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  1. So what if Gawyn kills Rand, and Rand's soul merges with Moridin's, and then Moiraine balefires first Gawyn and then Rand? :)

  2. Has anyone heard from @Theoryland? I am starting to worry about him!

  3. Ever notice that at every debate, Newt mentions a local pork project? (In other news, Jacksonville's soprano went for it on the anthem.)

  4. Reading The Great Derangement by Matt Taibbi. It's a bit outdated but still a good read. I admire his courage. The USA can be a scary place.

  5. I just remembered why I stopped reading climate change debates a long time ago. I mean, wow people.

  6. What is up with presidential candidates and singing lately? Herman Cain, Steven Colbert, Obama, and now Romney!

  7. So, we're having a @Theoryland roll call again. Are you 'here'? http://t.co/JYcRcuVt

  8. Be sure to thank Marie Curie, @WinesprngBrothr, @Theoryland and @zas678 for their hard work too! :p

  9. So, @Theoryland just made a very helpful change on the tag lists. WoT/Brandon tags now in columns! @17th Shard http://t.co/CBCbwaFa

  10. Does anyone have a copy of @BrandSanderson's first interview with @dragonmount?

  11. We have a noob at Theoryland who is zombie posting to hell and back.

  12. More like a Mirror World where something went horribly wrong. RT @TinkerPride ...GOP candidates field for President is in a 1980s time warp.

  13. Just wanted to say that I am very happy with the announced #AMOL release date, and all you people who are whining about it should calm down.

  14. The Foretelling was in Nynaeve's POV so we don't know her reaction, but Elayne grew up with Elaida and knows what a Foretelling looks like.

  15. LOL. Someone is attempting to do a @TinkerPride at Theoryland. http://t.co/ixPrpCX0 Or perhaps attempting a Goodkind. Or both!

  16. Brandon's Twitter is all caught up in the database. You can see the list of fan names drawn to be in #AMOL here: http://t.co/bqgZMZl1 #wot

  17. At @Theoryland we have always been the weird people hanging out in the dusty corner, as it were. Not that we ever had a problem with that :)

  18. Woo, I found @dragonmount's first interview with @BrandSanderson in the Wayback Machine! http://t.co/ka7p2uBo Entering now.

  19. I don't care who is more evil. @TinkerPride I want to know who is the sexiest evil luv machine!

  20. Will probably jump off a WoT cliff in the next 24 hours. Wish me luck.

  21. I love #RonPaul for no other reason than that he gets people to cheer his anti-war rants...at GOP debates. @billmaher #tcot

  22. Is it just me or did @stephenathome have a harder time not laughing at his own jokes 2night than usual? Even the ones he knew weren't funny.

  23. Ahh, @TinkerPride... "Your non-Valan Luca ideas viewpoint is acknowledged... however, I disagree..."

  24. Twice now I have accused @Theoryland of avoiding me when I actually had my AIM signed off.

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