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  1. [GotAK] Guess the Animal

    That was a lot of fun! Thanks, James!
  2. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Here’s a hint: it’s not a monkey.
  3. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    HA! Sorry my drawing was so bad you couldn't even recognize your own pet.... The next one is:
  4. [GotAK] Dogs

    It's pretty easy to read my doggies' body language. They both have quirks that let me know what it is they need. My girl, Friday, will bob her head up and down when she wants to go to the bathroom outside. My boy, Mr. Smith, will lick the inside of his leg if he's agitated. I can tell what they need 90% of the time. Plus, they're predictable.
  5. [GotAK] Animal Bingo

    *LOL* I didn't even have this one, and I wish I did!
  6. Join the ACW Tuatha'an Camp

    Oooooh! Thanks, @haycraftd! I'll take a look at this over the weekend and give it a try!
  7. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Correct! (Though it is hard to tell...) @Chaelca, are you up for drawing another round?
  8. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Sorry, @Ryrin! Not a duck. *lol* This is not the best drawing....
  9. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Correct again, @LilyElizabeth! Next is:
  10. [GotAK] Animal Bingo

    I'm doing so poorly. :'(
  11. [GotAK] Guess the Animal

    13. Mole 14. Seal 15. Frog?
  12. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Thanks, Chae! <3
  13. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

  14. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Yes, @LilyElizabeth, it was a raccoon! (Sorry for the delay! Yesterday was the last day of school and I was swamped!) Next one in a second.... I need to switch over to mobile.
  15. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Yes, @LilyElizabeth! Next one (back to finger drawings...)
  16. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Yay! It is a ducking! Next one:
  17. [GotAK] Animal Personifications

    What about "dangerous as alligators," or as Brandon Sanderson says in Steelheart:
  18. [GotAK] Guess the Animal

    Of course, it might be a cow.....
  19. [GotAK] Guess the Animal

    I changed my answer! Next time I'm not putting mine down first.
  20. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

  21. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    @JamesBrown..... *LOL* And yes, it's a seahorse. Wow! My drawing skills are pretty good! *lol* Okay, let's try this one, a bit more difficult...
  22. [GotAK] Guess the Animal

    Oh, yeah! That totally looks like a horse eye now. Look at those lashes! Good call, Ry!
  23. [GotAK] Animal Bingo

    I've only got 5 so far. ୧( ಠ Д ಠ )୨
  24. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Yes! *lol* I’m drawing with my finger in the You Doodle app on my phone.... Next is:
  25. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    *lol* Elephant is correct, @JamesBrown! Try this one!