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  1. Just now, Lavandula said:

    Oooh.. I thought you ment how stress and other psycological issues can affect your physical health also weight gain or loss.

    This actually sounds a lot like a course I was on when working in kindergarten. Basically the theory was we are born with the instict but we learn to eat by set times and not listen to our bodies, so we loose touch with those feelings and hints the body gives us, But we could learn to listen again. it was very interesting, is that what you mean?

    I wonder if I still have papers from that course anywhere hm...



    Oh yes!  That's what they do as well!  It covers a lot of ground and they do show why we tend to overeat using science and psychology.  It's been super interesting!


    I did see a study that showed how infants are able to regulate their calories.  When fed a bottle with more calorie dense foods, they stopped eating sooner.  They instinctively knew when to stop and had the same caloric intake as the baby drinking the regular bottle!

  2. On 11/8/2020 at 2:00 AM, Lavandula said:

    Oh mashi so happy for you!!!!

    I'm gonna read this program cause I suspect the sole reason for my weight gain is stress..

    I tried a calory counter it was so good cause it actually told me I eat to little proteins and such, but otherwice healthy.

     However I found it so time consuming and problematic to weigh everything.. and also preferably to get it correct I would have to split and make in portion my dinner to get it right but that would double the work and amount of dishes and so on.. So I just had to stop it..did you find an easy solution by any chance?


    I don't know if there's an easy solution for counting calories.  The program I use has a lot of foods already listed, so it's not too bad to search for items.  If they don't have something, I choose a food that's similar and guestimate the calories I'd eaten.  


    The whole point of Noom (once you get down to the core) is to take cues from your body to decide how much and how often to eat.  I'm getting close to not having to log my meals anymore because I'm getting better at portion control.  I want to be able to just eat and not worry about it all, and so spending the time to get the data now should help in the long run!

  3. Let's do a favorite: the grid logic puzzle! 


    Here's the story:

    Sandra is compiling an article on some of the most recent Supreme Court decisions. Help her with her research by matching each case to its date, and determine the final decision (yes votes and no votes) as well as the name of the justice who wrote the majority opinion.


    Here are the clues:

    1. The four cases were the 5-4 decision, Zamora v Pibb, Carson v Dunn and the March 10 case.
    2. Zamora v Pibb was the 3-6 decision.
    3. The 5-4 decision was 1 week after the 7-2 decision.
    4. The March 10 proceeding was the 8-1 decision.
    5. The 3-6 decision was 1 week before Omar v Powers.


    Here's the grid if you need it:



    First one to post the correct answer wins!

  4. Oh, our Winter Carnival is always so fun!  I think we typically have it in January.  We did the Year of the Rat Chinese New Year celebration last year!  We can have a Christmas theme this year, though.


    I hope your mini vacation was soothing, @kukasö!  I sent my doggies to my mom's for a week and it was lovely!  *LOL*

  5. Oh, thanks, @Liitha!  That may be the answer, but why my doctor hasn't said that is a mystery.  She did say she'd take me "as small as she safely could."  However, at another appointment she admitted she DIDN'T take me as small as she could.  She said she left me bigger on purpose so I'd be "proportional" to the rest of my body.


    We'll see this week what she says.  I'm glad that there is a legitimate health reason for not taking breasts as small as desired, but I haven't felt that's what's happening in my case.

  6. These are great tips, @Rhea!  Thank you for sharing!  The world is so crazy right now that it's hard to focus on things like self care.


    I love the idea of a 15-minute morning routine.  I've been trying to make healthier choices with my food and body, so I start each morning with a 20 minute walk (longer on the weekends).  I'm working on my time stress by taking longer in my morning routine.  I walk, then I sit down and do a 10 minute lesson on Noom--which usually focuses on meditation, good food choice, stress relief, etc.  It's a great way to get my mind set on being positive.  


    I tried this routine three days last week and I feel they went well.  


    I know I need to stretch more.  And I'd love to do more meditation and focused breathing.  But one thing at a time!

  7. Let's have a check-in!


    I had my 6 month appointment in September and things were 100% healed by then.  I had a talk with my doctor about the size of my breasts and how they are still too big.  She agreed to redo the surgery (mostly to get rid of the ugly, ugly scar tissue).


    I had another round of surgery on October 14th.  She took about 8oz from each breast and cut off all the damaged skin.

    This time around, I was eating healthier, I've been exercising every day, so my recover has been amazingly well.  Surgery was on a Wednesday, and I was back to work the next Tuesday.  Not even a week later!  Last time, it was 3 months before I could move properly!  I am so, so happy that my body has recovered to nearly 100% and it's only been three weeks.


    The size is STILL too big.  Apparently, my doctor doesn't care about what I want.  I'm very upset with the whole process.  I started as a 36 J, the first surgery brought me down to a 36 DD, and now I'd say I'm a 36 D.  I told her on our very first meeting I wanted a B cup!!!!!!  A D and a B are not anywhere near the same size.




    So, I'm going to wait a little bit, then evaluate my finances and see if I can find a NEW doctor to perform the surgery I want.  This is a ton of money to waste on something so insignificant, but now that the process has started, I don't want to stop until I'm happy.  It makes all the pain and all the stress pointless if I'm still unhappy with my body.


    I have a check up with my doctor next week and I'll let her know I'm still unhappy about the size.  I don't think she'll care, though.

  8. 1. How did you first hear about the Wheel of Time and what made you want to read the series?

    My sister read it first and talked about it.  She tricked me into reading it somehow and once I got halfway through The Eye of the World, I was hooked.  Now, I love it more than she does.


    2. If you could join an Ajah in the White Tower which one would you pick? (Lucky us!)

    White Ajah.  Even though I do have a streak of Blue in me, I identify more with the Whites.


    3. If the Black Tower has Ajahs, what might some be?

    This sounds amazing!  This world has so many corners that can still be explored and I'm so sad we'll have to explore them with speculation only.  I think they'd have one similar to the Green that's dedicated to battle.  One would be focused on making ter'angreal and power-wrought weapons.  One would be focused on gateways, for sure!  Maybe one that's devoted to recruiting, a sort of missionary Ajah.  LOL  "Have you hear of our lord and savior, Rand al'Thor?"


    4. Who is a character you love, but would hate to meet in real life?

    Mat.  I love Mat.  After book three, Mat became amazing!  However, I wouldn't want to meet him in real life because he'd be too charming and I couldn't handle it.


    5. Who is a character from another book that would make a good Warder?

    Dalinar Kholin from The Stromlight Archive.  He's the definition of what a Warder is.


    6. What is a scene from the books you're most excited to see on screen?

    Gotta say "The Golden Crane."  I love the heck out of that scene!  A close second would be Nynaeve breaking her block.


    7. What are your favorite and least favorite book covers?

    I don't have any problems with the book covers.  I think my favorite is The Eye of the World.  Least favorite, Knife of Dreams.


    8. What is a location in the Wheel of Time you'd like to visit?

    The White Tower would be the first on that list.  It would be so amazing to see!


    9. If you could make your own ter'angreal, what would it look like and what would it do?

    I want a ter'angreal that looks like a dachshund (wiener dog)!  When activated, it would make my dogs stop barking.


    10. What is another book or series you think Wheel of Time fans might like?

    I would definitely suggest The Stormlight Archive.  Brandon's writing career has gotten better and better and this series has great writing, great characters, great world development, and great potential.  I loved Mistborn, but it was rather clumsy with his writing and his characters.  He's finally a master and his newest books are so much better than his earlier works.

  9. Oh, this looks interesting @StarRisk!  I think I follow Rebecca, but I've taken a break from social media for the past two months (hence why I've been a little inactive here!).  I like your answers, though I don't like Padan Fain at all!!!  I will agree about the scene I'm most excited to see in the show--I can't wait for "The Golden Crane flies for Tarmon Gai'don!"  😭



  10. @StarRisk so glad that you were able to attend that meeting with Sarah!  It was such an incredible interview!  When she talked about how the feels finally hit her on set, it was so hard for me to keep my emotions in check!  😭


    We of the White Ajah tend to lurk.  While I am in charge *shifts her shawl for good measure* there's not really any shenanigans I need to take care of.  We are a well-mannered, well-behaved, low-drama group. ❤️ 

    And that's the great thing about the Ajahs!  We all have different attitudes and personalities we show. 


    If you want to have a nice cup of white chocolate hot cocoa, this is the place to be! 

  11. I've got a couple sudoku apps on my phone, as well as a couple of nanogram ones!  I like to play puzzle games when I have a few minutes.  I like Candy Crush and I'm playing Pokemon Puzzle Cafe, too.


    I tired to do a summer school class on logic puzzles this past summer, but not enough kids signed up.  😞 


    There are so many fun ones out there!

  12. Thanks for sharing this, @Rhea!


    I have cycles where I sleep so well, and cycles where I can't sleep at all.  I think it's hormone based.  Ugh....


    I am recovering from surgery, so I bought a HUGE maternity pillow that looks like a big U.  I love it!  It's helped my tossing and turning, and no matter which way I face, I have a pillow for my legs.  The only problem is it's hot!  Hopefully it will be better when the weather cools down.

  13. I started Noom in August.  I'm really enjoying it so far.  As a therapy graduate, I think the psychological aspect is a little focused on beginners, but some of their hits and tips are really useful!


    I've lost 16 lbs so far, and it's been very easy.  


    The program does restrict calories (I should be eating 1200 a day according to them), but I don't stress if I go over.  I eat what I want, but I'm listening to my body's cues and stopping when I'm full.  This has been very successful!  I haven't cut out any food group.  I'm still eating pizza every week.  I went to a European bakery this morning and came home with two pies.


    It's all about moderation.  And I'm so glad that I've found that happy place between overly indulgent and denying myself.

  14. I love My Fair Lady!  It's such a fantastic film!


    @JamesBrown, your review of Max and Mary sounds amazing.  I'm going to have to check it out!


    @PiedPiper, which version of Rebecca did you watch?  I've seen a few versions and I think they both were decent.  The Hitchcock is the most famous, but we watched another version in high school after we read the story.  It was closer to the source material, I think.


    My spouse and I saw Tenet in theaters (social distanced and wearing masks) twice!  It was so, so, so amazing!  It's coming out on DVD next month I believe and I can't wait to watch it again.


    We also saw the film Drive in theaters a few weeks ago (again, social distanced and wearing masks).  That movie just touches me in all the feels!  I want to sob after it's done.  It's so well done, and Ryan Gosling does an amazing job.  It's so tragic, it makes my heart, but the pain is totally worth it!

  15. 1. Why did you choose your Ajah? (If you are a Warder, I'd like to hear why this Ajah, as well as why you chose your path)

    I like to think of myself as logical, but when I was looking at all the Ajah choices (way back in the day), the White Ajah's website (they were all hosted outside Dragonmount at that time) had a list of math equations.  I knew this was the home for me!  


    I've stayed, though, because I love the members here!  We tend to lurk, but I know I can count on any one of them if needed!  ❤️ 


    2. Where are you from/where do you live?

    Phoenix, Arizona, and I'm living in Gilbert--one of its suburbs--currently.


    3. What do you do for a living?

    5th grade math teacher.  ❤️ 


    4. Hobbies?

    Writing, watching cooking shows, playing video games.


    5. Favorite color?



    6. Birthday?

    July 11th (I get a free slushie at 7-11!).


    7. When was the first time you read WoT?

    1999.  I've been rereading ever since.


    8. Do you believe in soulmates?

    As an atheist, it's hard for me to say yes to questions like this because it implies there is a higher power in charge.  That said, yes, I do believe my spouse is my soulmate!  ❤️ 


    9. What do you like about yourself, physically?

    I have very pretty hazel eyes.


    10. What do you like about yourself, character-wise?

    I am friendly and very determined to do my best.


    11. What is something you think you can work on as a person?

    Patience, especially with 150 5th-grade students.


    12. If you had all the money you could possible want, what would you do?

    Buy every single cute outfit I want.


    13. What lesson(s) have you learned about life?

    Do what makes you happy.


    14. Do you have a creed you live by? (Besides This is the Way 😜)

    I recently found this quote and love it: "Smooth seas don't make skillful sailors."


    15. Star Wars or Star Trek?

    Star Wars.


    16. Favorite musical(s), and why?

    Currently, Frozen 2.  I can't stop singing those songs!  I love the development of Elsa, how she doubted herself and with only a bit of confidence was able to let of all her ties and turn into the woman she was supposed to be.


    17. Favorite movie(s), and why?

    Whispers of the Heart, a Japanese anime by Hayao Miyazaki.  It's a sweet love story at its core, but it also features a young girl protagonist who pushes herself to be the best she can be.  She's determined to complete a task (writing a novel), and she doesn't give up.  I love the example she sets.


    18. What fictional character(s) do you relate to?

    Definitely, Elsa. I also wish I had magical ice powers....  Nynaeve, of course!  I can relate to most because I'm an empath.


    19. Who is your favorite character(s) in WoT?

    Nynaeve!  Her growth throughout the series is phenomenal!  And if I could marry any fictional character, it would be Lan--or Marshal from Animal Crossing.


    20. What other book series are you into?

    I've read most by Brandon Sanderson, and Rhythm of War (the 4th in the Stormlight Archive) comes out later this month.  Other than that, I haven't ready anything lately!  😢 


    21. Favorite band(s)/song(s), and why?

    I like Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers because they have a wide range of song themes and sounds.  I love Coheed and Cambria because they're heavy metal but their songs tell a sci-fi story.  I like Jimmy Eat World because a lot of their songs are about internal struggle (and overcoming it).

  16. Hello @Phaedra!  I'm late to the party, but I'm so glad you stopped in to share this with us!


    For your answer of Star Trek or Star Wars, care to share more details?

    What's your favorite Star Wars movie?


    Which Star Trek captain do you love the most?


    I always find it funny that we put those two as rivals when so many of us like them both!

  17. I wouldn't mind either if the content is handled properly.


    The movie Stardust, for example, was amazing!  They were able to put the content in the two hour time frame, and they even added some extra flair that was not included in the book.  I really loved that film.


    Of course, epic fantasy would be better suited to TV, as Mother and Kukasö said!

  18. Exciting news dropped this past Wednesday: The official @WoTonPrime social media account released the first audio trailer from the Amazon Prime Wheel of Time television show.  You can watch/listen to the clip below:


    audio trailer Oct 2020.mp4


    There’s already a plethora of speculation about what scene and characters this can be.  Madeleine Madden (who plays Egwene al’Vere) confirmed on Instagram that the voices do belong to Egwene and Perrin.


    But when does the scene take place?  The battle noises in the back suggest Winternight (or during Bel Tine as showrunner Rafe Judkins suggested last month).  We also know in the novels that Egwene and Perrin spend a large chunk of the book together, so it could be their flight from Shadar Logoth or in the Whitecloak campe.  Either way, we'll have to "WAFO" (Watch And Find Out)!


    For more information on the Wheel of Time show, visit our TV page or follow the links below. 










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  19. As is the trend this year, most conventions are going online.  For those of us who don’t have the resources to travel to all these amazing cons, this set up isn’t so bad.


    Spoilercon—a convention celebrating the podcasts The Wheel of Time SpoilersMistborn Spoilers, and Broken Earth Spoilers—is hosting an online even next weekend, October 2nd and 3rd.  Registration for this event is free, though pre-registration is required.  You can sign up here.


    Some notable guests for Spoilercon include our own Jason DenzelDragonmount’s founder and webmaster—and Thom DeSimone—host of The Wheel of Time Community Show.  Maria Simons from Team Jordan will also be making an appearance.  And a reoccurring event from last year, Michael Kramer and Kate Reading—who perform the audio books for The Wheel of Time and many other sci-fi/fantasy titles—will be doing a reading.


    This convention offers a lot across the fandom board!  You can check out the complete schedule here.

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  20. This #WoTWednesday had some major announcements.  First, the @WoTonPrime book club concluded its read of The Eye of the World.  This introduced so many new readers to this wonderful series we know and love.  Our fandom is growing!  The book club doesn’t currently have plans to start The Great Hunt, but we hope they will continue with this as the Amazon Prime show gets closer to completion.


    To celebrate reaching the end of The Eye of the World, @WoTonPrime rewarded us with this snippet of a video, starting on the excerpt from The Eye of the World where it introduces the Winespring Inn, then we get our first real look at the epicenter of Emond’s Field.



    Rafe Judkins also joined the celebration on Twitter and agreed to answer the first three questions about the Winspring Inn.


    rafe 1.png

    “To celebrate @WOTonPrime‘s first glimpse of the Winespring, I’ll answer the first three questions I get about it on here.  Go :)”


    The first question focused on the smell:

    rafe 2.png

    Q: “Does it smell like honey cakes and fresh bread?”

    A: “It mostly smells like ginger tea, which anyone who’s spent time on the WoT set would tell you ha. But there were honeycakes that the wasps and hornets couldn’t get enough of. So we had to spray them with a wasp repellent, but they didn’t tell me and I ate one.”


    Hopefully eating wasp repellent isn’t harmful to humans….


    The second question makes all of us long to be on the set.

    rafe 4.png

    Q: “What were your thoughts walking through it the first time”

    A: “Absolutely one of the most emotional moments on the show for me so far.  Just standing in the center of Emond’s Field felt totally surreal, looking up at the red roof of the Inn, the trouble they’d gone to give each house and villager a profession and a life there. It was amazing”


    I cannot want to see more of Emond’s Field!  These answers from Rafe makes it much more real and closer than ever to being a finished product.


    The last one may spark some interesting speculation.

    rafe 3.png
    Q: “Do we see the bel tine celebration?”

    A: “This one might be a spoiler, especially for Winternight enthusiasts, but yes.”


    Wow!  We all know that Bel Tine was ruined by the Trolloc attack.  If the attack doesn’t happen on Winternight, when will it happen?  During the Bel Tine celebration?  If so, do we get to see Tam’s fever dream?  Will we not be aware Rand is adopted right from the start?  Will we still see Narg—the most intelligent Trolloc—trying to reason with Rand about going to the Myrddraal? 


    So many things to think about just on one sentence!  It was a great #WoTWednesday.


    Let us know when you think the Trolloc attack will come in the comments below!

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  21. This past weekend, Dragon Con celebrated all the things we love in fandom.  The convention went online rather than in person, and that gave many people who can’t make the trek to Atlanta, Georgia the opportunity to see what this fantastic con has to offer.


    There were quite a few Wheel of Time themed panels throughout the event—not surprising with all the recent updates with the Amazon Prime television show.


    Jason Denzel, Jennifer Liang, and Thom DeSimone had a speculation hour in the “DragonCon High Fantasy Track Presents Wheel of Time TV Show Speculation.”  The topics ranged from how many of the novels will be included in the first season, to how well established the Wheel of Time fandom is to judge the show’s worth, to the maturity rating the show will receive.  You can check out all the speculations here!




    Did you know The Eye of the World celebrated its 30th anniversary?  (You should, because we talked about it here, and here, and here…)  And, what every Wheel of Time anniversary celebration needs is an appearance by Brandon Sanderson!  And for an added bonus, Dr. Michael Livingston joined in too!  The panel “DragonCon High Fantasy Presents Wheel of Time 30th Anniversary” delved into what makes this series timeless and so beloved by fans.


    You can join in all the festivities, even after the fact, by watching the video below.



    It’s been a sad year for convention goers, but I’m so happy that every effort is being made to keep some of these events going.  We’re making the most of a bad situation, and this little taste of home, friends, and family can go a long way to making us feel not so isolated right now.

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