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  1. ... *holds up a Kenya poster*
  2. You can stop coming to DM if you want to, Moir.
  3. It's a nifty little thing they installed to weed out people with no patience. :P
  4. Can't help you there, but if you'd ever consider Norway, it's a five year master's course, and admittance is based on your GPA. So that's kinda all you have to do, pass high school. Our psychologists are obviously terrible... J/K. =)
  5. I guess it depends on the country. In Scandinavia you have to get a master's degree in psychology, but in the US for example, I think you need a doctoral degree. Sooo, where will you be shrinking brains? :D
  6. Hi! Welcome to DM. You sound kinda like an Illuminator to me. They're the creative bunch of DM with the writing and stuff and some other stuff. You'll have to ask them for more info. :D If you're interested in the Orgs, that is. My favourite places at DM are the Children of the Light (Comedy) and the Seanchan (for all your entertainment needs) so I highly recommend stopping by. Anyway, always glad to see new members, so look around the different boards and say hello.
  7. Yeah, do check out the Orgs and DGs. Personally, I think the Seanchan and the CoL are the best, but you should check 'em all out. Welcome! ;D
  8. So, when you say that the boards look awesome, do you mean they look pretty? Cus if you do, you're absolutely right. There are too many haters here. Brown-haters, actually. It's borderline racist. Anyways, welcome to DM. If you're here to RP I can't help you, but if you're a community person, then I know the best places. Don't I sound cool, huh? Stop by the Seanchan Org to discuss tv-shows, movies and games if that's your thang. I also recommend the Children of the Light Discussion Group. A Discussion Group is kinda like a mini-Org. You're not technically a member (but if you post once on the CoL, I'll consider you a member) and it's just more laid back. For example you don't have to jump when Corki says jump (well, none of the Banders do that, but that's just because of bad leadership :D). The CoL is the Comedy DG at DM (yes, I like abbrevations) and there are some funny people there. Stop by if you find a funny video or have a funny story or joke you wanna tell. There's also supposed to be weekly polls there, but the leader of the CoL is a bit lazy.
  9. The CoL is back after a few months of hiatus with the latest makin' believers out of them haters. ;D
  10. I actually find the SG boards kinda slow, and as I'm typing this message it seems like they're down. *pokes the board* And we're not allowed to anything on the offsites that we aren't allowed to do here. At least I don't think so. I think the consolidation is going okay, the only Org that I'm a member of that has an offsite is SG. There's not crazy much activity going on at SG DM, but there's some which is good considering that most of the members were negative(super-cranky) to the consolidation. *points up* :D And the moving of the CoL offsite boards is going great! I was gonna shut 'em down anyway after Barm posted those semi-nude pics of Cads and she was all: "I'm hiring Kivam and I'll sue you for what you're worth, and then I'll use the money to take Oz on a cruise to like Australia or something!" What? It's not like I'm jealous or anything...
  11. I'm in my first year at Uni getting my LL.M. It's alot of fun even though I'm always broke and have to spend way too much time actually studying. :P Other than that, I try to catch a few parties during the week-ends and booze it up.
  12. Oh no he didn't! *chuckles* These are the most recent ones of me, I think. Edit: Kids, that's soda. >.>
  13. That reminds me of an old pic of tha chillimous. :D
  14. Orgs are basically a group of people dedicated to a theme. It may or may not have something to do with the books. For example the Seanchan is the Entertainment Org where you discuss movies etc. The Band is dedicated to music. Have a look around the different Orgs to see what they're all about. Most of the Orgs have ranks, you'll have to check out each Org to see how their rank system is. I'll also mention Discussion Groups. They're kinda like Orgs, but a little more laid back. No private boards or rank system. The Children of the Light is the Comedy Group where you can make ou your own rank. ;D
  15. Cads, you're only supposed to say that if you're actually covering your face with your hands, not when your just staring in that creepy stalkerish way.
  16. Well, I wouldn't know. That whole month is just a big hole in memory. ;D
  17. Heh, you found The Untouchables... That's a good movie, btw. I should rent it.
  18. I don't suppose it has something to do with that unspeakable tutu of yours, Emp? :)
  19. I'm listening to a Hey Ya cover my Matt Weddle, it's pretty good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fS2PRP89eqM
  20. Two pics from a couple of months ago: Huh?
  21. Not all the Orgs/Discussion Groups are anything like the ones in the book. The Children of the Light, for example is dedicated to humour and being funny and stuff. The Seanchan is the entertainment Org where people discuss movies, games and tv-shows. I recommend these two, but try checking out all the Orgs/DGs.
  22. Hello malin. Please do check out the Orgs here on DM, after you're done over at the WoT discussion boards. Don't let the name of the Org fool you, they're not always like how they're portrayed in the books. I saw your post in the Post your pic thread, and if you like editing pictures and all that stuff, I recommend joining the Illuminators. They're the creative Org. I'm not a member myself, but they have some really talented people over there. I'd also recommend the Seanchan, the entertainment Org. We discuss movies, TV-shows, games etc. Come over and start a thread about how awesome The Little House on the Prairie is. (because I'm afraid the others will laugh at me if I do it)
  23. Maybe someone has PMed you already, but I don't think anybody is talking about banning. The only thing that has been said, is that Org Leaders that won't move off the offsites will no longer be Org Leader.
  24. Pfft. If we demanded another board, you'd so give it to us. We are, after all, the backbone of DM. But we don't want one. Our motto is quality over quantity. :P
  25. Yay, awesome Cads! Good job, Mahdi.(whoever you are) I consider myself a winner too, because I'm obviously Cads' source of inspiration. :P
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