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  1. It's all down to the Pattern. In The Great Hunt, Verin says, "With ta'veren, what happens is what was meant to happen. It may be the Pattern demanded these extra days. The Pattern puts everything in its place precisely, and when we try to alter it, especially if ta'veren are involved, the waving changes to put us back into the Pattern as we were meant to be." (Chapter 44, Five Will Ride Forth) If they'd tried to rescue Moiraine at any other time, the Pattern would not have accepted it. Moiraine knew this from either her trip into the ter'angreal, or from her trip into Rhuidian (sp?). I can't recall because I'm only at The Great Hunt on my reread. That was why she made Thom wait until Mat asked. She knew it was their only chance for success.
  2. MJ.... Michael Jackson? (Or would he have been too young at that point?)
  3. I did not know this! #5: Bachelor and Bobby Soxer? (My hubby told me the answer, does it still count?)
  4. Hrfanhildr, I re-did your siggy, just in case! <3 And for Kaylee....
  5. Yes! You're right! I got them confused. Alanna was with them. But I guess we don't know who the other Green sister is. Maybe Myrelle was in the area and Moraine went out to meet her somewhere in Shainar?
  6. Myrelle is one of the sisters who comes to Fal Dara with the Amyrlin. They could have chatted then. Though I doubt it because the Greens and the Blues are fighting (Greens have been backing the Reds in the Hall). Or maybe Moraine was sneaky enough to meet Myrelle in secret, then. But there definitely wasn't enough time for Moraine to go to Tar Valon. The Amyrlin's party traveled nearly a month, and that was with the ship and calling on the winds to speed them up. I may have to email Maria Simons and see what she knows! It's gonna bug me!
  7. A good way to look at a lot of experiences in life, I think. Yes, this is true, too! She grows a ton over the few hours she's in the labyrinth, as shown by how she begins to pack up her toys and books and plays when she's back in the real world. I also love this idea, that the bad things that happen can be what brings us to salvation in the end. It kinda ties in with the Tao Te Ching, where it talks about negative space is just as important as positive space. You need both in balance to have a happy life.
  8. I didn't know any of those facts! Not Henson specifically, but I do remember hearing about Frank Oz and his feud with Marlon Brando. Apparently, Brando didn't want to take directions from a man who voiced a puppet pig. *lol*
  9. 5 times? Also: This counts as a swear word at JordanCon.....
  10. Good job, Cross! What program did you use to draw the line? I want to try the next one!
  11. That's true. I'm re-reading The Great Hunt and it's funny how many times the destination they're going to changes. SO many different things change as Rand, Mat, and Perrin keep growing and becoming more ta'veren. Excellent point! I always fantasized about how The Little Mermaid would have gone if she'd listened to her father and stopped thinking about the human world. Probably be a very boring movie. *lol*
  12. Unfortunately, it's not on Netflix. :( You may be able to rent it on Amazon Prime or Hulu or Vudu.
  13. If you want to try again, go ahead! But just in case, here's your siggy!
  14. Going on now in Tar Valon, we are talking about the movie Labyrinth (starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly). We have games, discussions, and character quizzes! Come play and have fun with us!
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