series will be included in the Voter Packet!



  11. For the Green Man, it said 'Legendary Ales" as in "Legendary Aiels." Coincidence? I think not.

    *lol*  Good point!  There are no coincidences in the Wheel of Time!


    I've never seen Faile while walking down the street, but I HAVE seen Min. I will forever picture her like that now.

    I have seen Faile!  I thought that was a very apt example.

  12. He was partially sealed--as I understand it.  He was free during certain times, but unable to interact with the world during other times.  I can't remember how exactly it worked, but he was sealed with the others, just not all the way.


    Brandon said in an interview:

    Luthvian (26 February 2011)
    If all of the Forsaken were sealed in the Bore, and the Madness came after that, how can the prologue of The Eye of the World happen?
    I mean, Ishamael is walking around and talking and channeling, shouldn't he not be able to do so?
    ...unless the whole thing is a vision of Lews Therin's madness?
    Brandon Sanderson (28 February 2011)
    That was really Ishamael, not madness. He wasn't sealed in as strongly as the others, remember.
    And RJ said:


    For Dracos, the Forsaken could not talk to one another, not even Balthamel and Aginor, who were trapped near the surface and at least intermittently conscious and aware what was happening in the world. You might say that being trapped where they were, in a Bore that existed everywhere at once, allowed them to see the whole world. But for the others, it was a deep and dreamless sleep. Even for Ishamael, except when he was spun out periodically. When thinking about the Forsaken, you might factor in the effects of dream deprivation.


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