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  1. *saunters in and shoves his wand in Shad's mouth and shouts "BOMBAROONIO!" but nothing happened*




    *shuffles up close to Elgee where no one can see where he puts his wand and shouts "VIBRATANIO!" but again nothing happened besides a slight whimper from Elgee*


    This thing is useless. 


    *looks down to the key stone and points his wand at it, shouting "Wingardium Leviosa" as loud as he can*


    Ayyyyyy [v]Charis[/v]

  2. *as soon as Adella walked out leaving the anxious trivia players, Ed skipped in and threw bananas at all of the players*




    When the Aes Sedai is away, the Warder comes out to plaaayyyy!!!


    Y'all, first of all, let's freaking give it up to the super organized Adella! 

    *threatens everyone until they clap and show their adoration* 






    I'd like to preset our top three


    In third place, winner of a bronze banana...


    Turin! :biggrin: 



    And our runner up is the lovely....


    Killashandra! You go Glen Coco.


    And our big winner, barely beating out Killa is.... *drum rolls*


    Kynwric! :ohmy: Go get em, smart pants nerd.


    Point totals: 



    Oscar - 9
    Chae - 26
    Kynwric - 39
    Turin - 29
    Killa - 36
    Shad - 13
    Blank - 8
    Sooh - 18
    Lessa - 20
    Charis - 20




    Answers below. :smile: 



    Day 1:

    Marvel - What is Peter Parker’s superhero name? Spider Man

    Wheel of Time - What was found in the Eye of the World at the end of Book 1? The Horn of Valere, a seal to the Dark One’s prison, and the Dragon Banner.

    Lord of the Rings - Who is Elanor Gardner (also known as Elanor the Fair)? Samwise’s daughter

    Hunger Games - What are tesserae? A year’s supply of grain and oil for one person (acquired by adding your name extra times in the drawing)

    Star Wars - Darth Vader’s chestpiece had some writing on it. What language is it in, and what does it translate to? Ancient Hebrew. It translates to, “His deeds will not be forgiven, until he merits.”




    Day 2:

    Star Trek - What is James T. Kirk’s middle name? Tiberius

    Narnia - Which Pevensie child was the first to enter Narnia? Lucy

    Pokemon - What is the name of the Gym Leader who turned Ash, Brock, Misty, and her own parents into dolls? Sabrina

    Game of Thrones - Who said, “Go drink until it feels like you did the right thing”? Bronn

    Wheel of Time - Cadsuane Melaidhrin came out of retirement when she heard that which False Dragon was at large? Logain Ablar




    Day 3:

    Harry Potter - What does Professor Lupin give Harry to eat after his first encounter with a Dementor? Chocolate

    Doctor Who - What planet is the Doctor from?

    Wheel of Time - The realm of the Aelfinn and Eelfinn is accessible through two twisted redstone doorways. Where are these doorways found in the series? Tear and the Waste (Rhuidian)

    Pern - What is the traditional Harper color? Blue

    Firefly - What is the name of the broken part that causes almost the entire crew to abandon ship in the episode “Out of Gas”? The catalyzer in the compression coil




    Day 4:

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Who does Xander have a crush on in Season 1? Buffy

    Shannara - What is the name of the sapient tree with silver bark and crimson leaves? The Ellcrys

    Dungeons & Dragons - What 6.5 foot tall, medium-sized D&D creature, with a challenge rating of 1/2, is known for hating elves? Hobgoblin

    Zelda - According to the sign in front of it, what is the name of the Well in Kakariko Village in Ocarina of Time? The Well of Three Features

    Wheel of Time - What is the name of the king/queen of Kandor? Queen Ethenielle




    Day 5:

    Wheel of Time - What is an alternative name for the Dark One? Shai’tan, Sightblinder, Father of Lies, Lord of the Grave, Heartsbane, etc.

    Disney - In Aladdin, what is the name of Jasmine’s pet tiger? Rajah

    DC Comics - Which DC hero lost his father in a plane crash at an early age? Green Lantern

    World of Warcraft - What level must you be to be able to walk through the Dark Portal? 58

    Transformers - Who is the first Transformer to ever appear on the first Transformers television series? Wheeljack




    Day 6:

    Supernatural - In which Season is Sam soulless? Season 6

    Sherlock - Where does Sherlock live? 221B Baker Street

    Percy Jackson - In The Battle of the Labyrinth what punishment did Minos want to give Daedalus? To be boiled in cheese fondue for all time.

    Once Upon a Time - Who was the Dark One before Rumple? Zoso

    Wheel of Time - What was the name of the Sul’dam when she was made damane? Renna Emain

  3. BlueRenCon 2017

    Hi there, Con Attendee. Welcome to this year's convention, where we're glad the Ren'Shai has joined the Blue Ajah to create some fantastic panels for you to enjoy! We hope you find this to be a lovely place. :smile:

    First, don't forget to take your badge and keep the program below handy (which will be updated throughout the week as necessary).

    If you find yourself needing a break from the panels or discussions, you can always go over to our Suite for a snack or a nap.



    What is a Con?

    Con Stands for Convention. ComiCons originated in the 1970's as a Comic Book Convention, a place for comic book fans to gather, meet the writers and artists, and discover and purchase new finds. Fast forward 47 years and ComiCons are the ultimate in Geeky gatherings. The costumes can't be beat outside of Hollywood, the gifts and trinkets to purchase are of the finest quality, and the friends you meet and keep from the event can last a lifetime.


    What is the BlueRenCon?

    The Blue Ajah has been hosting an annual ComicCon for years, from The Battle of the Five Fandoms to one of the very first BlueCon's in 2012. Sometimes we even get to team up with another Ajah/Disc. This year, the great minds from the Blue Ajah have combined with the Ren'Shai Discipline to come up with this years Con event! The theme is a real life ComiCon. We have circuits, and booths, and even our very own special panel. Please stop by and visit them all! 

    Killashandra will be hosting a fun caption game this year
    Cross is hosting our Fandom Panel
    thehumantrashcan will be DJing our dance this year, so get to shimmying
    E James Todd is running a book or screen game. Can you remember all the differences in those adaptations?
    Adella will be hosting the Trivia Circuit

    IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENT: Please remember that Tar Valon has graciously allowed us to use their new convention center here and they have strict rules about not allowing forkroot tea on the premises. It is considered contraband here and you will be thrown into the dungeon if caught with it. Thank you for your cooperation.
    Also, unattended bananas will be confiscated.

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