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    Figured Id Share

    *ROFL* That is hilarious Aiel Heart! Did you draw the stick figure thing? It's adorable! Also, Volke, your work is awesome! Why do you sign your name with Japanese characters? "Kuunza Kai" sounds pretty cool, though. :P ~Mashiara
  2. Oops, forgot to bold it too.... Vote Nyanna.
  3. I agree with Tamerya; it's hard for us who haven't played before. I, personally, don't have any idea what we're supposed to be talking about. I asked in an earlier post if talking about drinking and stuff is all everyone does. What else do we do? As for joke voting, I picked Arez first for frivolous reasons, and once AH pointed out some scumminess, I switched to a more logical choice (which was Nyanna). However, when someone, can't remember who, pointed out it's bad to have a random kill, I switched to WoT13 because she was the closest to being majority. I'm just trying to follow the rules. As for Sunshine, it does seem odd that he didn't vote for WoT13, because now we don't have any information about the allegiance of Dice. Odds were someone in town would be killed, so if WoT was town as well, at least we would have known. But, it was also Sunshine's first time playing, so maybe he did make some noobie mistakes. I'll hold off voting for Ironeyes, for now. But, I really do think Nyanna says some pretty ambiguous things. The WIFOM stuff seems like a diversion tactic. Vote Nyanna.
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    Returning Member

    Oh, I remember the Illuminator's Guild. How long ago did they change it to the ACW Guild? Welcome back!
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    WoT If...the Black Tower Saves Caemlyn?

    That would be really cool to see an incredibly humongous circle. If all the Light-side characters link, they could easily take out Taim and his lackeys.
  6. The Princess Bride is a fantastic movie! Though my husband, who has his Masters in film studies, won't watch it. Why not? It confuses me. I had scary dreams about the killer rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail when I was a kid... ~Mashiara
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    Saladin Ahmed: Author Q&A

    Thank you, Mr. Ahmed for joining us. We really appreciate you making yourself available for you fans. And as Ireond said, please come back again! ~Mashiara
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    Saladin Ahmed: Author Q&A

    Dragonmount is pleased to welcome Saladin Ahmed for a week long author Q&A session. Mr. Ahmed's short fiction has been nominated for the Nebula and Campbell awards, and his debut fantasy novel, Throne of the Crescent Moon, has received rave reviews from outlets ranging from Kirkus to NPR to io9. Mr. Ahmed has also been a guest on Brandon Sanderson's "Writing Excuses" podcast. And now, he's here to answer your questions! Please post your questions below, and remember to be respectful and follow Dragonmount's Code of Conduct. Help me give Mr. Ahmed a warm welcome! Mr. Ahmed, thank you for joining us for this event! I'll start off with the first question. In Throne of the Crescent Moon, how much of the story, characters, myth, and magic are based on actual Middle Eastern culture and traditions? How much is pure imagination? How did you find a balance between the two? ~Mashiara QUICK EDIT: Mr. Ahmed might not be able to start answering questions until Tuesday (the 24th), but please feel free to post your questions now. He will answer all of them!
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    WoT If...the Black Tower Saves Caemlyn?

    That's what I'm implying. Since Bashere doesn't recognize him immediately, there must be something going on, besides the fact that he shaved his beard. I think Taim is just Taim, turned by the 13x13 combo. As far as turning them back to the Light... I've heard theories that maybe the Ogier represent the Light the way Myrddraal represent the Shadow. 13 channelers and 13 Ogier? Maybe. Also, I think 13 male channelers would work just as well as women.
  10. Yeah, I had to look it up too. wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=WIFOM
  11. What happens if people don't vote? Are we required to vote?
  12. I just don't know what to do! Tell me what to do and I'll do it! I'm around DM everyday, so I'll jump in, but all I saw was posts about drinking. :P Is that what we're supposed to be doing? ~Mashiara
  13. So, random killings are bad? Okay. Unvote Nyanna. Vote WoT13 ~Mashiara
  14. Exactly my point, Nyanna. :P Also, this article proves it! wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=WIFOM ~Mashiara
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    WoT If...Nynaeve Heals Death?

    Hello, everyone, and welcome to "WoT If," Dragonmount's weekly theory blog. My name is Mashiara, and I'm going to be filling this post. First off, my credentials: I've been reading the Wheel of Time since 2000, and joined Dragonmount that same year. I've read through the series eight times, with occasional rereads of my favorite parts. I'm also on my fourth listen through the audio books. During Brandon Sanderson's The Gathering Storm tour, I was a Storm Leader at the Scottsdale, Arizona location. That being said, I'm going to present theories and ideas as I've perceived them, which may be different from your perceptions. If you have a different point of view, feel free to post it in the comments. I'd love to explore conflicting ideas; that's what is so fun about the Wheel of Time! Please be respectful, even if you're disagreeing with me or someone else. Okay, moving on. This blog will cover theories mostly dealing with the last few books and the ending of A Memory of Light. It will contain spoilers! Please read at your own risk. For my first post, I'd like to talk about something I've thought since near the beginning of the series: the importance of Nynaeve al'Meara. We are introduced to the Wisdom of Emond's Field very early on in The Eye of the World. When Rand, Mat, Perrin, and Egwene leave the village, Nynaeve chases after them. She arrives at The Stag and Lion inn, where Min works, in Baerlon. What Min sees is the first indicator that Nynaeve is important. There are three ta'veren present plus Moiraine, a woman who is important herself. Since Rand, Mat, Perrin, and Moiraine are all needed to get sparks—which represents the fight of the Light against the Shadow—why would Nynaeve's arrival make them visible with just two people present? I think it's implying that she's quite important later on down the road. For example: First: she Heals stilling. (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 29, "Fire and Spirit") Second: she helps Rand clean the taint on saidin. (Winter's Heart, Chapter 35, "With the Choedan Kal") Third: she Heals the saidin-caused insanity in the Asha'man. (Towers of Midnight, Chapter 15, "Use a Pebble") Fourth (though in the future): she promises to link with Rand and Callandor during Tarmon Gai'don. Looking at each of these shows a time when Nynaeve does something that shouldn't be possible. For Healing stilling, she uses weaves not typically associated with Healing. The same thing happens when she Heals Naeff's madness. While Nynaeve is Delving into Naeff's mind, she wonders about her increased skills. Why do Nynaeve's abilities suddenly increase? How is she able to see weaves and ailments more clearly? If her skills have strengthened in just the two years she's knowingly worked with the One Power, it seems likely they will continue to improve. This leads me to my conclusion: Nynaeve will be able to Heal death. I know there's already a lot of debate about this, but it seems to me that most people are in the body-swap camp. But I believe there is some foreshadowing to Healing death in the books. There's also a lot of speculation on Rand faking his own death. However, the Aelfinn said: Rand and Min discuss a viewing of Alivia: I think this means a real death, not a metaphorical death. If Rand must really die, then there needs to be a way to bring him back so he can live once more. Nicola's foretelling says: The great battle is Tarmon Gai'don. There's no way Rand can stay dead at the end of the series and have all these prophecies fulfilled. While there are several plausible endings to the series, Nynaeve manifesting the ability to Heal death gives it more heart. It keeps in line with Nynaeve being able to do things that are considered impossible. It would also explain why her appearance at The Stag and Lion makes the sparks appear more easily. She's much more important to the future of the world than we give her credit for. That's all for this week. Join us next time for a discussion about sul'dam and damane.
  16. Wow, Aiel Heart. Are we supposed to be reading that much into everyone's posts??? According to your research, Nyanna seems the scummiest! Unvote Arez. Vote Nyanna. ~Mashiara
  17. Hi, everyone. Welcome back to "WoT If?". For this week's discussion, I'd like to look a little closer at the sul'dam and their damane. There are a few points about them that get overlooked and plenty of questions to ask about their future. Spoiler warning! This will include content from many books in the series, including Towers of Midnight, and speculation about A Memory of Light. Please read at your own risk. For most of our female characters in the series, being a damane is a fate worse than death. Egwene has such a fear of being leashed that it makes her particularly vengeful when the Seanchan attack the White Tower in Towers of Midnight. Though the a'dam was mysterious at first, we learn later that it acts as an instrument that forces a link between the damane and the sul'dam, leaving the sul'dam in complete control. The first thing that I've always wondered is why the damane don't feel the ability to channel in sul'dam. When Rand and Aviendha Travel to Seanchan in The Fires of Heaven, they encounter two sul'dam, two damane, Lady Morsa, and Jalindin, a Seeker for Truth. When Rand asks Aviendha to shield the ones who are leashed, she says: Sul'dam claim they develop an "affinity" (The Great Hunt, Chapter 42, "Falme") for knowing if a damane has channeled. Some experienced sul'dam can even see weaves without the bracelet on. I can't believe that the Empress, or anyone within the Seanchan hierarchy, couldn't put together these pieces and realize that sul'dam can channel too. Tuon's total lack of surprise at this reveal might show some do know. In Knife of Dreams, she tells Mat: She doesn't respond with, "Don't say such vile lies," or something along those lines. She seems to accept it without comment. It might be argued that Seanchan-raised damane don't know how to sense the source in another woman; it could be one of the skills or Talents that have been lost in Seanchan. I doubt it, but it's possible. However, with the sudden intake of so many Aes Sedai, the secret can't remain hidden for long. If Aviendha can sense the sul'dam's ability, a trained Aes Sedai most certainly will. Once exposed, all the Seanchan would have to do is order the sul'dam to drink forkroot tea. I'm assuming it would work on sul'dam the same as any other woman who can channel. After all, it worked on Morgase and she is probably more weak and unpracticed than the sul'dam. The Aiel Wise Ones being taken damane might have a large impact on the Seanchan's future. When Aviendha goes through the glass columns in Rhuidean a second time, she sees the future of her line. The scene, through the eyes of her daughter, Padra, shows the Aiel still fighting with the Seanchan over the collared Wise Ones. However, you'll notice that it doesn't imply that more Wise Ones have been taken, only the initial Shaido who were captured by General Tylee. The other future scenes show the Aiel constantly at war with the Seanchan. The Raven Empire has taken control of most of the world. They have technology—or is it One Power technology? Malidra thinks: So, the Raven Empire seems to make use of the One Power, and even have a weapon that sounds to me like a shocklance. But it never mentions sul'dam, damane, or getting the "magics" from leashed women. I think this shows that the Seanchan eventually will give up their ways of collaring women. Another question to ask about the a'dam is whether it's similar at all to the Domination Band (the male version of the a'dam). Moghedien tells Nynaeve in the Panarch's Palace: Is it only the male a'dam that has the backwards flow? Obviously, women channelers don't have the madness, but could the damane eventually be able to turn the flow back on the sul'dam? Damane from Seanchan are raised to know they are beneath humans; they are animals, dogs. Their training is so harsh that even Egwene, a very strong-willed woman, was beginning to be brainwashed into believing it was good for her to serve her sul'dam wholeheartedly. However, a sudden hoard of Shaido Wise Ones was collared at the end of The Gathering Storm. How will the sul'dam control a group of women who do not fear pain? I can't see how the sul'dam could even begin to turn the Wise Ones into obedient damane. And if the Wise Ones cannot be cowed by the a'dam's effects, perhaps the Wise Ones can turn the flows against the sul'dam. There's more to speculate on the a'dam, but I think I'll leave it there. Join us next week for a look at the Black Tower's possible role in saving Caemlyn.
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    Saladin Ahmed: Author Q&A

    After you finish the Crescent Moon Kingdoms series, do you have plans for another story/series already in mind?
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    July Challenge: Under 100

    Wow, Jonas! Very good! It's so hard to write a story that short, but you capture the character's feelings and emotions perfectly. ~Mashiara
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    Saladin Ahmed: Author Q&A

    Who is your favorite Wheel of Time character and why? Which scene in the series is your favorite? ~Mashiara
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    WoT If...Nynaeve Heals Death?

    I agree. I'm sure Elaida's Foretelling was referring to Rand. Doesn't that just make you grin? Also, in reference to Luc going into the Blight, Dyelin says, "whispers said Gitara had convinced him [Luc] that his fame lay in the Blight, or his fate. Others said it was that he would find the Dragon Reborn there, or that the Last Battle depended on him going" (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 16, "Tellings of the Wheel"). So, there are only rumors that Gitara said things to Luc. We don't know for sure. ~Mashiara
  22. Ducks and Geese (like the game)! Or, how about Dogs and Cats (maybe too obvious). "The Mongooses, that's a good team name. 'The Fighting Mongooses.'" ~Philip J. Fry ~Mashi
  23. Okay, I'll just hop in.... VOTE Arez, because earlier he was acting like a house-elf. I think he's up to no good.
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    Saladin Ahmed: Author Q&A

    That's really good advice! I've never even thought to try that. Okay, next question: did you study writing academically, or just start pursuing it as a hobby at first?
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    WoT If...the Sul'dam and Damane Relationship Changes?

    This shows the conflict in the prophecies. The Seanchan prophecy says that "'He must kneel before the Crystal Throne before Tarmon Gai'don, or all is lost.' The Prophecies of the Dragon said so, clearly." (Winter's Heart, Chapter 14, "What a Veil Hides"). In Randland, it says, "he 'shall bind the nine moons to serve him.'" (The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 6, "The Hunt Begins") So, it's been speculated that Ishamael, during one of his free moments from the Bore, corrupted the Seanchan prophecy, making them believe the Dragon Reborn must kneel to the Empress. It's probably not true prophecy. In all likelihood, Rand will bind Tuon to him, even if it's through Mat, not the other way round.