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  1. OOC: Ghual is right. This post is not going to happen. First of all...I realize your training has taken along time in RL but as far as the RP goes you've trained no more and no less than any other initiate to the Stone Dogs...second of all there is no way you have trained more than Xin...so please edit your post to reflect the sound beating you will receive with Ramza barely winning. Thank you
  2. Eyota had just returned to the stedding from a rather confusing and exhausting retrieval; and was looking forward to his cot situated in the tiny cave that Sha’re and Randon had made their home. He was still confused about the emotions he had smelled coming from Janna and Odette. It wasn’t so much Odette’s scent that had caused him to worry, she was new to the kin and it wasn’t strange for a wanderer to become attached to the person who had found them. What was strange that Janna had lost so much control as to let her feelings slip through the mask she had been keeping in place wheneve
  3. Firion came in and handed Eyota the pouch of herbs he had collected. As Eyota perused Firions script of herbs the young man spoke up. “I found the plant that smelled similar to sleepwell but the texture was a little off could you tell me what it is." Eyota had already picked through most of the pouch Firion had brought back with him. He had found one sample that he knew was not supposed to be there and had wanted to point it to his young apprentice, “Firion you’ve got one in here that I’d like to point out and leads us nicely into our next lesson. Grey Fennel, it’s one of the man
  4. Xin had always been small amoungst the Aiel; but it had taught him to rely on speed and lightning quick attacks to throw his opponents off guard. It was exactly the tactic that he was using with Cor; testing and prodding to see how much strength remained in the man. He had cut the initiate several times through the fight and was surprised he was still standing. He knew the young couldn’t last much longer with the cuts that had been inflicted from his previous beating as well as the fight that he was now in, and expected something to come but was surprised with the strength that he had muster
  5. “Whats next? Next would be a few more lessons with herbs, don’t worry my friend we’ll get to the other lessons soon enough.†Eyota was impressed with the work Firion had done, he must have spent hours in the library working through the lists of herbs. “You did well, you seem to have a knack for this, though I suspect from what I’ve heard you already knew a little about herbs†Eyota hadn’t talked with Firion much about his future plans, and hoped they would be able to work through some of what the man liked while they did their basic training. “Would you like to join me for
  6. Belran had taken up the sentry duty as was customary for the Society Second while they awaited the return of their potential brother. He returned from the desert tired and worse for the wear but carrying the burden that had been set before him. The other warriors he had faced returned before him and had already been seen to by a wise one; some bearing more scars than they left with; it was almost enough to bring a smile to his face. Those men had been careless to let the young ones spear find them; he should have been no problem for them and they had grown cocky and learned a lesson in the pro
  7. The trees had thinned the higher into the mountain pass they had gone. However as they rounded the bend and came into a valley it became clear there was still a mountain oasis that the wolfkin called home. They had yet to enter the stedding but Eyota had seen the Rangers posts a ways out and had given them the customary single of a bird whistle to let them pass undisturbed. The rangers were certainly the most skillful fighters in the woods and even Eyota who had a lifetime of training could sometimes miss their passing or hiding. Now they were nearing the boundry of the stedding; his skin
  8. OOC: I will be writing this post as Belran my NPC Society second. The initiate had shown great resolve during the onslaught of Stone Dog members. The members of the society always took great pleasure in the ritual beating of new members. Xin and Belran stood on the balcony of their roof watching the fight progress. Belran reflected on the time when he had been the newest initiate into Shae’en M’Taal and had to play his part in the next part of the initiation. At that time it had been Xin who was undergoing the beating. They had become fast friends and rose through the ranks; Xin advanc
  9. Firion was taking to herbs fairly well. Eyota was having problems trying to work around his lack of sight. But it was going as well as he could hope. "Yes I want you to go herb by herb. I've slipped some in there that you don't know yet from our lesson. But you might be able to figure it out from just general knowledge. Either way this is important and I want you to be as thurough as possible." OOC: Yes I want a report. I know it's boring; but this lesson goes by fast I promise.
  10. ANDULAR The journey east was made pleasant by Wall’s story telling. Both Eyota and Nights enjoyed listening to the big man talk and the three shared a laugh at many of his tales. Once they rode out of the Mountains of Mist Eyota took the point and led them to some back trails well away from the main roads. The weather was kind to them with warm dry days and cool cloudless nights. Nights enjoyed those times most of all seated around a fire roasting rabbits and joking with his friends. The wolves were always with them of course warning them of any unwanted attention they might be ridi
  11. AURIN It was time again; the wolves had found another young one going through the howling. Eyota packed his usual belongings, his pack, daggers, quarter staff, power wrought dagger, and bow. After strapping everything he would need to himself he threw his green travel cloak over his shoulders and moved out of his cave to travel the route that would best take him to Saldea. It had been a long time since he had journeyed that far north; and to his shame actually had to consult the giant map in the tracker classroom. Randon had accompanied him the entire way; communicating with the local
  12. AURIN Eyota walked to the clearing where he and Solomon had so long ago began the training that would lead his young friend to becoming a full wolfbrother; and tonight was the last step he must take in order to achieve his long sought goal. “Tonight is your final night of training; assuming you can make it through. We’ve spent a lot of time in the dream, and tonight you’ll have to use all your skills in order to see the dawn break over the mountains once again. Follow me.†Eyota stealed himself for what was to come next, gathering his will to himself and focusing his mind. He le
  13. It was morning again and Eyota had already finished his 4 mile run through the mountains. Randon had come with him this morning, Eyota chasing Randon for the first 2 miles until his friend decided to go off after something to eat. After a few minutes Eyota heard the unmistakable screech of a rabbit in the clutch’s of death and knew Randon had found his breakfast. The sun was up and shinning bright as Eyota made his way to the infirmary. Cleaned up and ready for another day of training Firion. Eyota poked his head into the dinning room hoping to find Firion already up and there, when he
  14. The sun had set and a full moon stood in the sea of stars the twinkled above them. Eyota could smell the deer before the snap of a twig gave away it’s location. He’d had his bow out long before the first scent of the deer had reached his nose. Eyota had planned to take the first shot; and under estimated Firion’s ability to use the bow with his lose of sight. “I hadn’t thought you would take the shot, and it probably was afraid, most prey is when the moment of death is upon it. But it points out a valuable lesson. We are normally the prey in the real world; people don’t trust us. Y
  15. EYOTA Today would be a challenging day. He had trained countless new wanderers; but this was the first time he had to train someone who couldn’t see. John had asked him to take the task, and as always Eyota had agreed. He was a little nervous to be working with this boy, working in close proximity to another. Eyota had left word at the infirmary for the boy to meet him in the woods out by his cave. He knew he had a companion and he hoped he would work as the boys eyes in the tangled brush. Before the boy actually came into sight Eyota caught his scent, Eyota could tell the young one
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