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  1. Wheel of Time Spoilers is a newish podcast (the first episode aired April 2017), so it might be under the radar for many Wheel of Time fans. The hosts, Seth and Patrick, began with personal stories of how they first started reading the series, then moved onto background information about the world of the Wheel (ie: the Age of Legends, the Breaking), then jumped into a chronological reread/discussion of The Eye of the World. They are currently on The Great Hunt, but the latest episode is a diversion from their norm; they invited Jason Denzel to talk with them. Besides sharing stories about Dragonmount's origins, Jason discusses his fan-turned-friend relationship with Robert Jordan, all in a nearly two-hour episode packed full of everything you need to know if you call yourself a Wheel of Time fan. Fans of Jason's own writing will rejoice too, because there are lots of details about his journey to being a published author. He talks about how Mystic evolved from an intended screenplay to a full-fledged trilogy, and shares his experiences on working with Tor. Wheel of Time Spoilers is very focused on interacting with fans of the series. You can join their Discord channel, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, or even get special content by becoming a Patreon patron. View full news item
  2. And that concludes our game! The gold medal winner is..... BFG! Fancy siggy coming soon! And the three-way tie for silver medal goes to.... Rhea, Kukasö, and blank! Congratulations and thanks for playing!
  3. I’m going to give it to blank. It is the place they sit for scores. The official name is the kiss and cry. :P *lol*
  4. *lol* Not a skating rink, BFG. Hmmm.... Shall I give a different word?
  5. Yes, Kukasö, I don’t mind if you say it’s a general ice skating place—not a city. Your drawing is amazing! Great details! One thing that’s surprising me is everyone is trying to draw the actual picture instead of breaking it up into smaller words. *lol*
  6. Skiiing scares the pants off me. I don't know why, but it seems so dangerous and horrifying. I've never been before, and I'm pretty sure I'd never be able to work up the courage to try.
  7. You'll have to demonstrate, Dar'Jen. I don't know the Virginia Reel.... Kukaso and I can do a two-hand Irish jig if you all would like. :D
  8. Also, that was an amazing drawing, BFG!
  9. Good job, Kukaso! And yes, "short program" was a pretty hard concept to draw. :P I'm sending Kukaso the next word!
  10. *lol* I’ll send BFG an easier word. Here I was expecting you guys to accept the challenge. :P
  11. Nope, Rhea. This is another difficult one. *lol*
  12. You got it BFG! Excellent work! A death spiral is a move in couples figure skating. The male partner spins his female partner onto the ice in an almost parallel position. The female partner’s head must be equal to, or lower than the position of her knee. https://goo.gl/images/5QpWZT I’ll send BFG the next word!
  13. @Chaelca I'll add you to the roster. The answer to Rhea's was Four Continents. It's a skating competition focusing on... you guessed it... the four continents of Asia, Americas, Africa, and Oceania. It was established in 1999, and the countries of China, Canada, United States, and Japan have won 225 out of the 228 medals awarded in that time. It's Kukaso's turn to draw. I'll PM you now and you have 24 hours to post your drawing!
  14. One thing I absolutely love from the anime Yuri on Ice, is the love and support of the Canadian people for their champion figure skater, Jean Jack Leroy (AKA JJ)! *LOL* I've heard many Canadians say that they are very, very competitive when it comes to their ice sports.
  15. *waits until Chae finishes adjusting her sleeve* Chae! Catch! *pulls out another football and throws it*
  16. Nope, not Moscow! This one might be too hard. Let me see if Rhea wants a different word.
  17. Catch Ben! *throws the ball his direction*
  18. *cheats on accident by reading Rhea's history post* Norway. :P
  19. Sumo wrestling on PBS? I didn't know they did that. Very interesting. Bobsledding is such an interesting sport, I think. It seems such an odd concept--let's put two to four people inside this metal contraption and push them down an ice-slide. What could go wrong? Curling is also strange. Winter sports are definitely odd compared to their summer counterparts.
  20. You got it, Rhea! You won this round. I'll PM you your word and you have 24 hours to post your picture. A sit spin is one of the three basic spins in figure skating. It's performed in a squat position, with less than 90 degrees between the skater's thigh and calf. Adding it to a jump can make a flying sit spin.
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