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  1. Cura's fingers made a coil of the silvery leash that was connected to her wrist, and she swung it idly, the collar dangling from the other end. Wind rustled the leaves heavily, coming from the north. It almost masked the horses' hooves as they moved about impatiently. Or perhaps they didn't like unknown territory.


    Soldiers had formed a loose circle around a group of men in white, all made to sit on the forest floor, messing up their pure white cloaks. They were tied up individually but Lieutenant and one of his men were threading a rope through them so they'd be forced to walk linked together in a line. Most of the soldiers watched these... Children of the Light, as they called themselves. Cura looked them over, her lips in a small sneer. She had heard of these fellows, and they were not a group she cared for. They were heretics.


    She was standing close enough to one to hear him whisper to his fellow, "...you know the Light will have us prevail; they're Darkfriends, and does the Light ever let us d--"
    He cut off when the collar of the a'dam slapped across his face, putting a gash along his cheekbone and nose. "You will keep silent if you know what is best for you," Cura snapped. "We are not Darkfriends, you fool."
    "Cura." The deep voice of Captain Yubin drew her up, lips pursed as if in thought. He was tall, and dark, from Rampore, as far as she could make out his accent anyway. He was an amazing fighter, so Cura thought. Perhaps that was why the High Lady Elioth chose him so.


    He did not need to say more. Cura should not have let herself react to what they were saying. "My apologies, Captain. There was no excuse." He only nodded; they often drank together casually.

    "Mount up!" he called to his party. One of the soldiers, carrying the rope, mounted up and twisted the end to his saddle in a way that it would not come undone.


    Cura moved back towards her horse, by Lurane, her other sul'dam, who lead Mya. Her eyes did not look at the men except to watch for potential danger. They all set their horses to a steady walk, and Mya walked beside her mistress' horse's flank. These men would be taken to House Elioth and given over to the High Lady, to be made da'covale or executed as she wished.

  2. On 8/27/2019 at 8:24 PM, Taymist said:

    ...the only one that fit me was the Reds. I wanted somewhere that wouldn't judge me, that didn't expect false modesty, with people who didn't object to plain speaking, or equate honesty with being rude, who respected a wide range of opinions, appreciated diversity, and not only tolerated but actively encouraged opinionated discussions without holding grudges. The Reds has always been filled with both introverts and extroverts, the personalities are widely differing, but they're all fiercely independent thinkers, strong and outspoken in their passions, firm supporters of women and women's issues... and no, none of us are man haters. We're nothing like the book Reds but I can see how we'd be intimidating to some people lol. Me? I love them. Plus, you know, we gave you an Amyrlin who's pretty damn awesome. :happy:

    @Taymist, you said this wonderfully. When I was reading this, I thought to myself, "Well, this is EXACTLY how I am!" I often "offend" people in RL because they take my honesty and plain speaking as being rude, which I totally don't understand. And everything else you listed there... yes, that's me to a tee! I'm so proud to be a DM Red :ajahred_by_drowelfmorwen-dc43fsu:


    On 5/28/2019 at 7:29 PM, Cross said:


    :ajahbrown_by_drowelfmorwen-dc43ft9:it was all that one question that nagged me, 'who do i want to be?' a person who fights all the time (in a good way yes) or someone who chooses to focus my being on learning, growing, developing, understanding. the more i thought, the more i knew, that was me. sometimes you have to fight, but it can't be my defining aspect. it's not who i'll be in the long run. the pain from my past will be there, i can fight against it, i can fight for it, but i wont let it define me. it's an aspect. not my core. and i needed to embrace that in order to move on from the anger. which still wells up from time to time. but the brown's are who i am. introverted thinkers, more apt to do the research before jumping in. content to relax with a book, to be a spring of knowledge to those who need it. that's who i want to be. it's who i am.



    @Cross, this just opened my heart. As I've gotten older I've struggled--as only a die-hard WoT fan can--at what my actual Ajah would be. And I've always felt a bull between the Whites and Browns. I've also struggled with the applicable differences between them. But I think your post has sealed my thoughts.


    All my life I've been reading books, and I've kept my mind open to not just learning but teaching others as well. When I was a teen I even tried opening the eyes of students in my small town to realize there is a huge world out there we need to understand. And I want to understand everything about a lot of subjects. I love learning, and I feel it essential people never stop learning, never stop growing that way. I think the Whites appealed to be because of their desire for truth and their application of logic, but I think Browns do that too, even if it's not stressed. To be Brown you have to want to seek the truth, and you have to apply logic in your truth-seeking. I've always felt an appeal and appreciation for science and scientists, and I always wondered what "ajah" they'd fall under, but I think a mix of both. I wish I could be a scientist. For many reasons I cannot. But I admire them, and do my own forms of research by way of learning thoroughly about a subject. This is another reason I could never be a White; I love mathematics and reading about it for fun--including quantum mechanics stuff--but I'm just not up to par. I took pre-algebra 3 times, and failed all 3 times. I just couldn't wrap my head around it (actually, many times my teachers often asked in my life, "Why can you do the hard stuff but not the easy stuff? Unfortunately in math that's not good enough). I also love logic but I can't work well through puzzles at times--however, I apply a heck of a lot of logic to my RL dealings. I'm about impartiality and truth, even if it hurts me or another party. (Another thing people seem to take offense about... ?) Thus I have become very good at examining myself as detached as I can really get. So, okay, I do have a White streak. I just feel bad I wouldn't be a good White. Especially since, when it comes to philosophy, I find at least a good part of it illogical. When I hear philosophy discussions I find the topic to be of something of no real-world consequence or something that, no matter how much one talks about the subject, a person is just never going to know because it is impossible to get an answer (or near impossible). I feel with all of our technology and knowledge these days, philosophy is less needed than before, because there is now a distinct difference between philosophy and science, unlike, say, in Ancient Greece. However, when it comes to morals and ethics, I think these are very important. Also, Whites make the mistake of not including feelings and empathy when considering many problems--especially ethical ones. I think that is a mistake. Sometimes we need to do what is right, not what makes sense totally based on non-emotional factors.


    On DM, I'm definitely a Red. It wasn't just DM; even reading the books I knew I was. I compare one aspect of the Red Ajah to Harry Potter's Hogwarts' house of Slytherin: they're both portrayed as evil in the beginning, you learn to hate them before you ever learn to understand them. And the Reds were spoiled by Black Ajah machinations just as Slytherin was spoiled by Deatheaters later. From the age of 14 I knew Red was my Ajah, somehow. They're an underdog who needed to be understood, and people needed to learn they weren't all bad, and the rumors about them just weren't true (except for extremists, but that's everywhere). Even in real life I had this... epiphany... when people started hating all Muslims after 9/11, I said, no, that's not it... and I showed people their thinking was ridiculous (again, a tiny town). I'm attracted naturally to groups that seem picked on and misunderstood, because I want to not only understand them myself--for a logic and knowledgeable point of view, without emotions getting too in the way--but needed others to know some truth as well.  Heh, maybe that's why I'm on a Left-Hand Path now (Ave!)... another very misunderstood group.


    Lastly, I'll add that I'm a fighter. I'm willing to stand up for justice, especially when it has to do with truth-seeking. I don't shy from verbal fights/debates, etc. But I could never see myself as a Green.


    So. I'm a DM Red. But maybe, in real life, despite my long-held alliance and loyalty to the Reds, I'm more a Brown. I certainly do enjoy activities, to quote the WoT, "they seemed to like that sort of thing", that involve collecting information, organizing it, helping others with understanding... I definitely need a Brown shawl and not just my Red. :ajahbrown_by_drowelfmorwen-dc43ft9: (Besides, maybe other WoT fans would open up to me more in that color LOL).



    P.S. -- I've never understood RJ's desire to split the Browns and Whites instead of them being one big Ajah. Seems to me they should be one.

  3. Having a Tower guard might be fun XD


    Also, the RP is now up, everyone!



    And, I also thought, perhaps the Amyrlin might include Jagen's Asha'man bonded (Aslan), too. I question this because I wonder if she would need to bring him in as a representative of the Black Tower, and need to treat him differently than one might regard a Warder? ( @Liitha) Or will it be up to Jagen to mention bringing him along?

  4. Jagen hoped Aslan would stay in the compartment she just showed him as his. A sister's rooms, but the Red's quarters, like all the others, were not at all filled to capacity. The Sitters had already discussed this with the Highest, and it was going to be their job to reign in any sisters who felt hatred for their new neighbors.


    She put on her shawl and let it sit in the crook of her arms while holding the folded summons note from the Amyrlin in her hand. The Reds would just need to get used to the fact that men who could channel were now going to be living with them. It made Jagen almost shudder. But the world was changing and she had no choice. Besides, she didn't hate men. She mistrusted them, but that was not the same as hating. She felt she knew their nature; with the Power, they'd have tried to usurp the authority of the White Tower; reigning them in quickly and forming an alliance had been essential. Especially after the disaster of sisters getting captured. Though, Aslan seemed fairly tame. She felt that bundle of emotions that was her Warder--he was, to her, no matter who had done the bonding!--and pushed them down, trying to concentrate on the matter at hand. Feeling him in her head was still distracting--how did Greens stay sane, with not one but multiple Warders?

    Jagen worked her way down the inner spiral hallway that went up and down the length of the Tower, all the way down to the third level. The Amyrlin's study had dark wood doors with the Great Serpent on them, a pace across. The Red walked in and noticed other sisters were there as well, waiting. That was not unusual, but she wondered how many had received the Amyrlin's summons as she had. The Keeper was writing at her desk, Raslyn's wavy gray hair pinned up with clips. It pleased Jagen greatly to have a Red as Keeper and Amyrlin in these days. After their Ajah's unfortunate history with Amyrlin's, now was the time they were poised to overcome all of that--the White Tower reigned in the Black Tower, and would help win the Last Battle. And it would all be done with Reds in charge.

  5. Jagen's eyes narrowed ever so slightly, her lips pursing, as she wondered what Aslan could have met by that. Two different lives indeed. But getting to know someone--and in her case, getting to know a man, and one who could channel on top of that!--would need take a long time.


    "The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills." She sipped her tea again, finishing it off. As she set the cup down, a knock came to her door. She quickly rose. "I will get that; you stay here." She glided to the door and opened it only partially. Whoever it was, she did not want Aslan seen in her apartments, bonded or no.


    It was an Accepted who quickly curtsied and handed her a sealed note. "From the Amyrlin, Jagen Sedai."

    "Thank you, you may go." She closed the door, sparing a glance at Aslan, wishing for a moment he didn't hear who brought her that letter. There was no use dwelling on it, though. She had to open it quickly, and did so. Her eyes scanned the letter.


    "It seems I am being called for an important task that will take me out of the Tower." She met the Asha'man's gaze. "For me, I must go alone to this meeting."


    She grabbed her shawl--needed for an audience with the Amyrlin--and opened the door. "For your room, it will be at the end of this hall, the last room on the left. The door should be open." She lips twisted into the tiniest of smiles as she added, "Go make yourself at home." An Asha'man at home in the Red Quarters! Unthinkable, not too long ago.


    She drew on her shawl and held the door open, making it clear Aslan could not stay in here without her.

  6. Jagen nearly huffed when the man across from her suggested she was not being "willing to work" on their situation. What else did Aslan want? There was a prick of irritation, but she buried it. Light curse this bond.

    At least Aslan wasn't implying he was in charge of their bonding. That was good; he could have been worse. Perhaps Jagen had lucked out among them.


    "Such things, they take time, Aslan. You must understand that. Bonded though we may be," it was becoming easier to say that, surprising as it was to her, "that does not mean we know each other. I do agree we must become as... working companions, but it will take time. After all, only a few weeks ago, I would be trying to see how to gentle you, not asking how you take your tea." Her comment almost made her want to chuckle about the whole thing, but any amusement was quickly swept away.


    "Many Warders stay in Tar Valon; others keep barracks with the guards. Since the first would be wise and I doubt you want the second, I will find a room here. I will write a notice to our Ajah head of where I put you--a few rooms down, or an open apartment closer to mine, might work well, yes? Quite an honor it would be for you."


    Let him see she was willing to work with him, though she was worried about giving him too much he requested; it was why she told him that this was, indeed, an honor. Sitters did not jump to others' beck and call, after all! At least, they weren't supposed to. Everything is upside down, curse it!

  7. I'm so, so sorry Eqwina. I know what it is like to lose family unexpectedly, and it is so hard. I also shouldn't pretend to know how badly you're grieving, of course. You have my empathy.


    I would not mind using my Yellow, Celestine, if you started this thread. Maybe Yellows often council grieving Tower members...

  8. Yes, back on the original topic... I think anyone is welcome, the more the merrier. And if the Reds suspect the guy involved may be a channeler, they'll want to corner him (before escorting him to the BT, probably). So more than one or two Reds would be perfectly fine. And any other Aes Sedai who might have an interest.


    Any other sign-ups?


    Also, it might be more interesting to do this pre-Traveling/Pre-Dragon Reborn, etc. Thoughts?

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