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  1. I've got it, EP! I wish I had brought my DS to Atlanta!
  2. *angry growl* Stupid photobucket. I'll fix them this afternoon. Or, you can see them here: http://m1357.photobucket.com/albums/MashiaraSedai/Ajah%20siggies/
  3. I can make it say whatever you want! Vulpix doesn't belong to the Browns! :P
  4. After meeting Tina at JordanCon, I promised to come join. I love the relaxed atmosphere in the BT, and so many of the games look fun. Please sign me up!
  5. I fly out at 9pm tonight, but have a layover in Denver, then fly to Charlotte, have another lay over, then onto Atlanta. A total of 12 hours! I'll be in Atlanta at 9:30am Friday morning. Should give me plenty of time to get to my hotel (the La Quinta, since the Doubletree was already full). I can't wait to meet you, EP! Make sure you find me and say hi! It's my first con too, Kronos. Are you going to do the WoT speed friending? It sounds like a bunch of fun!
  6. Wow, that's incredible, Fnorrll! What a great quote! I also love the paradox in the statement. :P
  7. Welcome back to "WoT If?", Dragonmount's weekly theory blog. Once again, I set out with the intention of examining the body-swap at the end of A Memory of Light. Again, I got distracted by other things. Sorry to get your hopes up, but I'm pushing body-swap back for the next edition. Rather, I want to look at something else that deals with Moridin and his ties to the Shadow. Before we start, though: SPOILER WARNING. This will include content from A Memory of Light. Please DO NOT read this if you have not completed the book. In Chapter 2, "A Dangerous Place," Pevara and Androl are preparing to con the Asha'man Dobser to get information on Logain's whereabouts. As they are doing so, Pevara says, "The accounts seem to agree. The more dedicated a person was to the Light before being taken, the more dedicated they'll be to the Shadow after falling." Several questions popped into my head when I read this the first time. 1) How would they be able to gauge this? Is there some way to give a person's dedication to the Light a value? 2) What accounts are there of this transition? Would they have to follow around Black Sisters and witness their evil deeds to see how far they'd gone to the dark side? 3) If they have this information, and know the Forsaken are loose (thirteen channelers), why wasn't there some Tower alert system warning of the possible danger? Especially since three separate parties went to the Black Tower where there were channelers galore. So, let's look at each of these questions and see what we can learn. First off, how to gauge this. It seems to me like most people in Randland are indifferent to the Creator. They claim to "walk in the Light," which means they try their hardest not to do bad things. But the definition of "bad" isn't very well defined in Randland terms. In the Two Rivers, they have a pretty strict upbringing where everything from boys who "did not keep out of their elders’ way," to polygamist relationships that would cause "the Women’s Circle [to swallow] their tongues" are considered "bad" (Path of Daggers, Chapter 22, "Gathering Clouds" and Winter's Heart, Chapter 12, "A Lily in Winter", respectively). But do these constitute as the Shadow? Most would agree they don't. Then how would one gauge a person's devotion to the Light or to the Shadow? There aren't any concrete definitions of what is of the Light and what of the Shadow. We see several instances where characters do what they feel is right, despite the cost to them or others. Galad does this regularly, as do Mat, Perrin, and Rand. They feel they do the Light's work by sacrificing themselves for a greater good. By Wheel of Time standards, I think they all are dedicated to the Light. On the flip side, we see the Forsaken act out of greed and malice, hurting anyone and everyone they can get their hands on. Naturally, they would be devoted to the Shadow. But if this trick of thirteen channelers and thirteen Myrddraal is so well known there are records of it in the White Tower, maybe it was common in the Age of Legends as well. I'm getting ahead of myself, though. On to point number two. The records themselves baffle me. As I said earlier, how would the Light side know all that the Shadow does in order to track how dedicated a person would be to the Shadow? And since the definition of Light and Shadow vary by town, how could the White Tower specify which acts are which? Was Toveine's part in the "vileness" after the Aiel War an act of the Light or the Shadow? What we see of her as a Turned Aes Sedai seems pretty bad, so she must have been dedicated to the Light. Yet her actions of gentling men before reaching the Tower were condemned and got her exiled, despite her belief that they had "been necessary and right" (Path of Daggers, Chapter 26, "The Extra Bit"). Because of this, there seems to be no way to accurately judge a person's intent. These records probably couldn't prove anything one way or the other. For number three, why wasn't the Tower put on high alert when they realized the Forsaken were free? And doubly so when they found out Rand had started a school for male channelers. Since most Aes Sedai foolishly doubt the existence of the Black Ajah, when other channelers come into the world, they should have had the sense to be afraid, yet they weren't. Toveine leads fifty Aes Sedai to the Black Tower, knowing that thirteen of them could turn someone to the Shadow. I can't believe there wasn't more caution in this endeavor. Of course, there is the argument that this information is in the Thirteenth Depository, only known to Sitters, Heads of the Ajahs, the Keeper, and the Amyrlin. But Pevara is a Sitter and apparently has access to the "accounts." On top of that, they were ordered to bond Asha'man by Tsutama, the Head of the Red Ajah, who would also know of these records. And Toveine was also a Sitter before her exile, so she would know this information too. And Reds would be the first to think that male channelers were Shadowspawn—or at least Shadow sworn. Yet no precaution was taken in either case. All of this speculation leads me to two conclusions: Taim was not Turned; Moridin/Ishamael might have been. Before, I always maintained that Taim had been turned by the 13x13 combo. It seemed most likely because of Bashere's inability to recognize him right away in Lord of Chaos (Chapter 2, "A New Arrival"). However, Brandon Sanderson was asked this very question: If Taim was not very nice before, that means he lacked a dedication to the Light, which means his dedication to the Shadow would have been just as weak, if Turned. We see by his elevation to one of the Chosen that Taim's dedication to the Shadow is strong. From this logic, I don't think Taim was Turned. I'm going to change my official stance on that. But what about the other Forsaken? We see time and time again that they are evil to their bones...except Moridin. The other Forsaken have their own reasons for going to the Shadow, and they seem to do it willingly. Yet we never get a convincing reason with Moridin, other than the fact that he wants the whole world to die. In the comments for other blogs, we talked about Moridin having an epiphany similar to Rand's in "Veins of Gold" (The Gathering Storm, Chapter 50). But, since Moridin didn't have the love Rand did, he was unable to find that last sliver of hope to keep fighting. But I'll offer another reason. What if Ishamael—or Elan Morin—was just as dedicated to the Light as Lews Therin, but was caught by servants of the Shadow and Turned? I think this would explain better how Elan Morin could have flipped sides so easily and quickly. He was so dedicated to the Light that he became just as dedicated to the Shadow. That could be the reason he was trusted above all the others, because his own ambitions were eradicated by the Shadow's will. That will be all for today's edition. I'm going to have a break next week (for school work) and the week after (for JordanCon). But we'll return on the 30th, and hopefully, I'll have time to talk with Brandon Sanderson and ask a few questions. If anyone is going to JordanCon, make sure to say hi to me. And, as always, thanks for reading!
  8. Are you saying that the Last Battle and Tarmon Gai'don aren't interchangeable words? That they are two separate events? Because, that's an interesting idea! I've never considered it before; I think that Tarmon Gai'don, in the Old Tongue, means the Last Battle. The Old Tongue dictionary says: So, if it's not a literal translation, it could be two separate events. If so, which one was which?
  9. Okay, here's the full pic. It's all I have--she sent it to me via an email. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2ygh7pOsO8NNjRUbERDQ0RRUGs/edit?usp=sharing I know the woman who took this very well. She did not tamper with it at all (and lacks the knowledge to do so). It was taken during a party at her house where they were celebrating the death of her partner's father. She took this in the backyard--not through a window or any reflective surface. It was digital, so no negative to get a double exposure. The only people at the party were her (55 years old), her partner (45 years old), an aunt (about 60), and their son (12). The face seems like a young girl and there were no girls there. I'm really thinking it was just the lens left open (which I can do on my camera--the technique used to get pictures of star lines), but I need the technical jargon to explain why it happened. If you hold down the button to take the pic, but don't press down all the way, it opens the lens and lets light pass through. It's easy to do, and it leave the sort of line from the lights you see. But, again, I need to cite a professional so it sounds better in my paper. :P Example of star lines:
  10. Sorry, I should have given more info. My friend took this pic with a digital camera and was shocked when they looked on the computer, and saw the screaming face. She is convinced it is a ghost. So, for my folklore class, I'm interviewing her about the experience, but also investigating what the photo could actually be. The lights are streaked, which I think should have a technical expaination (ie: the lens was moved right as the photo was taken, etc.), but since I have no experience, I'm looking for a pro or semi-pro to give me a better answer. I'm out right now, but when I get home, I'll link a bigger photo. I'd really appreciate you passing this along to your friends, Fnorrll!
  11. I'm looking for someone to give me a brief overview about what technical problems might be causing the image/light blur in the photo below. It's for a report for school. One of the photography professors agreed to give his expert opinion, but I've been waiting three weeks and nothing. The reports due on the 24th so I have to find someone who has some academic/extracurricular experience with the technical aspects of photography. If you can help me, and don't mind being cited in my paper, please post below or PM me. THANKS!
  12. For anyone who watched the show (the first season), do you remember the episode called "Island of the Giant Pokemon"? It was the only time--in the episodes that I saw--where you knew what the Pokemon were actually saying. It was subtitled at the bottom of the screen. That was my FAVORITE episode! Here's a clip. :)
  13. I hope this doesn't look too girly, Tigara. I picked Castform's sunny form because the Yellow Ajah is so bright and cheerful! Mish, I had a hard time finding cute Magikarp pics. So I made two. You can pick which one you like best. AH, even more slim pickings with Kangaskhan. Hope this will do.
  14. I agree! The new ones are not very cute. Give me good ol' Bulbasaur any day. :)
  15. *lol* I didn't know that about Cubone. That's weird, because he is so cute! I'll try to get to all these requests tomorrow: Magicarp, Castform, and Kangaskhan. :D
  16. I said last week that we were going to look at the body-swap occurrence, but I got sidetracked in my research. For this edition of "WoT If?", I want to look at something that's very easy to miss. Something Pevara said in A Memory of Light. But before we start: SPOILER WARNING. This will include content from A Memory of Light. Please DO NOT read this if you have not completed the book. We all know Pevara is not Black Ajah. She would have been outed by Androl—who can read her mind—or by Taim and his lackies—who attempted to turn her towards the Shadow. Both of these, I think, are ample proof she is not of the Black. But there is one line in A Memory of Light where Pevara appears to lie. Let's take a look at the passage: There are only a few paragraphs of text separating Emarin's request and Pevara's refusal; this happens very quickly. In the first exchange, Emarin clearly states that he wants the prisoner to hear, and Pevara agrees. She knows she has released the weaves a bit; she knows he can hear. How can she—by the Three Oaths—answer "No" to Emarin's question? The first time I read this, I went into a near panic. It has the sound of a lie to me, and I thought Pevara might really be Black Ajah. However, there are other likely reasons why/how she was able to answer the way she did. One explanation might be Aes Sedai trickery. The phrase—the way Emarin words it—uses a negative question: cannot. Pevara's answer is also a negative: no. These two negatives, by the laws of the English language, cancel each other out, winding up with a positive: he can hear. However, that's not the way most people speak. If asked the same question, many would reply with, "No, he cannot hear," answering Emarin's intended question (if their captor was capable of listening) rather than the actual phrase of the question. Wow, that got way too technical. Regardless, it could be a trick of the language Pevara was using to make their captive think she answered differently than she did. It would be an example of the saying, "The truth an Aes Sedai says isn't the truth you think it is." But there may be another explanation as well. We know Pevara and Seaine took turns releasing themselves from the Oath Rod (shown in The Path of Daggers, Chapter 26, "The Extra Bit"). Every account we see of them releasing themselves, we also see them reswearing. Notice those few key words: every account we see. How many times did they take the Oath Rod? How many times did they have the opportunity to release themselves? What if Pevara was tempted to not reswear? Egwene, when she reclaimed the Tower, made every sister go through the reswearing process and prove they were not Black Ajah (The Gathering Storm, Epilogue, "Bathed in Light"). However, Pevara and her group heading to the Black Tower left in Knife of Dreams (Epilogue, "Remember the Old Saying"). So, Pevara missed this forced reswearing. For all we know, she may have removed the Oaths at some point and kept them off. This might seem unlikely, but she was planning on going to the Black Tower to bond Asha'man. Perhaps she felt she needed more protection than what the Oaths offered. The Asha'man could tear an Aes Sedai apart, and the Aes Sedai wouldn't be able to do anything until the Asha'man struck first. They would be in a ton of danger if they still kept to the Oaths. Plus, people say that if you do something once, it's easier to do the next time. We have three instances in the books where Pevara and Seaine release themselves and reswear. With that way of looking at the situation, what harm could come from a fourth time, or a fifth? Especially if you may need to use the One Power as a weapon against people who aren't Darkfriends. Again, it's unlikely. Pevara probably used a language trick. We know Aes Sedai aren't forbidden to lead people astray. But still, I think it's curious. The phrase just jumps out at me and I can't help but doubt her. And I'm extra surprised none of the Asha'man called her on it. I think she lied. But I want to know what everyone else thinks. Is it possible that Pevara actually lied or not? I'll keep it short and sweet this week since some of that consisted of heavy reading. I promise, next week we'll look at the body-swap occurrence and the significance it played. Thanks for reading!
  17. Okay, Panchi, how is Froslass? She's got some tainted clouds above, but some pretty white/light ones below.
  18. Not a problem! I'm on it... So a tainted light pokemon? I'll see what I can come up with.
  19. The newest edition of VERITAS is up at the White Ajah! This double issue features an interview with Kukaso, a look at logic puzzles, recaps of both monthly discussions, and coverage of all the Ajah events! Come check it out!
  20. Name the Aes Sedai This Aes Sedai first appears in book two, For Ajah choice, she is of the Blue, If you make her mad, her temper will spike, She'll come after you like a silver pike. PM me with your answer. Any guess is worth 1 point. A correct guess is worth 2! This concludes DAES DAE'MAR. Join us next month for another edition!
  21. Featured Threads February Warders: Davrick posted a pick of Mother without her morning Kaf… which was scary. Blue: Red started a .gif war, filled with hilarious pics. Brown: Blank wanted to hear about everyone's book signing experiences, which she uses as an excuse to brag about meeting Brandon Sanderson. Gray: Cosmicpanda went to the Gray Ajah to insult Christine's biscuit making abilities. Green: Rasheta wondered if Ajahs transfer over from DM to RL, or do they change. Red: Tamerya and Torrie wanted to pretty up Millon, and Tyler got sucked in by accident. White: With WoT finished, Rhea wanted to know what everyone will read next. Yellow: Nynaeve started a post about her Facebook funnies. They were so hilarious, and one was a bit scary. March Warders: Aiel Heart tried to trick everyone with ballroom dancing lessons, which turned out to be a free boat, but lead to real ballroom dancing lessons. Blue: Leala had a close call and almost became a werepossum. Brown: Kathleen wandered in to ask the Browns about how they organize their books. Gray: For the monthly discussion, Christine wanted to know everyone's favorite tea. Green: Brandie's posted pictures of her adorable baby chicks, and lets a few people pick their names. Red: Ahmoondah opened a Red Ajah spa, with the hunkiest man as a masseur: Alan Rickman! (And there were some others.) White: Rhea's monthly Healthy Living Digest featured different ways to keep your motivation. Yellow: Anyone hopping on the all-natural trend? I'm trying it, and asked the Yellows for help.
  22. WoT IRL Everyone love LOLCats, especially WoT style. We even have an older thread going on the main WT board. But here are a few others ones that are adorably cute.
  23. Cover art by *fee-absinthe Daes Dae'mar: February/March 2013 Welcome to DAES DAE'MAR, the White Tower and Warder Social Group's monthly newsletter! This month's features are: WoT IRL Featured Threads Name the Aes Sedai
  24. I'm not sure if they are actually summoned to the banner; it seems like it's only necessary for it to be there for them to fight. If they were summoned to the banner, why did Birgitte appear over her own dead body?
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