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  1. Welcome to DM GreenMan. Yeah, all that they said, but if you make your way further down the boards to the community boards we rarely talk about details from the books so it would be a good place to get started.
  2. Delenn


    Hey there, Fia! Welcome to DM. I am Delenn, a Sister of the White Ajah. Would you mind telling us a little about yourself so we can get to know you better?
  3. *points out the giant plate of Brownies and Blueberry Muffins siting just inside the Great Hall*
  4. Aww come on. You could have access to both Niamh, the Browns and the Reds then...
  5. JD ~ This is the address for requesting admittance to the Guild MaA@tiffanyfranklin.net
  6. *hugs* Who says you will be without us? Once you're in the Tower you are stuck with us. :D
  7. Hey there, Aslan. Welcome!
  8. Hey there & welcome! We seem to have a pretty good size group from your area of the world in general. :D But Danya is one of the best of the lot. *nods* So what are you favorite parts of the books?
  9. *grins* Well, we will certainly be glad to have you. Lor (U4ea) is our MoN & updates the books on Sundays so make sure to get your email off to her before then or you will have to wait another week until you can see the Tower boards. (Yes, the place gets bigger. :D ) There is a thread pinned at the top of the main Tower boards that gives you all the info about joining the Org. Her email is in there. I would just post the link here but I don't think I am supposed to do that. :/ Just as with the Orgs in general make sure you take time to visit each Ajah and get to know the people there. Most of the Org Ajahs are very different from the ones in the books so you may find you fit in with a group you never thought you would. And go ahead and post an hello thread in the main WT board just as you did here so we can all get to know you while you wait on Lor to add you. :) And sorry that people haven't been up here responding all that much. We can get very slow in the summer. I think it is just everyone going on vacation and stuff. It picks up again as school starts up. :)
  10. So you held her down, I take it? Now if Sham was holding her down how can she possibly be at fault? It is the Sword Captain that should be charged with this crime!
  11. *weaves Air and snags a couple pieces of pizza for herself and Jhae* Thanks Van :D
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