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  1. I finished all the name extensions on Twitter. Now I need to do a few more, and fix series titles. Some are italicized, some aren't.

  2. I sometimes wish I had access to the full text of the database so I could do a find-replace. @Theoryland But I have to do it in bits. *sigh*

  3. Maybe we should take a poll. @Theoryland I realize you like orange, because you use it a lot, but I think you are in a minority.

  4. Interesting how no one seems to make a connection between black helicopters and Hal Lindsey's locust helicopters.

  5. I really want some cheesecake. And I blame @JamesLuckman.

  6. Fox poll: Should we reduce the size of the military? No vote, one option. Yes vote, divided into four arguments. Clever, aren't they?

  7. I put up a playlist from YT on Wikip for the NH GOP debate for people like me looking for video, and it got reverted with no replacement. :s

  8. Every time I get mad at @BarackObama for something I have to go watch a few videos and remind myself how awesome he is. Not press speeches.

  9. ...Huntsman should at least give a nod to those who have already heard it. 'As I've said before...' He says it like it's new every time.

  10. Best Fox article ever. :: My Lesbian Daughter, The Bible And Sex | Fox News http://t.co/buDRbqPH via @fxnopinion

  11. I have a lot of info on Harriet from the interviews, about her career. Not as much as I'd like, but I'll start her page over from scratch.

  12. Great post on writing, and editing: http://t.co/rVN3A6aN

  13. See, there's a reason I don't post in threads like this. @Theoryland http://t.co/esaqnIVu

  14. Theorylander Great Lord of the Dark is blogging his #wotrr - check it out! http://t.co/KajvH72R

  15. I am having difficulty staying awake more than a few hours at a time...

  16. Theorylanders are just really strange sometimes.

  17. I maded a thread discussing @JamesLuckman's new theory. Did Moridin bond Rand? #wot #wotrr http://t.co/tWz4AA3I

  18. Well, goddammit. I thought I was using i.e. correctly, but Oatmeal disabused me.

  19. Sometimes logic just doesn't do the trick.

  20. Good work, internet. I am proud of you. Let's hope this is enough. http://t.co/0hzElnjW

  21. Why doesn't @BrandSanderson add his name to this? @neilhimself @donttrythis @trent_reznor (His previous comments imply agreement.)

  22. Speculative family tree for Rand, Elayne, etc. @zemaille @MariaLSimons http://t.co/GJIuV82R

  23. Thanks to Harry Potter, 'umbridge' is now a popular misspelling for 'umbrage'.

  24. For those of you who live in Provo...I hear your boy Chaffetz is looking for some nerds!

  25. Our Egwene thread is currently experiencing a resurgence. I blame the noob who zombie-posted. And now Cannoli has been cited. @zemaille

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