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  1. OOC: Anyone and everyone is free to reply to this post :) I'd like to get to know some others around here, I've been gone so long, so if you want to assume your character knows Jagen, by all means do so and post! :D Also I mention in here she was brought to the Tower by an unnamed Gray Sister. If anyone wants to be her feel free for that, too.




    Waking up before the first sitting of breakfast, Jagen found herself torn between staying in the wonderfully comfortable bed, or getting up as soon as possible. She chose the latter. Her long red braids clicking as she sat up and stretched, she rubbed the tiredness from her dark blue eyes and stood, walking around her fine apartments. It was much better than what she had as an Accepted. Channeling, she lit a fire in the bedroom and looked at the four dresses along the wall, all in various shades of red. She chose the darkest, a maroon, and changed into it with a smile.


    Yesterday, after five years as a novice and four as Accepted, she had completed the formal ceremony to become Aes Sedai. She had walked up to the Red sisters and Sitters to have the shawl placed on her shoulder. It made her feel like she completed a long journey to come home.


    Jagen had worked hard for those years. Growing up on a farm outside Tanchico and later working as a servant in the Panarch's Palace, working as a novice here had been a great welcome. The day a Gray Sister came to visit the Panarch and told her she could channel had been the happiest in her life. She had been born with the spark. And the chance to learn how to use that power--the One Power!--was a most joyous occasion. Jagen had dived right into her studies upon arriving. The workload--of washing dishes and any other manual labor required of her--was only time to think about what she had learned that day. Working was nothing, she had been used to that. But then she learned to read and write. She learned mathematics, philosophy, history. She met girls from all over the known countries. Her years at the Tower taught her to be tough and they taught her to be smart. And now with the shawl on her shoulders, she felt she could take on the world.


    Well, not all of it... She admitted to herself. Gaining education and learning to use the One Power had admittedly made Jagen a bit of a tough woman to get along with. Whenever other novices or Accepted had learned something she got angered at herself until she learned it too. She did get in trouble once in a while as a novice for channeling when she wasn't supposed to. But generally she was a good, if unsociable person--unless someone made her angry. That's where most of her own trips to the Mistress of Novices went. If other novices or Accepted had made her angry, she'd find any number of various ways to get back at them. She'd make chair legs weak. Or slip mice into someone's room, or rub itchweed in dresses, or place a cup of water on top of a door, or, if the opportunity presented itself, she'd take others' things and misplace them--into someone else's hand. Those had been rare, but fun. And brought on the most severe of her punishments. By the time she was three years into being an Accepted she had dropped such pranks and silliness and concentrated more on becoming what she wanted to be--an Aes Sedai.


    Not all of it was easy, of course. Jagen was a studious worker and concentrated hard on getting things done on time and with near perfection, but sometimes it was her downfall too. The stress would become too great and she'd break down. Even those among her few friends--or perhaps more like social acquaintances --she fully avoided until Jagen's work was done, days or weeks at a time until things had calmed down. She wondered what some of her 'friends' were up to. She also wondered if they had found out about her Ajah choice, yet--those who were Aes Sedai would probably already know, and those who were still Accepted she didn't plan on talking to, at least not until they had been raised. Whenever someone asked her, she always replied, "You'll see." She never wanted to give a direct answer. Her friends or those who knew her mused it was between Brown--for all of Jagen's love of books, reading and learning--or White, for her love of logic and not often thinking on the side of her heart. One time when an Accepted got bit by a stray dog, Jagen showed no sympathy; she only called the girl a fool for ever approaching the animals. The others present had called her rude.


    She tied up the dress in the back. It was not a style she cared for--she only ever cared for Taraboner styles and fashions--but the skirt and sleeves were comfortably long and the wool was finer than the dress she had to wear as an Accepted. My veil, she suddenly thought, a wide smile suddenly breaking her thoughtful expression. The day she came to the Tower they ordered he to take it off, but she had kept it all these years for this various opportunity. She tied it on under her long red braids and picked up her shawl, the Flame of Tar Valon proud and big on the back. The red fringe was six inches long, thick, and bright so anyone could make out the color clearly.

    Jagen stood before her mirror for nearly a full minute to admire herself. She couldn't get over it--she was Aes Sedai! Finally! Inside she was giddy. But on the outside she kept her smile calm. Jagen wasn't one to even smile, normally she had a stern expression on her face, but today she couldn't help but smile as she looked at the shawl, and the ring on her left hand--she kept it on her left, but moved it to her index finger.


    She decided she would go down to breakfast first, and come back to the Red halls later; she still had to meet with the head of the Ajah some time today and meet other Red sisters. She closed the door to her room and locked it and warded it. Then, with her chin up, she strode down the hall, the shawl displayed proudly, a small smile on her face. When she left the Ajah quarters she daintily rearranged it. Not that it needed to, of course. She just wanted everyone to look and know a new Red sister was in the White Tower.

  2. Thank you both!


    Rufae, I might check it out. I made my sigg myself and do a lot of 3D work. I'd gladly make free portraits for anyone who asks  if I have time (Free because I'm limited on what I work with as far as dresses, and limited on wardrobe besides, and I'm not good enough to charge  :D )

  3. Hello everybody, and to all the very old members, hello again! It's been... a long, long--okay, well years since I've been here. I still recognize a few names though ;)  Anyway I started out at DM back in 2001 and have been off-on since, and I'd like to get into RPing again. Actually, I was about to get into RPing again when some unexpected RL matters transfered me to a different state, and with all the happy stress that came with it I totally forgot about RPing.


    Well anyway, I posted a bit more detail in the WT forum about RPing again, just wanted to say hi.

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