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  1. I love that scene! It just leaves you feeling so happy and good inside. And I love the way Shizuku pushes herself. Her relationship with Seiji is so similar to how I feel about my husband. My husband is SO ambitious and I still have no idea what I want to do with my life!
  2. I agree it would have been nice if some of the aspects of the book of Howl's Moving Castle had made their way into the movie. Especially the (spoiler for the book): I re-watched Whisper of the Heart again yesterday because this thread made me miss it. I usually watch it three or four times a year because it inspires me so much! After I watch it, I feel as if I can do anything! Yesterday, it helped me finish my 20 page story I was working on! Now I really want to re-watch The Cat's Return and Arietty!
  3. Yay! I just preordered mine from Dragonmount. That means I will have a hard copy, an audiobook, and an ebook for every one in the series! It's so convenient because I can access WoT from any of my devices at any time I want.
  4. Fire? I'm on it! (Sometimes I forget not everyone likes cute.)
  5. I LOVE Studio Ghibli! I think I've seen almost all of their films. I even buy them straight from Japan as soon as they are released on DVD, because you get it so much quicker than in the States. Here's my ranking from best to worst: Whisper of the Heart (my all-time favorite movie!) Tie for second: Ponyo - Spirited Away - Howl's Moving Castle - Arrietty - Porco Rosso Tie for third: My Neighbor Totoro - Castle in the Sky - The Cat Returns - Tales of Earthsea Fourth: Kiki's Delivery Service Last: Princess Mononoke (I've watched it several times, but I just don't care for it) I've only watched half of Pom Poko and I haven't seen Grave of the Fireflies, Only Yesterday, My Neighbors the Yamadas, or From Up on Poppy Hill.
  6. That was so cute! And I'm not sure what it was the captions were capturing...
  7. Justen! This is convenient! I was just wondering if you happened to be the author of the hilarious fanfic "Wheel of Time, Only Sexier."
  8. And here's Haunter. Let me know if you like them, Millon, and what you would want them to say. (Now that I look, they aren't too terribly original--I'm still new, so I lack the finer details of siggy making)
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  11. No problem, Heart. What do you want me to say on it, though? I will try it! That sounds fun! I'll look for some tough Pokemon who might fit the Warder look.
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  13. Hello all, and welcome back to "WoT If?", Dragonmount's weekly theory blog. This week's topic is the Horn of Valere and the mysteries, and misinformation, behind it. Before we start, though: SPOILER WARNING. This will include content from A Memory of Light. Please DO NOT read this if you have not completed the book. This last book really blew off a lot of preconceived notions about the Horn, even for Brandon Sanderson. In an interview, Brandon says he was surprised that the Horn couldn't be used by a Darkfriend, and added that Harriet had to edit his work to fix it: "She explained that this was one of Jim's ruses, that the characters in [the] book were wrong and repeating bad information, and that Jim had been very clear with her that it was not the case." This is only one example of how the truth an Aes Sedai says isn't what you think it is. There were several others throughout the series. Another issue that shocked me was the severed link between Mat and the Horn. When Birgitte calls him Hornsounder in A Crown of Swords (Chapter 21, "Swovan Night"), I thought the link had to be intact. Birgitte's ripping from Tel'aran'rhiod happened after Mat's balefire "death," so she should have known the link was lost. In A Memory of Light, Hawkwing is aware that the link was broken when Mat was balefired (Chapter 39, "Those Who Fight"), so Birgitte should have known as well. But, for argument's sake, perhaps Birgitte was calling him that out of respect. Hawkwing himself called Mat "Hornblower" (Chapter 43, "Field of Glass"). In the United States, even former presidents are still called Mr. President—it stands to reason that a former Hornsounder could still be called Hornsounder. Another exciting revelation: the Horn summons dead wolves! There's plenty to talk about from this scene in A Memory of Light. First, it seems the wolves only appear after Olver blows the Horn at Shayol Ghul. Why weren't they summoned when the Horn was first sounded? Is the location of the Horn important? Olver first blows it in Merrilor, when he's trapped by Trollocs (Chapter 39, "Those Who Fight"). But the heroes all appear around the battlefield, not Olver—Noal rushes off to Olver right after the Horn is sounded. And even further away, Birgitte appears standing over her dead body. Why did Birgitte appear separate? And if she could, why couldn't the wolves? It isn't until Chapter 46 ("To Awaken"), that the wolves' spirits are called into the battle. And it's only after Olver blows the Horn at Shayol Ghul. Perrin notes that the wolves' spirits are all gathered, and it's only after the Horn calls that they ask Perrin to lead them. Then Perrin thinks, "Why must the heroes all be human?" We know the wolves have some sort of knowledge about the Last Hunt, and they must realize they have some role to play. But Perrin's thought about wolf heroes doesn't seem right, unless every wolf is a hero. The Horn called every wolf that was there, every spirit of a dead wolf—not only a select few that have proved themselves brave enough. Perhaps the Horn just summons all the denizens of Tel'aran'rhiod. If the souls of deer or any other wild beast had been near Shayol Ghul, would they have been summoned for the Last Hunt as well? Or did the wolves only choose to be there because they have a connection to men and knew they could help? And if the wolves are bound to—or at least called by—the Horn, how come they didn't appear in Falme? It seems quite possible that some wolves would have been in the area and got caught up in the pull of the Horn. But there were none. Perrin was there, and could have led them. Does this mean that the wolves could only participate once, in the Last Hunt only? I looked through all the posted interviews at Theoryland to find any recent (Post-A Memory of Light) interviews about the Horn. There aren't too many yet, so maybe that's something we'll have to ask Brandon Sanderson about. Based on the way the Last Battle played out, I'm assuming location does matter. The Horn summoned the heroes—who are naturally bound to the Horn. They would have been called from anywhere they roamed in Tel'aran'rhiod. But the wolves, who are creatures of the World of Dreams, yet not bound to the Horn—as far as we know—had to be in the location for the Horn to call them. This still doesn't explain why they didn't help in Falme, but it does explain why they had to be called separately. One other thing I found, not necessarily about the Horn, but more about Tel'aran'rhiod, is a theory by FarShainMael on the A Memory of Light Spoiler Board. FarShainMael suggests a link between Rand post-Tarmon Gai'don and the Horn's power to summon aspects of Tel'aran'rhiod to the real world. He says: I think this raises an interesting concept. We see that Rand has complete control over his surroundings. He only has to impose his will in order to light his pipe. This is very close to the way things work in Tel'aran'rhiod. Rand is one who is bound to the Horn—after he dies, he will be summoned if the Horn were sounded—so it's possible he could use some benefits from the Horn while alive. Maybe the same would have happened for Birgitte if she hadn't died. Maybe an aspect of this will pass into the young Gaidal Cain. We really have no way to know for certain what the Horn does to the heroes who are already born. But I like FarShainMael's idea. That's all I've got on the Horn. I'm really hoping more interviews with Brandon Sanderson will show up and he'll have a bit more to say on the subject. Next week, I'd like to look at the body-swap theory more closely and examine what exactly happened at the end there. Thanks for reading!
  14. I just love cute things, and nothing is cuter than Pokemon, or in this case, gijinka Pokemon. So I used different Pokemon (in human form) to represent all the Ajahs, and one for the novices too. Clefairy Vanilish Dragonite Cherubi Bulbasaur (my favorite!) Cinccino Vulpix Dragonair Mareep Mew I'm also working on one for each Ajah with a representation of the Eevee evolution chain. :D If anyone wants one of these, please let me know and I'll customize them.
  15. Seeing this sparked a memory. Do any of you old-timers remember, was it Justen Diablos who wrote that hilarious fan-fic called "Wheel of Time, Only Sexier?" It starred Antonio Banderas who accidentally got transported to Randland and mistaken for an Asha'man by one of the Sisters. It was posted on the DM forums SO long ago... probably 2004-5~ish.
  16. Even with that answer, it's still anti-climatic. There was so much build up, and not much in the pay off, in my opinion.
  17. I'm definitely not saying Rand did it on his own; everyone had their part to play. That's the wonderful thing about the Pattern, it got what it needed to survive. Every person was important in their own way and added to a larger whole. Rereading the ending, you see how essential every character was; you see how everyone needed to be situated just so in order to win. It's very like the steps that led up to Rand being born on Dragonmount; it's a chain reaction of events and people all working towards the final goal. The only point I'm arguing is that Mat had to "give up half the light of the world to save the world." That points to something momentous, something earth shattering. And Moiraine didn't do anything of that caliber. She didn't add anything that someone else couldn't have... in my opinion.
  18. Let's look at these, one by one. :D I don't think Rand would have left. Egwene was calling his bluff, and he admitted it; but he never would have walked away. At the same time, if Moiraine hadn't shown up, I don't think Egwene would have been stupid enough to refuse Rand. I know a lot of people don't like her, but she does have some sense. So in this, I don't think Moiraine added too much. For Rand to win (ie: go into Shayol Ghul and defeat the Dark One and Moridin), Mat help was unnecessary. His aid saved a ton of Aiel, and his maneuvering of the battle cause many to live who would have died, but Rand could have completed his tasks without Mat (at least in my opinion). I don't think this really factors into anything, since the whole list vanished when Egwene died and told Rand to "let go" (as I quoted above). Whether or not Moiraine was still on the list, it was Egwene who rid him of the list completely. Perrin was the final mastermind behind the Dragon's Peace, offering a way to include the Aiel. I don't think Moiraine did anything beside mystify a few people with her Aes Sedai riddles (and I mean that in the nicest way possible). The meeting would have concluded the same, I'm sure, without Moiraine's timely appearance. The seals were stolen before Rand gave them to Egwene. He had been carrying around the fake ones for awhile: "Then it happened before," Rand whispered. "I didn't look them over carefully after I fetched them. He knew, somehow, where I'd put them" (A Memory of Light, Chapter 19, "The Choice of a Patch"). This might be the case, but I agree it's unlikely. They are all good arguments, but I'm not seeing how Moiraine's interference has led to the "saving" of the world. I'll go look for Brandon's tweet, to see if that is the case, though.
  19. Mr. Whiteside, I'd love to volunteer to help with anything WoT related! I've sent an email to the above address, so please let me know what I can do to help! I'm so excited to go regardless. There are a ton of authors there I would love to see (especially Brandon Sanderson)!
  20. Welcome back to "WoT If?". As we look deeper into A Memory of Light, there are several foreshadowed events that need further examination. The topic of this week's scrutiny is Moiraine and how "important" she was during the final showdown. SPOILER WARNING. This will include content from A Memory of Light. Please DO NOT read this if you have not completed the book. Moiraine. Everyone was so happy for her return. She was the embodiment of Aes Sedai for most readers, and her influence over Rand was what helped him become the Dragon Reborn in strength. Early on, we had some hints that she was coming back, that she really wasn't dead. Min thinks: This lets us know, pretty early on, that Moiraine might be coming back. We know Min's viewings are never wrong, so even though she doubts, we can read between the lines. But this also brings up the point that Moiraine will do something that will help Rand win. We see more of this when Mat actually rescues the Aes Sedai. This is quite obvious. Moiraine will "save the world." Or is that what's really being said? Moiraine's return would save the world, not necessarily Moiraine herself. Let's look at what Moiraine does which might constitute as saving the world. 1. Make Rand remember laughing and crying (The Gathering Storm, Chapter 50, "Veins of Gold"). I thought for sure that Moiraine's return would be what caused Rand to come back from the edge of madness and destruction. Since Cadsuane did it, Moiraine's sudden appearance didn't add anything to Rand's state of mind. He was surprised to see her, but it did nothing for his well-being. 2. Tells Egwene she must break the seals (Chapter 6, "A Knack"). This was an important part of the Last Battle. If the seals weren't broken, Rand couldn't re-seal the Dark One. However, it wasn't Egwene who broke them. Logain did. And he would have done so even without Moiraine's insistence. As far as we know, the Asha'man knew of Rand's plan to have the seals broken. Moiraine's words wouldn't have swayed Logain in the least. 3. Help Rand by linking with him, Nynaeve, and Callandor (Chapter 23, "At the Edge of Time"). This was supposed to be one of the key moments during the Last Battle. Rand thought long and hard about who could be trusted enough to link with him at this fight. Moiraine's aid might have been considered saving the world, except that she didn't do anything of any real use. Aviendha—Rand's original pick—could have easily substituted in with no outward change in the event. And if Moiraine was given the prophecy of saving the world, Nynaeve would need a similar prophecy because she helped just as much—if not more—than Moiraine. Since Moiraine didn't really add much to Tarmon Gai'don, let's see who was a better fit for "savior of the world." Perrin: He killed Lanfear, who had him under compulsion, and kept her from killing Nynaeve, Moiraine, and Rand right before the deed was done (Chapter 48, "Light and Shadow"). Moridin: He used Callandor and unwillingly gave Rand the True Power to use as a buffer (Chapter 47, "Watching the Flow Writhe"). Nynaeve: She gave Alanna andilay, which kept her lucid enough to release Rand's bond. The same argument could be made for Alanna, too, that she saved the world by releasing Rand's bond (Chapter 46, "To Awaken"). Egwene: She forced Rand to let go of all the guilt and all the names on his list of dead women (Chapter 38, "The Place That Was Not"). Tam: He reminded Rand that he could use one-handed sword techniques, which kept him alive as he dueled Moridin (Chapter 15, "Your Neck in a Cord"). And finally, the only way it could be Moiraine who saved the world: Thom. Since Moiraine was rescued and bonded/married Thom, he was there to protect the entrance to Shayol Ghul: "Someone will need to guard the entry into the cave, my wife" (Chapter 23, "At the Edge of Time"). If Moiraine had not survived, Thom would not have been present to dispatch all the Darkfriends who tried to enter under different disguises. If Aviendha had been the other woman, there wouldn't have been a Warder to guard their backs. So, with that logic, Moiraine might have been the savior, but only because she fell in love with Thom Merrilin. That's all I've got to say on this particular issue. Let me know what you think. For next week, I'd like to look at the Horn of Valere and who else—besides the Heroes—might be bound to it. Thanks for reading.
  21. You may be right, Mark. Perhaps the others are called Talents as well. I thought they were called something different, or at least referred to as a talent with a lowercase t. Either way, Foretelling is only shown as being manifested in channelers, so I think it's safe to assume that it's specific to channelers. We have no evidence to even suggest otherwise.
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