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    From the album: Fandom Flair

  2. Nynaeve and Lan can forever guard each other's backs - and yours - with the newest tee shirt design now available for preorder from Ta'veren Tees, www.TheWheelofTimeStore.com. "The Gateway," illustrated by Ariel Burgess, shows Lan and Nynaeve Traveling via gateway, standing ready to fight and protect each other. The front features Lan coolly guarding Nynaeve's back, while the back of the shirt features Nynaeve ready to unleash her fury on any darkfriend foolish enough to attack. "The Gateway" is available in an unisex tee and a ladies' style tee. Both are soft, comfortable 100% cotton shirts. Sizing information is available on the product pages. Preorders receive a discount and will ship on February 10, as soon as the shirt is in stock. All items ordered alongside the new shirt will be held and shipped at the same time. Unisex: TaverenTees.com/gateway Ladies: TaverenTees.com/gatewayladies
  3. Mashi ~ White Sitter I aim to get better at time management so I can fit in all my wants (writing, reading, playing, cruising around on DM)...
  4. Mashiara, White Sitter. This year has actually been half and half. Most of it sucked. But I did get my first book contracted for publication, and my first short story published already. So, that's all good! Plus, Yuri on Ice saved the year!
  5. Upcoming from Tor, a new Wheel of Time eBook bundle! This new set, available December 13, 2016, will include the first four books of the series. It's the perfect introduction for someone who hasn't started the series, or a great addition for someone who is looking to expand their Wheel of Time collection. You can preorder it on Amazon, and it will also be available in the Dragonmount eBook store. The bundle will include high quality versions of the original cover art. Though there are not plans at this time to make the rest of the series purchasable through a bundle, it is likely to happen. Are the first four novels not enough? A complete series bundle is already available, here. It only includes books 1-14, and does not include New Spring.
  6. Mashiara, White Sitter Ugh, I dread Christmas shopping. I'm going to try to do all mine online this year!
  7. Welcome back to a special Halloween edition of "Fandom Flair." So many of my craft ideas can be applied to Halloween costumes, so it was difficult to pick one to highlight for the month. Since I've done a lot of sewing tutorials, I wanted to do a sew-free craft this time. Here are a couple of different ways you can incorporate Harry Potter, or Hogwarts Houses, into a simple Halloween costume! Witch or Wizard Wand For this project you need: Paint brushes (for the wand) Paint brushes (for painting) Oven baked modeling clay (I used the Sculpey III brand) An oven Paints in various shades First select you wand. I did this project with my sister, Mavin. We had an assortment of brush sizes and we each picked different ones. I chose a thicker one; Mavin picked a daintier one. Starting with the bristles, cover the brush in a layer of clay. The bristles will be the wand's handle, so you may want to make that area thicker. This is completely customizable! You can design your wand to fit your personality however you see fit. For mine, I made the handle smooth and rounded. But for the top portion, I wanted it to mimic rough wood. Mavin, on the other hand, kept the brush free of clay on the top--giving her an incredibly smooth finish--and only used clay to sculpt the handle and a decorative swirl. Any color of clay will work since you will be painting over it. We used white, but brown may have been the best choice since we painted them brown in the end. Once finished, bake in the oven as the directions state. You want to make sure they're fulled baked before you paint them. Allow them to cool as well. Again, with painting, you can customize! We had an assortment of browns, with white and black to lighten or dull the colors. I painted my handle a darker brown than I did for the rest of the wand. I painted all I could while holding it, then allowed it to dry by placing the end in a Styrofoam holder. Once that dried, I painted the rest. I added in darker veins along the length of the wand to give it a wood look. Mavin's did the same, but also used the darker color on the decorative swirl! They turned out amazing, and were very simple to make! DIY Hogwarts Uniform Another super easy way to do a costume is by buying iron on patches. You can find several patches at in-store locations, like Spirit, or even Hot Topic. I was able to get a Ravenclaw patch on Amazon in the book colors of bronze and blue. From there, iron on the patch onto a cardigan, or a shirt, and you're all done! I bought a cardigan for $5 at Goodwill and it turned out great! Pair it with a button-up shirt, a tie, and a skirt or slacks. Easy Hogwarts uniform! This costume is so simple, and very kid friendly. I can wear it to the elementary school where I work with no problems! Next time we'll stick with the no-sew theme and see a different way to design Wheel of Time inspired shoes! Thanks for reading!
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    From the album: Fandom Flair

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    From the album: Fandom Flair

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    From the album: Fandom Flair

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    From the album: Fandom Flair

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    From the album: Fandom Flair

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    From the album: Fandom Flair

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    From the album: Fandom Flair

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    From the album: Fandom Flair

  19. Exciting news! The first official Wheel of Time coloring book, Patterns of the Wheel, is set to be released on October 25, 2016. The volume is illustrated by Amy Romanczuk—the wife of Team Jordan’s Alan Romanczuk. Here are the details from Tor Books! Mrs. Romanczuk had a first edition of this book at JordanCon 8 earlier this year, however Tor Book’s official version has an additional twenty images, a black and white map of Randland, and quotes from the series that correspond with each picture! The book is now available for preorder. You can find it on Amazon, here, or from Barnes & Noble, here. Dragonmount is very pleased to be able to give away one free copy of Patterns of the Wheel to a reader! If you would like to be entered into a drawing to receive the copy, comment below. One winner will be selected on October 25, 2016! You have from now until then to comment for a chance to win! Unfortunately, only residents of the United States and Canada are eligible for this giveaway. You can find more of Mrs. Romanczuk’s work on her website.
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