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  1. I think the biggest problem with this is that you've made a rather large leap in assuming that a dark Callandor exists at all. The other sa'angreal stronger than Callandor could be anything, and might not even exist any longer. If it does exist, we don't know anything about it. The only thing that seems to point to it is the quote about the 'brilliant white sword' against the dark one, and this is one of those cases where I think it extremely likely that the prophecy refers to Justice rather than Callandor - and in that case, it's likely to be symbolic. The viewing about Callandor in a fist of onyx...that's about Callandor, not the hypothetical dark Callandor.


    Also, I don't buy the body swap theory at all. I'm rather firmly in the Nynaeve resurrects him camp. :biggrin:

  2. It's actually more odd that Gawyn's name is not Damodred, than that Galad's is. Apparently it's normal to take the name of the father, but an exception was made with Taringail's marriage into Trakand for political reasons, and we know that Taringail wanted Galad to be king of Cairhien. He might have been willing to compromise with Morgase simply because of the fact that Galad was already a Damodred. I am thinking that Galad's 'piece of Rand' might have something to do with the Bloodrings. Important facts:


    1. Galad isn't going to have a swordfight with Rand. RJ said so.


    2. Certain thematic structures in the book suggest that Rand has another important blademaster vs blademaster battle in his future.


    3. Gawyn is the more likely candidate for the swordfight.


    4. Gawyn has three Bloodrings.


    5. Gawyn takes orders from Egwene now.


    6. Egwene wants to stop Rand from breaking the seals.


    7. We haven't had Galad's POV since they learned about Rand's plan.


    8. Elayne supports Egwene.


    9. Galad gave an oath of fealty to Perrin, who supports Rand.


    10. Morgase has been trying to get Galad to see ethics as being less black and white.


    11. Galad has a letter from Verin (which he received just after his last POV in TOM).


    It's hard to see how to work in the knowledge of Galad's relationship to Rand as being the important info in that letter, unless it has something to do with blood on the rocks. It might have something to do with Luc. But the Bloodrings...those give a hint of how this might go down.

  3. A few notes:


    1. The prologue was 3rd omni, but the following chapters are 3rd limited.


    2. There is some talk of Rand getting hitched in ch. 1:


    Rand stepped along just as quickly as Tam, perhaps even more so. He was sometimes cornered when Tam was not around, with no way to escape outside of rudeness. Herded onto a stool by the kitchen fire, he would be fed pastries or honeycakes or meatpies. And always the goodwife's eyes weighed and measured him as neatly as any merchant's scales and tapes while she told him that what he was eating was not nearly so good as her widowed sister's cooking, or her next-to-eldest cousin's. Tam was certainly not getting any younger, she would say. It was good that he had loved his wife so—it boded well for the next woman in his life—but he had mourned long enough. Tam needed a good woman. It was a simple fact, she would say, or something very close, that a man just could not do without a woman to take care of him and keep him out of trouble. Worst of all were those who paused thoughtfully at about that point, then asked with elaborate casualness exactly how old he was now.


    3. There are plenty of strong women in the series - you might say women rule the world, and the lack of consideration for gender-neutral wording doesn't change the fact - but all of this is filtered through RJ's own South Carolinian upbringing. He's probably one of those that doesn't see any problem with traditional gender roles, but those are a great deal more noticeable in backwoods places like the Two Rivers. In other cultures that are introduced later, there are a good number of female merchants and craftsmen. There is only one true matriarchy in the world, though. Other cultures favor female rulers but have otherwise egalitarian-ish societies.

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