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  1. NaNoWriMo

    Yay, Sakaea! Congrats on trying your first NaNo! We'll give you the help you need, if you need it, when the time comes.
  2. Does Nintendo Make Anyone Else Mad?

    I would probably buy any and all of those games. I just don't understand why it takes so long to get the games out. I know it's only been a year since Skyward Sword, but it seems like forever! Why haven't they released one for the 3DS yet? Spirit Tracks was in 2009! That's forever ago! I agree with Red that Zelda tactics might not be the best, but I'd still buy it.
  3. For all those interested, come join in the discussions on the NaNo board. We've already got threads going for planning and setting up writing buddies. For the weeks leading up to November, there'll be special writing tips and topics, aimed to help people who lack motivation, need help with their plot or characters, or who just want to talk about their ideas and get feedback. Once NaNo starts, we'll have help, or kicks in the pants, for anyone who needs it! ~Mashiara
  4. WoT If...Myrddraal Use the True Power?

    Fades don't have eyes, but they still see. I think they can control vermin, the same as Graendal does. The quote about controlling vermin, implies that it requires the True Power. In the time when the Forsaken were still locked up--early in The Eye of the World, for instance--who is channeling the True Power onto the rats, ravens, etc? I would have to be Myrddraal, I think. No one else should have access to it, since it's reserved for the Forsaken only.
  5. WoT If...Myrddraal Use the True Power?

    I don't think it's farfetched to think that Lan doesn't know the inner workings of Shadowspawn. He can believe the vermin have to report to a Fade all he wants; that doesn't make it true.
  6. I've gone to three NaNo regional events, all of which featured published authors. They were fantastic! One event was a critique group where the author--Donna Hatch--looked at the first ten pages of our novel. Really good feedback there! The other two were seminar type events; one on dialogue and one on character development. I would definitely suggest getting involved with your region! There's so much help out there when you need it!
  7. Hi Claire! I've done NaNo twice (and won!) and tried to do one session of Camp NaNo this past summer (and failed). I think you're off to a good start being so prepared. For the times I've won, I've had detailed outlines of what I'm writing, down to which character's POV the scene is in. This summer, I winged it. Bad idea. :( When I get a minute to sit down and look, I'll go through your synopsis and give you some feedback. I'll probably give it a shot in November... but I'm not expecting to win this year. Too many RL things going on. But I'll try! When you sign up, let me know and I'll add you as a buddy! ~Mashiara
  8. Introducing VERITAS, the White Ajah's monthly newsletter! This month's edition includes an interview with Dwynwen, Dragonmount Administrator and White Sitter, a look at philosophical Taoism, a recap of our monthly discussion, and coverage of all the Ajah's summer events! Come check it out here!
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  15. Heart's Nature Photos

    Those are FANTASTIC, Heart! I've always, always wanted to be a nature photographer. I think you just inspired me to try my hand at it, too! Is #121 a wild rabbit? It looks so cute! I think #204 is my favorite. Just beautiful! The lightning in #281 is awesome! Can I use some of these images for siggie-type backgrounds?
  16. Fan Art Friday: Hiding in Plain Sight (Part 3 of 3)

    I agree. The Steel Inquisitor looks awesome! It's a really great use of black and white (as well as the one of Rand). I love the detail, like Rand's little fat man angreal, and Callandor too. Though my favorite is chibi-Lan and Mandarb! Too cute!
  17. WoT If…Dark Prophecy Points Out Darkfriends?

    I like that. The only problem is Lan's House sign in a Crane, not a Wolf. I don't think he has any connection to wolves, in general. But I love the parallel of "Death" from the Bond breaking. He was near the brink, for sure, until Nynaeve's love brought him back. And, if Lan dies at Tarwin's Gap, like many people believe, it would definitely shake the will of men. He is a symbol of hope, even to those not in the Borderlands. (But I personally don't think he'll die; more on this in a few weeks.)
  18. WoT If…Dark Prophecy Points Out Darkfriends?

    Can't be Egwene: "...and the First Among Vermin lifts his hand..."
  19. WoT If…Dark Prophecy Points Out Darkfriends?

    Fain did write that part about meeting on Tomen Head, but only after he interrogated the myrddraal to get the info (at least that's my understanding of it based on that interview).
  20. WoT If…Dark Prophecy Points Out Darkfriends?

    But why call the Dark One "Him who will Destroy"? So far in the prophecy, he's refered to as "the Great Lord" and "Glorious One" (or something like that). Wouldn't they stick to one theme with names for him?
  21. Good catch, Marsh! I completely missed that aspect!
  22. WoT If…Dark Prophecy Points Out Darkfriends?

    One thing I didn't include was this quotefrom Brandon about the possible fight between Light and Shadow prophecy: So, that means the Foretelling--unlike Dreaming--will come true. It's only the different, or twisted, perspective of the Shadow that makes it so ambiguous.
  23. I agree; the current Aes Sedai do have their focus on the Last Battle. But, in the Age of Legends, Aes Sedai gained their third name by community service and their helping capabilities. I feel the Aes Sedai of the present would balk at doing menial talks like controlling the weather, etc. I think the Kin will be the new group that will help the common man, since Aes Sedai consider themselves higher, or better, than everone around them.
  24. Hi. First project

    Wow, that's really cool! For what purpose did you make it?
  25. Demandred Revealed!!!

    Is it possible that Taim remembers a few fragments from his past life? Graendal says Rand has a connection to his past because of the taint; Taim's been channeling longer than Rand, and probably only recently got the DO's protection from it. Perhaps he talks that way because of memories.