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  1. Okay, the popularity of my Fain theory no longer worries me. 'One who has left has left humanity behind creeps through the Blight...'

  2. One of these days, I will learn to read.

  3. Going to DragonCon with Marie. Yay!

  4. Need to finish up the three theories I am writing at once. This week.

  5. I only really have time for one extracurricular obsession, and even that one takes up too much time...but I love it as much as music...

  6. There could be a billion and one keywords, if it's a WoT clue in WoK. It doesn't have to be a name...could be something more vague. #wotgh

  7. What did code 3 reveal? I only see Ts and Ds and 1s and the lone colon. #wotgh


    #wotgh 'My choice, Moiraine. It was my choice.' TFOH ch. 53 'Fading Words'


    #wotgh San Francisco airport, inside security, Compass Books near United (70s), picture of you with code required to unlock. Go get it!


    #wotgh Sorry for being irritable and lazy the last day or so. I hope to polish up the doc tomorrow. Should probably go to bed soon.

  11. I think tor.com is probably the LAST place I'd want to discuss gun control...

  12. Hey guys, Peter said the one word off is not 'a' or 'the'. I'll add that to the doc later; off to job #2 (playing piano for the UUC). #wotgh


    #wotgh This is what I get for making my 5 guesses and posting before checking my feed, lol. I'd fire me, but...


    #wotgh I am thinking he gave us the weekend as our last chance to guess, and he'll start dropping more codes in bookstores tomorrow.

  15. From my friend Leigh Ann who is a virgin WoT reader: 'OOOH! This one is getting good! The Aiel and the Lost Ones the same people? Wow!'


    #wotgh Weep...weep for what has been wrought. :) Wow...check the end of TGS, Essanik Cycle.


    #wotgh Good luck guys; I'm off for a while. Finished, End, Last, and Done all look good. I think 'finished' fits 'choose' best, but...


    #wotgh I need to rearrange my sleeping schedule to fit the hunt. Bed at about 3am, wake up before noon. I missed too much today. :(


    #wotgh Hunt doc is updated, including the last code info. Yay! http://bit.ly/bvwRne Will tweak more later, and more work on hall o fame.


    #wotgh Check out our latest strokes of genius on the Last Code: http://bit.ly/byyocN All updated. Will update one-word-off shortly.

  21. All of my @Terez27 posts are gone, so if I haven't responded to someone, that's why.

  22. Even better is that @dragonmount got 'Striped' right but put the hyphen in the wrong place: 'The Seven Striped-Lass'. This title confounds.

  23. 25 hours... *back to reading TWOK*

  24. Reading @BrandonSandrson 's #TWOK and wondering about the Abyss, both in terms of philosophy and geophysics. Trying to finish ch. 4!

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