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  1. Can not run out of time. There is infinite time. You are finite. Zathras is finite. This is... wrong tool. No. No. Not good. No. No. Never use this... Zathras to Ivanova ~ Babylon 5:"War Without End part 2
  2. I was wondering where this thread was :) *curtsies* Congratulations Mother!
  3. back but have serious jet lag. apparently I am not as younge as I used to be...
  4. I have only half returned from LOA. I will be around but then without internet again in mid April while I travel. Once I am back I hope to have life return to normal... whatever that means. ::)
  5. *goes over to Elgee and Kara, catching Elgee just as she is leaving, and hugs them both* This is delightful Elgee, thank you for your hard work. :) *grabs a Bloody Warder from a passing waiter*
  6. As the newest member of the group, Kathana has not had the time to brainwash me yet, there for I believe I am the logical choice for your second *nods*
  7. Thanks guys :D and yeah Twinnie has set up a really nice party in the Ajah so come on by! If you need a short cut just click on my sig. ;) *laughs at Tiren's teasing* Please promise me that will be the only time you ever do that! *hugs Liitha tight* My pixie! Where have you been hiding?
  8. Grins at Verb* Hows that Hun? Will leave that 'til I get another one with FR made. ;) *hugs Kelly* :D Thanks to all of you, and keep an eye on us in the coming weeks. Once I get settled in I hope to have lots of good debates etc. for everyone to join in on. Oh and click on my sig. ;)
  9. Thanks so much guys. :D I sure will try to do my best. *hugs & snuggles & snugglebites again... and gets the wind knocked out of me trying to protect my frost blossoms as Kara attacks* ;)
  10. LMAO! Thanks Guys! :D And Mother just give it a few months and we will see which you think is worse... ;)
  11. Yeah, I agree with Barm. Great looking place! ;D And Congrats to the New Aunts & Uncles! :D
  12. *grins & snuggles back* Congrats Sis & Dah'mir! Welcome to the family!
  13. Welcome to DM GreenMan. Yeah, all that they said, but if you make your way further down the boards to the community boards we rarely talk about details from the books so it would be a good place to get started.
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