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  1. Welcome back to another exciting edition of "Meme Monday."  Today we'll look at some of the woes that plague the Dragon Reborn in his relationships.


    We covered one of the major negative impacts on Rand's girl troubles a few weeks ago.  But let's add another log to that fire.




    And still on the subject of his love interests, Rand has an awful lot to deal with to keep his sigfigs happy.




    And let's not overlook Rand's not-romantic relationships.  He is a ruler, you know.  A king.  A chief.  He makes a lot of important decisions.




    The memes this week come from Kevin O'Bryan of DMEN Designs.  If you have memes you want to share, email me at frontpage@dragonmount.com.

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  2. I wanted to take a break from our normal memes to talk about a new reader who’s taking the Wheel of Time fandom by storm.  Christopher Green started reading The Wheel of Time in January.  His father is a huge fan, and Christopher started reading after his father suggested it to him.  Around the middle of his read of The Eye of the World, Christopher began to post real time updates about his progress and his reactions on the Facebook public group Screw You All, I Love Wheel of Time.  The journey has been amazing so far, and many fans are reliving the joys of a first read through Randland.


    Some of Christopher’s first posts into The Great Hunt:



    (Alright..... how in the WORLD..... am I gonna sit down all relaxed to read this book before my wife made super sweet awesome dinner of chili.... to find in the first two chapters before dinner...... The dark one is alive and apparently regaining his physical form with like 100 darkfriends AND this [amyrlin] person the queen of the aes sedai shows up the end of chapter there isn't any messing around I hope that [amyrlin] lady helps him)



    (This is me trying [to] help rand find a way to avoid the [amyrlin] seat right now lol all the gates are barred and he can’t leave)



    (Ladies and gentleman... WE HAVE A BLADEMASTER!!! GO RAND GO)








    Christopher started using the hashtag #firstwalkthroughrandland on all his posts once his followers begged him to.  And some have even expressed their anxiety that Christopher hadn’t posted yet that day.


    And naturally, everyone is waiting with anticipation for Christopher to reach certain scenes. 



    (I can't wait till Christopher gets to the end of Fires of Heaven, and asks the biggest burning question of the series that we all fought and theorized over for years.  Who ___ed ___an?)


    And this past weekend, he finally hit the turning point for Mat.  Christopher didn’t care for Mat at first:



    (I woke up and was thinking.... that I have no idea how mat is important to the story other than comic relief and mischief? He literally got stabbed by a knife and that's it so [far]. I mean rand can channel and is the dragon, Perrin talks to wolf's and the women are aes sedai.)


    But the scene where Mat challenges Galad and Gawyn to a spar changed his mind.





    Almost everyone has been kind and considerate to Christopher, and they are going out of their way to avoid spoiling major parts later in the books.  Christopher is happy that everyone is being nice and getting such joy out of his shared experience.


    You can read with Christopher on his journey at the Screw You All, I Love Wheel of Time Facebook group!

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  3. Day 5:


    25. What is the name of the scandalous dance the Tinkers perform for Perrin?

    26. What country were Perrin and Egwene pretending to be from?

    27. How does Moiraine form a link to the three ta’veren?

    28. How does Nynaeve find the Emond Fielders in Baerlon?

    29. What’s the name of Moiraine’s horse?



    30. What name does Loial know Fal Dara as?

  4. Forgot to post yestersay’s questions!


    Day 4:

    19. How is the ferry rendered useless after the Emond Fielders pass the Taren?

    20. Why types of animals can be used to be the Dark One’s eyes?

    21. What is Rand’s first reaction to touching the True Source?

    22. What inn offers Mat and Rand help in Caemlyn?

    23. What is the name of Manetheren's last king?



    24. Who are the two Forsaken killed at the Eye reborn as later in the series? (Their new names, not old.)


  5. Puzzle 6:


    Futoshiki also known as "More or Less" is a logic puzzle with simple rules and challenging solutions.


    The rules are simple.


    You have to fill the grid with numbers so that: 
    - The numbers are from 1 to the size of the grid i.e. 1 to 5 for a 5x5 puzzle. 
    - Each row and column must contain only one instance of each number. 
    - The numbers should satisfy the comparison signs - less than or greater than. 
    - For bigger puzzles the letters (A,B,C etc.) follow after the number 9.



  6. Day 3


    13. Who was the Congar that named the Dark One?

    14. On what two festivals does Rand lay flowers on his mother’s grave?

    15. Which guardsman catches Rand in the palace gardens with Elayne?

    16. How do the Shainarans greet Loial?

    17. What area do Perrin and Egwene trek through when separated from Moiraine?


    BONUS QUESTION (worth 2 points):

    18. What is the name of the Mahdi Perrin, Egwene, and Elyas meet?

  7. Oh, it's so hard to pick!


    Nynaeve is my all time fav, and I guess she is from the Two Rivers, so that works.


    I love Nynaeve mostly because she fell in love with Lan.  *lol*  I love romance, and since they were the first on screen romance (besides the forced love between Rand and Egwene) I gravitated toward Lan and Nynaeve.  Apart from that, I love her tenacity.  Once she leaves the Two Rivers, she's scared but she never backs down.  I'm a pretty meek person, so I've always admired people who can speak their mind!

  8. Day 2:


    7. How many days did it take the Emond Fielders to reach Baerlon after crossing the Taren?

    8. What is Shaidar Logoth's real name?

    9. What stedding does Loial come from?

    10. Name two other wolves in Hopper's pack.

    11. Who rules Fal Dara Keep?


    BONUS (worth 2 points):


    12. What is the real name of the Green Man?


    (PS: I'll accept incorrect spelling as long as I can identify what you're meaning)

  9. I've been meaning to highlight this craft for awhile.  For last year's JordanCon, I was very excited to finish my sul'dam dress.  It turned out beautiful, and I adore the silver lightning bolts.  But a sul'dam without a damane isn't complete.  So, with long-time Dragonmount member Hallia as a willing participant, I got to work on crafting a damane dress.


    I started with four yards of a gray poplin folded in half.  This gave me 72 inches in height and 60 inches in length.  That's a great amount of material and the price for poplin is so reasonable!




    With simplicity in mind, I wanted to do as little cutting and sewing as possible.  I cut the arms and sides with a single cut, then cut the neckline.




    I added satin binding to the bottom hem and the sleeves.




    The neckline gave me some trouble.  I started an elastic binding, but it bunched too weird, so I switched it for a ruffle.




    And here we are at JordanCon!




    Hallia was such a good damane!  And this was such a simple project.


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