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  1. Welcome back to another Community Round-Up!  There’s been a lot happening online within the Wheel of Time fandom since we’re all locked up with nothing to do.



    First off, Rafe Judkins—the showrunner for Amazon’s Wheel of Time television show—is also bored!  He answered fan questions on Instagram!  You can see a full analysis from Adam Whitehead here, including the complete transcript of the questions and answers.



    Speaking of bored, there are plenty of WoT themed online activities.  One JordanCon’s Facebook page, Rick Martin posted an acrostic puzzle for people to try!



    Some crafty people are also using this time to craft WoT inspired items.  This cross-stitch pattern made by Caz Willows caught my eye!  It’s an amazing design and I love the mix of Aes Sedai colors and scary Trolloc skulls.  If you’re interested in trying this—and cross-stitch is pretty easy for beginners!—you can purchase the pattern from Caz’s Etsy shop!


    WoT Spoilers.png

    And Dee Tee has a Discord channel with WoT Spoilers dedicated to testing your Wheel of Time knowledge.  Stop by for a visit and play a game, or just mingle with the amazing people!


    And as tradition dictates, we’ll end with some memes.



    Okay, not really Wheel of Time related, but I thought this was fantastic!



    This raises an interesting question.  If Mat's wily ways had continued in the Two Rivers, would any of his pranks gone far enough to land him in jail?  Does Emond's Field even have a jail?



    The Pattern's face says it all.


    I don't think the Black Ajah is as cute as this, honestly.


    That concludes this Community Round-Up.  Let's try to keep our spirits up as much as possible during these trying times!  Besides re-reading Wheel of Time, what other actives are keeping you from going stir crazy?


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  2. Thanks for thinking of me, @LilyElizabeth!  There's just so much going on right now I'm a tad overwhelmed.


    As far as my recovery goes, I've hit a road stop.  I had some separation in the stitches (much worse on the right breast than the left) and it set my recovery back another three weeks.  I'm seeing my doctor weekly, which is lovely because I'm the type to freak out.  She's been amazingly compassionate, understanding, and calming.  So I'm not overly worried, I'm just frustrated that it's taking so long to heal. 


    I've been unable to look at my wounds because it grosses me out so much, so my husband has taken over changing my bandages every day.  After I shower, he has to clean them with hydrogen peroxide, add a medicated ointment of some sort, then add on a special medicated gauze (called xeroform), then put on the regular, absorbent gauze.  It's a lot, but he does it lovingly and without complaint.  I'm so lucky I've got such a wonderful spouse!


    A lot of my swelling has gone down, but my doctor let me know it'll take roughly six months for them to stabilize at the size they'll be from now on.  So far, I think they're still too large, but we'll see how much more they can shrink.  If not, I've already talked to her about possible liposuction to get the results I want.


    So, it's been rather stressful with all this going on and also the forced isolation and trying to instruct 10-year-olds with online learning.


    Are all you hanging in any better than me?

  3. It’s with great sadness our friends at JordanCon announced they will have to cancel the convention for 2020.  In a statement released earlier today, Jennifer Liang, the convention chair of JordanCon said:



    Friends, it’s with great sadness that I announce the cancellation of JordanCon 2020. This is not a decision we make lightly. However, in light of the current state of emergency in Georgia it became clear that hosting JordanCon would be irresponsible of us. We initially tried to work with our host hotel, the Crowne Plaza Ravinia, to find alternative dates this year. However, nothing suitable was available. We understand that this comes as a disappointment to many of you and some of you will have financial concerns. We want this situation to be as seamless as possible for you, so we’ve prepared a FAQ that hopefully answers your questions. We will also continue to update our website and social media channels with information on how you can help members of our community affected by the coronavirus outbreak. We thank you for your patience and support during these trying times.



    It may take some time to work out all the details, including prepaid merchandise, members's tickets, and the hotel room blocks.  Showing patience and understanding during this hectic time can go a long way for the JordanCon staff and board of directors.  


    Many of these smaller conventions are taking massive hits from the Covid-19 pandemic.  As a non-profit, JordanCon functions year to year, and this hiccup could cause lasting damage.  I’ve seen many people on social media call for those who are fortunate enough to donate their ticket fees to the convention.  This could help recoup some of the losses on the horizon.  


    I am more than happy to support JordanCon and all it stands for.  I purchased two tickets--one for me and one for my husband--and I will donate that to the convention instead of asking for a refund or having the paid price apply to next year.  


    There will be other ways we can support JordanCon authors and artists.  Many of them are also struggling with so many conventions being canceled.  For those who earn their livelihood on the con tracks, now is a scary time.  You can find the full list of JordanCon guests.  If you’re able, buy a new book to read during quarantine!  Support an artist and buy a new print to brighten up your living room!  JordanCon is a family, and we want to show our family we are here for them.


    Keep up with the latest from JordanCon on Facebook, Twitter, or their website.

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  4. Welcome back to another Community Round-Up.  There’s been a lot happening online as the world around us crumbles.



    First up, JordanCon is holding a “Fantastic Artifacts Through the Ages March Madness.”  It’s a 16-bracket game with artifacts from all over the sci-fi/fantasy realm (many are Wheel of Time related, of course).  Voting on the first bracket has begun: Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and also Norse mythology) vs the One Ring (from Lord of the Rings).  Go cast your vote!



    Earlier this week, Jaymie Greenway highlighted the most badass Aes Sedai in the Green, Red, and Gray Ajahs.  Jaymie’s reasoning is spot on!  And I’m so happy to talk about Red sisters we know and love.  They had a rocky ending, with Elaida going so crazy, but the core of what makes Reds Red is still there and they are badasses!  I can’t wait to see the other Ajahs covered—especially the White, since that is my Ajah!



    In gaming news, Animal Crossing New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch is set to release this Friday (March 20th).  This series belongs in the fantasy genre as well since all you do it interact with talking animals.  I’m a huge fan of the Animal Crossing franchise since they released the original for the Nintendo GameCube in 2001.  Also, who in this community doesn’t love building maps?  The fan-made Happy Island Designer online app allows you to pre-plan your New Horizons island getaway.  And that’s how I’ll be spending my time this week off work!


    And let’s leave on a high note!  I’ve got lots of great memes from around the WoT social media communities.

    First, KatySedai on Instagram helped us all remember to wash our hands for 20 seconds.



    And now the memes!





    There's been a lot of discussion going around on "well-turned calves."  I know that's what I was looking for when I met my spouse.


    And on that note, you can see some of the best memes from Shai'tan Posting on their new page Valan Luca's Well-Turned Meme Menagerie.  




    As a huge fan of Nynaeve, I loved it when Sharina made an appearance in the actual timeline.  I'd love some more information on how the raising ter'angreal interacts with the main world and all the parallel/mirror worlds.


    That's all for now.  Remember to be safe out there!  If you get bored in quarantine, share your favorite WoT memes with us.  Post in the comments below.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Elgee said:

    I'm glad things are going so well!

    Discoloration and swelling is to be expected - it will go away and then you'll look gorgeous!


    I understand how you feel, though. I had to have a piece of flesh removed from my pinkie on my left hand, where a tiny piece of glass had been left behind after a cat induced / beer glass accident. The piece of glass started to migrate, and with my blood which doesn't clot properly, the doctor decided to excise it right there and then before it got into a vein. There was a hole in my pinkie! I fainted the first time I saw it. Literally. Feinted. On the bathroom floor. Thereafter I cleaned it whilst looking the other way. I was so upset! But now you can hardly see a scar there.


    That sounds awful, Mother!  I’m

    sure I would have fainted too if I saw a hole in my pinky.  Blugh.  When I looked at my wounds I was laying in bed just in case I did get woozy.  It wasn’t as bad as I’d feared though.  And I didn’t look long.  Lol!

  6. Thank you all for your continued thoughts!


    I’m healing as best I can.  

    On Monday, the surgery lasted five and a half hours.  There was a lot to take! I wasn’t thrilled with how quickly they released me.  I don’t remember the car ride home—though I talked non stop—and I only gained consciousness when we pulled up to our house.  The pain was so minimal the first day, but by the second I was taking the pain killers they gave me.  


    I had my post-op appointment on Wednesday and the doctor said everything was looking good!  My anxiety hit hard at her office because they started pulling off all the wrappings and the gauze and it freaked me out.  They had to lie me down and elevate my legs and give me an ice pack.  It drained me.


    Thursday was the day I could shower.  I couldn’t work up the courage to do it.  But I did shower Friday morning and I felt a ton better!  I stopped taking my pain meds (opioids) on Wednesday and I’ve been taking Advil instead.  The pain is almost non existent.  It more an uncomfortable feeling not one that hurts.  I drove myself to Walgreens yesterday (less than a mile from my house) and got more gauze to line my bra.  The wounds are still leaking quite a bit.


    I showered again this morning and FINALLY worked up the courage to look at myself.  During the showers and changes of clothing I’ve kept my eyes shut tight.  I looked and I cried.  It’s so horrible looking!  I’m so bruised and swollen.  It’s awful!  I’m totally numb around the center of my breast, where they moved the nipples to, and it’s all discolored.  But my hubby says it looks so much better than on Wednesday when they removed the first bandages.  

    My doctor gave me the go ahead to return to work on Monday—assuming that they don’t cancel school in our district.


    So the process has been long but I’m steadily improving!




  7. Welcome back to another edition of Community Round-Up where we highlight all the latest happenings in The Wheel of Time fandom and the larger Sci-Fi/Fantasy community.



    This week there have been some major reports about the Amazon Prime show.  Adam Whitehead went into detail about the four directors picked for Season 1.  The four selected are being celebrated for their diversity.  To see more of their resume and what to expect from them behind the camera, you can read Adam’s article here.



    Theoryland is still going strong with Matt Hatch’s The Dusty Wheel podcast and fans passionate to discover some of the left-over hidden truths of the series.  Recently, The Dusty Wheel hosted a chat about one of the great mysteries: Nakomi.   The fact that there is still so much left to speculate on The Wheel of Time shows how timeless the series is—and will continue to be.  You can listen to the whole episode of The Dusty Wheel here, and be sure to check out all their Wheel of Time content!



    JordanCon released a statement that the convention is still on!  They are continuing to keep up to date with the recommendations of the CDC and will let all members and fans know if the situation changes.  Let’s hope we can all make it there for our traditional homecoming!  You can read more from JordanCon here.


    And what’s a round-up without memes?  The ones feature today come from the Facebook groups Screw You All, I Love Wheel of Time and, one of my favorites, Shai’tan Posting.



    (One of my favorite scenes in the series!)





    This meme from Shai'tan Posting even had hilarious comments, like:


    "Sorry, I didn't hear you over the sound of the dice in my head."


    "Change of plans. This escape is now a kidnapping.

    ~Mat that's-not-your-empress-that's-my-wife Cauthon"

    "He's like, I wish I could get off with only death by slow torture."





    As a math teacher, I love the Venn diagram memes....


    That's all for this edition of Community Round-Up.  Which theory about Nakomi do you think is true?  Let us know in the comments!

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  8. The surgery is tomorrow at noon.  I can't eat after midnight tonight so we're going to gorge on pizza at 11pm.  *lol*  


    My anxiety has been pretty low so far, but I will have to take my Xanax tonight before bed and tomorrow before the surgery.


    I'm just ready for it to be over so I can focus on being happy in my body.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

    Thank you all for your positive thoughts!

  9. JordanCon is a little more than a month away, and while we’re all looking forward to seeing our Wheel of Time friends and family again, we need to take a moment and address the current state of the world.  As the Covid 19 virus is becoming more widespread, JordanCon wants all members—past, present, and future—to know they are taking every necessary precaution.  JordanCon stated on Facebook earlier this week:



    JordanCon takes the safety of its members very seriously. We are currently monitoring the spread of Covid 19 and reviewing our policies and procedures to meet this goal.

    We are following the recommendations of the CDC and the city of Dunwoody regarding best practices for containing the virus. 

    We are also working with our host hotel to ensure a safe JordanCon. We’ll have more updates as decisions are made and we see how it’s impacting us.

    If the situation changes we will update via our social media channels, website, and newsletter.

    If you are in a high-risk group and have specific questions, please reach out to us at operations@jordancon.org.



    Obviously keeping everyone safe is the top priority.  But as long as conditions remain stable, the show will go on!  Purchasing refundable plane tickets might be something to consider if you haven’t invested in tickets yet. Also, follow the recommendations of the CDC while traveling.


    JordanCon will take place at the Crown Plaza Ravinia in Atlanta, Georgia, from April 17th through the 19th.   You can still pre-order tickets to all three days on JordanCon’s website.  The pre-order option is available until March 20th.

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  10. The deadline to purchase the JordanCon 2020 anthology Become Legend is fast approaching!  Order by March 25th to ensure you get a copy. This week’s author interview is with Saki Marie Harp talking about her addition “The Storyteller.”


    First, can you tell us about your writing?  Is this your first published work?
    I have been writing for fun since my teacher told me I had written a brilliant story in first grade.


    After a spinal injury, I began writing for sanity.


    I don’t have the stamina to write proper novels, so I tend toward short stories and poetry.


    Though recently I spend much of my time focused on writing and arting comic books. I also love to verb.

    While I have had some poetry published long ago, this will be my first published short story.

    Where does your story fall on the speculative fiction scale?
    It’s fantasy, but there’s not really a lot of magic or anything. Just a dash of demon-human interbreeding.
    What excited you the most with writing this story?
    The story I submitted was unfinished. It was a mishmash of ideas and feelings that began as an exercise in writing a scene for a signing audience. It’s been exciting to see it change into a cohesive story with a meaningful message that I’m rather proud of.

    Are there any themes you want readers to get a sense of?
    The fantasy genre is full of interesting cultures and manual languages, but somewhat devoid of deaf or mute characters and cultures.

    I’m just doing my part to represent diverse abilities in fantasy.
    Is there a specific inspirational source you used for this story?
    The theme of the anthology is legends. In my research, I looked for folk tales featuring deaf people and found only one obscure Japanese myth. I was also inspired by the legend that the Plantagenet family descended from demons. I combined the need for more deaf stories and demonic fun times to create a new legend and a meta-legend. One plus one is three, I guess.

    What else would you like to say to your readers?
    Thank you for reading. I hope you like it. I’m looking forward to writing some more stories and comics featuring dis/differently-abled characters. I may even revisit these characters at some point, because now I’m curious about what they get up to after the end of the story.



    Thanks for talking with me Saki!  You can find out more about Saki and her writing by following her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or checking out her website.  To pre-order your copy of the anthology, you can visit JordanCon’s website.

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  11. Do you want to breathe new life into your hardback set of The Wheel of Time novels?  If so, Juniper Books has just released a set of dust jackets that encompass all fourteen books within the main series and includes New Spring, the prequel. 


    Juniper Books specializes in creating dust jackets that have a visual aesthetic.  The Wheel of Time set shows an image of a dragon with the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai in the background.  The complete set together looks stunning and can be visually appealing on anyone’s bookshelf.   


    If you already have all the books in the series, you can buy only the dust jackets.  If you don’t have all the books and you want them, now’s a good time to buy the books and the dust jackets all at once!


    Though these are not officially released by Tor or by anyone on Team Jordan, they were made with their approval. Juniper Books said, “We are so thrilled that Robert Jordan's wife and editor Harriet McDougal and co-author Brandon Sanderson both love this design. Celebrating Robert Jordan's incredible story with this jacket design has been an honor for the Juniper Books team. The design pays homage to the Dragon Banner, set against a backdrop representing The Flame of Tar Valon and the Dragon's Fang - opposing elements that represent the themes of balance and the cyclical nature of time present in the series.”


    To learn more about the other book series Juniper Books wares, you can look at their catalog here.


    Would you like to have these covers on your shelf?  Let us know in the comments!

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  12. Oh!  Since I heard some Asian business are struggling with racism due to myths about the coronavirus, my hubby and I are eating at lots of Asian food places.  We went to two different locations this week.   Hopefully more next week.  I want to support our local Asian-American community.


    For dinner tonight I had vegetarian (which has been kinda difficult at a few of the restaurants) eggplant garlic, with vegetable lo mein and steamed rice.  YUM!

  13. Good points, Liitha!  I do understand I may not get exactly what I want.  At the same time, I'm paying a lot of money for this so I want it done the way I want.  *lol*


    Anything smaller would be better, and that's what I need to focus on.


    As for bikinis... what do you think of this one?



  14. Thank you all for your love and support! 


    When I feel the overwhelming fear, I remember to focus on the positive outcome: I looked at bikinis at Target the other day and fantasized about being able to fit in one!  I bought a shirt online that's a tad too small; it a few weeks, it'll fit!  I'll be able to exercise without using the sports bra that fits in the cup, but not the band that I had to sew so it'll stay on and it's impossible to get on, and more impossible to take off while sweaty!


    I'm torn with wanting the next weeks to go by fast and dreading the surgery date coming too soon.


    I know I can turn to you all when I'm starting to get too worked up.

  15. So, I've decided after a very long debate with myself to get a breast reduction.  (This is why I labeled it read at your own risk!  There'll be a lot of bitching about women body parts!)


    I've been larger than a DDD since a few years after high school.  I've lived with an extra 15+ lbs on my upper chest which has been giving me back aches since forever!  It's hard for me to find clothing that fits and doesn't accentuate my bosom.  It's awkward whenever I do anything physical (dancing, ice skating, jogging, etc.).  


    I've wanted to get this procedure done for the past decade at least.  I've always been too afraid.  (There's also the fee since insurance refuses to pay for it since they aren't "big enough.")  But I finally faced my fear.  I want to be comfortable in my body.

    I met with a plastic surgeon about three weeks ago.  She went over the procedure, how it would be done, and how to expect my breasts to be after the surgery.  She said she could get me down to a D.  I nearly flipped the table.  I told her I wanted smaller than that.  She reluctantly said she'd take as much as she could, safely.  She said she'd try to get me down to a B.  I really, really, really hope she can get me down to a B!

    So I have a pre-op appointment next Wednesday (Feb 26th) and my surgery is scheduled for March 9th.  It'll be the first day of my spring break, and recovery time should be only 4 days.  I don't plan on missing any work.


    It's coming up soon and I AM FREAKING OUT!  Medical procedures give me anxiety.  LOL.  I can't stand blood, or bones, or being anywhere near a dr's office or a hospital.  When I went to my initial meeting my blood pressure skyrocketed.  It's usually right around 120/80.  It was raised to 160/100 or something.  Crazy high.  They were concerned.  I told them it was my anxiety at being there and thinking about the procedure.  *sighs*  I'll have to take a xanax the night before the procedure, and hopefully the morning of.  The surgeon asked me why I'd waited to so long to make this decision and this was the reason why!  I'M TERRIFIED.


    But I know it will be a good choice.  I'll be happier and more comfortable in my body.


    So, I'll keep you posted on how things go!  Thanks for listening, my friends!  ❤️

  16. Sure am, blank!  It's usually the highlight of my week!


    I'm going to take a break for the next session, but plan to pick it up again over the summer.


    Here's a video from this past Tuesday's class.  I've been working on going into a spin with a one-foot entry.  I finally got the hang of it!



  17. I liked Do The Right Thing.  I agree it was hard to watch.  And the fact it's hard for us to watch should shout volumes of people who actually live their lives in such a way.  The racism that's still so rampant today is horrible.  You did a great job writing on it, @JamesBrown!


    I plan on watching Parasite by the Korean director Bong Joon-ho.  But I'll have to go fast to fit it in the next week!  I've seen several of his other movies, like The Host, Mother, and Snowpiercer.  All of them have dealt with class, and privilege, and how screwed up situations can be.  They've all been very good.

  18. On 2/19/2020 at 6:40 AM, LilyElizabeth said:

    Well, I didn't care for the bubly. But the other brand (not walmart brand after all, but called clear American) was pretty good. It does have Aspertame in it so I need to drink it sparingly. I'm allergic to artificial sweeteners. Aspertame is one I handle pretty well. 


    Oh wow, I didn't realize you could be allergic to artificial sweeteners.  I guess you could be allergic to anything, but that sounds awful!  


    I've had a few of the bubly flavors that are yummy.  The cherry is the best, but strawberry is good too.  I haven't tried the cranberry, so I can't vouch for that one.


    I also like the La Croix flavors where they mix two together.  They're a bit more potent.  La Croix is expensive, though.


    I sort of cut out drinking soda by accident.  Just stopped buying my caffeine free diet and didn't miss it bad enough to buy more.


    For lunch I've been trying to eat mostly fruits and veggies.  It's been about three out of the five days in the work week.  But it's a start.

  19. On 2/12/2020 at 3:52 PM, blank said:

    I love memes, especially reaction memes.


    This one is hands down my favourite.


    It is my own picture uploaded from my phone as I have this meme on a coaster that sits on my desk. 


    *LOL*  Is this from something?  Or is it just funny cause how it looks?



    On 2/15/2020 at 8:04 AM, Elgee said:


    This one's fantastic!  Hahhaahaha!

  20. Today's featured author of the JordanCon Anthology Become Legend is Vincent E.M. Thorn, with his submission entitled "The Witch Hunter."


    First, can you tell us about your writing?  Is this your first published work?

    I decided I wanted to be an author at a pretty young age, so I’m pretty excited to finally be in a position to share the fruits of that dream. My contribution to the anthology, “The Witch Hunter,” is my second published work, the first being my debut novel titled Skies of the Empire, which launched last year.


    Set in a land much like the wild west, “The Witch Hunter” is a coming of age story following a young girl named Harper, whose life is changed when the titular Witch Hunter rides into town. It was a fun challenge to write this one, which went through a couple iterations before it really came together.


    Where does your story fall on the speculative fiction scale?

    “The Witch Hunter” is pretty firmly in the Fantasy side of things, leaning hard towards High Fantasy. The titular character is going after a legitimate, magic using witch, and there’s no room ambiguity on that front. Multiple mythical creatures are treated as par-the-course, as well.


    What excited you the most with writing this story?

    There were a couple things that had me excited for this.


    From the actual writing side of it, it was the challenge. Short stories don’t come naturally to me, as I have something of a complexity addiction. I suppose that comes from the fact almost everything I read falls into the ‘epic’ category. In my original attempt to tackle this story, the scope was too large and the point of view was wrong for a short story, so retooling that was an interesting task.


    Outside the work, I was thrilled by the prospect of sharing page space with other writers I’ve met and gotten to know over the years. That’s just awesome.


    Are there any themes you want readers to get a sense of?

    There are a few themes in “The Witch Hunter,” some deliberate, some I probably wove in subconsciously. On the intentional side, two I’m particularly fond of are taking charge of your own fate, and the end of one era is the beginning of another.


    Is there a specific inspirational source you used for this story?

    There were a couple direct and indirect inspirations behind the scenes. Most prominently, I was inspired by the Witcher Saga by Andrzej Sapkowski, which also centers around a roving mercenary who fights evil through meticulous preparation and forethought. There is also a similar theme regarding the end of an era. The similar names, however, is entirely coincidental; Witchers don’t even hunt witches.


    More for setting itself, I like Weird West stories, and I’m particularly fond of R.S Belcher’s Golgotha series, and think that more fantasy needs to take advantage of just the rich potential of the old west. I mean, come on, the gunslingers and sharpshooters are the American equivalent of knights and samurai.


    Also, while I was writing, I made a historical discovery that I felt I absolutely needed to incorporate into the story: a weapon developed in 1856 called the LeMat Revolver, which was both a revolver and a shotgun. As soon as I learned that was real, there was no way I was leaving it out.


    What else would you like to say to your readers?

    I hope you all enjoy “The Witch Hunter” and the other stories in the Become Legend anthology. This has already been such a fun experience, and I’m stoked to see this book in your hands.


    Thank you, Vincent, for talking with me today.  The JordanCon 2020 anthology Become Legend is available for pre-order until March 25th.  You can purchase it on JordanCon’s website.

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