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  1. A question from TGH

    It might be a mistake, but I think we need to remember that Moiraine knows A LOT more than we think she does. When she goes into the rings at Rhuidean, she says some things she knew already. She's emersed herself in the Prophecies of the Dragon, went into the doorway ter'angreal in Tear, and went into the rings in Rhuidean, there are (I'm sure) countless other things Moiraine had researched and/or gathered in the 20+ years she searched for Rand. I think it is a fault of the reader to assume Moiraine (or any character) only knows what we see them learn. ~Mashiara
  2. A couple thoughts on Rand's death

    *goggles* That was very well thought out Luckers and very nicely written. I am very impressed with you and that whole explination. Good job! ~Mashi
  3. Siuan's Talent for seeing ta'veren

    I agree that the definition of Talent is a little confusing. I tihnk a Talent is something that cannot be taught, you just can do it. Like Elayne with making ter'angreal. I don't think any Aes Sedai, even the strongest, could do it unless they had the Talent. Traveling shouldn't be a Talent... any Aes Sedai could channel, and if they are not strong enought, then two can link to form the gateway. I'd list Nynaeve's listening to the wind as a Talent. Fortelling and Dreaming too, of course. The making of cuendillar and angreals. Seeing ta'veren. I might be missing a few, but I can't think of any more. I think most everything else can be taught so should not be listed as a Talent. ~Mashiara
  4. Siuan's Talent for seeing ta'veren

    I think that while some of the "major characters" may have thick threads in the weave of the Pattern, they aren't ta'veren. They might have more influence or better luck, but that's just because they are important threads. If every other person started being ta'veren, then the whole point of them would become useless. Ta'veren are rare and special. The fact that there are three at once is unheard of. To add more to that would just be strange and probably make the Pattern fall apart. I think RJ just said that to get us arguing amongst ourselves. Can you have a Talent and realize you have it, without actually using it? I mean, what if Suian could tell she could see ta'veren without really seeing one. She's barely over 40 years old (right?). I'm not sure that a ta'veren would have been around in her lifetime other than the three. ~Mashiara
  5. A couple thoughts on Rand's death

    Hi MatsLuck! Welcome! That's a great thought, about Rand dying and him coming back from the call of the Horn. That would be very unexpected and thrilling if it happened in that way. I'm not too sure how I think Rand will die. Alivia will help him... so that leads me to think that it'll be more a self-sacrifice. Other than that, I have no thoughts one way or another. There are just too many possibilities. On the subject of Rand's death however... I see two ways it could happen: 1. Nynaeve Heals death. It could happen. 2. The Creator finally takes part in the world and brings back his soul, like the Dark One does with the Forsaken. Also, on another side note, I like how you point out that Mat sounds the Horn. It seems like most people forget that he is the Hornsounder. Many think he'll be in charge of the armies against the Shadow, but I think his main role will be to sound the Horn. I think Rand will need the other ta'veren by his side to pull the threads of chance and luck around them. If they're off the Light knows where, the pattern won't swirl the way it's supposed to. They all need to be together. ~Mashiara
  6. Siuan's Talent for seeing ta'veren

    For a hypothetical example: Say Elayne were stilled then Healed by a woman. Her power drops to... does it ever say exactly what the ratio is? I'm going to assume for my purposes that it drops her down to half of what she was. With her new strength can she made the angreal that she was able to do before? It seems like that Talent would be linked to her strength in the OP. If she can't handle enough of the Power, she can't make all the flows, hence she looses the Talent. Does that make sense, or am I over analyzing? ~Mashiara
  7. Early book Oddities

    Some other things I realized--not so much in the earlier books--was when I reread The Fires of Heaven. I might have an earlier copy of the book and I think they fix a few of the mistakes on the reprints, but I'm not sure if these have been fixed or not... P. 351, Morgase it thinking about her time in the White Tower and that she wasn't given the Aes Sedai ring until after she took the throne. Here is the direct passage: She had not earned that, precisely; women who could not channel were not awarded the ring. We know from later instances that Mogase CAN channel, but only just barely. Here, she is saying that she cannot channel at all. Also P. 453 Siuan thinks about how she has been stilled: Siuan told herself that she did not envy these women their ability to channel... but she did envy the way none of them perspired. Her own face was quite damp. Later on, P. 878, Asmodean tells Rand that the ability to keep from sweating is: ... a trick of the mind, he claimed, not the power. Nynaeve and Elayne are also taught that it's a matter of concentration more than anything when they learn the trick as well later on. The contradiction to it is right in the same book. It seems like a very serious mistake. ~Mashiara
  8. My theory on Rand dying

    I might be reading too much into it, but what else could be called the “Great Battle” but Tarmon Gai’don? The point of TG is to reseal the Dark One’s prison. Even if the Light is victorious, that doesn’t mean the Shadow is eradicated. In a victory for the Light, the Dark One will be resealed. However, many of the Forsaken, Dreadlords, Darkfriends, and Shadowspawn will still survive the Last Battle. Just because the Dark One isn’t free doesn’t mean the Shadow is non-existent or suddenly extinct. As for “the world not done with battle” even if, as we assume, Rand wins there will still be so much fighting. Against the remaining Forsaken and Shadowspawn, warring nations (Tear and Illian for example will never stop fighting), the Seanchan, even Aes Sedai against Asha’man. Peace will not be instantaneous, if it comes at all in the next Age. All these groups might ban together to fight a greater evil, but with that threat gone, they will return to killing each other. The world can still “teeter on the edge of a blade” even with the Dark One’s touch not affecting the world. And if the Great Battle is done, and Rand is with his three girls—unless they all die—I’m assuming he lives. Plus he’s called “he who is dead yet lives.” I don’t see how that can be argued. ~Mashiara
  9. My theory on Moiraine

    Holy heck! That is an awesome thought! I never would have put a connection to Moiraine and the Horn. Not only did she find the Dragon Reborn, but she's done lots of other marvels, including "killing" Lanfear. She's already a legend among the other Aes Sedai. I could definitly see her being bound to the Horn. However, I really do think Mat, with Thom and Noal, will rescue her from the A/Eelfinn. There has been too much foreshadowing to such an event that it will have to happen. ~Mashiara
  10. My theory on Rand dying

    We are told in tSR that Rand's real mother--Tigraine/Shaiel--and his real father--Janduin--were both already dead. Shaiel died giving birth, obviously, while Janduin was killed by Slayer. Janduin's mother or father may be alive, also Galad is a blood relative of Rand (his half brother) so there may be something along those lines of his family tree. But it is stated that both his parents are dead. I definitly agree with you about Lews Therin dying; it's a very good theory. The best proof I know of Rand surviving the last battle is Nicola's fortelling: "The lion sword, the dedicated spear, she who sees beyond. Three on the boat, and he who is dead yet lives. The great battle done, but the world not done with battle. The land divided by the return, and the guardians balance the servants. The future teeters on the edge of a blade." I think this shows that the "great battle" is done, which I would think means Tarmon Gai'don; if Rand and his three girls are on a boat after Tarmon Gai'don, he must live through it. On the topic of Semirhage, one of the later podcasts (the Forsaken revisited, I think) goes into great depths about what her motives are for being captured. I think I agree with Virginia who said she was just cocky and never even thought that someone of this day and age could beat her. I really don't think she'd come back to the Light. ~Mashiara
  11. When Mat goes into the ter'angreal in the Stone of Tear (tSR P. 252), after Mat asks his first question, the Aelfinns' "eyes lifted from him--reluctantly, it seemed--and studied the air above his head." That sounds very much like what Min does when she "sees" people. Could her ability to see the pattern have anything to do with the Aelfinn? Also (p 255) when Rand emerges from the doorframe with "that fiery sword in his hands." He's channelling while exiting the ter'angreal. When Moiraine and Lanfear go through the other while channelling, they are both stilled and the doorframe melts. How does this make sense? ~Mashiara