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  1. I definitely think Birgitte being ripped out was part of the Pattern's plan. I don't think anything anyone has done has been outside its plan. Even the Forsaken's actions have been according to its plan. That's the point of the Pattern, at least as far as I can make out. It's there to balance the Creator and the Dark One, so it takes good and evil events into account. Don't jump the gun, Mark. I'm going to talk about this next week! If we want to start a philosophical debate over when a soul enters a body, let's go to the White Ajah boards. :P
  2. Sorry, guys. I had midterms due yesterday. :P A good point was raised about Rand's soul still being "active" in tel'aran'rhiod. Maybe his soul isn't in the waiting area. But, at the same time, those souls do get spun out, so it must be possible to access them. And while I like the idea of a cour'souvra, it's dark magic, and probably not the best way to bring him back. I think Birgitte's rip from tel'aran'rhiod is what will kill her in the last book. It's not a natural rebirth, and I think her body and mind are revolting against her current life.
  3. Hello, all! Welcome back to "WoT If?", Dragonmount's weekly theory blog. Today's topic is a little speculative, but I'm convinced I'm on the right track to how Rand's "to live you must die" riddle will be solved. As always: Spoiler warning! This will include content from many books in the series, including Towers of Midnight, and speculation about A Memory of Light. Please read at your own risk. Also, this WILL NOT contain spoilers from A Memory of Light's Prologue, Chapter 1, or Chapter 11. Please refrain from posting any spoilers from A Memory of Light in the comments section. The A Memory of Light spoiler discussion board can be found here. Let's start with a little background information about the Nym. This might seem off topic, but I'll tie everything together. According to The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time, Nym are artificial constructs, like Trollocs (Chapter 21, "The Ogier"). The Nym were created to aid the Da'shain Aiel in seed singing. In the actual series, we see the Green Man, the last Nym, in The Eye of the World (Chapters 49 and 50). He teases us with knowledge (using phrases like "Child of the Dragon" in reference to Rand, and "wolfbrother" to Perrin), but his memory's not what it used to be due to the wound he suffered in the Age of Legends. This scene really piques our curiosity with all the tantalizing information we're almost given. And it makes us want to know more about what the Nym did before the Breaking. We see the same Nym, Someshta, in the glass-column ter'angreal in Rhuidean (The Shadow Rising, Chapter 26, "The Dedicated"). In this scene, we see him given the task of protecting the Eye of the World. Going back further, we see an actual seed singing, with Someshta, Ogier, and male Aiel. This is the important part: Seed singing uses the One Power to strengthen the crops. Ogier can't channel. The Aiel can't channel (those who can are taken to be Aes Sedai). Is Someshta the one who is channeling? It does say Someshta takes the threads and weaves them. If the Nym are artificial constructs, how are they able to access the One Power? Well, last week I talked about how Myrddraal might be able to access the True Power, and they are artificial. It's not too far of a stretch to apply the same logic to the Nym. Let's look at a quote from Robert Jordan in regards to constructs and souls: So many things leapt out at me from this statement. 1. "One of the best questions I've ever gotten!" I think Robert Jordan's enthusiasm for the question suggests the importance of it. Why would he get so excited about the concept of Nym souls unless it has some bearing on the future plotlines? Of course, his typical RAFO answer is used for really important things, but perhaps he thought he could disguise something important in this statement? 2. Pure construct vs. animal/human hybrid construct Trollocs, made from animal and human mixtures, are not pure constructs. They are organic, made from living things, but morphed into something else. Nym are pure constructs, completely artificial—they are made from plants, but not sentient beings. If that's correct, why are they attuned to plants and growth? I'd say it's because of the soul inside them; the soul is able to amplify their nature. Since they are constructed from plants, when the soul is added, those plants are given sentient life. 3. A Nym's soul is a human soul Wolves are always reborn as wolves, Trollocs are always Trollocs, but Nym aren't always Nym. That is such a strange concept, which leads me to the conclusion that Nym would be reborn as humans. And the only reason I can think of to explain it is, that since Nym are filled with a soul artificially, the souls come from the Pattern's pile of waiting, human threads. 4. "Borrowed…from the supply of souls" This makes my eyes pop! Only the Dark One seems to have the ability to snatch a soul after it's dead and place it inside a body (a dead body, which is like a construct!). But this quote seems to imply that the Aes Sedai had access to souls that they could store inside the Nym bodies. Anyone could sit around and make constructs all day. Make a body out of clay, make a body out of snow, make a body out of grass and leaves and vines. But something has to be done to the body to make it alive. Someone needs to give it a soul. The Creator wouldn't say, "Oh, here's a construct that looks okay, I'm going to send the next waiting soul into it." That's taking too much action, and the Creator doesn't get involved. Also, why would the Creator fill the Nym, and not a snowman? That means it is the Aes Sedai. There's no other way it could work. And if Aes Sedai in the Age of Legends found a way to access the "souls awaiting rebirth," there's no reason one of the channelers of this time (Nynaeve) couldn't figure out how to do it too! If Rand dies, as we all know he must, it seems plausible that someone will simply grab his soul and place it back inside his body. I speculated in my first post that Nynaeve might learn how to Heal death, but I think it's just as likely she will learn how to grab a soul that's outside the Pattern. That's my prediction for this week. It's not too different from other theories already circulating, but I like to back it up with plausible proof. Post your thoughts, whether you agree or disagree. We won't have too long to wait until we find out. That's all for this edition. Next time, we'll take a close look at some of Min's later viewings. Thanks for reading.
  4. I think in America, the holidays we celebrate don't really have a cultural significance. It's more of a marketing significance. That being said, Halloween is the best autumn holiday! Though it doesn't have a special meaning to me, it's fun to make costumes, interact with neighbors, and enter my pets in costume contests. Since I'm in Arizona, October is usually when it starts to cool down, so that makes it extra nice to get out in the evening. Plus, all the candy is awesome! There's also Thanksgiving, but my husband and I don't typically celebrate it. Rather than see our family, we make it a day to stay home and be together. We make a small turkey for ourselves, and all the other traditional foods, but don't turn it into a "we're so thankful for this" kind of holiday.
  5. Darn! I was really curious about my OP score. :( Though it's my own fault for stopping RPing, I guess. I saw the bio posted on the RP board. *lol* That's so funny!
  6. I think I remember Mandi... from way, way back in the day? Like 2000, 2001~ish? If I remember correctly, you were raised just a little before me, and I was terribly upset because you bonded a Warder I was eying. :P Oh, Claire, do you have my OP score too? All I can remember is that I was strong in Air. :)
  7. *lol* That's hilarious! (Though to be nit-pickie, the bees are in a diamond shape on the actual Illian flag)
  8. *lol* Are we going to come up with funny sayings now? "When ChuckNorrisDucky finishes NaNoWriMo, she really finishes it" (cause it's dead after she'd done with it). Okay, I'm not good at being funny. :(
  9. Neh? I thought Brandon always insisted that he wasn't going to complete anything but the main three books? Either way: *squeals* I can't wait! More WoT after MoL!
  10. What Mark said. Here's the quote: I think the interesting thing here is why the link to the Dark One causes these fiery pits. And also, since the Myrddraal's eyeless face is "not precisely" the same as Ishamael's caverns, what is the difference between Ishamael's link and the Fade's link?
  11. Go for it, Masema! Kwom, if you go to the NaNo board, we'll get some inspiration and motivation threads going soon. I agree that just talking about it could help you get hyped up.
  12. Yay, Sakaea! Congrats on trying your first NaNo! We'll give you the help you need, if you need it, when the time comes.
  13. I would probably buy any and all of those games. I just don't understand why it takes so long to get the games out. I know it's only been a year since Skyward Sword, but it seems like forever! Why haven't they released one for the 3DS yet? Spirit Tracks was in 2009! That's forever ago! I agree with Red that Zelda tactics might not be the best, but I'd still buy it.
  14. For all those interested, come join in the discussions on the NaNo board. We've already got threads going for planning and setting up writing buddies. For the weeks leading up to November, there'll be special writing tips and topics, aimed to help people who lack motivation, need help with their plot or characters, or who just want to talk about their ideas and get feedback. Once NaNo starts, we'll have help, or kicks in the pants, for anyone who needs it! ~Mashiara
  15. The countdown to NaNoWriMo has begun! For those of you who aren't aware of the program, NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. During the month of November, writers set a goal of 50,000 words (that’s 1,667 words a day), in hopes of finishing a novel in 30 days. It's a lofty goal, but in reach, if you plan accordingly and keep yourself motivated and on track. For all those interested, come join in the discussions on the NaNo board. We've already got threads going for novel planning and setting up writing buddies. For the weeks leading up to November, there'll be special writing tips and topics, aimed to help people who lack motivation, need help with their plot or characters, or who just want to talk about their ideas and get feedback. Once NaNo starts, we'll have help, or kicks in the pants, for anyone who needs it! ~Mashiara
  16. Fades don't have eyes, but they still see. I think they can control vermin, the same as Graendal does. The quote about controlling vermin, implies that it requires the True Power. In the time when the Forsaken were still locked up--early in The Eye of the World, for instance--who is channeling the True Power onto the rats, ravens, etc? I would have to be Myrddraal, I think. No one else should have access to it, since it's reserved for the Forsaken only.
  17. I don't think it's farfetched to think that Lan doesn't know the inner workings of Shadowspawn. He can believe the vermin have to report to a Fade all he wants; that doesn't make it true.
  18. Welcome back to "WoT If?". The look at Padan Fain two weeks back got me thinking about the baddies in the Wheel of Time world, and what roles, if any, some will have in the final book. Spoiler warning! This will include content from many books in the series, including Towers of Midnight, and speculation about A Memory of Light. Please read at your own risk. Also, this WILL NOT contain spoilers from A Memory of Light's Prologue, Chapter 1, or Chapter 11. Please refrain from posting any spoilers from A Memory of Light in the comments section. The A Memory of Light spoiler discussion board is found here. Let's start with a quick look at Mashadar, since he's the odd man out—not being Shadowspawn. We talked a bit about Mordeth in the Fain discussion, but I didn't really focus on Mashadar's powers and aspects. Mashadar is a stealer of souls and memories, according to Brandon Sanderson. It is able—like Machin Shin—to steal the very core of the things it eats. It's suggested that this is one of the reasons Rand chose to cleanse saidin at Shadar Logoth; the taint siphoned off the Source was consumed by Mashadar. Or, rather, they consumed each other. But was Mashadar really eradicated? Let's look at this interview: I think this refers to the Mashadar powers that still reside within Fain. We see him using a fog to create zombie Trollocs (Towers of Midnight, Prologue). That's definitely Mashadar, but evolved. I'm not going to go into it all again; look at the Fain post for more details on Fain and Mashadar's possible role in the Last Battle. Or perhaps it's a suggestion that Mashadar will return, even with Shadar Logoth completely gone. One last thing to note on Mashadar is that, when it touched Sammael, it somehow tainted his thread, which is the reason the Dark One didn't transmigrate his soul. That's pretty tainted if even the Dark One won't touch it. (This, again, reinforces the dueling nature of Shadow evil vs. Shadar Logoth evil.) Next is Gray Men; though once human, they are listed as being Shadowspawn. They are the Shadow's assassins, people who have willingly given up their souls to the Dark One. First off, I wonder who would be stupid enough to make that bargain. I can't see any benefit for the person in that arrangement. But, apparently, some go through the process. The interesting thing I found while researching this topic is the connection between Gray Men and someone who is mindtrapped. Robert Jordan said: The only difference I can see between a Gray Man and the cour'souvra is the surrender seems to be voluntary with the Gray Man. Also, I wonder what the ability to channel has to do with it. The cour'souvra only works on channelers (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 25, "Mindtrap"). Is the same true for Gray Men? When Moghedien is first entered into the mindtrap she thinks: That sounds very similar to what a Gray Man does: utterly obedient, but with no will of his own. Is it possible that Gray Men are people who have been put into a mindtrap, then had it broken? If it's so difficult to take someone's soul, wouldn't it make sense if there is only one way to do it? When Aginor made Trollocs and accidentally created Myrddraal, both the One Power and the True Power were used. Robert Jordan said so in an interview: First, this is interesting because of the way the True Power seared out Ishamael's eyes. That's a bit off topic, but I wanted to point it out. Also, notice Robert Jordan's Aes Sedai answer by adding in the "not precisely." While the True Power might not be the entire reason Myrddraal have no eyes, it's probably part of the reason. That raises the question of whether Myrddraal can manipulate the True Power themselves. We learned in Towers of Midnight that the True Power is used to turn rats and ravens into the Dark One's eyes. Graendal thinks: Since the True Power seems necessary to control these vermin, wouldn't that mean someone needs to constantly be using the True Power on them? Wouldn't that mean the first raven seen (The Eye of the World, Chapter 2, "Strangers") could have been controlled by a Myrddraal? It most certainly was spying for the Dark One, and we know there are Myrddraal about. I think it seems logical to assume Myrddraal can manipulate—though probably not channel—the True Power. Isn't it also interesting that it takes thirteen channelers working through thirteen Myrddraal to change a person to the Shadow against their will? Thirteen weaves of the One Power and thirteen weaves of the True Power? An answer by Brandon Sanderson in reference to Shaidar Haran has me wondering about the phrasing of his answer. Again, Aes Sedai answers. Just because Elza had been given knowledge of weaves doesn't mean she used them in this circumstance. I'm thinking it was Shaidar Haran, and his use of the True Power, that broke through Cadsuane's wards. He's able to shield Moghedien from the One Power (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 25, "Mindtrap"); perhaps through his ability to touch the True Power, he can overcome the One Power. On top of that, we know that Shaidar Haran is a sort of "shadowy" version of the Dark One in the world (says Robert Jordan). That means he has some of the Dark One's powers, though not all, according to that interview. It seems likely that Shaidar Haran can at least tap into the Dark One's power, or else what would be the point of having him around? And since he is a Myrddraal, I think it likely others share some of those abilities. I'll save Machin Shin for another time; I think there's a lot to say about it. But next week, we'll look at a quote about Trollocs and see what implications it can have for Rand's "to live, you must die" riddle. Thanks for reading!
  19. I've gone to three NaNo regional events, all of which featured published authors. They were fantastic! One event was a critique group where the author--Donna Hatch--looked at the first ten pages of our novel. Really good feedback there! The other two were seminar type events; one on dialogue and one on character development. I would definitely suggest getting involved with your region! There's so much help out there when you need it!
  20. Hi Claire! I've done NaNo twice (and won!) and tried to do one session of Camp NaNo this past summer (and failed). I think you're off to a good start being so prepared. For the times I've won, I've had detailed outlines of what I'm writing, down to which character's POV the scene is in. This summer, I winged it. Bad idea. :( When I get a minute to sit down and look, I'll go through your synopsis and give you some feedback. I'll probably give it a shot in November... but I'm not expecting to win this year. Too many RL things going on. But I'll try! When you sign up, let me know and I'll add you as a buddy! ~Mashiara
  21. Introducing VERITAS, the White Ajah's monthly newsletter! This month's edition includes an interview with Dwynwen, Dragonmount Administrator and White Sitter, a look at philosophical Taoism, a recap of our monthly discussion, and coverage of all the Ajah's summer events! Come check it out here!
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