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  1. It's #WoTWednesday and @WoTonPrime didn't disappoint.  A new video released today showed us our first look at Mat's ruby-hilted dagger.  Here's the clip:



    The script says: "He moves toward it, blowing dust away.  The iron is rusted and decayed, and CRACKS away as he OPENS the case -- 

    -- and inside, he sees something protected from the ravages of time -- A RUBY-ENCRUSTED DAGGER.  It must be worth more than anything he's seen before.  He picks it up, looks at it, and then --"


    Here's an image of the dagger from the clip:



    Jason Denzel posted some commentary on Twitter, outlining the differences between the description in the book, as well as the chapter icon featuring the dagger.



    We can see some changes in the designs.  This is the Museum Replica, approved by Robert Jordan:





    And the chapter icon looks very similar:



    Jason's arguments for the changed position of the ruby make logical sense.  The thing that gave me chills was the voice of Barney Harris--who plays Mat Cauthon--saying "Alright, let's make a deal."  Who is he talking to?  Mordeth?  If so, he doesn't sound scared.  Also, it seems the dagger isn't in the treasure room as it was in the books, and it wasn't grabbed almost by accident when Mordeth blows up.  Mat taking the dagger here is more calculated and intentional.  And what type of deal is he trying to make?  Is he willing to give up something in exchange for the dagger?  Does he know the dangers that come from it in this turning of the Wheel?


    I think I speak for a large portion of the fandom when I say how much Mat grows on the reader.  Hearing his voice makes the television show so much more real to me.  I will die on the hill of worshiping Daniel Henney--I'm a Lan girl, through and through--but Barney Harris is an incredibly close second.


    How do you anticipate Mat's taking the dagger will change events of the story?  If he knows the cost of the dagger, would he still take it?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  2. Speaking of Jack Frost, we have the lovely Rise of the Guardians (2012), starring Chris Pine as Jack Frost.  This animated film is so much fun!


    Moving onto something a bit more serious, there's a documentary called My Winnipeg (2007) that's worth a watch.  It's a surreal film about living in Winnipeg, and it's recounted by the filmmaker (Guy Maddin) in a very bizarre way.  He tells about the history of the town, and his own family's history.  


    And let's not forget Batman & Robin (1997) in which the villain (or one of them, anyway) is Mr. Freeze.  Gotham looks less creepy when it's covered in ice.

  3. I've seen The Santa Clause, but not the sequels.  I'll need to check them out!


    Cool Runnings!  I loved that when I was young!  That's a great example (and not even on my list)!

  4. frozenfilms.gif


    When dealing with frozen things, or frozen people, there are lots of movies that cover these topics.  They include all genres and all ages.  Let's take a look at some of the most well-known.  Be sure to add in ones you've loved (or even ones you've hated).


    1. Frozen (2013) & Frozen 2 (2019)

    We can't have a Frozen Carnival without talking about Disney's Frozen movies!  I saw Frozen with my sister in theaters.  I'm older than her, and we both immediately identified with our respective Frozen sibling.  Naturally, when Frozen 2 came out, we were first in line to see it!


    I really appreciate Elsa as a character for the growth and confidence she portrays.  Despite all the over-hype of the song "Let it Go," there's a powerful message in there, one I really could have used as a child.  I love how she finally embraces who she is and stops hiding.


    This goes even further in Frozen 2.  When Elsa sings "Show Yourself," I cry every time!  SPOILER WARNING: she discovers the things she's been looking for in life are within herself.  A very common theme in children's movies, but it was so powerful seeing Elsa's transformation.


    2. The Cutting Edge (1992)

    Romance at it's best--including 80s-style montages!  The Cutting Edge was my dream romance when I was younger.  Kate is a figure skater who is difficult to work with.  I've always identified with stubborn women.  Doug, an injured hockey player, becomes her skating partner in a last effort to save his own skating career.  It's a slow burn, and there's lots of obstacles in their way, but they'll prove their love and maybe win an Olympic gold metal on the way.


    Why do I love this film?  SPOILER WARNING: Doug's desperate love confession at the end is everything!  They both give into their passion for each other, and their passion for skating, and they are able to show their feelings on the ice.  (This is similar to how emotions are shown in the wonderful anime Yuri on Ice. ❤️)  I love this idea because, to quote Bender from Futurama, "I often have thoughts and feelings that can only be expressed through dance."


    3. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

    The scenes on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back are amazing!  I love the comradery between Luke and Han.  I love the angry flirtation between Leia and Han.  I just love Han.  Don't forget, this movie also has the "I love you, I know," bit.


    Have some to add to the list?

  5. foodsdrinks.gif


    Frozen drinks are quite familiar to us.  Whether it’s ordering an Icee at the movie theater, a Frappuccino at Starbucks, or a fruit smoothie or milkshake, we are used to drinking frozen things.


    But what about frozen foods?  Oh, there’s the typical ice cream and popsicles, but other than that… what else is there?  We typically like our foods hot. So here’s a few recipes you can try for uncommon frozen foods:


    Frozen Grapes:



    Frozen Pop Tarts:






    Do you have any frozen foods to add to the list?

  6. Today, @WoTonPrime—the official Twitter handle for the Amazon Prime’s Wheel of Time television show—shared a short video and snippets of concept art. The short video featured Rafe Judkins, the showrunner for the Wheel of Time show, emphasizing the themes in The Eye of the World: “of balance, of gender, and the emotional journey of these characters.” While Judkins talks, several images of concept art flash behind him. Let’s take a closer look!











    So what can we glean from these images?  Fans are already speculating.  Here's my take.


    The first image must be Rand and Mat.  Ginger hair on Rand.  Mat has a quarterstaff.  But which river are they looking at?  Thom's not there, and if Thom is not there it has to be after Whitebridge.  And if we're deviating from the novel entirely, perhaps this could be the place Rand and Mat glimpse the Tower of Ghenjei.


    Image number two: Winternight in the Two Rivers.  Rafe Judkins already let us know we will get to see the Bel Tine celebration, so perhaps Rand and Tam don't return to their farm that night.


    The third seems a tame version of the Tuatha'an camp.  It fits the description of the wagons, but the colors are all wrong!


    My first thought on the fourth image was it featured the Two River's folks on the other side of the Taren River.  I seem to recall they hid in some dense trees that first night.  However, the number count is off.  Lan and Moiraine at the front.  Rand, Mat, Perrin.  Egwene.  One more rider makes Nynaeve a member of this group.  The only time they all rode together--in The Eye of the World, at least--was traveling to and from the Waygates stationed in Caemlyn and Fal Dara.  The forest could be on the Shienar side of the Waygate.


    And finally, the one that actually gave me chills: Shadar Logoth.  The dark atmosphere, the looming buildings, the lurking fog.  This is amazing!


    Sometimes it seems the new information isn't coming fast enough.  Other times, we see amazing glimpses into the making of this show and the anticipation it stirs inside will last for several days.  The more we see, the more real it becomes. 


    Here's the full video:

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  7. HAHAH!  That's hilarious and an interesting way to look at it!


    It's a possibility.  I know sometimes I shake with anticipation for my dinner when I'm particularly hungry and it always seems to taste so good! 


    My journey for 2020 was to start intuitive eating, and so I was eating a lot more foods that sounded good.  So I enjoyed my meals a lot more.  I was indulging--even when it was taco salad.


    But I'm sure the atmosphere played a huge part too.  We had an amazing Pizza Hut pizza in Rugby, North Dakota the first night we got there to visit my relatives.  I think it was mostly I was happy to be in that town again!

  8. Congrats on your progress @Phaedra!  That's amazing results!


    My current routine is pretty similar.  I started budgeting 1200 calories a day last August.  I increased my veggie/fruit intake.  I focused on cooking meals instead of fast food.  This really helped me lose the weight pretty quickly.  I was down 20 lbs at the end of November.

    Since then, I have not been as strict with myself.  I have started intuitive eating, which is listening to my body cues to know when I'm hungry and when I'm full.  Some days I stay within the 1200 range, others I got up to 1500.  I don't worry when I do.  The way to maintain the weight loss is to have a sustainable routine.  There is no way I'm going to make sure all 365 days of my year are within the 1200 range.  It's just not possible.  So letting up a bit and still keeping my weight balanced is my goal.


    I've been maintaining my current weight for the past two months--even through Thanksgiving and Christmas!  I am eating whatever I want, but I am stopping when I'm full.  This is groundbreaking for me!  I'm so pleased with my results and my balance.  


    Now that the holidays have passed, I do anticipate to lose a few more pounds.  But if I don't, I'm at a weight I'm comfortable with.


    I am 5'2" and I'm currently (because I weigh myself daily) 136 lbs.


    @LilyElizabeth walking with your pup is a great idea!  Every little bit of movement you can do is a benefit!  I've also found that walking outside really improves my mood.  Especially since the weather is so favorable in Arizona right now.  LOL!  Take advantage of it while it lasts!

  9. January: Watch a film from a foreign country


    Last night, we watched the British film "The Day the Earth Caught Fire" (1961).


    Wow!  My spouse and I were up for some disaster films last night so I Googled disaster movies.  A lot of interesting ones popped up, but we chose The Day the Earth Caught Fire.  I wasn't expecting a lot as it was made in 1961, but this movie was amazing!


    The US and Russia perform joint--albeit unwillingly--nuclear tests.  The duel bombs have enough force to increase the earth's tilt and push it off its orbit toward the sun.  The characters--all witty and British--are newspaper workers who work on reporting the sudden changes in weather.  It shows the decline of civilization and how resources quickly disappear as tensions increase.  It also highlights how the government worked to hide the truth of the event from the public as long as possible.  The main female character is a phone operator who has heard some of the dialogue of leading scientists, and she's the one who leaks it to the newspaper, sending her to jail.


    This movie was really interesting and really relevant to all the things happening in the world today.  I was kind of scared watching it--thinking of how easily we could mess up our home planet--so I can't imagine how upset 1961 viewers would be!  The film was rated X at the time, and people under the age of 16 were not allowed.  LOL!


    Here's a spoiler; read at your own risk!

    The film ended without saying if the people were able to save the planet.  They attempted to set off four additional nuclear bombs to try and fix the situation.  The last shot of the film is a newspaper showing an article stating the world was saved.  This momentarily brought a good feeling to my heart; no matter how bad it gets, we can solve our issues.  But then, it panned to another paper, saying the plan failed.  The newspaper had both ready to go depending on which way the situation turned.  This gave a bleak feeling, but increased my enjoyment of the film.  


    I loved this movie!  It would be amazing to see as a remake, with more effects--the 1961 effects were lacking in many ways--and with more content from how the rest of the world reacts to the news.  I can't recommend this film enough!

  10. I’m also a vegetarian now and I know it would be trickier to eat the food if we went back! 

    I also didn’t eat seafood even before I was a vegetarian, so my husband ate the oysters and alligator and turtle soup and I had muffulettas and beignets! 

    I actually had an amazing cheeseburger there—at The Oyster House restaurant.  It was somehow better than any other cheeseburger I’d ever had to that date.  Why was it so good?  I have no idea.

  11. Here’s what I had for dinner today: taco salad!



    It was about 500 calories.



    1 serving Boca meatless crumbles

    1/2 tbsp cooking oil

    2 tsp low sodium taco seasoning

    1.5 servings of lettuce

    1/8 cup Mexican shredded cheese

    A handful crushed Cool Ranch Doritos


    This could be easily adapted to include any other kinds of meats/cheeses/chips/toppings.  It was SO yummy and the Doritos added such a great flavor and crunch!

  12. Hi @PiedPiper!


    Sorry we missed your visit!  


    1.) This one is too hard to answer!  I watch more movies than tv shows, but I don't think one is better than the other.  Adaptations or originals?  Depends on how well done they are.  Animated or live action?  I love both!  Again, depends on how good they are.  I've seen amazing animated films and awful animated films.  Same with live action!


    2.) Books: Romance!  ❤️  Followed closely by fantasy.  Movies: sci-fi.


    3.) We went to New Orleans the year after Hurricane Katrina.  We did a swamp tour--which was one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced--but on the way there, our tour guide gave us a running count of how flooded the city was.  Something like, "This block was under 18 feet of water."  And you could look at the buildings and see the damage and imagine that much water creeping into your home and it was so terribly tragic to think about.  It really put into perspective the suffering of the people in the city.  But the food was amazing and the city was amazing and the swamp was amazing.  I'd love to go back!

  13. I had my last check up with my surgeon the week of Christmas.  Everything's healed up fine!  The second surgery was so much easier.  My breasts are about a C or a D.  I'm content for now, but not 100% satisfied.


    I asked my surgeon if we could go smaller and she said yes.  Sigh.  Then why didn't you?


    I'm going to heal up completely this time, and then reevaluate if I want to spend even more money to make my breasts smaller.  It's seems so wasteful, but this is something I've wanted since high school.  I want to be comfortable!


    I put on a shirt a few days ago to compare to an old picture side by side.  You can tell there's a difference!  I'm definitely happier.  I need to try and shift my focus.  Things are better.  And that's something to be happy about!

  14. I liked it too!  I know a lot of people have complained about it, but it was fun and entertaining.


    I really liked that Steve's soul came to inhabit another person's body!  When I saw the trailers, I was like how on earth can they bring him back to life?  He's 80 years old or something!  This made sense to me and I liked how they handled it.  


    I also would love for Asteria to be involved in the next film.  My husband said that they have to other movies planned for this Wonder Woman timeline, so I think the chances are good that Asteria's character will make an appearance.

  15. Making changes alone can be so hard, Lily!  We are here to support you when you need it!


    What types of changes do you plan on making?  Will you be cutting out carbs and processed sugars, increase exercise and veggies?  Diabetes runs in my family so I'm always concerned that I'll get it as well.

  16. What is the White Ajah?


    In Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series, the White Ajah is dedicated to logic and reason.  They are perceived as cold, emotionless, and detached from all earthly ties.


    Dragonmount's White Ajah isn't so heartless.  While we love philosophy and logic and want to debate any topic, we also care deeply about happiness, living our best lives, and being empathetic.  We try to use reason to place ourselves in another's shoes.  We strive to look at any topic from all angles to understand it completely.


    In the end, though, we are human, and we get heated and passionate about many topics!  We love balance!  The White Ajah is a great place for both deep thinking and silly antics.



    Who's in the White Ajah?


    First Reasoner: Mashiara Sedai

    Sitter: Rhea

    Aes Sedai: Gentled Ben, Kukasö, AesSedaiGuy, Dwynwen, Charis alAslan


  17. Do you watch a lot of movies?  Want to get raising reqs for it?  Look no farther than the White Ajah’s 2020 Movie Challenge!


    How it works:

    Each month will have a different theme.  Anyone who’s interested in participating can watch a film they’ve never seen before that fits the criteria of the month.  For raising reqs, post a report (at least 100 words) about the film—what you liked, what you didn’t, connections to other films or to real life, share what you know about its historical context, let us know any background info on the actors, director, or others involved with the film, etc.

    To receive raising credit, you must participate in three out of the twelve monthly challenges.


    Don’t need raising credits?  Don’t worry!  Anyone can participate!  Want to do more than one report a month?  Post as many times as you’d like!  Watched an amazing movie that doesn’t fit the theme?  Share it with us without hesitation (though it won’t count for raising reqs).


    If you have more to say about the film you watched, discuss it further in our Discussion Thread.


    Monthly Themes:

    January: Watch a film from a foreign country

    February: Watch a comedy

    March: Watch a film directed by a woman

    April: Watch a sci-fi/fantasy film

    May: Watch a black and white film

    June: Watch a musical

    July: Watch a thriller/spy film

    August: Watch an Academy Award winning film (in any category)

    September: Watch a film directed by a person of color

    October: Watch a documentary

    November: Watch a film by your favorite director

    December: WILD CARD! Pick any movie you’d like to report on!


    If you have any questions, PM me!

  18. Welcome to another year where we put an emphasis on being happy and healthy with our bodies and lifestyles!


    While many of us focus on weight loss as a measure for our goals, there are many other ways to achieve a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle.


    This is a place to discuss meals, exercise suggestions and goals, self care tips, and support all around!


    Feel free to join in, offer encouragement, and be motivated!

  19. This past #WoTWednesday’s episode of The Dusty Wheel, Innkeeper Matt Hatch hosted our very own Jason Denzel. 


    Matt, who started the Wheel of Time fansite Theoryland, and Jason have been integral to the Wheel of Time community for the past 22 years.  Their chat on The Dusty Wheel covered all those years of friendship and ups and downs within the community.  The nostalgia is very intense here.


    They also go into all the known details about the Amazon Prime Wheel of Time television show.  Jason does stress that we should be thinking of the show as another turning of the Wheel.  This isn’t the same as the book series, there will be differences.  I think this mentality is the best way to approach the whole situation.  There will be changes we need to accept, and in this turning of the Wheel, the characters made different choices. 


    This nearly 90-minute talk was riveting the whole way through.  They covered so many topics, from writing advice, to meeting Brandon Sanderson, to filming the Towers of Midnight book trailer.  If you’ve never heard some of these stories, I recommend tuning in!


    You can watch the full episode below.




    You can check out other episodes of The Dusty Wheel on their YouTube channel.

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  20. Just now, Lavandula said:

    Oooh.. I thought you ment how stress and other psycological issues can affect your physical health also weight gain or loss.

    This actually sounds a lot like a course I was on when working in kindergarten. Basically the theory was we are born with the instict but we learn to eat by set times and not listen to our bodies, so we loose touch with those feelings and hints the body gives us, But we could learn to listen again. it was very interesting, is that what you mean?

    I wonder if I still have papers from that course anywhere hm...



    Oh yes!  That's what they do as well!  It covers a lot of ground and they do show why we tend to overeat using science and psychology.  It's been super interesting!


    I did see a study that showed how infants are able to regulate their calories.  When fed a bottle with more calorie dense foods, they stopped eating sooner.  They instinctively knew when to stop and had the same caloric intake as the baby drinking the regular bottle!

  21. On 11/8/2020 at 2:00 AM, Lavandula said:

    Oh mashi so happy for you!!!!

    I'm gonna read this program cause I suspect the sole reason for my weight gain is stress..

    I tried a calory counter it was so good cause it actually told me I eat to little proteins and such, but otherwice healthy.

     However I found it so time consuming and problematic to weigh everything.. and also preferably to get it correct I would have to split and make in portion my dinner to get it right but that would double the work and amount of dishes and so on.. So I just had to stop it..did you find an easy solution by any chance?


    I don't know if there's an easy solution for counting calories.  The program I use has a lot of foods already listed, so it's not too bad to search for items.  If they don't have something, I choose a food that's similar and guestimate the calories I'd eaten.  


    The whole point of Noom (once you get down to the core) is to take cues from your body to decide how much and how often to eat.  I'm getting close to not having to log my meals anymore because I'm getting better at portion control.  I want to be able to just eat and not worry about it all, and so spending the time to get the data now should help in the long run!

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