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  1. *smiles brightly* I would love that. It would really be helpful with certain threads, like if I need to add something to the Atha'an Miere thread (which coincidentally I do). And I already edit/update the White Tower webpage. I actually meant to ask you if I can update myself as the webmistress on the Staff page, but would I technically be staff, or no?  I just LOVE doing research and finding all the things! Also, I love decorating, too XD

  2. I'd gather information first and  just send it to you., but having the format ready is a big help. Alternatively, I could probably also make a PM to you with the same format, and just keep editing it there until it's finished and let you know when it is (I don't think you'd get notified every time I edit it). If you want me to take on this project I will.  ^-^ You seem busy with other things.


  3. Concerning Annais, I have confirmed from the Watchers RP threads that Annais was still a Gray Sister the entire time, and was only raised after it was concluded. (Even though, OOCly speaking, threads overlap with RL dates) She disappears very soon after being raised Amyrlin. The only significant event I could find for her was her formal recognition of the Black Tower.

    The Watchers RP, Bowl of the Winds and Cleansing of Saidin are now listed correctly on the WT Timeline. Kandor RP happened when Sirayn was Amyrlin but she disappears right after.

    The only thing I'm really unsure about how is " Rebellion against Aiel in Cairhien." ?


  4. Hey all! With so many coming back I'm hoping to do an RP I have had in my head for years, so here it is.


    An Eyes-and-Ears sends word to her contact in the Tower. In a keep lives a fairly well-to-do lord and his guard force, and he owns the surrounding lands (farms and one nearby town). Something, however, seems amiss. The contact has noted that lately, citizens who've visited the keep seem unusually fascinated by the lord, complimenting him and his home whenever they can. Many of the town's young women have even moved into or very close to the keep, leaving an obvious public imbalance. The contact stresses it may be well worth a sister's time to check it out.


    Assuming I start this with Jagen, she'll want other sisters to accompany her, maybe two, and a Warder (or more), and even her own Asha'man bondee. We all gather up, plan, and depart for this keep.


    Not sure if I have to lay out the entire thing, but we find the "source" of this "problem" and, needless to say, it's going to need to be brought back back to the WT for safe keeping.

    Thoughts? @Taymist what do you think?

  5. Jagen's dark blue eyes went to Viviane as she stepped into the chamber. The young woman who was here to become one of them--truly one of the sisterhood of Aes Sedai--was a bright and thoughtful student, one of her best. But this test could not be personal. The Red was here to push Viviane to her limits, not to give her a soft push in the right direction.


    Jagen turned back toward the oval ring, taking in a rhythmic breath. It was shining bright, ready for Viviane to enter. Jagen concentrated. She would not be doing the first few tests, but she was ready with scenarios for the potential Aes Sedai. Unlike the testing for Accepted, where the tree arches ter'angreal made the scenario, it would be the Aes Sedai who molded what she would experience. For this, it was important to know not just what a particular woman might fear, but experiences that would make anyone hesitate, or fear, or drive.


    (OOC: I'm sorry this is a bit short, I wasn't sure how far I should go with it, but I am ready to do some testing! I figured you could do your own first test or so.)

  6. Jagen listened very intently to the Asha'man before her. The more he spoke, she realized, the less he truly seemed like a threat. And while him stating they had a hidden network set up in Tanchico made her feel a bit sick on the inside, she did not let it show. She quietly took long swallows of tea as he spoke.

    It did not surprise her at all the Seanchan found out about the network, but Jagen saw a few flaws in their plan--assuming a few things, admittedly, but she wanted to learn from their mistakes. Still, they were definitely indeed allies. Against the Seanchan, and against the Shadow.

    "... Tell me, Jagen Sedai, have any of your Sisters been collared by these foreigners?” he asked.


    Jagen couldn't help but sniff at that. "Of course they have," she frowned at him, but then realized it was well and good he truly did not know. The White Tower did not want word getting out that Aes Sedai fell prey to these invaders. Her thoughts went to her home country, and of the Aes Sedai sister she knew was captured there. This one she knew about personally, but it was known there were others. Still, she could help this one, and later help others.

    "As a matter of fact, in Tarabon. Do you know Elmora? Clsoe to there," she said, frowning as she admitted all of this, "there is a sister being held captive. We do not know her name, but the information speaks of an ageless face. She must be Aes Sedai."


    Setting down the cup, she nodded her thanks when he filled it. Might as well act proper with a potential ally. "Tell me, Merdyn, have you had your midday meal today? I will send for a meal, or two if you wish one as well. And I will tell you more details about this case--but I must make something very clear before we continue. I will be in charge of this mission. Like a proper soldier I will need your full compliance if we are to do this together--and whoever else we may bring in, if necessary."




    OOC: Sorry on the wait. Also, was that incident above RPed out? If not I would totally love to play that out at some point.

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