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  1. What about Ituralde? He was known as the "Little Wolf," wasn't he? ~Mashiara
  2. In regards to the Borderlander army, I don't think it was *completely* stupid for them to leave their lands because of the prophecy. It's more or less the same thing the wolves said. The Last Hunt comes, or it doesn't. Rand was in such a bad place that he couldn't have fought the Last Battle like that. It was up to the Borderlanders to kill him if he didn't answer the question. If there was no chance of Rand winning--cause he was so far from the Light--it would be better for the world if he didn't fight at all. So while I agree that it wasn't the smartest thing to do, leave their countries in this time of need, I can understand what the Pattern was after. Also, I never thought of it until Virginia spoke of one of Rand and Aviendha's children having dark hair. One of the popular theories is that Rand and Moridin will have a body swap. Perhaps Aviendha's children will be from Moridin's body, after Rand's soul is living in it. Just a thought... ~Mashiara
  3. That's funny... in the smaller pic, it does look like a flame wolf, but in the larger a flame dragon. This representation of the forging of Mah'alleinir is very good. I particularly like the glow in Perrin's eyes. Is it from the fire or just his golden tint? I'm continually impressed by how many awesome WoT artists there are out there.
  4. I think it's "Three on the boat with he who is dead yet lives." So there will be four total. I don't see anything tragic happening to any of Rand's girls. ~Mashiara
  5. I think the thing about Taim is that he has been changed with a 13x13 combination. That's the reason Bashere didn't recognize him, the same way Androl said there was something off about one of the other Asha'man, the one that used to be loyal to Logain, but now is loyal to Taim. I think it's part of sensing the Dark One's touch. Rand, with his new insight, is able to tell from someones eyes if they are a darkfriend. With the 13x13 it seems that the DO's touch is a bit more obvious and others can tell. ~Mashiara
  6. I'm a HUGE fan of Lan (hence my name: Mashiara). One of the things I like in Lan and Moiraine's relationship is when Moiraine starts to get jealous over Nynaeve. She claims she never felt jealousy over others who have shared his bed, but Nynaeve has laid claims to his heart and even he didn't realize it yet. I think this shows that she is very emotionally attached to Lan, though she isn't very good about showing it. One of my favorite Lan scenes is when Nynaeve tricks him into going to Saldaea instead of Shienar. Very clever on her part, and silly of him to not suspect it of her. I also wonder about how Lan states in ToM that he hardly feels anything through the bond because he was trying to ignore it for so long. Did he fuzz it often when he was with Moiraine, or only since Myrelle took it? ~Mashiara
  7. I'm surprised there wasn't more speculation over the closing prophecy... One thought I had, with Spencer bringing up the possibility of Rand fighting part of the Last Battle in Tel'aran'rhiod, is that if it happened like that, maybe it would be like the end of Matrix. If Rand is fighting in TAR, and dies there, well, we know that death in TAR is death in life. However, what if at his body in the real world, someone could bring him back, Nynaeve Healing him or what not. I'm not sure if I think part of Tarmon Gai'don will happen in TAR, but it's an interesting concept. ~Mashiara
  8. I would have to think that Mat would be the major influence on getting the Seanchan to forge an alliance with Rand. In Egwene's Dream, Rand confronts her and the WT and one of the women was Seanchan, but it's stated at the end of tGS that Egwene plans to train the sul'dam and damane as Aes Sedai, so eventually there will be a Seanchan Aes Sedai. The Dream she had of a Seanchan woman helping her to the top of a cliff, I think, will be Egeanin. She's heading for the Tower and can help give insight to the Empire. The WT and the Seanchan will probably have to forge an alliance at some point, but Mat's relationship to Tuon will be the most helpful in that. ~Mashiara
  9. Is it just me, or did Spencer disappear throughout most of the episode? I think I only heard him make two comments, besides the opening greeting and the closing "may you find water and shade"...
  10. This might seem a bit off topic, but I thought it was one of the funniest things I've read in a Brandon Sanderson book. In the latest Alcatraz novel there's a Asmodean reference. Alcatraz, the hero, is thinking of the bad things his mother has done so far: "I hadn't forgotten how she'd give Himalaya up to be execute, nor how she'd sold me--her own son--to Blackburn, the one-eyed Dark Oculator. Or how she killed Asmodean. (Okay, she didn't really do that last one, but I wouldn't put it past her.)" When I first read it I laughed SO hard. Brandon is so clever. ~Mashiara
  11. Maybe I'm mistaken here, but when Alan said that in the interview, wasn't he joking? ~Mashiara
  12. I agree. Also, I think that since they stopped using it, they could easily forget it. The weave for a gateway is very, very complex, and if not practiced I could see people not remembering exactly how the weave went. ~Mashiara
  13. I had a completely different take on who could have been playing Rand in Masema’s visions. It makes more sense if it were Taim, not Demandred, impersonating Rand. The reason I say this is two-fold. 1. Remember Egwene’s Dream (ACoS Chapter 10) where Logain, laughing, steps over “Rand’s” body onto a black platform, and when she touches his face, he dissolves? From that, I’d say that someone is impersonating Rand, and it is that other person that Logain steps over. Of course, we all know that it’s going to come down to a Logain/Taim duel sometime soon, so if Logain’s stepping over anyone’s body, it’ll be Taim. 2. Remember the Black Ajah plot to set Taim up as a fake Rand al’Thor (tSR Chapter 5)? Joiya and Amico are questions and Joiya—the one who wasn’t stilled—says that Liandrin means to kidnap Taim and set him up as a false Rand. I think I remember that one of the Oaths the Black Sisters swear is that they cannot compromise any current BA events. From that maybe we can take the line of thought that Joiya was lying about who was going to kidnap Taim, or perhaps she could talk about it because it had already happened. If so, Taim wasn’t set up as Rand yet—unless he’s the one impersonating him to Masema—however, he does act in Rand’s name. Since Taim might be impersonating “Rand,” Logain can walk over his body and reclaim the Black Tower. ~Mashiara
  14. Virginia mentioned in one of the episodes of tGS recap that she wanted an input on what would happen if you balefired someone who balefired you… I think it would be physically impossible to balefire someone who is balefiring you. If you are aiming balefire at someone, while they are aiming at you, the streams of balefire would hit each other, resulting in an explosion or a Moridin/Rand connection thingy. Now, if you aimed at their head, while they aimed at your feet, I still don’t think you could balefire at the same moment. One of the streams would hit before the other, even if only a millisecond sooner, and it would erase that person, and their balefire (shot at you) would be erased as well. That, however, brings up the question of if the balefire hits your feet, does it just erase your feet, or does it kill you? I’d assume if balefire hit any part of you, you’re toast.
  15. Looks like it was a lot of fun. I wish there was a signing closer to me this year. It would have been neat to meet Harriet. The pictures at this event looked amazing! Who ever took them is incredible!
  16. Even though it has been diluted over a couple thousand years, the Tinkers still have Aiel blood in them. I think they will aid by Singing, like when the group of Aiel stood up to the crazy male Aes Sedai in Rand's ancestor's memory. ~Mashiara
  17. It had been awhile since I read New Spring, and so I had forgotten that Moiraine and Siuan both feel a tingle when the other channels. This is only mentioned once or twice in the book, and they say it is quite common for novices to feel a tingle when someone they spend a lot of time around channels; it goes away after awhile, but Siuan states that it never did with her and Moiraine. We've only seen Moiraine and Siuan together once in all the books (tGH when they confront Rand and talk with Verin) and it wasn't mentioned there. However, if it didn't go away by the time it was supposed to, does it still continue presently? I wonder if that could be the way they know for sure that it really is Moiraine who came back from the Finns, not someone in her body or someone who looks like her. ~Mashiara
  18. Wasn't the rotting (in the Portal Stone worlds) due to the fact that he had to learn to channel on his own and wasn't able to control it? I remember when Moiraine is telling Nynaeve (in EotW) about when 3 out of 4 women who have the spark die without training, one of the things that happens before they die is their body rots. I think in different realities, Rand wasn't able to teach himself, so his body starts to rot... in one of the other worlds, he gets horrible headaches. I think all are symptoms of unsuccessfully learning to channel. I don't think it has anything to do with the taint. ~Mashiara
  19. Hi RTGally! It's great to have you on this forum! As for Ishamael, I think he was always in line to be Ne'blis. His attitude and actions throughout the first few books point to him being higher than the other Forsaken. Was he really? Technically? Probably not. But he was in his own head and since the Dark One is very fond of ambition, Ishamael had to be one of his favorites. Many say he was already insane and that was why he was impersinating the Dark One. But my guess is that he is the Dark One's champion, just as Rand is the Creator's. ~Mashiara
  20. But did Verin tell Mat to wait the 10 days because she said some secrets in the letter that she couldn't until "her final hour?" Or is there another point to her making him wait at least 10 days? Verin has A LOT of info in her head and I'm sure the letters are passing along info. She gave Egwene the BA names because that was what Egwene needed from her. I still think Verin is the one who knows where the Horn of Valere is (Siuan couldn't have been dumb enough to leave it in the Tower). Also, she seems to know more about anything (or everything) than any other character. I know we had that clue that she was Black, but I really didn't expect her to be. I was SO shocked! I was even more shocked by Sheriam. Of course, we had clues about that too. The rest of list just made my eyes goggle. It was a very great part of the book. ~Mashiara
  21. I say the longer the better. I could sit and listen for 3-4 hours+ if they made them that long. I'm going to disagree with jemron and say I think the podcast is better without the segments. They were silly sometimes, but I like just the staight-out discussion because it's so thought provoking. I get so many ideas it seems so much better than having it broken up with other random stuff. ~Mashiara
  22. My sister made me read it the first time. I started reading the prologue and must have stuck my bookmark farther back just to hold it while I was reading. So, when I came back to finish reading the PROLOGUE, I accidently started where my bookmark had been placed (which was the dream sequence when Rand is dancing towards the White Tower). I was so confused because I thought it was this old man (Lews Therin) dancing in the streets and I was hesitant to finish. I asked my sister about it and she said that it wasn't Lews Therin, it was Rand. Finally, I realized my mistake and read from the beginning and I've loved it ever since. ~Mashaira
  23. I agree. I really don't mind the US covers. I like to see what other people (I guess what the artist) thinks the characters look like. They are a bit off, but it's still better than just plain covers with no pictures. Harlequin is just the cheap romance novels. I followed your link, and that is the company that publishes them. They are by all sorts of different authors. You can usually find them at used book stores for 10 cents. ~Mashiara
  24. When Perrin leaves, he needs to fight the pull of ta'veren to do so. I think people confuse that with going against the pattern. Alternate34 is right, if Perrin wasn't meant to go to the Two Rivers, he never could have said he would go. Mat couldn't say it, so he couldn't go. Even though it was meant to happen in the pattern, the pull of ta'veren (Mat and Rand together) made it difficult for Perrin to leave. Like when Mat gets up the courage to leave in Fires of Heaven. He is supposed to help with the fight against the Shaido, but he runs off instead. Again, this is what the pattern wanted. He wouldn't have been able to leave if the pattern hadn't wanted him to run. And we see that him running away is what got him his Band of the Red Hand, a very important thing later in the story. It's tricky to understand sometimes, but nothing happens in the pattern unless it's supposed to. Otherwise, this world would be just another portal stone world that might have been. We all know it isn't. ~Mashiara
  25. I think Aiel humor is hysterical. The funniest being: tSR, P. 384, Bair says... "When I was a girl, and the Shaarad and the Tomanelle were stealing each other's cattle and goats every night, Chenda, the roofmistress of Mainde Cut, was pushed aside by a young Hairdo Water Seeker during a raid. She came to Bent Valley and demended the boy make her gai'shain; she would not allow him to gain the honor of having touched her because she had a carving knife in her hands when he did. A carving knife! It was a weapon, she claimed, as if she were a Maiden. The boy had no choice but to do as she demanded, for all the laughter when he did. One does not send a roofmistress barefoot back to her hold. Before the year and a day was done, the Haido sept and the Jenda sept exchanged spears, and the boy soon found himself married to Chenda's eldest daughter. With his second-mother still gai'shain to him. He tried to give her to his wife as part of his bride gift, and both women claimed he was trying to rob them of honor. He nearly had to take his own wife as gai'shain. It came close to raiding between Haido and Jenda again before the toh was discharged." I laugh so hard when I read this. ~Mashiara
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