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  1. *hic* Builder, what is wrong with some vi-violent spaarthzzs ;D
  2. Quote from Roxinos (Egwene is the) person to raise her hand in class and she wouldn't just raise it, She would shoot it up like a cannon going off LMAO!! The two people that come to mind are thus: 1. For the younger generation Hermoine Granger. 2. For the rest of us Horshack from the TV show Welcome Back Kotter.
  3. Good one Epic. Are you thinking like the ancient times Roman Colliseums where you put an Aiel in fighting a Myrddraal one on one? Or more modern like football (American or European) Cairhien Chargers vs. Angorian Lions? ;D
  4. I'm probably way off here, but could the seals be something similar to what has happened to the 'ways'. I know they are supposed to be tainted from the male half, could they be similar?
  5. I am glad that everyone here so far has put Egwene into the proper perspective and I'd like to add my share. 1. If I'm remembering correctly, she is two years younger than Rand when they leave the Two Rivers, so I'm assuming she's approx. 16-17 years and the Women's Circle has just let her "braid her hair". So, she is very young, imo, to in this first year being told she can channel, find out what Rand can do, start learning in the Tower and being leashed as a damane. I don't know many people that can have all that happen to them and not end up in a strait jacket and babbling "It's a beautiful day in the Neighborhood". 2. For the first three books she at first is in kind of awe of Nynaeve, then she finds that even though Nyn is stronger in the power, Egwene is still treated like she is six years old with a runny nose. Then she finds something that she can truly call her own, dreamwalking, and Nyn tries at first to take that away from her too because its too dangerous. So, I can understand some dislike to Egwene but for all she's been through and what she had to do to get to the Amyrillian Seat, you have a very mature woman for her age and with the Aiel training, one that is very strong.
  6. Funny Epic, when I first read this post, the Stone of Tear was the first thing that I thought of too. The way I look at it, is even with using the power which we've seen can rip a corner of a palace apart (Cairhien's Sun Palace) without using any an'greal it would still take a major effort to obliterate the Stone. Sure would be fun to watch though. :)
  7. Just thinking about Egwene's character, I could see her stopping construction the minute she becomes Amrylian because she won't use it then I could see her either using it for more novices that hopefully will come in (provided they can fill up the original tower), or she will use it for storage. Either would surely piss of Eladia more than if Egwene just destroyed it. Good Question, it makes you wonder about other buildings as well. For instance if the Towers combine what would become of the Black Tower?
  8. Hear hear seasnake! I agree completely, sometimes your family needs to come first!
  9. This might sound weird but when Moiraine was in the stone going to talk to Nynaeve and Egwene with the Black sisters and she comes in all pissed off about Rand "OOOOh, that that MAN!" or something like that. You don't see Moiraine lose her cool that often and its one of the few times where you see the prophecies could be looked at in more than one way.
  10. Just to agree with you. There is a part with Mat in Tar Valon where his luck was running wild in the gaming tables and someone commented that 'he had the dark one's own luck' and Mat's reaction. If I remember the guy was about triple Mat's size and he grabbed him by the shirt and ripped him a new one. Also remember that pretty much everyone except darkfriends had these supersitions and stories told to them from birth about how terrible these things are, they aren't going to take it as jokes. Look at the witch trials in America where it was similar to putting the fang on someone's door. There wasn't much into looking for evidence, they were accused and most of the time killed on just that.
  11. That was one of my favorite Nynaeve parts, where she had no choice to thank the men for 'interfering' and helping. Nynaeve during that stage just had this major attitude that because she had the power that men were next to useless. Funny how this brought her down a peg or two.
  12. All of those have been great. Mine would be Perrin in the smithy, and when he notices the Grey Men in Illian before even Lan or Moraine sees them. But when he starts giving orders to Tam and Abell in the Two Rivers and sees the respect that Tam and Abell have for him right after finding out his family was slaughtered was really cool.
  13. Donkey Shorts (the equivalent of Thank You in German. Sorry the Army ruined me) RAW. That would have had me up at night trying to figure it out.
  14. I am rereading Crossroads of Twilight and I'm at the part where Perrin sees the town that the Shaido has taken over. I just can't remember how Perrin found out about forkroot. I know he got it from the Seanchan. Is that how he found out about it too? Most likely I will figure it out myself, but because I am impatient, if anyone knows, please help me.
  15. I can't remember the nation that has the Children of the Light headquarters, but that would be the worst. Having a puppet King and then being told how to live by a 'Coplike' people. My favorite would be the Aiel people. No King and governed by clan chiefs.
  16. Alot of things with Mat crack me up but what I loved the most is when he took the Aes Sedai on his knee and spanked the living *(^& out of her/them. HILLARIOUS
  17. I don't know if this is possible, but maybe with Rand defeating the Dark One it might be like getting rid of the taint. Where he used Shadar Logoth to put the taint after it was cleansed and Shadar Logoth was gone. It might be that Tarmon Gaidon is fought in the blight and it might tell how the Last Battle is doing depending on if the Blight is shrinking or expanding. There is two that I came up with. Great Question!
  18. I think you hit it right on the head. Nynaeve doesn't like being afraid (or admitting it anyway). She will go to great lengths to avoid anything she is afraid of. Look at how she gets the ship to Salidar, just so she can avoid Luca's show, which were two things she was afraid of. 1. Getting knives thrown at her. 2. Wearing such an imodest dress. Nynaeve reacts the same whenever she's afraid. She gets angry. So, I believe that she is afraid of the power, and finding out from Moirainne that she can channel didn't help that at all. So, her block would naturally be what she does when she becomes afraid. Personally, I think her block was fear more than anger.
  19. The only gay relationship (males) that I have heard of in WOT was with the Athan Mier. I think its in The Shadow Rising, but I could be wrong.
  20. I guess it also depends on the characteristics that you like the most. Overall, would be very hard to judge if your looking at more than physical traits. How can you tell how someone looks like from the inside? I know some women that I just love to death that would never win any beauty contests. This may sound weird but if you were going by women who were very nice, polite, fun to be around, kind, I would have to say Egwene's mother. She is one of the few women that you don't see any negative aspects to her personality, but would she win a beauty contest? Maybe but I doubt it. As far as Min is concerned. When she was playing the 'simpering' girl in the white tower during the Shadow Rising, wearing dresses would definitely be hot, but seeing a girl in tight Levi's (or Randland's equivalent) is pretty sexy too! ::) *Ducks when my wife brings out the rolling pin* ;D
  21. I agree with Serenla. I have also reread many times. I also have six books on CD. Either way I have enjoyed. The cd's have helped me understand the way people are saying things. For instance in the third book (Dragon Reborn) when the Wondergirls are discussing Siuan's order to hunt the black Ajah. Elayne says something about hunting bears that might look like lambs. Or something like that. When I read it, I thought she was being serious and when I listened she was being sarcastic. So, in that way, I have picked up quite a bit more listening than reading. Also, maybe try reading one book and then read one from a different author then go back to the Wheel. Easy for me to say because I normally read three different books at the same time (one at work, one at home and one in between) but I'm nuts. Hope this helps.
  22. Not necessarily. You sometimes have to do what's necessary instead of what's traditional. Also, I could see Amys doing something with the Dreamworld. I think it was either Moggy or Lanfear who were surprised at how much the "barbarians" knew about the dreamworld. I'll take your giving up and instead Amys still leads a group of Maidens with Aviendah and they will fight like Wise Ones covering the Maiden's tracks.
  23. Something that might help Rand's group is that Taim and his followers aren't as concerned with learning the sword because they feel its beneath them. I could see something like what happened at Far Madding, happening again. Somehow get Taim's group shielded or in a Stedding and take them apart with swords.
  24. I just thought of something that would totally kick ass. Rand and Co. figure out where Graendal is and Amys gets with Aviendah and tells her to get some Ca'dinsor, and they both lead a group of Maidens after Graendal. I would love to see Amys like she was before she 'gave up the spear'. What do you think?
  25. Attention! Dictator speaking. I am very glad that you all mentioned my *cough* mistake about Messanna without directly inferring that I would actually make a mistake, very good now I don't have to send out the killer bunnies! This has been great so far, all very great posts. I saw a couple dealing with non-channelers mainly Berlain and Soreila, both of which are great choices. Are there any more suggestions in that way? I wonder if Graendal would expect an attack from someone with the power, and be surprised with maybe a group of Maidens, or something? Either way, with or without the power, I hope its an epic battle. By the way, Mr. Ares, I am still taking applications for head of my police force! :)
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