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  1. Fan Art Friday: Hiding in Plain Sight (Part 3 of 3)

    I agree. The Steel Inquisitor looks awesome! It's a really great use of black and white (as well as the one of Rand). I love the detail, like Rand's little fat man angreal, and Callandor too. Though my favorite is chibi-Lan and Mandarb! Too cute!
  2. WoT If…Dark Prophecy Points Out Darkfriends?

    I like that. The only problem is Lan's House sign in a Crane, not a Wolf. I don't think he has any connection to wolves, in general. But I love the parallel of "Death" from the Bond breaking. He was near the brink, for sure, until Nynaeve's love brought him back. And, if Lan dies at Tarwin's Gap, like many people believe, it would definitely shake the will of men. He is a symbol of hope, even to those not in the Borderlands. (But I personally don't think he'll die; more on this in a few weeks.)
  3. WoT If…Dark Prophecy Points Out Darkfriends?

    Can't be Egwene: "...and the First Among Vermin lifts his hand..."
  4. WoT If…Dark Prophecy Points Out Darkfriends?

    Fain did write that part about meeting on Tomen Head, but only after he interrogated the myrddraal to get the info (at least that's my understanding of it based on that interview).
  5. WoT If…Dark Prophecy Points Out Darkfriends?

    But why call the Dark One "Him who will Destroy"? So far in the prophecy, he's refered to as "the Great Lord" and "Glorious One" (or something like that). Wouldn't they stick to one theme with names for him?
  6. Good catch, Marsh! I completely missed that aspect!
  7. WoT If…Dark Prophecy Points Out Darkfriends?

    One thing I didn't include was this quotefrom Brandon about the possible fight between Light and Shadow prophecy: So, that means the Foretelling--unlike Dreaming--will come true. It's only the different, or twisted, perspective of the Shadow that makes it so ambiguous.
  8. I agree; the current Aes Sedai do have their focus on the Last Battle. But, in the Age of Legends, Aes Sedai gained their third name by community service and their helping capabilities. I feel the Aes Sedai of the present would balk at doing menial talks like controlling the weather, etc. I think the Kin will be the new group that will help the common man, since Aes Sedai consider themselves higher, or better, than everone around them.
  9. Hi. First project

    Wow, that's really cool! For what purpose did you make it?
  10. Demandred Revealed!!!

    Is it possible that Taim remembers a few fragments from his past life? Graendal says Rand has a connection to his past because of the taint; Taim's been channeling longer than Rand, and probably only recently got the DO's protection from it. Perhaps he talks that way because of memories.
  11. Spoiler Prologue Poll: Talmanes

    I agree. As much as I want Talmanes to live (because he really is awesome!), I'd rather him die than someone I like more (like Lan). He's important enough, and a big enough name, to count as being a major character, I think.
  12. Fan Art Friday: Hiding in Plain Sight (Part 2 of 3)

    I think the one of Moiraine is awesome. Very cool lines and use of dark colors! Metal Head, this isn't the theory blog. :P But I agree with you.
  13. Happy Birthday Dragonmount!

    Happy birthday, Dragonmount! I've been around since nearly the beginning! It's been a great fourteen years!
  14. Use of flashback...

    Everything you said makes sense, Barid. Of course, I'm not an international bestseller, either. :) I think flashbacks work differently in different genres. For example, literary fiction can be so... unruly... that flashbacks occur within the story with no indication that it's a flashback. (In my honest opinion, I think anything goes in literary fiction.) But, for fantasy/sci-fi type novels, you need to be a little more clear. When Mat remembers Birgitte and blowing the Horn of Valere (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 21, "Swovan Night"), the whole paragraph of his memory is in italics. It sets it apart from the other prose, letting us know that it's something different. Personally, I think this tactic is easier for the readers to understand, and you want your writing to be as clear as possible.
  15. WoT If…Padan Fain Makes Tarmon Gai'don the Last Battle?

    Millon, I was under the assumption that Machin Shin was a product of the taint on saidin, therefore, it's part of the Shadow. That's something that sounds interesting, so I might look into it further. Elder Haman, I think the Power will be lost eventually (see my post about the sul'dam and damane relationship), but not right after the Last Battle. Looking at prophecies and Foretellings, the White Tower still exists after the battle is complete. There wouldn't be a White Tower if the Power completely disappeared. 78Warlock, I thought it was pretty clear that the oddity of Aviendha's babies is that they touch the True Source at all times--even when asleep.
  16. I found this T-shirt website (Busted Tees) last week because it has a shirt with Bulbasaur on it (which I had to order!). But, the geekery doesn't end there! I thought I'd share some of the cuter ones because we are all nerdy. Lord of the Rings and Monopoly crossover Harry Potter Mario and Dr. Who crossover Zelda Mario and Yoshi Song of Ice and Fire ~Mashiara :P
  17. I wonder what I did wrong? Did I break Google?
  18. That's really cool, in theory. I just tried to google that pic of Rand and Ba'alzamon and it didn't pull anything up...
  19. WoT If…Perrin Went Against the Pattern?

    Hello, everyone. Welcome back to "WoT If?". Sorry to keep you in suspense for a week over what topic we would be discussing. This time, I want to look at one specific scene in The Shadow Rising and examine why Perrin finds it so difficult to leave the Stone of Tear. As always: Spoiler warning! This will include content from many books in the series, including Towers of Midnight, and speculation about A Memory of Light. Please read at your own risk. We all know that the Pattern swirls around our three ta'veren, but it's also true that the Pattern forces them to do its bidding. Loial is the one who brings this up the most: And even Hawkwing himself speaks of the Pattern's demands: So, if the Pattern—or more specifically, the Wheel—is deciding who goes where and who does what, why does Perrin have trouble leaving the Stone of Tear? We know he had to go back home, to become Lord of the Two Rivers, to marry Faile, etc. Why is there this conflict of interest? Let's look at the scene in The Shadow Rising. Perrin assumes he is unable to leave because of the pull of Rand, ta'veren to ta'veren. But how does he come to this conclusion? When it is time for Mat to leave—after the victory in Cairhien—he does so with no problem. Also, after Perrin is reunited with Rand and leaves again, there is no resistance. This seems to be an isolated incident. There's no doubt the ta'veren are drawn to one another, especially when one of them is in need. For example: After things settle in the Two Rivers, Perrin feels the tugging. He knows Rand needs him, and he does. Right after they reunite, Rand is kidnapped by the Tower Aes Sedai and Perrin is the one who leads the rescue mission. However, this tugging is not the same one Perrin felt at the Stone. At the Stone, the pull seemed almost violent. Perrin physically struggled to get away from its grasp. In the Two Rivers, it's calmer, a sensation of nagging, a slight tickle. Notice Perrin doesn't jump on his horse in quick motions and run as fast as he can, as he did in Tear. His voice is "sad" rather than frantic. To me, this shows that the tugging in Tear was something of an anomaly, and that makes me wonder why. I can only see two different reasons why there is such a pull. First, Perrin believes in it. He assumes it is the pull of ta'veren, but that doesn't mean it's true. The whole thing could be in his head, due to his strong sense of duty. He, unlike Mat, recognizes his role in Rand's life, but still wants to go home to save his family, if he can. When he and Mat discuss going home, Perrin acknowledges that he is straying from his duty to Rand: Notice how Mat isn't able to say he'd go. If Perrin can plan, and Mat cannot, it seems the Pattern is okay with Perrin making the trip, or else he'd be in the same boat as Mat. So, the Pattern is fine with it, Rand's thread is fine with it, and it's only Perrin's disappointment in running that holds him back. The second reason, which is a stretch, I'll admit, is interference by the Dark One or the Forsaken. We know Lanfear was wandering around the Stone the previous night. We know she visited Perrin in his dreams (The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 4, "Shadows Sleeping"). It's possible that she used Compulsion on him, to make him stay. Mat does hear from the Aelfinn that he will be killed by "those who do not want that fate fulfilled" (The Shadow Rising, Chapter 15, "Into the Doorway") if he doesn't go to Rhuidean. Perhaps Perrin would suffer the same fate if he didn't go back to Emond's Field? And at this point, the Dark One does want all of them dead. On a side note, after Perrin being tugged to Rand during Lord of Chaos, I can only recall two times when the ta'veren pull comes into play. And both of them are in regards to Mat pulling someone he needs. First is Talmanes: And later, in The Gathering Storm, the Pattern forces Verin into Mat's path: All this ta'veren tugging seems random and inconsistent, to me. Why is the pull so strong in Tear? Why does the sensation get milder as the series continues? Perhaps their urgency to be together decreases with the ability to see what the others are doing? There is a spike in the swirling colors in the last few books, so maybe. That's all for this week. I'd really love comments about things I've missed or overlooked in relation to the ta'veren tug. Next week, as Metal Head requested, we'll take a closer look at Padan Fain and his role in the rest of the series.
  20. WoT If…Perrin Went Against the Pattern?

    Thanks guys! I was a bit hesitant to take over after Despothera because he did set the bar so high. I'm glad I'm at least keeping up! Dudley, I like that theory. We do know that Dark Prophecy, like the Light Prophecy, doesn't always come true. It could be based on a different weaving of the Pattern. Interesting!
  21. WoT If…Perrin Went Against the Pattern?

    Thanks, Gwenifer! :) Metal Head does have good points. But if the Pattern would accept either decision from Perrin, that brings up an interesting line of speculation. What would have changed--I mean drastic things--if Perrin had gone to the Waste instead of back home? His family was already dead, so he wasn't really needed to save them. That wouldn't have changed. The Whitecloaks would have helped the Two Rivers folk from the Trollocs, eventually. The Whitecloaks are messed up--most of them--but they do fight for the Light--most of them. So, the Two Rivers could have been saved, I think, if Perrin hadn't gone. He still would have had Faile following him. No change there. Lord of the Two Rivers... I think that plays an important part in Perrin's storyline throughout the rest of the series. I also think there will be a great reason for him joining with Galad's Whitecloaks. Perrin's own ta'veren tug pulled the Whitecloaks to him. I think they'll be needed. ... However, he could have had Rand send him back to the Two Rivers at another time, to check on things. He could have become their Lord then. All the rest would follow after that. So maybe things could have still worked out if Perrin went to the Waste.
  22. WoT If…Perrin Went Against the Pattern?

    I've heard that many things within the series will be left unanswered. I think we'll still have plenty to theorize about after A Memory of Light.
  23. WoT If…the Glass Column Ter'angreal Lied?

    Since the ter'angreal was made specifically to show the Aiel their past, I don't think it was made in the Age of Legends. I think it's more likely the elderly Aes Sedai shown in Rhuidean were the ones who created it. The whole point of it was to show the Aiel their forgotten roots since someone who wasn't Aiel wouldn't see anything if they went inside--said Robert Jordan in the interview quoted. When Rand had his epiphany, he realized he had a second chance. I don't necessarily think that means the future--especially things we know are set in stone--can be changed. He just realized there was a reason to try his hardest, to try and right the wrongs he caused in the past. Whatever happens, he has love, and that's enough to get him through the rough times.
  24. Crafters Event: Modern Day Ter'angreals Sign-ups

    Ohhh. This sounds fun. What is it, exactly? Another Mafia game? Or something where we make crafty-ter'angreal type stuff?