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  1. @TheShadowRises, I had the same initial reaction.  When I finished the novel I was very disappointed.  There have been some people who were less than satisfied with the ending of Brandon's "The Reckoners" series, but I thought that was a justifiable way to conclude.  Not all endings have to be epic with huge battles, etc.  This ending, however, was so, so, so upsetting I was in a daze for a few hours.  UNTIL, I saw the promise of the sixth book.  That eased my suffering greatly.  I can't wait for the final book.  I'm really looking forward to how a new narrator will tell the next set of events!

  2. I think you are right, Joshawewah.


    I love these few chapters for multiple reasons. First, is Thom. It just strikes me as comical to imagine him, all set for an uneventful Bel Tine in the Two Rivers, when all of a sudden an Aes Sedai appears. I laugh thinking of his reaction to that!


    Also, the fever dreams that Tam has are so engrossing! This is when you really get drawn in, seeing there is something deeper at work here--something besides the events on the surface.


    I love The Eye of the World! Such an amazing novel!

  3. The sewing aspect of this is easy, Kronos. It's just stright lines; nothing tricky. The hard part was cutting the strips and making them functional. Because of my awful cut job, the cloak is now frayed to the point where it's unwearable. :( So, my suggestion is to go in with a plan: either know it will take a lot of effort to hem each side of each strip, use Fray Check or some other fabric adhesive, or try another route like using store bought ribbon instead of cut fabric.

  4. Timelord, I have (tentative) plans to make a black Asha'man-like dress/coat. I saw this image that looks amazing for a female Asha'man! I'm very inspired to try to make something similar!




    Having Rand's coat would be amazing too.  (Of course, you can buy a replica if you have the money to spend...).  Do you have pictures of the angreal you made?  Did you use clay or another medium?  I'd love to have more details!


    Thank you, Mynah!  I really loved the way the dress turned out!

  5. I always thought Min knew Egwene would be Amyrlin.  The first viewing she has of Egwene, Min says, "When I look at her, I see the same as when I look at Mistress Alys. She won't refuse it" (The Eye of the World, Chapter 15, "Strangers and Friends").  The "she won't refuse it" sounds like something more to me.  I don't think you would phrase it that way if Egwene decided not to join the Aes Sedai.   Does that make sense?


    Also, she sees a white flame above Egwene (The Great Hunt, Chapter 24, "New Friends and Old Enemies").  Yet--as far as I can remember--she doesn't mention the white flame in connection to Elyane or to Nynaeve.  So, I think it would represent the Flame of Tar Valon, not necessarily just an association with the White Tower.

  6. Oh, thanks for that Jack!  My memory is fuzzy in regards to ToM and MoL. 


    So the last time they talked was during the fight against Masaana. Egwene really learned a lot from that encounter, but it would have been nice for Perrin to be able to connect with her again.  I guess, people grow and change.  Things that were once important aren't anymore.

  7. Yes, I think they do.  But I want something deeper, another connection like they had in this book.  Also, I forgot to mention it in the blog, but Brandon Sanderson has said that when he first read the series, he hoped Egwene and Perrin would get together.  I don't really see it that way; he loves her, but not romantically.  But it's interesting that others--even Brandon--can feel the emotion between these two.