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    WoT If...I Conclude The Eye of the World this Week?

    I could see your point, if it wasn't brought up again in Towers of Midnight. During the battle at Maradon, Rand is said--from an outside source--to be "a storm of Light" (Towers of Midnight, Chapter 32, "A Storm of Light"). Also, during this scene, a darkfriend plucks out his eyes and says, "That Light eats at my mind, like rats feasting on a corpse. It burns at my thoughts. It killed me. That light killed me" (same chapter). So, Rand certainly has Light inside him at this point in the story. It seems likely he had it all along, but wasn't able to access it because of all the negative and Shadow-influenced emotions inside him.
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    WoT If...I Conclude The Eye of the World this Week?

    I'll see what I can do. :)
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    WoT If...I Conclude The Eye of the World this Week?

    This interview with Robert Jordan talks about Aginor's desire to channel the Eye of the World. Jordan's reply seems to fit in with the Eye being a pool of saidin. Those quotes by Ba'alzamon lead me to believe that the Eye was definitely more than just saidin. It could be protecting the seals, as Aielyn said in the comments two weeks ago. It could be that Rand used it for the wrong purpose. It did destroy the Shadowspawn army and bring an end to the crazy weather--for a time--so maybe the actual channeling didn't matter, only the fact that it was used.
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    WoT If...I Conclude The Eye of the World this Week?

    @Philip in Richmond That's a good point. She could be trying to mislead Agelmar. But, there's no reason for it. Agelmar, like most Borderlanders, respects and honors Aes Sedai. He wouldn't have pried into her affairs at all. So, there was no point in mislead him. @pandemonium I agree, refilling the Eye is a stretch. But I did want to throw it out there because it's been discussed before. @jack of shadows I agree that those veins were probably there for awhile, though no from birth. I think that it's the effect of the connection with the Creator through the Eye that gave Rand a sort of immunity. But, iIs it Nynaeve's increased ability that finally revealed the veins, or did they appear suddenly because Rand accepted Lews Therin's memories?
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    Question about Mistborn series

    I got the impression he was gay, as well. I thought that was one of the reasons he keeps putting her off. No spoilers, so I won't say more. But, yeah, Breeze is heterosexual. ~Mashiara
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    WoT If...the ALL CAPS Voice Is Really...?

    The forward of The Gathering Storm says, "Mr. Jordan did write this ending himself before he passed away, and I have read it. And it is fantastic." Brandon Sanderson is also a fan of the series, and I'd say he's a good judge about the conclusion. If he thinks it's "fantastic," then I bet we will all agree.
  7. A "fantasy" literary fiction novel by Haruki Murakai, called 1Q84, is the best book outside WoT that I've ever read. Murakami is a wonderful author to begin with, but this is his masterpiece. The characters are so pefectly complex and compelling. Typical of Murakami, the plot has some strange and "fantasy-ish" twists, but are so gripping. I've never read anything quite like it. It's perfection. Peacesells, I also really enjoyed the Apprentice Adept series. I loved the mix of magic and technology.
  8. Ireond, come join us in the White Ajah. That could be a good discussion. :P
  9. :P I think Luna Lovegood said it best: "a circle that has no beginning."
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    WoT If...the ALL CAPS Voice Is Really...?

    Lews Therin makes sense. After the epiphany and accepting Lews Therin's--and all his past lives--memories, Rand's mind seems free from madness. That connection also gave him so much knowledge from the Age of Legends and beyond. But I also think Snowball could be right. This series has gone on for 22 years. It's understandable that plots have shifted from what was originally planned.
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    WoT If...the Eye of the World Is Really...?

    Hello, everyone. Welcome back to "WoT If?". This will be the start of a two part look at the events that happened in the conclusion of The Eye of the World. There are a few things that are a little fuzzy and unexplained at the end, plus a lot of things that might come full circle in A Memory of Light. Spoiler warning! This will include content from many books in the series, including Towers of Midnight, and speculation about A Memory of Light. Please read at your own risk. First off, what is the Eye of the World? We get a description of what it actually is near the end of the first book. Moiraine says: From this description, it seems as if the Aes Sedai during the Age of Legends cleansed just this little bit of the Source, the same way Rand cleansed all of it in Winter's Heart. They worked together, and through the taint, to make this pool of pure saidin. But, pay attention to that last sentence. Moiraine believes that the Eye can seal the Bore, or it can break it open. In fact, she says multiple times that the Eye might be able to seal in/break free the Dark One. Here, Moiraine suggests that the Eye can undo the Dark One's prison. We know that the One Power can't break cuendillar, but Moiraine is saying it can. Rand also has plans to break the remaining seals. But how is this possible? The seals have weakened, yes, but can the Power in the Eye really break cuendillar, no matter how old? Maybe so. Moiraine makes a comment that "four men with hammers" can break the remaining seals and free the Dark One (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 2, "Rhuidean"). However, they don't know this information during The Eye of the World, so she shouldn't be assuming the Eye, and saidin, can break the Dark One free. Also, Moiraine and Lord Agelmar have a discussion that hints at the Eye's power. According to this, Moiraine thinks that Rand using the Eye will seal the Dark One again, solving all their problems. Okay, okay. She does use the word "perhaps," which is Aes Sedai doublespeak. However, she seems to have a lot of confidence that the Eye's power will be glorious. When Rand does use the Eye, he doesn't do anything even close to sealing in the Dark One—he does believe he killed Shai'tan, but Moiraine and others don't believe it. If there was so much potential in the Eye, did Rand waste it? Was it used for a purpose other than for what it was initially intended? We'll speculate on that a bit later. So, we know the Eye is a pool of saidin, made clean by the sacrifice of male and female Aes Sedai. We know a bit of its presumed power. But that doesn't tell us a thing. There are several theories about what the Eye actually is, or rather, what it does to Rand. Here's three that might work. First: the Eye of the World, with its pure Power, is the Creator. That is, the Creator is the One Power. This seems plausible on the surface. We typically think of channeling and channelers as doing the Creator's work. The True Source is, after all, the power that drives the Wheel of Time and weaves the Pattern. The Creator made the Pattern, so it seems logical that the Creator is the One Power. However, in an interview, a fan asks Robert Jordan something that might say the opposite: There are two pieces of information here, but let's focus on the Dark One not being purely True Power. If the Dark One isn't the True Power, then I don't think the Creator can be the One Power. It's likely that the One Power comes from the Creator—like True Power comes from the Dark One—but they are two separate forces/energies/beings. The second part of that answer talks about the ALL CAPS voice Rand hears in his head after he accidently Travels to Tarwin's Gap. We'll get to that in next week's post, so just put it on hold for now. Second: the Eye of the World is just a pool of saidin intended to hide the Dragon Banner and the Horn of Valere. Those artifacts are indeed important to the next book. Without both of them, Rand could not have beaten Ishamael in the sky above Falme. Also, the Heroes of the Horn wouldn't have helped Rand unless he had the Dragon Banner too. Artur Hawkwing says: Hawkwing implies that this was the way the Pattern wanted it. Since the Heroes seem to have quite a bit of knowledge about certain things while they wait in Tel'aran'rhiod, we can be pretty sure he knows what he's talking about. It's also interesting to note that Hawkwing says they will only follow the banner and the Dragon. We had other sources earlier in The Great Hunt say that the Heroes will fight for whichever side blows the Horn. Is this another thing Aes Sedai don't really know the truth about, or is this particular moment in the Pattern something that needs to be specifically set? So, the Banner and the Horn are terribly important for the forward movement of the characters and the world. But would so many Aes Sedai in the Age of Legends sacrifice themselves for this? Possibly. Rand needed those items, and the world would have died if he didn't have them. Could the Eye be just an elaborate hidey-hole? If that were true, and the Eye is just an insignificant pool of saidin, why is Aginor so keen on using it? Robert Jordan was asked that very question in an interview: This quote seems to imply that Aginor only wanted the Eye for the extra bit of Power, and a way to channel unobserved. Makes it sound kind of pointless, huh? Third: the Eye of the World is a link to Rand's past lives and memories. Drekka Mort posted on the Dragonmount forums: This is an interesting theory. One of the main reasons I would believe this is because it takes absolutely no outside source for Rand to remember all his past lives in "Veins of Gold" (The Gathering Storm, Chapter 50). The memories were inside him the whole time; it only took Rand's acceptance to open them all up. From this, I would say that the Eye stayed with Rand even after all its Power was used up. It's something that went into his skin, into his bones, into his soul. Some evidence that this might be correct comes from an interview with Brandon Sanderson: From this, we can gather that Rand still has access to the Power of the Eye, since he can still channel Light and Power. In Towers of Midnight, Naeff is the one who notes Rand's incredible abilities: After accepting his memories in "Veins of Gold," Rand's madness seems to leave him completely. When Nynaeve Delves into Rand's mind she sees something odd: A liquid Power. Like the Eye? Most likely, I'd say. How did it get there? Probably from when Rand first used the Eye. It could have stayed with him, flowing in him, without him knowing. It laid dormant until he was able to reconcile his present life with his past lives. So, if there's a link still there between himself and the Eye, can the Eye's Power be refilled? Well, that's a good place to stop for today. Next week we'll delve (no pun intended) a little deeper into who that ALL CAPS voice might be.
  12. Basel's got a point. However, even if we still had Niel, or he was replaced, I'm sure he would have been lynched that day. And after that, all we would have needed was one more NK and we would have knocked Town down to 4 players.
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    WoT If...the ALL CAPS Voice Is Really...?

    He's only viewing the scene through the eyes of Jonai, his ancestor. Rand would recognize it, but the Aielman wouldn't.
  14. Mashiara Sedai

    WoT If...the ALL CAPS Voice Is Really...?

    You are absolutely right! I can't believe I left off the italics! From that, I would gather the thought is coming from inside Rand. Italics in a novel mean the words are internal thoughts. That would lead me to believe it's Lews Therin, or some other form of the Dragon's Soul, or that the Creator is INSIDE Rand and speaks through him...
  15. Nyanna was on to me from the beginning, I think. I'm bad at not being suspicious. But you were too vocal about it, Mish. That's why we took you out. :P
  16. Yeah, no hard feelings, right? Sorry everyone we lynched and NK'ed! At least it was a fun ride.
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    WoT If...the ALL CAPS Voice Is Really...?

    So, the Creator does want to "slay the Eye of the World" and kill time? If that's the case, the Dark One wants the same thing. Are they working together?
  18. *goes north before something bad happens with the rope and pulley*
  19. How am I the most adament? I haven't even voted you. I agree that you've said some suspicious things, but I'm more than willing to listen to your reasoning. I wasn't the one who started jumping on you. I'm more suspicious of Tam and Marsh. And I'm suspicious of them because they aren't posting, which you didn't for a long time.
  20. *Mashi and chicken and egg go south*
  21. No one responded 'cause you didn't tell us much. I waited after your first post because you said you didn't have time to do it. Then the next post says you have lots of things--"30 quotes"--to say, but you didn't say anything except you'll reveal yourself if you have to. I'm willing to listen, and to Tam and Marsh, too. But you have to say something of substance.
  22. *wakes up* Did my chicken egg hatch?
  23. *snuggle up with the chicken and the egg on the bench, then goes to sleep*
  24. Darn. I wanted to jump out a window and fly. :( *takes egg out of hair and puts it in my shawl, where it's warmer. Goes east*