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  1. Katharina, you're a funny person. Now, don't become all arrogant because I complimented you, like Barm does. It's not becoming. Anyways, since you're funny and stuff I MUST have you in the CoL. We are the Comedy place at DM and treasure quality over quantity in our post, and since we're quite low quality at the moment we don't post much. Plus if you join I'll win a bet... with myself. That's actually my pick up line btw. It doesn't work.
  2. Haxorsist

    The Super Bowl

    I fell asleep halfway through the 3rd quarter or something because it was the middle of the night. I'm a bit irritated I missed the last quarter. ^^ I think OT should be done the way it's done in college football. Both teams get a possession each.
  3. That's pretty awesome, but I wasn't allowed to read the whole article, because I don't have an account. =/
  4. Was your old avatar a half-naked man? ;D
  5. Hahaha, I don't remember exactly what I wrote and the PM didn't get saved to my outbox. Ain't nothing wrong with chubby sex.
  6. Wow, what a humourfilled display of power. I hadn't read all of these, or maybe I just forgot (though I doubt it). I wonder if there's possible to subsribe to JD posts... Barm and I are honoured to be the subject of your 2nd best post. We are thinking that maybe Hax (that's me, but you know that) should start talking for both of us. We haven't decided yet, but will reach a decision shortly.
  7. Congratulations man. Those are bunads, right? Where from?
  8. In my experience, that's Italian girls.
  9. This week-end I got a chance to try something I can't normally do. Picking up a German chick. Let's start with what you have to do first. Spotting the German. Now I have no idea how to do this. I just started talking to some girl and she happened to be German. Score. I guess if she's wearing a t-shirt that says "I'm German" she might be German. Or she could be speaking very loudly in German. But she might just be a non-German who happens to know German. I guess you just have to ask. Ok, you've found one, now you have to get the conversation going, preferably in a language she can understand. I learned that there are some things you shouldn't do: 1. Even if the Germans are a beer-loving people, German girls (the one German chick I met) aren't fond of guys who are too drunk. For example, if the only reason you sat down with her is that you were having trouble standing, you might've been too drunk. This one is the most important one, because if you're not too drunk, you'll probably not make the other mistakes. 2. This is not an appropriate conversation: You: I think the German language is beautiful. Her: Oh? I don't really think so. You: Why don't you speak some German and let me decide. Her: *speaking German* You: *laughing hysterically* Yeah, you were right. That was just terrible! *more laughing* This might lead to her thinking you're an asshole. 3. Don't ask her whereabout in France she's from. Remember, she's German. This is especially important if she's not too fond of the French. Let's move on to the things you should talk about. Unfortunately I got nothing. The girl I was really hanging out with came back and I had to leave. To be honest, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have found anything to write here anyway. That's all for now. If I meet someone of a different nationality, I'll be sure to write another helpful guide. ;)
  10. Too bad Norway won the gold in the javelin. ;D
  11. Taekwondo or however it's spelled. I heard the reason for using young gymnasts is that they're quite small and they're also a bit reckless so they perform tricks that the older gymnasts with more experience think are too dangerous.
  12. Good to see the Norwegian women's handball team dominating the Russians in the final and winning the gold.
  13. liek seriously what do you mean?!?!?!?! ??? ??? ::) ::) ??? ??? >:( >:( >:( ;D :D ;) ??? :P :-X ??? r u kiddin????
  14. How do you become a JD favourite? Do you change the gender in your profile to female? :) Nah, I'm just kidding. I don't want to cheapen your favouriteness. On to the report! I don't think I've ever given you props for your mad parentheses skills, JD. Especially the first one in World News. It had a kick ass lenght. Yes, I'm still talking about the parentheses. As a Norwegian-Canadian I have to say that unions are cool. Why I have to say it? Don't know really.
  15. I have a 360, but I don't play much. The last game I played was GTA 4. You should head over to the Seanchan Org. There are a lot of Xbox 360 players, who also play online.
  16. Wow, I re-read this and I noticed the Beastie Boys thing. For shame Band. That's like the CoL naming Dane Cook best comedian... Or Carlos Mencia.* *I haven't seen Mind of Mencia, I'm just hatin' cus everybody else is. Wooo, asterisk.
  17. You got gay millionaires? I'm so jealous, I only get regular gay dating ads. Back off and stop stealing all the good ones. ;D I need to find the login for the blog so I can let the people know that a new Spymaster's Report is up.
  18. I imagine seeing that news will be something like: "OH MY GOD!! They're making a tv-series. SAAAAH-weet. Aaaawww, it'll be on Fox. :("
  19. Other than me? Probably not. :D
  20. We had a thread like this a couple of years ago. Post your location here and the rest add it to My Places (or Your Places) on Google Earth and we can go on DM trip around the world. Sounds boring? Well, then you're not bored enough... yet. I'll go first. I'm in Tromsø, Norway.
  21. I think the judge should recuse himself. He seems biased.
  22. I miss when there was a leaf next to the thread when there was a new message, and the yin-yang sign next to some threads. Can't remember which. Was it the closed threads? Didn't there use to be an archive board where the special threads were saved? If there was one, I miss it. If there still is one, you have hid it well. I also miss the random poll from the CoL there. ---------> I'm convinced there was one.
  23. I knew there was gonna be a May 17th thread here. :D I don't know how much celebrating I'll bother doing. To be honest I'm so hung over I wish all the children would stop laughing. If I'm feeling better later I might try to catch the Russ parade. Hopefully they're more clever than we were when we were russ.
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