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  1. Hello, everyone. Welcome back to "WoT If?". This will be the start of a two part look at the events that happened in the conclusion of The Eye of the World. There are a few things that are a little fuzzy and unexplained at the end, plus a lot of things that might come full circle in A Memory of Light. Spoiler warning! This will include content from many books in the series, including Towers of Midnight, and speculation about A Memory of Light. Please read at your own risk. First off, what is the Eye of the World? We get a description of what it actually is near the end of the first book. Moiraine says: From this description, it seems as if the Aes Sedai during the Age of Legends cleansed just this little bit of the Source, the same way Rand cleansed all of it in Winter's Heart. They worked together, and through the taint, to make this pool of pure saidin. But, pay attention to that last sentence. Moiraine believes that the Eye can seal the Bore, or it can break it open. In fact, she says multiple times that the Eye might be able to seal in/break free the Dark One. Here, Moiraine suggests that the Eye can undo the Dark One's prison. We know that the One Power can't break cuendillar, but Moiraine is saying it can. Rand also has plans to break the remaining seals. But how is this possible? The seals have weakened, yes, but can the Power in the Eye really break cuendillar, no matter how old? Maybe so. Moiraine makes a comment that "four men with hammers" can break the remaining seals and free the Dark One (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 2, "Rhuidean"). However, they don't know this information during The Eye of the World, so she shouldn't be assuming the Eye, and saidin, can break the Dark One free. Also, Moiraine and Lord Agelmar have a discussion that hints at the Eye's power. According to this, Moiraine thinks that Rand using the Eye will seal the Dark One again, solving all their problems. Okay, okay. She does use the word "perhaps," which is Aes Sedai doublespeak. However, she seems to have a lot of confidence that the Eye's power will be glorious. When Rand does use the Eye, he doesn't do anything even close to sealing in the Dark One—he does believe he killed Shai'tan, but Moiraine and others don't believe it. If there was so much potential in the Eye, did Rand waste it? Was it used for a purpose other than for what it was initially intended? We'll speculate on that a bit later. So, we know the Eye is a pool of saidin, made clean by the sacrifice of male and female Aes Sedai. We know a bit of its presumed power. But that doesn't tell us a thing. There are several theories about what the Eye actually is, or rather, what it does to Rand. Here's three that might work. First: the Eye of the World, with its pure Power, is the Creator. That is, the Creator is the One Power. This seems plausible on the surface. We typically think of channeling and channelers as doing the Creator's work. The True Source is, after all, the power that drives the Wheel of Time and weaves the Pattern. The Creator made the Pattern, so it seems logical that the Creator is the One Power. However, in an interview, a fan asks Robert Jordan something that might say the opposite: There are two pieces of information here, but let's focus on the Dark One not being purely True Power. If the Dark One isn't the True Power, then I don't think the Creator can be the One Power. It's likely that the One Power comes from the Creator—like True Power comes from the Dark One—but they are two separate forces/energies/beings. The second part of that answer talks about the ALL CAPS voice Rand hears in his head after he accidently Travels to Tarwin's Gap. We'll get to that in next week's post, so just put it on hold for now. Second: the Eye of the World is just a pool of saidin intended to hide the Dragon Banner and the Horn of Valere. Those artifacts are indeed important to the next book. Without both of them, Rand could not have beaten Ishamael in the sky above Falme. Also, the Heroes of the Horn wouldn't have helped Rand unless he had the Dragon Banner too. Artur Hawkwing says: Hawkwing implies that this was the way the Pattern wanted it. Since the Heroes seem to have quite a bit of knowledge about certain things while they wait in Tel'aran'rhiod, we can be pretty sure he knows what he's talking about. It's also interesting to note that Hawkwing says they will only follow the banner and the Dragon. We had other sources earlier in The Great Hunt say that the Heroes will fight for whichever side blows the Horn. Is this another thing Aes Sedai don't really know the truth about, or is this particular moment in the Pattern something that needs to be specifically set? So, the Banner and the Horn are terribly important for the forward movement of the characters and the world. But would so many Aes Sedai in the Age of Legends sacrifice themselves for this? Possibly. Rand needed those items, and the world would have died if he didn't have them. Could the Eye be just an elaborate hidey-hole? If that were true, and the Eye is just an insignificant pool of saidin, why is Aginor so keen on using it? Robert Jordan was asked that very question in an interview: This quote seems to imply that Aginor only wanted the Eye for the extra bit of Power, and a way to channel unobserved. Makes it sound kind of pointless, huh? Third: the Eye of the World is a link to Rand's past lives and memories. Drekka Mort posted on the Dragonmount forums: This is an interesting theory. One of the main reasons I would believe this is because it takes absolutely no outside source for Rand to remember all his past lives in "Veins of Gold" (The Gathering Storm, Chapter 50). The memories were inside him the whole time; it only took Rand's acceptance to open them all up. From this, I would say that the Eye stayed with Rand even after all its Power was used up. It's something that went into his skin, into his bones, into his soul. Some evidence that this might be correct comes from an interview with Brandon Sanderson: From this, we can gather that Rand still has access to the Power of the Eye, since he can still channel Light and Power. In Towers of Midnight, Naeff is the one who notes Rand's incredible abilities: After accepting his memories in "Veins of Gold," Rand's madness seems to leave him completely. When Nynaeve Delves into Rand's mind she sees something odd: A liquid Power. Like the Eye? Most likely, I'd say. How did it get there? Probably from when Rand first used the Eye. It could have stayed with him, flowing in him, without him knowing. It laid dormant until he was able to reconcile his present life with his past lives. So, if there's a link still there between himself and the Eye, can the Eye's Power be refilled? Well, that's a good place to stop for today. Next week we'll delve (no pun intended) a little deeper into who that ALL CAPS voice might be.
  2. This was exactly my point. Now, I'm going to point out that many people have jumped on others for not having a good reason to vote for someone. Lots were piling on Ishy and WoT. Of the two, I only had logic for WoT. If I had voted for Ishy, and didn't have a claim to back up my accusation, then I'd be suspicious too. So, let me, once again, say why I thought WoT was acting the scummiest out of everyone we voted for yesterday. First, she was so close to getting lynched on our initial joke votes. She was saved by a noobie mistake by Sunrise. That first day, she said some iffy things, but most agreed it was just that she was a beginner. Okay, I'm fine with that. But then the next day, with Sunrise/Ironeyes in the clear, she gets brought up again. I started out voting for Neil, who is STILL acting suspicious, but when it turned into another split decision, I could recall several things WoT said that sounded off. I think I've only said that once about something Ishy and Basel were talking about. I'm not the only who who has noticed this about WoT, either. And it's only when she started getting more votes, she claimed to be a important role. To me, this was inconsistent. She said that she didn't know she could reveal herself the first day, but when you're so close to getting killed, wouldn't you look up on the wiki things you could do, or have some other sort of idea? I mean, if you're going to get killed, revealing yourself wouldn't hurt anything. Then Ishy went all noble, and like so many others, I changed my vote to him. I didn't want his self-sacrifice to go in vain, even though I really did think WoT was the more suspicious of the two. And you'll notice that others who voted for WoT didn't change their vote until after Ishy told us to vote him.
  3. Good point! They do need to link in order to channel through the Myrddraal. So, only 12 men and 1 woman, or any mix with fewer men would work.
  4. This game is confusing! Ishy, your nobility has been counted. Unvote WoT Vote Ishy
  5. All I'm trying to point out is that WoT's bahavior has been very inconsistant. I'm a new player too, and I agree it's difficult, but sometimes scum is scum, right? And of course I want a lynch. It's been grilled into us that a random kill is bad. I'm still suspicious of Niel, who "is just lazy" but he's not getting votes right now. Rather than follow my hunch, I'll agree that WoT has been acting scummy (though Ishy did say some suspicious stuff too). Either way, I'm sticking with WoT. Vote WoT
  6. With everyone "claiming" town today, I think some reveals are FALSE! It seems too convienient that everyone suspected has revealed themselves as town. Everyone jumped on WoT that first day. How come she didn't reveal then? She was *this close* to being lynched, but now we have a dramatic reveal. I'm not buying it! Unvote Niel. Vote WoT.[/color=red]
  7. *eyes boggle* This just got very confusing... *thinks a lot* Okay, okay. Unvote Nyanna. Vote Niel.
  8. Ishy, if you are town, this is hilariously ironic. Of course, if you're scum, this is scummy. But I'd been leaning toward you as town, so I will choose to find it amusing. This exchange comes off as weird... Basel and Ishy both sound up to something. I'm on vacation ... A likely excuse. WIFOM! Haha, I'm so proud that I've learned something :P Also, supicious Basel for stepping in and saying Ishy is town after I suspect Ishy <.< Gah! I'm seeing Myrdraals everywhere. I agree with Mish, this is getting a little too scummy. Nyanna uses WIFOM tactics, and it makes me suspicious. Coming from Basel and Ishy is very suspicious because they claim to be seasoned players. Nyanna's still got my vote for today, but there are others to look at.
  9. LAZY. The whole point of playing is to read what people say for yourself and then decide if they are scummy or not. Niel doesn't seem to concerned with finding out who the scum is... perhaps because he already knows?
  10. This, this exactly is what you do: That's boring, because I don't drink. Rather, let's talk about which Zelda dungeons/temples are the hardest to beat. I HATE the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time. It kicked my butt. And, be careful, Mish! ~Mashi I always HATED the water temple.... Though I didn't love the temple out in the desert either... Oooo that makes me wanna play Zelda soooooo bad *sighs* The desert temple wasn't nearly as bad as the water temple. I bought Ocarina of Time for my 3DS and stopped playing as soon as I got to the water temple. The blasted thing just makes me SO angry! I was stuck on it for DAYS when I played it the first time. It never occurred to me to try to go underwater in the building in the middle. And since it was released in 1998, I didn't have computer access to find a FAQ--of one even existed at that time. Completely ruined my love of that particular game. Wind Waker is better, anyway.
  11. This, this exactly is what you do: That's boring, because I don't drink. Rather, let's talk about which Zelda dungeons/temples are the hardest to beat. I HATE the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time. It kicked my butt. And, be careful, Mish! ~Mashi
  12. *ROFL* That is hilarious Aiel Heart! Did you draw the stick figure thing? It's adorable! Also, Volke, your work is awesome! Why do you sign your name with Japanese characters? "Kuunza Kai" sounds pretty cool, though. :P ~Mashiara
  13. I agree with Tamerya; it's hard for us who haven't played before. I, personally, don't have any idea what we're supposed to be talking about. I asked in an earlier post if talking about drinking and stuff is all everyone does. What else do we do? As for joke voting, I picked Arez first for frivolous reasons, and once AH pointed out some scumminess, I switched to a more logical choice (which was Nyanna). However, when someone, can't remember who, pointed out it's bad to have a random kill, I switched to WoT13 because she was the closest to being majority. I'm just trying to follow the rules. As for Sunshine, it does seem odd that he didn't vote for WoT13, because now we don't have any information about the allegiance of Dice. Odds were someone in town would be killed, so if WoT was town as well, at least we would have known. But, it was also Sunshine's first time playing, so maybe he did make some noobie mistakes. I'll hold off voting for Ironeyes, for now. But, I really do think Nyanna says some pretty ambiguous things. The WIFOM stuff seems like a diversion tactic. Vote Nyanna.
  14. Oh, I remember the Illuminator's Guild. How long ago did they change it to the ACW Guild? Welcome back!
  15. That would be really cool to see an incredibly humongous circle. If all the Light-side characters link, they could easily take out Taim and his lackeys.
  16. The Princess Bride is a fantastic movie! Though my husband, who has his Masters in film studies, won't watch it. Why not? It confuses me. I had scary dreams about the killer rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail when I was a kid... ~Mashiara
  17. Thank you, Mr. Ahmed for joining us. We really appreciate you making yourself available for you fans. And as Ireond said, please come back again! ~Mashiara
  18. That's what I'm implying. Since Bashere doesn't recognize him immediately, there must be something going on, besides the fact that he shaved his beard. I think Taim is just Taim, turned by the 13x13 combo. As far as turning them back to the Light... I've heard theories that maybe the Ogier represent the Light the way Myrddraal represent the Shadow. 13 channelers and 13 Ogier? Maybe. Also, I think 13 male channelers would work just as well as women.
  19. Yeah, I had to look it up too. wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=WIFOM
  20. Hello again. Welcome to another edition of "WoT If?". This week's topic might be a bit out there, but bear with me. I'll explain the method to my madness. Spoiler warning! This will include content from many books in the series, including Towers of Midnight, and speculation about A Memory of Light. Please read at your own risk. So, the timeline of The Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight is a little difficult to get a handle on. Luckily, there are excellent online resources that figure out the timeline of the whole series. On Theoryland.com, I found a tentative timeline for Towers of Midnight by the user morat'corlm. This helps explain where everyone is during each scene along the main timeline. According to morat'corlm's research, there is a nine day gap between Androl pleading with Pevara for help (Towers of Midnight, Chapter 56, "Something Wrong") and Mat preparing to leave for the Tower of Ghenjei (Towers of Midnight, Chapter 52, "Boots"). This gap seems plausible for the battle for the Black Tower. After Androl asks Pevara for assistance, I don't think they'll just wait around day after day. Pevara is the type to act. When she listens to Androl, I think she and the unturned Aes Sedai and Asha'man will begin their escape or attack (since the dreamspike only negates Traveling/Skimming weaves) the next day. Also, Myrelle's group of Salidar Aes Sedai is still camped outside the Black Tower, as far as we know. Once attack channeling begins inside the grounds, I'm sure they will come and help fight. Here's a note on the dreamspike. Mesaana thinks to herself: What exactly does "except for those allowed" mean? Is the one who activates the dreamspike able to pick and choose who can enter the area? When Graendal activates hers against Perrin, is she still able to Travel into the area? I would assume so, based on Mesaana's statement. But what if the dreamspike's maker, or original user, is currently reborn and in the Black Tower? Would they still have access to Traveling within the area? I think it's possible. My first thought would also be that Androl has some connection to the dreamspike, since he's so skilled with Gateways. But we've already been shown that even his Gateways don't work. However, there could be another person there who is "allowed", even if by accident, to use Traveling within the dreamspike's perimeter. What does all of this have to do with saving Caemlyn? Well, after the nine day gap, there's still another eight days or so before Caemlyn begins to burn. That's plenty of time for the surviving Asha'man to come to the aid of the city. There's been a lead up to a fight between the Light and Shadow factions within the Black Tower for at least the past three books. Logain, most assume, will lead the Light side, with Taim leading the Shadow. However, there aren't too many Light characters still at the Black Tower since Logain says: And a little later in the same chapter, Logain talks of Taim's "cronies": This information isn't surprising. We've known for a long time that Taim is up to no good. So, with most of the men at the Black Tower loyal to Taim, not Rand—or even Logain—those Asha'man and Aes Sedai trapped inside are in pretty rough shape. During that same scene, Rand admits he doesn't have time to deal with Taim at the moment, and Verin says: Knowing what we know about Verin and her inability to divulge plots within the Shadow, I think we can assume the opposite is true. That is, Taim will have to act before the Last Battle, so the Asha'man can't help the Light. The Asha'man and Aes Seadi are prisoners in the Black Tower, trapped there by the dreamspike, being picked off one by one and turned to the Shadow by the 13x13 method. During Towers of Midnight, Rand realizes he can't Travel to the Black Tower, so the dreamspike is still active. This is the day before he wants to go to Merrilor, the same day Olver opens Verin's letter. Here's the quote: However, we don't know why the dreamspike is still active. Perhaps it's being used by the survivors to make a place of safety for their wives and families. I don't think it necessarily implies that there's still trouble going on there. This quote also implies that Logain is already at the Black Tower. The last we actually saw of him was during the prologue of The Gathering Storm. Mezar Kurin seems to be another 13x13 turned Asha'man. When Logain's Asha'man talk about Mezar, they say his memories are still present, but something is wrong with his manner, with his eyes, with his smile. This is the same way Bashere responds to Taim in Lord of Chaos, Chapter 2, "The New Arrival". Mezar sends along a message from Logain, but is it true or not? Was Mezar turned before his return to the Black Tower or after his arrival? If before, perhaps more of Logain's or Rand's loyal Asha'man were turned, even those sent to Illian or Arad Doman. Either way, I'm sure they have all of Mezar's information about Rand and Logain's current whereabouts and some of their plans. Since Logain disappeared from Rand's group, where is he, if not at the Black Tower? Perhaps he's doing a little recruiting of his own, to bolster his group before rushing in to take on Taim. Perrin lends Grady's Gateway abilities to Mat so he can get to the Tower of Ghenjei and back (Towers of Midnight, Chapter 53, "Gateways"). Mat will have at least one Asha'man to help battle the Shadowspawn and Darkfriends destroying Caemlyn. Since I predict the drama at the Black Tower will be finished, Grady can summon the survivors to come help. They have been inspected by Elayne and her guards, and have been made to know that they are on Andoran soil. I think they will feel a debt to help protect the capital. I'll stop there; we'll save the details of the battles for another time. Please join us next week for the first half of a two week special on the Eye of the World.
  21. I just don't know what to do! Tell me what to do and I'll do it! I'm around DM everyday, so I'll jump in, but all I saw was posts about drinking. :P Is that what we're supposed to be doing? ~Mashiara
  22. So, random killings are bad? Okay. Unvote Nyanna. Vote WoT13 ~Mashiara
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