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  1. Well, I've still got a chicken. I'm gonna *go down* counting on my Zelda playing experience to have faith that the chicken will make me float.
  2. *chases after the horse*
  3. I bet they're talking about me and the chicken...
  4. *jumps on horse and rides west*
  5. *Goes up* I'm Aes Sedai. I'm allowed to be in any corridor I want.
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    *stops paying attention to the confetti*
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    And I fell for it! Now I bet I have to clean up all the confetti?
  8. Raena, you make some very good points. Kat is definitely looking the most suspicious. But, I want to hear from more people before I vote. I'm still thinking there's something going on with Tamerya and Ironeyes.
  9. *Looks for the bucket* *finds bucket and chicken* *takes chicken and flies upwards towards the exit*?
  10. What happens if I pull the rope? *pulls the rope* ~Mashi
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    WoT If...the Eye of the World Is Really...?

    Due to many references, especially by Ba'alzamon, that refer to the Eye as an object, not a location, and Moiraine's description of the actual pool of saidin, I think we can say for certain the Eye is the pool of saidin. When Rand and co. show up at the Green Man's place, Moiraine says, "We have come to see the Eye of the World" (The Eye of the World, Chapter 49, "The Dark One Stirs"). They are already with the Green Man, in his little habitat, so why would Moiraine say they want to see the Eye if they are already at the Eye? Also, Ba'alzamon says, "Did they tell you the Eye of the World would serve you?” (The Eye of the World, Chapter 14, "The Stag and Lion"). I don't think a location could fit all those descriptions.
  12. Tamerya's last post was on page 38. Ironeyes' on page 35. Kat's on page 34. Someone might be silenced, but not all of them.
  13. So, Dice, what's your excuse of this lack of activity? But, then like I pointed out before, Tamerya and Ironeyes have been MIA lately too. Also, Kat hasn't shown up to defend herself in quite awhile.
  14. So now suddenly the case he himself made against Razen is weak? Major FoS. Here's what I think is happening. Katiora and Basel are both scum. They're taking different positions: Katiora subscribes to the newbie scum team theory while Basel argues against it. Notice how both of them voted for Razen though, who as we know flipped town. Now, when it looks like Katiora is the next one to go, notice how he jumps on her for voting for Razen, trying to distance himself when she flips scum. And that's it for now, folks! I think I will vote in the morning. It'll be either Katiora or Basel. The whole "Razen's case is weak" thing threw me off too. But Basel explained it to my satisfaction. He's obviously an experienced player and has tried to help out town, it seems to me. Looking up all the terms on the wiki is fine, but sometimes it's helpful to get it in real words and real examples. I don't think giving out that sort of info is scummy. Basel also makes a good point about Kat defending Razen then voting him. That is a pretty big reversal.
  15. I have no idea who's lying! That's what we're trying to figure out. And it seemed really odd to me for Mish to keep bringing up my voting for Niel, when I explained my reasoning multiple times. Every time we've had a lynch, I've been forced to change my vote at the last minute to avoid it going random. That just doesn't seem right. I didn't have very strong grounds for voting Razen, but did so for the sake of the game. In regards to Mish, it is really suspicious to start dropping role hints when you're in trouble. I said in an earlier post that any scum member would do that too, so it doesn't help her case. Why bring it up at all since it only adds more suspicion? And it really was my smart phone. The stupid code doesn't work sometimes.
  16. The apologizing to Razen is suspicious here. But I think she explained it thoroughly. She seems to be agreeing with people mostly, not forming grounded conclusions on her own. I won't count confusion over roles against her, because I get confused about them too. Also, the mafiawiki I've looked at seems to imply it's up to the mods which powers the roles have. So they can pretty much pick and choose which special powers everyone gets and it doesn't need to conform to anything.
  17. Dice's inactivity stands out to me. But when exactly did he replace Aiel Heart? He had probably 25+ pages to read through before making any sort of judgement call.
  18. Mashiara Sedai

    Wheel of Time Character Quiz

    100% Perrin for me too. *lol* 90% Lan 80% Min ... 0% Padan Fain. That's a good thing. :)
  19. Wait, what? You were the one who started to vote for Razen, and you were the one who came up with the case in the first place. Basel, you did vote for Razen first. Followed by Mish. Then a rather flippant reasoning by Kat. I think it's the not having good reasons that stands out here. Also, the whole is what stands out to me. If you aren't looking closely at what everyone is saying, then you aren't looking for scum.
  20. So why have only you three been safe at night? I think the suspicion lies in that, not the other way round. I'll believe that Nyanna was protected by the doc, but Marsh and Tamerya, as important town members, wouldn't they have been targets at night? On top of that, they haven't said much and seem to by lying low (well, Tam's said a little bit, but we haven't heard from Marsh since the 9th. They aren't taking a very active role in the hunt, considering they are among the few who we believe to be town. If they're masons, and are supposed to help us, why aren't they helping? I think we all realize it's just a game. No hard feelings, right everyone? :)
  21. Okay, this isn't the first time Nyanna's called me suspicious. Why haven't you said something before? And I have clearly explained my reasoning for everything. So, I'm not going to buy this "gut feeling." Snape was our roleblocker. Wouldn't the mafia have one too?
  22. Apply this to everything everyone has claimed. That's the place I'm in right now. Still curious to how you all of a sudden are so very spectical to what everyone has claimed... You only came with that after I revealed my role (wich, as you might have noticed, no-ones spoken out against so far). Everyone who has made a claim so far, haven't had any counterclaims, and those that have been proven by kills, has been proved correct. I'm very interested in hearing your reasoning behind this. There have been several post of people getting bad vibes from others who have claimed roles. And I've said before, that first day contained confession overload. I was doubtful of many other people who revealed their roles, not just you. You can go back and check. I had a real problem with Nyanna at first because she seemed to purposefully act scummy that first day, then the sudden reveal that she's the cop. But she's come back with some readings on people--whether true or false, though, I'm not sure. Then Ironeyes claims mason and says Tamerya is a mason too. First off, Tamerya didn't say she was mason until after Ironeyes called her out. Why would someone in the town out another townie? It only opens them up to retaliation from the mafia during the night. That's really suspicious. With Ishy, he only caught my radar once, I believe. And, there was the issue of him claiming Snape. But, at the same time, WoT13 was claiming Hermione. WoT's actions were more suspicious to me, so I focused on her, rather than Ishy. And lots of others were curious about how WoT was nearly lynched twice but escaped both times. And I think I brought up an excellent point in asking why she didn't reveal the first day if she was so close to being lynched. Her response was "I didn't know I could" or something like that. Compared to Ishy, that's way more suspicious. So, when everyone's claims have only been met with suspicion, I wonder why anyone would continue to claim, knowing we are all going to look at it sideways. That's totally WIFOM tactics, which was so iffy with Nyanna as well. Of course the scum will respond with "You won't want to get rid of me" if they get under attack, so how can it help your case to say it?
  23. The cop can get wrong information? Yeah. There are godfathers and millers, which view opposite of their real alignment. They aren't always in a game. There are also redirecting roles which can cause night actions targeted at one person to hit another, and if that were the case, the cop would typically not be told the result they got is for a totally different person. yeah what he said! lol... and that's the reason i no longer play mynd games (haha at the play on words lol) Okay, this info has really freaked me out since it was revealed. First off, I'm inclined to believe that Nyanna really is the cop. I also believe her claim of being Sirius Black. But, that's what leads me to be very concerned about her cop-ing abilities. We all know: (Book 3 spoilers) So, maybe that's what "basic game with a twist" means. The cop's information is incorrect. If that were true, Nyanna's reading of Sunrise/Ironeyes would be false. Then Ironeyes's claim as mason could be him taking advantage of a mistake. Then including Tamerya--a scummate?--to act like the town masons. Those three are the only ones who avoid any sort of suspicion based on their claims. I mean, what are the chances that we haven't got a single person revealed as scum yet? Also, I'm thinking that Dice 1.0 was scum too. It just doesn't seem possible for them all to keep hidden. I'm not accusing anyone yet, but I think we should take a look at this.
  24. Apply this to everything everyone has claimed. That's the place I'm in right now.