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  1. This #WoTWednesday had some major announcements.  First, the @WoTonPrime book club concluded its read of The Eye of the World.  This introduced so many new readers to this wonderful series we know and love.  Our fandom is growing!  The book club doesn’t currently have plans to start The Great Hunt, but we hope they will continue with this as the Amazon Prime show gets closer to completion.


    To celebrate reaching the end of The Eye of the World, @WoTonPrime rewarded us with this snippet of a video, starting on the excerpt from The Eye of the World where it introduces the Winespring Inn, then we get our first real look at the epicenter of Emond’s Field.



    Rafe Judkins also joined the celebration on Twitter and agreed to answer the first three questions about the Winspring Inn.


    rafe 1.png

    “To celebrate @WOTonPrime‘s first glimpse of the Winespring, I’ll answer the first three questions I get about it on here.  Go :)”


    The first question focused on the smell:

    rafe 2.png

    Q: “Does it smell like honey cakes and fresh bread?”

    A: “It mostly smells like ginger tea, which anyone who’s spent time on the WoT set would tell you ha. But there were honeycakes that the wasps and hornets couldn’t get enough of. So we had to spray them with a wasp repellent, but they didn’t tell me and I ate one.”


    Hopefully eating wasp repellent isn’t harmful to humans….


    The second question makes all of us long to be on the set.

    rafe 4.png

    Q: “What were your thoughts walking through it the first time”

    A: “Absolutely one of the most emotional moments on the show for me so far.  Just standing in the center of Emond’s Field felt totally surreal, looking up at the red roof of the Inn, the trouble they’d gone to give each house and villager a profession and a life there. It was amazing”


    I cannot want to see more of Emond’s Field!  These answers from Rafe makes it much more real and closer than ever to being a finished product.


    The last one may spark some interesting speculation.

    rafe 3.png
    Q: “Do we see the bel tine celebration?”

    A: “This one might be a spoiler, especially for Winternight enthusiasts, but yes.”


    Wow!  We all know that Bel Tine was ruined by the Trolloc attack.  If the attack doesn’t happen on Winternight, when will it happen?  During the Bel Tine celebration?  If so, do we get to see Tam’s fever dream?  Will we not be aware Rand is adopted right from the start?  Will we still see Narg—the most intelligent Trolloc—trying to reason with Rand about going to the Myrddraal? 


    So many things to think about just on one sentence!  It was a great #WoTWednesday.


    Let us know when you think the Trolloc attack will come in the comments below!

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  2. This past weekend, Dragon Con celebrated all the things we love in fandom.  The convention went online rather than in person, and that gave many people who can’t make the trek to Atlanta, Georgia the opportunity to see what this fantastic con has to offer.


    There were quite a few Wheel of Time themed panels throughout the event—not surprising with all the recent updates with the Amazon Prime television show.


    Jason Denzel, Jennifer Liang, and Thom DeSimone had a speculation hour in the “DragonCon High Fantasy Track Presents Wheel of Time TV Show Speculation.”  The topics ranged from how many of the novels will be included in the first season, to how well established the Wheel of Time fandom is to judge the show’s worth, to the maturity rating the show will receive.  You can check out all the speculations here!




    Did you know The Eye of the World celebrated its 30th anniversary?  (You should, because we talked about it here, and here, and here…)  And, what every Wheel of Time anniversary celebration needs is an appearance by Brandon Sanderson!  And for an added bonus, Dr. Michael Livingston joined in too!  The panel “DragonCon High Fantasy Presents Wheel of Time 30th Anniversary” delved into what makes this series timeless and so beloved by fans.


    You can join in all the festivities, even after the fact, by watching the video below.



    It’s been a sad year for convention goers, but I’m so happy that every effort is being made to keep some of these events going.  We’re making the most of a bad situation, and this little taste of home, friends, and family can go a long way to making us feel not so isolated right now.

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  3. Amazon Prime's Wheel of Time television show had some major announcements for #WoTWednesday today!


    Kae Alexander as Min Farshaw

    Sophie Okonedo as Siuan Sanche




    Kae Alexander is a BAFTA elevate actress. Kae recently filmed action feature INFINITE for Paramount Pictures and the MALEFICENT sequel for Walt Disney Pictures. Other recent credits include Fox thriller DEEP STATE, THE GREAT WAVE directed by Indhu Rubasingham for the National Theatre, ITV/Amazon thriller STRANGERS for Two Brothers Pictures, 4 part series COLLATERAL written by David Hare and directed by SJ Clarkson for BBC / Netflix, BBC crime thriller HARD SUN, Reb in Steven Spielberg's READY PLAYER ONE and Elaine in Phoebe Waller-Bridge's comedy FLEABAG.



    Sophie Okonedo's credentials are too long to list here, so we'll name a few.  Sophie began her film career in 1991 in the British coming-of-age drama YOUNG SOUL REBEL before appearing as Wachati Princess in ACE VENTURA: WHEN NATURE CALLS (1995) and Stephen Frears' DIRTY PRETTY THINGS (2002). She received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Tatiana Rusesabagina in the 2004 film HOTEL RWANDA. Sophie also received a Golden Globe nomination for the miniseries TSUNAMI: THE AFTERMATH (2006) and BAFTA TV Award nominations for the drama series CRIMINAL JUSTICE (2009).


    We are so excited to have these actresses join the Wheel of Time family!  


    Today, three other cast members were officially announced.  We already knew they were involved, but it's nice to have it official.


    Kate Fleetwood as Liandrin Guirale
    Peter Franzen as Stepin
    Clare Perkins as Kerene Nagashi



    Kate Fleetwood is a Tony and Olivier nominated actress with a storied career on stage. Her extensive screen credits include leading roles in Harlots (Hulu/ BBC), Brave New World (Peacock), Fate: The Winx Saga (Netflix), Victoria (ITV / PBC Masterpiece) and Macbeth (PBS). Kate’s film work includes Les Miserables, Beiruit, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens.



    Peter Franzén is one of Finland’s most accomplished actors and has enjoyed a successful career both nationally and internationally. Franzén’s career has spanned 20 years and includes over 90 movies and series in several countries- in English, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Estonian speaking productions. He has been awarded three Jussi Awards (Finland’s  Academy awards) and a total of seven nominations.  He has also received awards from international film festivals.



    London born and raised and graduate of Rose Bruford College, CLARE PERKINS' is a British actress with almost 30 years in the business. Having performed at some of the most prestigious London theatres such as the Almeida Theatre, Donmar Warehouse, Hampstead Theatre, Royal Court  Theatre and the Gielgud Theatre, Clare has more recently been making a name for herself on screen, soon to be seen in Netflix crime drama, YOUNG WALLANDER. She will also star in series 4 of popular Netflix series, THE CROWN and the second series of comedy drama FLACK with Anna Paquin.



    Things are starting to come together.  Perhaps a ta'veren is involved.


    We don't see Siuan in the series until the start of The Great Hunt.  Is the fact Sophie Okonedo's been cast now a sign Siuan will pop up earlier than expected?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.









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  4. I discovered the reverse word search at the end of the school year when I was looking into leading a summer school course based on logic games and puzzles for my elementary students.  They are amazingly fun and addictive!

    The point is to get a mostly blank word search with the terms written on the side of the puzzle.  You need to get all the words into the blank spaces in the puzzle!  Sounds hard, but math is your friend.  Those long words can only fit a few places.


    So here's the puzzle in jpeg format, but I've also included the link to try it online if you prefer.  Take a screenshot of your finished puzzle to win!





  5. This is a topic I find hilarious--though many might think it annoying.  I am the biggest fan of terms of endearment.  I call my husband, my dogs, my sister, and many of my friends by silly, affectionate words.  


    Sometimes it's just a nickname based on their real name.  Like my husband's name is Jeremy and I'll call him Jem.  Or my doggos are Friday and Mr. Smith, which turns into Friday Fritters and Smitter Mitter.  *collect groan from the readers*


    Yes, I'm afraid to admit my terms of endearment get even worse than the above examples.  Jeremy may also be called "hunny bunny pop" sometimes.


    So, let's hear the worst you have.  Share the terms of endearment you use on your friends and family members!

  6. The latest casting announcement for the Amazon Prime Wheel of Time television show has been announced.

    Darryl McCormack as Aram

    Maria Doyle Kennedy as Ila

    Narinder Samra as Raen








    These new announcements shouldn't come as any real shocker.  Darryl McCormack and Maria Doyle Kennedy were introduced as characters ages ago.  Many speculated that Darryl McCormack could be Aram, but most thought Maria Doyle Kennedy was sure to play an Aes Sedai.  It's nice to finally have confirmation for these two characters, and the addition of Narinder Samra as Raen.  


    I personally love the idea of the Tuatha'an within the series.  Their way of life is simplistic and idealistic.  But like Perrin, I agree it's not really applicable in society.  Still, I cannot wait to see the Tinkers on the screen.  Perhaps the show will even give more closure for their society than what we received in the novels.  Maybe they'll find their song.


    You can check out the latest edition of The Wheel of Time Community Show where Thom gives you all the details you'll need about our beloved Tinkers.



    Did anyone anticipate Maria Doyle Kennedy as Ira?  Let us know in the comments!








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  7. The latest casting announcement for the Amazon Prime Wheel of Time television show has been announced.

    Darren Clarke as Basel Gill




    Basel Gill plays an important role in reuniting our beloved Two Rivers characters, and this announcement could mean we're getting closer to the in-book scenes in Caemlyn.  Will Elyane be revealed next?  Or maybe Morgase?  Gareth Bryne?  Maybe Elaida?


    Or is this an indication that Master Gill's character is changing or evolving from his role in the books?  The Twitter feed for @WOTonPrime seems to be aligning their announcements with what's happening in the books--based on the #TwitterofTime book club reading of The Eye of the World.  If we get this information when Basel isn't even mentioned (they read chapters 19-22 this week), it could be foreshadowing about changes to the storyline.


    What do you think?  Is the Two Rivers group heading to Caemlyn?  Or will Basel Gill appear elsewhere?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!  








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  8. This year, The Eye of the World celebrated its 30th anniversary.  To commemorate this special occasion Tor Books is releasing a new hardcover and paperback versions of The Eye of the World as well as a new paperback cover for New Spring.




    The 30th anniversary The Eye of the World hardcover will be published October 6th, 2020.  This amazing cover has metallic binding.  It will include a new introduction written by Brandon Sanderson.  The Eye of the World’s official birthday was January 15th, 1990, and the Wheel of Time Community Show did celebrate this milestone earlier this year.


    eotw-trade2 (1).jpg


    The new paperback version is the first time The Eye of the World will be released in the trade paperback size.  The artwork will feature the original image of Moiraine, Lan, and Rand drawn by Darrell K. Sweet, but in a format similar to the other trade paperbacks in the series. The publication date for this version will be August 4th, 2020.


    New Spring (1).jpg


    Another first, New Spring, the prequel to the series, will also be released in trade paperback.  The cover will feature artwork by Jason Chan, showing the moment Moiraine bonds Lan as her warder.  The publication date will be August 18th, 2020.

    Fans have wanted these two books in trade paperback for some time.  With these additions, our bookshelves will be complete!


    You can watch Ebony go over the details in the latest episode of the Wheel of Time Community Show!



    So, are you as anxious as I am to get the metallic cover?  Let us know in the comments.


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  9. Welcome back to Community Round-Up, a look at all the happenings within the Wheel of Time fandom and the larger sci-fi/fantasy community.



    First off TorCon is happening online this week!  Tor Books teamed up with Den of Geeks to bring a virtual convention with amazing panels.  TorCon kicks off Thursday June 11th with Brandon Sanderson talking about his latest projects!  This is a prerecorded event and only available this weekend.  You can register for this event here, or see what else TorCon has to offer!



    Sticking with the Brandon Sanderson theme, you can now take an official quiz to find out which order of Knights Radiant you would be.  The Knights Radiant are a group of fighters in the Stormlight Archive series.  Each order focuses on different missions, skills and bindings, and they also bond different spren.  I tied for Truthwatcher and Windrunner, which sums up my personality perfectly.



    The Dusty Wheel interviewed Joshua Stolarz, a cartographer, and Joshua shared an amazing drawing of the Two Rivers.  You can download Joshua’s map here.


    I cannot get enough of these sword dances.  When thinking about the Amazon Prime show and how some of the sword forms will be shown, I imagine over-the-top stylized fights.  Here is a video posted by Stance on Facebook, from Taipei, Taiwan.



    As always, let’s end with some of the best memes I can find on the internet.



    While I love Nynaeve's character and her growth throughout the series (and getting over ingrained prejudices), I'm sure the draw One Power was also a factor in her change of view.



    The evolution of the Aiel (as seen through the flashbacks from the ter'angreal in Rhuidean) is one of my favorite in the series.  It's amazing how just a small step each generation can change a whole belief system.



    While this might seem true on the surface, the Two Rivers folk do have the necessary courage to fight for the Light when it matters!


    That's all for this edition.  Which Order of the Knights Radiant were you?  Let us know in the comments!

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  10. Mashi, Head of the White Ajah.


    I'm so sad by everything and I'm crying all the time.  The world's current struggles are so overwhelming and my own emotional state is so unstable. 


    I escape to Animal Crossing, but I'm not sure that's a healthy response to this....

  11. Yay, I'm so glad the Blues are having a Pride celebration!  I will definitely join in!


    One of my favorite series is the Whyborne and Griffin series written by Jordan L Hawk (a trans man).  Hawk's series is about a gay scholar who falls in love with a bisexual detective and they solve crimes in Widdershins--a very creepy city.  The whole series is 11 books long (as well as a few novellas and spin offs, one following Whyborne's sister who falls in love with his secretary).  They're fantastically written and I love the mix of magic and romance!



  12. Gil Glabbers has lived on the coast of Guernsey, in the English Channel, for more than a decade. In that time he's found a number of difference "messages in a bottle" washed up on his beach. Using only the clues below, match each bottle to its author, place of origin and the year in which it was written, and determine the year in which Gil discovered each one.






    PM me with your answers!

  13. The perks of being a teacher means two months off over the summer!  LOL  Actually I'm going to teach summer school for two weeks this month, so I'm not entirely "on vacation."


    Sometimes it is nice when things are quiet, and sometimes it's nice when there's noise.  Balance is the key. Hahaha

  14. Pride is a time for LGBTQ+ people and allies to celebrate.  June 28th marks the anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising in New York.  

    The Library of Congress states

    June 28, 1969 marks the beginning of the Stonewall Uprising, a series of events between police and LGBTQ+ protesters which stretched over six days. It was not the first time police raided a gay bar, and it was not the first time LGBTQ+ people fought back, but the events that would unfold over the next six days would fundamentally change the nature of LGBTQ+ activism in the United States.


    With our country in such turmoil, all Pride events have been canceled or moved to an online format.  GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Deformation) has a master list of online events here


    Visibility of LGBTQ+ people is the focus of Pride.  There is a great diversity in our world, and people have a right to be different without being afraid.  Let's celebrate our differences and not let hate stand in our way!


    Personally, I am bisexual.  Though it seems that since I'm in a heterosexual relationship and married that people will assume I'm straight.  This is not always the case.  We shouldn't ever assume anything about a person's sexuality or identity.


    I am also a published author with several LGBTQ+ novels.  I love the idea that love wins, and when I write stories featuring LGBTQ+ characters, I always want a happy ending.


    So come celebrate Pride with me!  Anyone is able to join in this discussion.  But this is a time to stress if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

  15. 1 minute ago, Liitha said:

    This means GB is coming back again?

    I think @Gentled Ben is around, but like most of us Whites, we kinda just lurk!  LOL.


    I'm currently on summer break, so I have a lot more free time right now.  Yay!  So, I'll try to keep on top of things here in the White Ajah's quarters.  ❤️

  16. My husband is currently reading Dianetics by L Ron Hubbard and I'm kinda tempted to read it after he's done.  


    This is a kinda funny story... while visiting LA for the TCM Film Festival last year, the Scientology temple is right next to one of the theaters.  We stopped in to check it out and they showed us a movie about how L Ron Hubbard wrote Dianetics.  While I do not agree with Scientology philosophy--I identify as an atheist--the book Dianetics did sound interesting.  I'm intrigued by mental health, since I have my own mental health issues and have been seeing a therapist for the past two years, and I'd love to look at different ways on how the brain processes information, feelings, memories, etc.


    So, since non-fiction is difficult for me to read, we'll see if I can actually get to it.

  17. Just a quick update!  My healing is going pretty well, still.  My left breast is almost completely sealed up--there's maybe a half inch opening.  The right breast has a slightly larger opening.  It's probably about two inches still.  The wounds aren't gaping.  It's more like when you have a cut on your finger and there's a bit of discharge still.  I don't know all the technical names for what it is, but it's still leaky.  I wanted to go swimming since it's so hot out now, but I can't yet because the wounds aren't sealed.


    Oh on a good note I'm finally healed up enough that I can go without my bra a bit!  Usually after I shower I lay in bed without a bra for an hour or so!  It's lovely!   


    I have another appointment with my doctor next Wednesday, so we'll see how it goes this time.

  18. On 5/30/2020 at 2:09 AM, Liitha said:


    Makes me think of Del


    I LOVE this!  I want more than anything to have a cute, white fairy dress like this!

  19. Les éditions Bragelonne, the publisher of the French versions of the Wheel of Time series, is re-releasing each of the novels with a new cover.  Even for those of us who aren’t able to read French, this publication still gives us something to gawk over.  These new covers are amazing! You can watch the latest episode of The Wheel of Time Community Show to hear more about these covers, and you can check out the images below!





    Clearly an image of Tam’s heron marked sword. The detail on the hilts shows how Rand could be branded by it when Ba’alzamon heats it in the The Great Hunt.  Also, the Serpent spinning the Wheel seems a lot fiercer.



    A seal to the Dark One’s prison, already broken.



    Mat’s ruby dagger retrieved from Shadar Logoth.  I love the snakes on the hilt.



    An interesting interpretation of the Horn of Valere, complete with Old Tongue script along the edge.



    The Dragon Banner.



    Callandor.  I really love how crystallized it is.  Most renditions of Callandor are smoother and not nearly as detailed.



    An Aiel spear and buckler.  And maybe a shoufa wrapped around it.  But what is it balanced on?  The design at the top looks like a Seanchan helmet.



    Perrin’s axe.



    Mat’s ashandarei.  I love it!  The ravens are amazing.



    A Cairhienin helmet.  Note the sunbursts, which could stand for the Rising Sun of Cairhien, also featured on their flag. 



    The flag for Tar Valon and the White Tower.



    A trolloc helmet.  Quite horrifying.



    A marriage knife worn by women in Ebou Dar.  The white stones indicate four female children, and the red stone in the center indicated one male child.  Possibly Tylin’s, since she does have one male son, and it doesn’t state how many others she had.



    The Laurel Crown of Illian, also called the Crown of Swords.


    These covers are amazing to look at.  It’s wonderful to get new perspective on anything within the series, especially when it’s official.  Each novel within the Wheel of Time will be split into two novels, making a total of 28 when completed.


    Books one through ten are available now, with eleven and twelve available August 12th, and thirteen and fourteen available November 18th.

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