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  1. Game of Thrones was a bit hard for me to get into as well, but once through and into the sequels I loved it. The thing that pissed me off the most about SoT was that it didn't feel planned out at all. It seemed the author just threw in random speedbumps for his characters to immediately plow through. That and each sequel (from what I've read) were just variations on the same, crafted out of the necessity to add in another book. I made it halfway through book 2 before I just felt insulted. It's been a couple years since then and I discovered some quotes from Goodkind. After reading them, I felt REALLY insulted. The guy is a complete dick.
  2. That's why it would be such a valuable degree to hold! Although I think maybe Rhuarc or Davram Bashere has one. Don't forget Hurin! Here's another: Master's in Detecting Minute Changes in Facial Expressions PhD in Daes Dae'mar
  3. For ta'veren there is a lot less choice, so Rand might be a bad example. The Wheel has spun him out for a specific purpose. Also, decisions that he makes affect the entire world. Personally, I don't see what choices he could want to make. What to eat for dinner? What girls to love? All seem pretty trivial compared to what he could do for the world. If, for example, you are a fisherman, your choices don't affect the outcome of the pattern all that much. Maybe instead of going to work one day, you feel like sleeping in. That's OK, because you don't really have much effect except for perhaps what your family gets to eat that night. However, if the pattern needs someone to tell Rand directions to the nearest town on a specific day, or let him know that enemies are hiding in the woods, you might find it a bit harder to sleep in on that day...
  4. Did I spoil something? If you are worried about spoilers for TGS, why are you even on this board? Towers of Midnight comes out in like 4 days. You got some reading to do.
  5. You might have a different opinion, but it is wrong. Stamina does not only count in long distance running. Sword fights are skill-based, but without a fairly decent amount of strength and endurance, a guy who is stronger and faster than you but a bit less skilled would beat you every time. In addition to stamina, the warder bond also gives the warder heightened senses and quicker reflexes, both of which are absolutely essential to a sword fight. Quote from the book that says bond makes warder move faster (quick reflexes)... So Hammar and Sleete were exception who liked attention? And now that Gawyn is bonded, he is basically God among men and no one can touch him? We are talking sword right and not sex? Hah! I wasn't talking about sex before but now that you mention it...how does Nynaeve walk in the morning? Anyway, I really wish I could dig up a quote from the books, but my set is halfway around the world from me right now. But its not just one quote. There are references to Lan's eyes being sharper than most at night, and I'm pretty sure that when Bryne gets bonded he feels the vitality and its something akin to how it is described while embracing the source, senses being enhanced etc. I could be wrong about that part though. My point was that gaining stamina the way they do is a BIG DEAL for warders, and not just because they can run. Kind of makes them like the "Rangers from the North" in LOTR except with an explanation of why they are the definition of badass. I don't understand the other points you made about Sleete, Hammar, and Gawyn. Sword fights are never a foregone conclusion just because one person has more skill than the other. Perhaps Hammar had some doubts about fighting against the White Tower. Perhaps Lan had sprained his ankle earlier in the day when fighting Sleete. Look at Rand v. Turak and see what other factors came into play there. (Rand's ta'veren-ness and Turak's overconfidence) The people who have the highest skill in swords in the books are all roughly equal, so we must look at other factors to determine who would win in fights between them. As for Gawyn, he's a damn good swordsman. Maybe he will be the best in the series. All I know is that if he tries to mess with Rand, he's gonna learn a lesson or two.
  6. So if you could get a degree in Randland, what would it be? Here are some of my suggestions: Bachelor of Tinkering with Steam Contraptions Masters in Creating Astoundingly Apt Fishing Metaphors Doctor in Opposite Gender Psychology
  7. Yep, tEotW was there to set the stage and do a little world building, and as such could be viewed as a run-of-the-mill fantasy book. However, TGH really takes the story to the next level and begins to let you know that you haven't even scratched the surface of this fantasy series. And once you're this far, you just want more and more. (And then when a book doesn't come for 4 years you want to pull your hair out and burn houses down. Or at least balefire them.)
  8. You might have a different opinion, but it is wrong. Stamina does not only count in long distance running. Sword fights are skill-based, but without a fairly decent amount of strength and endurance, a guy who is stronger and faster than you but a bit less skilled would beat you every time. In addition to stamina, the warder bond also gives the warder heightened senses and quicker reflexes, both of which are absolutely essential to a sword fight. Also, because of the warder bond, warders don't have to be as good as regular guys who are blademasters. The heightened senses, reflexes, and endurance attained through the bond by themselves make up for YEARS of training that a non-warder blademaster would have to go through. Even so, most warders are or almost are at the level of a blademaster, so the extras go that much further. Another reason there aren't that many blademaster warders is that they have much more important duties to carry out and not much time to go out of their way to seek a largely unnecessary qualification. In fact, having a heron on your sword is in some ways a negative thing. It draws people's attention. Here is another situation about how a heron mark sword could be a negative thing for a warder. Imagine a warder and his Aes Sedai traveling along a road somewhere, when they are spied from a distance by some brigand or even a Whitecloak. Upon further inspection, they note the heron mark sword the warder is carrying. Instead of bothering to confront either of them for fear of being soundly beaten, the attacker just puts an arrow in them and ride off. (This of course all depends on how stealthy the attacking party is, not much is going to get by a warder) This is just a random scenario, but I think it fits how people view the heron mark sword...as something to be avoided.
  9. Hmm..."snatching the moons from out of the sky" could mean earning his place on her "level", or bringing her down to his (whatever that means). Daughter of the Nine Moons, Court of the Nine Moons, both things that set her apart as the heir to the Crystal Throne of the Empress herself. By snatching them down, he effectively brings her to his level. Though SHE might not like hearing this little analysis (and Selucia would probably slap me as if I was staring at her chest), I would be plenty happy to be on Mat's level. Dude is made of pure awesome.
  10. I think I was more surprised that it hadn't been mentioned AT ALL. All things being equal, odds are that one character would have met someone who was a schoolteacher, or a child that was skipping school, or even rode past a schoolhouse at least once in the series if there was such a thing. Perhaps this is one of the major difference between the present in the series and the AoL. The development of education in the next age, partly fueled by Rand and his academies, could be the first steps down the path toward bringing the world into the next AoL.
  11. So with the search function being currently disabled, I figured I'd post something that I've been thinking about recently. Have we heard about any kind of school in Randland (barring the WT obviously)? I've read through the series several times and don't remember a mention of it, but I'm sure there are people on here far more diligent than I about digging up this kind of information. I noticed this because we haven't run into many characters (any?) that haven't been able to read or write, regardless of trade. While this could be answered simply by saying that parents pass down this knowledge, I wonder why any hardworking farmer would take time out of his day to teach the kids to read instead of having them do chores and things around the house. This omission is especially glaring in light of the advancement of cities like Caemlyn, Illian, Tear, and Cairhien. These are huge prosperous centers of economic activity, clerks, and guilds. Schools seem like a logical step in the process. Did RJ just not have time to develop this aspect of civilization more in depth? It doesn't seem likely that he would have left it out entirely, as he has gone to great lengths to describe other things. Anyway, just curious to see what you all have to say.
  12. Figured I'd try my hand...bit obscure reference.
  13. I'd have to agree with this. All the little nuances in these books won't have as great an emotional impact on you if you start looking for things earlier than you should. I'm not trying to get rid of you! I just want you to have the same chance at the magical experience that is the first WoT read-through as I did my first time through. I have read no other series of books that I could say the same things about. I guarantee you will come back and read them again. I'm on my fifth (or is it sixth?) read-through now and I still find things I missed before, and yet more reasons to stay in Randland for another day.
  14. Don't worry, WoT and SoT fandom are mutually exclusive. This is the one place I can be completely safe in my bashing of this inferior series. I'll admit, I did pick up a used copy of the second book of the series, but it was just so stupid I never finished it.
  15. This is the one book in my life I actually regret reading, and not only because I'm a rabid WoT fan. It was such a pitiful attempt at riding the epic fantasy bandwagon. But more gratuitous sex and a love story that makes no sense make it better right? Wrong. Ever been to their fansite? LOL. I used to "troll" there under the name Mat Cauthon just saying "Read WoT. Read WoT. This series is an embarrassing shadow." I know I know, if I don't like it I shouldn't read it. I don't care. Consider this a PSA. You've been warned. Edit: On topic, I'm reading Dragon Reborn. My how innocent our heroes were back then. Warms the heart.
  16. Just finished Dragon Reborn on 5th or 6th read through. I like the series more each time I read through it. It's going to be a say day when this series ends.
  17. I think this topic is a rather hard one to pin down. Perhaps a more accurate topic title would be "Which traits do you share with characters?" Following that vein, I share a lot of things with Mat. I'm lazy as hell and I like to drink. I usually find myself in charge of something that me and a team is working on, regardless of whether I want to be or not. I'm pretty lucky, maybe not so much with the dice but with the way things have played out in my life thus far (and I'm only 22). Oh and it was prophesied to me that I would marry someone called "The Daughter of the Nine Moons". Anyone know who that is? Oh well, figured I'd ask. I also share the women thing with Rand, but it's not so great like the way he has it. Instead of having the three most stunning babes in the world at my beck and call, so far in my life each and every time I've started things out with a new girl I liked, there was another one that was either obsessed (unhealthily) with me or I immediately met another girl that I liked more than my new GF. Needless to say, this has made for some interesting encounters, most of them unpleasant for me (in some cases deservedly so). I can think of a few more but they're more stretches so I'll leave it at that.
  18. Hit the nail on the head. I'm in China and don't feel like waiting for someone to mail me a copy. I'm going to try and get it on iBooks and just read it on my iPhone. Although I will pick up a copy of the hardback as soon as I get a chance. My WoT shelf NEEDS TO BE COMPLETE. Just not with signatures.
  19. Some great ones here... Anyway, re-reading tDR at the scene where the wondergirls are kidnapped and are about to be sold to Myrddraal when the Aiel pour in. Egwene makes the fades shoot fire out of all the skin she can see, Elayne compresses them into a tiny ball, then Nynaeve balefires that ball. I don't think we see any other creatures/people get destroyed so thoroughly throughout the rest of the series. Oh, and then Rhuarc's like, "I'm glad you stepped in. We would have killed them but some of us might have died. Or all of us." Here is my all time favorite scene/description. To set the stage, Galad and Masema have unknowingly secured the same boat for Elayne, Nynaeve, and Birgitte in some random river town in Ghealdan. While Galad and the Shienarans are escorting them to the boat, the entire town is being destroyed by rioters caused by the prophets people and the whitecloaks fighting over the boat and there are dead people everywhere. All of a sudden, a group of guys steps out in the street in front of the group and prepares to attack. "He faced their charge as though awaiting the next dance at a ball, arms open and unconcerned, not even bothering to bare his blade until they were almost on top of him. Then he did dance, all his grace turned in an instant to fluid death. He did not stand against them; he carved a path into their heart, a clear swath as wide as his sword's reach. Sometimes five or six men closed in about him with swords and axes and table legs for clubs, but only for the brief time it took for them to die. In the end, all their rage, all their thirst for blood, could not face him. It was from him that the first ran, flinging away weapons, and when the rest fled, they divided around him. As they vanished back the way they had come, he stood twenty paces from anyone else, alone among the dead and the groans of the dying." When I first read this, I thought of Galad as a minor irritant, a goody two shoes, as I was still somewhat in favor of Elayne at this point. But this is the most badass non-channeler fight scene in the entire series. Descriptive, but not down to the "sticks sword in gut, pulls out in time to take next man in throat" type of description that is common with a lot of the other swordplay scenes. Some others: "I can't abide snoring, boy." - Thom Shortly thereafter: "It sounded like Thom was sawing wood cross-grain with a rusty saw." - Mat's POV. Anytime someone who has previously underestimated the Two Rivers longbow gets a rude awakening and says something about it. "I believe her exact words were 'If you decide to gut a fish, no use waiting til it rots.'" - Sheriam, on the Amyrlin deciding to raise Egwene to Accepted. For that matter, pretty much all of Siuan Sanche's fish sayings. "You never had more than this, did you highness?" "Like I said, I had enough." When Perrin in the Two Rivers hears the advice Mistress al'Vere gives to Faile about how to handle men, and then hears Abell Cauthon (I think) saying pretty much the exact same thing on how to handle women. (Let them win small victories so they'll listen when something important comes up.) The scene when one apparently drunk merchant is doing some light gambling with other merchants who think they are about to make a good deal. At one point her eyes narrow in a way to make Mat think she really isn't as drunk as she is pretending. Lastly, the scene in the Stone of Tear where Mat is playing cards with some of the Tairen Lords and one of the cards comes alive and Mat throws his knife at it.
  20. Considering the events that lined up for Rand to be born, I beg to differ. He was ta'veren BEFORE he was born. At one point, Rand is reflecting on the various twists and turns the Pattern has made in order to accommodate things as they have been and he traces his own history back before the Aiel War, Laman cutting the tree, Aiel giving Cairhien the tree and letting them cross the waste, etc. Preparations have been made for his coming since nearly the beginning of the Age. Also, I don't believe Rand will ever not be ta'veren. The most pivotal point in his life will be when he dies. If this series pulls a Harry Potter I will be SEVERELY disappointed. Therefore he will be ta'veren from birth to death.
  21. I would want to make Cuendillar, the possibilities are endless. I could be the most sought after architect in the world, I could make bulletproof vests for the army (or conversely, unstoppable bullets), effective trade embargos (Thank you Egwene!), the best drills etc. Cha ching!
  22. Its kind of difficult to say that I'm more excited for AMoL as it wouldn't make sense without first having read ToM. I also don't want the Wheel of Time to be over. I don't remember what its like to NOT be eagerly anticipating the last battle. Its kind of like what Perrin was thinking about when he was about to get Faile back: the prize his father promised him if he worked really hard at all his chores. He did it because he wanted a reward for his work, the reward itself was next to meaningless and somewhat anticlimactic. He didn't want getting Faile back to be anticlimactic. Not to say that Tarmon Gai'don will be anticlimactic (it better not be!) but I will be disappointed to not have another book to look forward to. :(
  23. Chances are, darkfriends among their followers have had the intent to kill them, but the ta'veren nature of these characters has either distracted/prevented the attempts from taking place. Much in the way Verin was distracted from traveling away from Mat and the Band during TGS, instead of her not ACTUALLY being able to open the gateway, things happened that prevented her from taking the first steps to opening the gateway. So in this case, the darkfriends may have shown up at Mat's tent during a time when he was out inspecting on rounds, or the darkfriend realized he forgot his knife in his tent or some such thing.
  24. I have to say that as much as the Perrin-Faile chase dragged on through two books, it was worth it to get rid of Aram. He was way too emotionally unstable to do anything of importance later on, and for all that he waved his sword around, he is still a tinker. I don't think there is a weaker character in the entire series.
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