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  1. The silent meal didn't last long. Lorelai wolfed down her food quickly, and as soon as she was done she was ready to depart. She still looked a little weak, but it was a far sight better than she had been an hour before. "Well, I believe this is where we part ways. I... appreciate your assistance. I would have been dead by now, if it wasn't for your assistance and for that I am grateful. May the light shine on you, Asha'man." As Daevis reached out to clasp her extended hand, wondering what she would be up to now. Searching for her missing companions perhaps? She'd said that she would need to catch up with them. He briefly thought about offering his help, but he knew that she would never accept it willingly. If the point came where she needed his help, she wouldn't be in any position to ask him for it either. It was always a shame when someone you had recently healed ended up getting themselves killed soon after. Knowing Lorelai would never appreciate what he was about to do, Daevis siezed Saidin again. When his hand clasped the wolfkin's, he began to weave intricate flows of spirit into her clothing. It was an odd weave, which would allow him to know more or less where she was. Another one of the Asha'man had discovered it after his wife and refused to be bonded to him, and had placed it on her wedding ring. The weave worked much better on metals than it did on cloth. In fact, it didn't seem to ever fade from a metal object. It would only last for a few days on anything else, but that was more than enough to suit Daevis' purposes. The weave completed, Daevis released Lorelai's hand and bade her farewell. He watched her fade into the darkness, but he could still feel her walking away, setting a brisk pace. Settling back down next to the fire, he yawned and set about to do some serious relaxing. He had several hours yet before he could travel away from this place, and he meant to take advantage of them. ~~~ A couple hours later, Daevis sleepily checked the location of his wolfkin friend. To his surprise, she was headed back toward his location. Well ... not quite. Her current path would take her well around this spot, but if guessed correctly she was headed back toward that village. "Bloody woman," Daevis grumbled, pulling himself to his feet. It didn't take him long to obliterate the fire and gather up the few possessions he had with him. Soon enough he was setting off at as brisk a pace as he could manage, toward the village. His knee didn't hurt as bad as it had, but it was still a little stiff. Walking would help with that. Checking Lorelai's location again, Daevis grinned to himself. At this rate he might make it to the village before she would.
  2. Dang ... the books call it algode ... stupid Spanish messing up my Old Tongue now ...
  3. Apart from one little book conflict, it looks good. Cotton (algodon in the books) is only had among the Aiel. The people of Randland have never heard of it. But it's not a big deal. I'd be more concerned about the distinct lack of crazy in this one ... *BT STAMP*
  4. Arath wasn't quite sure what to make of this Aes Sedai. She wouldn't care who held the bond? That just seemed odd to him. He suspected that the few reds who had been bonded by Asha'man had done so under duress. He'd sooner expect a trolloc to pick flowers than an Aes Sedai to go willingly into the 'wrong end' of the bond as they called it. What was this one up to? At the mention of other Ajah's Arath nodded. “I know something of it. If the Amyrlin and your Ajah Head weren't so set on keeping this secret I would definitely consider meeting with the other ajah's. I think many of us might be more comfortable with green sisters." He knew that he certainly would be. "I know several would love to speak with the yellows, and I know one man who would sell his soul to study with the browns.” He laughed softly. Sereth would probably sell his grandmother's soul to spend an hour in the Tower libraries. It suddenly occurred to him that he had not introduced himself, and his laughter faded. It had been intentional at first. A way to distance himself from anyone looking for a bond. But now it seemed rude. “Forgive me Jaydena Sedai, I have not introduced myself.” He bowed slightly. “I am Storm Leader Arath Faringal.
  5. “I don't believe I'm one of those who will be bonded,” Arath replied carefully. So far the Aes Sedai didn't seem to be living up to their end of the deal, as far as numbers were concerned. Only a bare handful of Aes Sedai had been bonded by Asha'man, while a great many Asha'man had been taken as Warders. Even a couple of Attack Leaders had been taken. He didn't plan on adding a Storm Leader to that list. "That's what I'm here to discuss actually. Too many of us are being bonded, without a balance to it. Some sisters are even bonding two or three of us at a time. Until things are more balanced, more controlled, I won't let any more officers be bonded.” He paused for a moment, considering the woman in front of him. She seemed different from the other Aes Sedai he had met here. Inquisitive. It wasn't that the others hadn't been full of questions, but Jaydena's questions had a subtly different feel to them. It was puzzling. “As for my specialty … I'm in charge of training. I over see the basic training of all the Soldiers.”
  6. Arath tugged nervously at the plain wool coat he wore for the moment. It chaffed him to no end that he had to forsake his standard black coat and his pins whenever he had to visit the White Tower. He understood the need, or at least he thought he did. Aes Sedai and their secrets … what difference did it make if the other ajah's knew about what the Red's were up to? Covai had told him to meet with Zarinen for today's meeting and discuss the number of bonds being made. Despite the Amyrlin's agreement that the bonds would be equal in number, the Aes Sedai seemed to be holding far more bonds than the Asha'man were. So Arath found himself in the red quarters, standing in a hallway awaiting his chance to speak with the red's ajah head. It was thoroughly aggravating. Even after several weeks of this arrangement, Arath found it unnerving to be here. Every time a woman walked by him he half expected her to attack him. Half of them still looked like they were considering it. The other half looked at him as though they were considering a horse for purchase. Unnerving indeed. It was no surprise then when Arath jumped as a violet clad Aes Sedai approached him. "Hello, my name is Jaydena. You look like a likely one, why are you all by yourself?" “I'm simply waiting to speak with Zarinen Sedai. Since the Amyrlin seems to have left all this in her hands ...” he shrugged. “I'm alone because the rest of my group has already been snapped up.” He smiled weakly. “I guess that makes me the lucky one.”
  7. Tell that to Mesanna. It's pretty clear what he did to her.
  8. I like the Fain idea, but I don't think the timing fits. According to the Mayor of Hinderstrap, it all started happening shortly after the Bowl of Winds was used. After the weather broke, but before the snows came. Fain was in Cairhien giving Rand his second side wound just days before that. Despite his ability to use the ways safely, I doubt he would be able to get to Hinderstrap in time. Nor would he have a reason to. If Hinderstrap had been located much further to the west, I'd be more inclined to believe it was Fain.
  9. When the first of the soldiers arrived at the fallen tree, they saw Daevis sitting on the stump, a large pile of charred woodchips strewn about him, and a small wooden carving in his hands. The Asha'man continued to ignore the tired looking soldiers until about half of the original group had finally arrived. At that point he blew the dust from the figure and got back to his feet. "Well, that took a little longer than I had expected, but at least some of you are here now. The others will just have to catch up. This part might take a while, so I hope you're all accomplished artists." As a confused look rippled through the group, Daevis grinned and channeled air. One by one, he tossed wooden blocks to each soldier. The blocks were roughly one foot cubes, roughly hewn, but good enough for the task at hand. "Your final task of the day," Daevis paused, and looked up at the falling sun, "and maybe tomorrow as well, is to take that block of wood, and carve something out of it." Holding up his own figurine, he let the class see what he expected. In his hand, he held a much larger replica of his dragon pin. The writhing, four legged serpent known as a Dragon. "I don't think any of you will do quite this well, but I do want to be able to recognize whatever animal you decide to carve, be it a bear, a lion, a frog ... whatever you choose. But I have to be able to recognize it. Oh, and you will only be using fire weaves. No tools of any kind. You can temper your weaves with other elements, but you will mainly use fire." More than a few jaws dropped open as comprehension dawned on the group. A few looked positively sick. "Don't look like that. I carved this thing exactly the same way." True enough, though he neglected to tell them that he'd spent the better part of a week doing so. Which brought him to the next point. "The good news," Daevis added with a grin, "is that you have until noon tomorrow to finish it. And you don't have to stay here until it's done. Take your block wherever you're most comfortable, but meet me back here tomorrow to show me your work. If I can't figure out what it is though, you'll be running laps of the walls for the rest of the day. Understood?" Most of the soldiers offered a rather half-hearted salute in response. Luckily for them, Daevis wasn't much of a stickler for that sort of thing. Dismissing the group in front of him, Daevis settled back onto the stump and resumed work on his own figure, giving each soldier that came along a block of wood and the same set of instructions. Within an hour, the last of the stragglers had stumbled in, exhausted by the run, and had been sent off to work on the carving. Despite himself, Daevis was curious as to what the soldiers might come up with. OOC: Sorry about the delay. Didn't see Kelitor make his last post and forgot about it. :P This will be the last post I'll require for this class. Pick whatever animal you want to carve. It's up to you whether or not it's good enough for Daevis to recognize it and let you avoid the laps of the walls. And remember, be careful when you play with fire :D
  10. DM Handle: AshamanFan Contact Info: chamberlain58@charter.net Character Count: 0 Character Name: Rhidon (RY-dun) Dareshal (DAR-esh-all) Nationality: Cairhienin Age: 47 Physical Characteristic: His eyes are a shade of dark brown, the right eye being slightly lighter in hue than the left. His hair is mostly black yet graying, it is shorter around an area where he was wounded during the Aiel war and would not properly re-grow. He has the characteristic shortness of stature common of Cairhienin being, by our measurements, five feet and five inches in height. He is slender, with very little fat on his body. Physical Description: He has hands that seem too large for his body. He has a limp in his left leg that hinders his mobility. His face is unmarred by scars or blemishes, yet his nose is bent and lumpy, in such a way as to be indicative of having been broken at least once. He bears one long scar across his torso where an Aiel spear cut him. His hands are calloused from working long hours on the docks where the barges settled. Personal History: Rhidon was born the son of a farmer who lived with his wife and children on a small farm in western Cairhien near Andor. He had two sisters, Anna and Jehra. Ann was two years his junior and of generally cheery disposition constantly seeking Rhidon's approval and lending a hand to her brother when he seemed to need help, and always there with a listening ear when he was angry or frustrated. Jehra was three years older than he and would constantly forsake her chores leaving them for Rhidon to labor over. Rhidon constantly told his parents of his sister's misconduct yet they never believed their daughter would ignore their commands. In reality she left to flirt with the boys that lived in the village half a mile to the north, enjoying herself, which caused Rhidon to resent her. He grew to love his parents' workhorse, and animals in general, as he saw working with them a way to relieve himself of the day's stress. However one day as Rhidon was working the fields to finish his own chores, because Jehra yet again neglected hers so he had to do them, he heard Anna screaming. He hurriedly dropped his tools and ran back to his house to witness everything he knew go up in flames. He ran into the house, trying to find Anna, yet he could not bear the smoke and was forced to depart. He sat outside his home, sobbing in despair, when Jehra burst from their home covered in soot. She told him that Anna had been behind her; she had heard Anna yelp but was too afraid to stop. Rhidon, infuriated that Jehra had lived while the sweet caring girl he had loved so had to die, exploded. He shouted at her and rained blows down upon her, screaming "You light-blinded coward! You goat-brained lightskirt!" and the like until she broke free of him. She fled with all haste toward Andor as Rhidon threw stones at her. Not daring to try and salvage anything from his home Rhidon traveled to the village Jehra had oft visited. He entered the sole inn beseeching the innkeeper to sleep in the hayloft, when he saw a gleeman going by the name Caballein (being a simple farm boy Rhidon did not know the meaning of the phrase). He approached the gleeman and asked if he would take him as an apprentice; the point got across if he stumbled in his speech, excited as he was to actually meet a gleeman. Although he declined the boy, Caballein did agree to take him to someone in the city of Cairhien who would watch after him. True to his word within the month Rhidon was living in Cairhien, apprenticed to a dockworker. For the next decade or so Rhidon worked hard, learning the nuances of the docks and of Cairhien itself. Soon he was so accustomed to city life he could barely remember anything of farming, tracking or any such things. He enjoyed his life, working through the days hauling cargo while spending his nights listening to music in taverns. He dabbled in political matters, as is generally true of Cairhienin; he learned the ways of Da'es Daemar and was ever ready to spread rumors of some lord or lady. His luck turned for the worse when one such lady learned that he had begun a rumor about her bedding several lords and she hired men to have him beat. As he headed away from his place of work two men suddenly grabbed him while a third hit him repeatedly with an iron rod. His left kneecap was shattered, causing him to limp after his recovery. Two months after the incident, as he hobbled painfully down the road, he had the fortune to have a chance meeting with a beautiful woman he would go on to marry. His life had finally seemed to improve when King Laman cut down Avendoreldera and the Aiel invaded Cairhien. Rhidon and his wife, who was now heavy with child, fled the city toward Tar Valon. As they began to cross the River Gaelin his wife stumbled falling to cold wet stones. Rhidon rushed to help her up, when a swell knocked her off of her precarious perch and she tumbled into the water. She was quickly carried away and none ever heard of her again. Stricken with grief he went to Tar Valon, bemoaning the misfortune to lose the two women he had ever loved in any way, where he drank himself into depression and sat out the remainder of the war. Eventually he returned to Cairhien, and resumed working on the docks, yet he now spent every night alone, weeping for his lost love. He went through life empty for twenty years, with no purpose or desire. Yet when the Dragon Reborn conquered Cairhien yet felt as if he had the chance to try and make something of himself, in some way. His new purpose became clear when word of the amnesty, of the Black Tower, reached his ear. Although he had no family no friends and nothing to carry on his legacy, he could yet try and make his mark on the world. He again had the chance to do something important with his life, before he died. He went to a small village two leagues west of Cairhien, where he eventually met recruiters from the Tower. He went to be tested, to see if he could learn. So he came to be, a newly raised Soldier, ready to make a difference before he died. Extra Note - Meant to add that the parents burned along with Anna, and that during the latter parts of the siege of Tar Valon he, in his depression, felt no purpose or value in life, so he requested that he fight alongside his fellow Cairhienin. During a skirmish he and his unit were beset upon by a small band of Aiel. One of them swept at him yet he, in his unfamiliar armor and with his lack of skill, stumbled as he tried to back away. the spear aimed at his heart instead gashed his stomach when the others he fought with cut the Aiel down in a concerted effort.
  11. Arath was one of the last to leave the Amyrlin's chamber, his careful side wanting to wait until he had as few women behind him as possible. Stepping out into the antechamber, Arath was shown a handful of nervous looking Asha'man all watching the approaching Aes Sedai like vipers. Not surprising, since all of the women excecpt the Taraboner, Jagen, were giving the cluster of black coated men very appraising looks. That thorough inspection that women could seem to do at a glance. "Well? Are any of you going to come forward to fulfill your part of this...agreement?" Arath grimaced. She wasn't going to break the news gently. Carefully stepping his way to the middle of the room, he offered an explanation to the confused looking group. "Alright Asha'man, listen up." The well trained group snapped to attention, though they still looked apprehensive. "We've secured a ... peace ... with the Aes Sedai, and assurances of future cooperation, but it comes with a price. Most of you, if you're willing, will end up as Warders. Due to the ranks of the sisters here, thats just the way it has to be. In the future, bonds will be happening in equal numbers both ways. However, this one here," he waved toward the Taraboner, "has ... volunteered to be bonded at this time." He'd almost said 'been volunteered', but he didn't feel like putting up with the sparks that might cause. Jagen already looked at her wits end. Fueling the fire was not necessary. "All of these bonds are to be entirely voluntary. However, I highly encourage you to accept. The Lord Dragon is counting on us to secure this agreement, however unpleasant it may be for you." "So then, do we have a volunteer to accept Jagen Sedai's generous offer?"
  12. Kind of makes you wonder what Verin would have said if she'd been caught in the Purge. "I am Black Ajah." *gasps all around* "I'm also NOT a Darkfriend." *crickets chirping*
  13. We've kind of mixed up the Black Tower story line a bit. We haven't quite reached the Cleansing of Saidin yet, though that should be coming up very soon. We are right in the middle of bonding with the Red Ajah though, so we've skipped ahead a little in that regard. We don't really have split factions within the Asha'man at this time, though that could change at a moments notice. We recently had a small battle where the insane M'Hael and a few of his cronies were killed by two other Storm Leaders. Right now, our Black Tower is ruled by a Council of Guardians; 7 Storm Leaders and 14 Attack Leaders who all work together to govern the Farm. Currently, there is no M'Hael position at all. Like I said, this could all change rather quickly. I know that we have at least one character who could quite easily begin to plot and scheme for control, forming his own faction and waiting for the right moment. He's been working on it for years :D
  14. Good question. At the BT, we tend to let people pick their own level of crazy. For obvious reasons, you might want to take it slow at first. Hearing voices after your first day doesn't bode well for your chances of a long and happy life. Sooner or later the taint will get to everyone, but you're a bit better off if you decide to make it a little later. Schizophrenia is only one of the many afflictions we offer though! Truth be told, we have had a LOT of Asha'man over the years who hear voices. A few have alternate personalities entirely, with various levels of crazy among them. It's interesting sometimes to read about the alternate personality (which is sometimes the more sane one), trying to figure out what's going on. Paranoia, irrational phobias ... they're all possibilities. It might even be interesting to go with necrosis, letting your body rot around you while keeping your mind whole. I guess to answer Nynaeve's question, most people start off their character and keep him sane while the character develops and goes through basic training. Then as the character matures, you can begin his descent into madness. It's all up to the writer. As an example, I'll use my main character, Arath. He's currently a Storm Leader, and has been channeling for 2-3 years. As of yet, he hasn't been damaged much by the taint, but he has begun to develop paranoia. He is very suspicious of new people. Contrast him with one of his students, Tai'Dashan. Tai has been channeling for maybe a year, and he has a full blown, and rather psychotic, alternate personality which calls itself 'Chaos'. Chaos has the unfortunate habit of taking control during stressful situations, which can lead to some rather interesting battle scenes in the future. One good thing to remember though, is that after a certain point the Black Tower leaders will step in and spice your wine. Crazy is fine, but it needs to be kept at a tolerable level. Or kept very secret. :)
  15. We rode on the winds of the rising storm, We ran to the sounds of the thunder, We danced among the lightning bolts, And tore the world asunder. Hi there, and welcome to Dragonmount. I'm Arath, one of the leaders of the Black Tower RP Division. I hope to see many of you visit the RP side of these boards soon. If any of you have any questions at all regarding the BT Division, or the RP in general, feel free to post them here, or to PM them directly to me. I don't bite. Balefire is far more fun :D The most important thing about the RP is to have fun. We are a bunch of random people all brought together by a love of the books, and an urge to write about some of the little people in the stories. And sometimes the not so little people. Ever curious about any of the story of Joe Asha'man? This is your chance to create it. Ever wanted to hear more about civilian life for all the non channelers at the Farm? It's all yours. Black Tower Div is in charge of (funnily enough) the Black Tower, or the Farm as it is better known, and all the inhabitants thereof, both Asha'man and regular civilians. Our channelers go through a tough training program, advancing from Soldier, to Dedicated, to full Asha'man. Our civilians can do pretty much whatever they feel like doing. Civilians have a wide range of things they can do. The Asha'man have a wide range of skills, but they are primarily soldiers and have need of other people to help the Farm function. Your civie can be a blacksmith, a carpenter, tanner, farmer, weapon trainer, ... whatever floats your boat. Our most popular type of civilian seems to be the tavern wench ... (we're always on the lookout for any Domani girls to bring to the Farm ;) ) I've been with the Black Tower since 2001, so I'm pretty knowledgable about anything and everything to do with the BT. Anything I don't know can probably be found with the BT's other Division Leader, Covai Seriba, who has been around even longer than me. Feel free to ask questions. There are no stupid questions ... although there may be a few that I have a good laugh at first :D I blame the taint. I also encourage you to visit the Black Tower Website to learn more. It might help generate some questions as well. Alrighty, I'll wrap this up for now. Next post, The One Power and the Taint.
  16. "Good," said Arath, to the nodding approval of the other three Storm Leaders. "We have need of you. The fact that so many seem to remember you despite Brent's efforts speaks highly of you as well. As it happens, we are in need of a Baijan'M'Hael. We just lost a good man to the taint, and his seat on the Guardian Council is open ... if you'll take it." "And regardless of whether or not you take the job, you'll be needing that hand again. If you'll allow me?" Arath stepped forward and placed a hand on Dashiva's shoulder, siezing Saidin as he moved. He waited for the other man's approval though ... Shienaran's had odd ideas about honor sometimes, and it wouldn't do to tread upon it right now.
  17. Arath fingered the silver sword pin on his collar for a moment, wondering how best to explain. He'd been working with Saidin for so long that he often forgot what was common knowledge, and what was completely foreign to non channelers. "You've heard of angreal before? They're very rare instruments which make a channeler stronger than normal. A fairly average angreal could double the strength of the man who wields it. A strong one could make him many times stronger. But they're very hard to find now. Especially for men. The Aes Sedai have done a fairly good job of destroying them I'd imagine. "Anyway, that's what I've been trying to do." He pulled the silver pin from his collar and turned it over in his fingers. "This was supposed to be an angreal, but it ... it's flawed somehow." Reaching through the 'anti-angreal', Arath drew on Saidin. Blessedly clean Saidin. Only the barest whisper of the taint remained, but a great portion of his strength was gone along with it. "It makes you weaker, rather than stronger. But it has the interesting side effect of filtering out the taint. I've been trying to make another one, but there's just too much I don't understand about it all." With a sigh, Arath released Saidin. He found it much harder to do so lately, now that he often used the flawed angreal. The taint had always given him a reason to release the source quickly, but with the taint removed, he found himself tempted to hold it all day long. Arath glanced over at the pretty Illianer woman and noticed in suprise that she was right next to him now. Hadn't she started off almost across the table from him? Suddenly unsure of what to do, Arath tried to turn the conversation around and get her talking instead. "So I spend most of my days locked in my basement, trying to recreate a science lost an age ago. What kinds of things do you like to do?"
  18. Having that ward in place was less assuring than Daevis would have hoped. Knowing the wolf was nearby only made him more wary, and the bloody thing jumping silently out of the nearby bushes was still enough to make him wince. At least it didn't try to kill him this time. "Still hungry?", Lorelai asked with a silly grin. Daevis pondered for a moment, then nodded. She could probably eat everything off both of the rabbits the wolf had delivered and still be hungry. The healing had been extensive, and she'd be ravneously hungry for a couple of days yet. But it had taken a bit out of him as well, and he'd rather have something to do while he waited. He needed to stay in this area for at least a few hours before he'd be able to Travel away. He could always skim, but that unending blackness always made him uneasy. "I can eat. So long as you're not just fattening me up for the wolf."
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