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  1.     I don't think that Pride would have been an issue for Aes Sedai in the Age of Legends because they were the 'servants to all'. Not like the present Aes Sedai, but I wonder if some things were so simple at the time, because of the technology during the Age of Legends, that the Aes Sedai just simply thought some things were too basic to teach and so worried more about the healings and other spells that were needed right then.


        I also agree with someone wanting to teach but not having anyone with the ability to use it.

  2.     I try to tell people to be patient. Myself, I am not put off by how big a book is and very seldom have I ever had to put a book down because I just can't get into it (Funny that Twilight was one of those and I don't even know why). With the Wheel of Time you have so many story lines and characters and ALOT of descriptions that sometimes get annoying. But if she can "wade" through that stuff, the action is some of the best I've read.


    Hope this helps.

  3.     If I remember The Great Hunt correctly, Egwene was "special" because she could use Earth so Strongly. I agree with IB that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg with the damane only being weapons. If damane purpose was only battle, then if the Seanchan couldn't handle women channelers "running around unleashed" then why not just kill them off.

  4.     There were at least 4 that I could have chosen. All (Bryne, Iturlude, Cauthon, Bashere) have great qualities, but my choice was Bryne. I just loved his honesty and how he was so loyal to Egwene. Not the Aes Sedai, but Egwene.


        If I was to pick someone off the list, it would probably be Tam 'al Thor becuase of the Battle of the Two Rivers and how he helped Perrin in Malden.

  5.     I started reading the series about 12 years ago and after many rereads I seem to understand things better with age and having things refreshed. Age has never been a factor for me (characters) More the situations. I have always liked Thom, if there was something I wished I could do is travel all over the world telling and hearing stories.

  6.     I kind of hope there will be changes. If not it will just be like she was suspended in Time. Every experience big, small, good, bad, all changes us in some way, so keeping Moiraine the exact same as she was when she plunged wouldn't be right. She needs to have changed in some ways to make it believable. Now the extent of the changes... that will definetly be the question.

  7.     I agree. There are very few originals anymore. I'm not dissing anybody because alot of people get ideas from bouncing off others. Personnally, I like it because like on this site everyone has their own take on what happened and will voice it so other people can become enlightened.


        By the way, welcome to Dragonmount! :)

  8.     Thank you for letting us know about this. We have very much to be greatful for people who protect us. Since this is also Veteran's Day (U.S. Holiday) I would like to extend your moment of silence, with your permission, to all of the military all over the world in all countries that are fighting and dying to keep world peace, along with firefighters, and other emergency occupations.

  9.     Personnally, I am glad that Galad is now the commander of the Children of the Light. Normally, I say Whitecloaks like most do, but I am making the change here for a distinct purpose.


        I can't remember exactly which book it is when you find Galad reading a book on the Children of the Light (I think it's the fourth one TSR). Galad is reading about what the Children are supposed to stand for, not necessarily what the "Whitecloaks" have turned and changed things.


        I believe that Galad will attempt to bring the Children back to it's origins which are to help save the people from the dark instead of being judge/jury/hangsman. Galad in doing what is right at all times will not allow someone to be put under the question without good reason first, etc.

  10.     Not for sure on this, but I always got the impression that Egwene was the youngest and still living in the Inn with her parents. It could be that the sisters have already been married and gone to live elsewhere or out in the farms surrounding Emond's Field.


        It's kind of the same thing with Perrin's Family. Again, Perrin as an apprentice, stayed with the Luhann's during the week to be closer to his job. But I'm sure went back to stay with his parents when possible. You just don't read about it.


          Again, just my opinion, nothing to confirm this. Hope it helps though.

  11.     Rinkai: I think his name was Moore. But, whatever his name, that was definetly sad. Along with all the others, I would include the little girl in the Stone that Rand tries to bring back from the dead. Not because we see her die, but to me she represents all of the "civilian" casualties you get in wars. Its one thing when soldiers meet on the battlefield and kill each other, its another when innocents get killed as a result of war. Not trying to be preachy. :-[

  12.     I have re-read the series or listened to it numerous times but my mind is like a sive, I can't remember my kids names much less the Maidens of the Spear. Until book 9 came out I tried to re-read the series completely, but it is so big that I've now just went with the last book out before the new one. I have set a goal that I will read the entire series all the way through before the final book comes out.

  13.     Good one Sylvia, LMAO!! I'm glad that Robert Jordan casted Nynaeve for that particular bit.



        How about in TDR when the supergirls go to Tear and are meeting with the Wise Woman and Elayne asked her what she would do to two people who couldn't get along and Mother Gwenna's explanation.

  14.     Preschool for channelers: Can you imagine the first Food Fight?


        First fight over girl/boyfriend: Can you imagine that fight?


        When I was young I would be woke up at six in the morning to my older sisters fighting over who stole what clothes that she was going to wear. Wouldn't that fight been fun with some channeling?


        Just thought of one. Elayne just gives birth and the doctor picks up the baby boy and gives him a swat on the butt. He screams and makes a switch out of air and whacks the doctor one. The doctor then delivers the baby girl and gives her to the nurse and says "You do it." and walks out of the delivery room massaging his butt.


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