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  1. That or she saw Egwene, or another wondergirl make the weave, which is how I always took it.
  2. Hmm, didn't click the link, but to answer the question the best of my ability, I believe in the run from the Two Rivers, when Bela didn't fall behind. Moraine said she should have suspected something when Bela didn't need her, or something along those lines.
  3. Kura


    TSR ch 34 The remnant of a remnant is saved, and they shall live. As in not die. Not "live a different way", or "experience social change". The blood of the Aiel will be spilled out in apparently large amounts (sand absorbs water almost without limit, especially in the desert), broken as dried twigs (which break up so thoroughly that they cease to be wood althogether ... they just crumble into dust). The exception? A remnant of a remnant. How are they the exception? They live. So, apparently, the others don't. Look, I'm not denying that the Aiel are going through great social change. But thats not what this prophecy seems to be talking about ... Well, not sure if this supports or is against your theory, but I think the killing mass numbers has already begun/happened. Specifically the Shaido when they fought Rand at Carhien. They called themselves Aiel, yet we all know the Shaido didn't follow Aiel ways to the letter, and a large amount of them did die. Though this is such a small portion of the actual population, that I doubt it fulfills the prophecy in whole, but it does fit the over all theme.
  4. Hmm, though the black flecks aren't saa, it raises a question. If Rand and Moradin do bodyswap. then will the saa stay with Moradin's body, and if so, what are the negative effects, and what will they do to Rand? Or are they more of the soul and will transfer with Moradin, though I doubt it, since they are a physical manifestation.. they seem pretty bodily related.
  5. Arcon's gaze locked on the new teacher. In truth, he was surprised that Jodeen wouldn't be here to teach him and his classmates, but not a hint shown on his face. He was raised better than that. He watched as Ayrik pointed out the students, each one demonstrating the weaves they'd learned. He watched closely, most had developed different skills than he, of course, that was to be expected. He was unique in this small class. He was gifted in three powers, and only one the norm. As Ayrik's seemingly disinterested finger fell on him, he embraced the source. The extra practice he'd put in paid off, he seized Saidin on the first try. He wove his small weaves, fire for light, and let it dissipate. He wove a similar weave the next time, except adding air to set the small sphere ablaze, and proceeded to use spirit to drag out the heat, and place it in the ground beneath one of those bastards who had finished before him. A smirk was suppressed as he watched him squirm for a moment, before physics took the small heat away. Lost forever in the massive planet beneath them. With that satisfaction, he released the source. Doing his best to ignore the longing that comes with such an action... His face remained passive, but in truth he was excited. Finally, some more weaves to learn! His eyes fixated on the strands that Ayrik wove, simple, but he could find applications for them. When it was time for him to light the candle, he pulled a single strand of fire, and wrapped it around the wick. Oh, a fire did light, but the entire candle melted from the heat. To much! He quickly pulled a strand of air from the blaze, and tried to avoid the mistake he'd made on the last weave. Instead, it was to weak, and the gust of air only suited to fan the blaze, catching on the student in front of him. Admittedly, this was satisfying, it was the other one who had beaten him. Though, one should avoid making enemies as well as friends, and quickly he used the more familiar weave of spirit to drag the heat deeper into the Earth. He responded to the glare with a shrug, it was an accident... this time. He gritted his teeth with the next weave, earth and water? Sweat appeared on his brow as he tried to bend these two elements to his will. They were like bands of iron compared to the soft string of the other three. he wove into the ground, the effort rewarded with only a four square inch piece of earth turned to mud. Rage skirted the edge of the void, he would not fail like this again.. Then something a little more unexpected happened, he was told to pick a flower? He wondered briefly just how much of the taint had touched Ayrik before being raised, but still obeyed. Either he was insane or not, either way, not a good idea to disobey a full Dreadlord. He returned with his pink lily, and watched as Ayrik wove something he lated called a keeping. Interesting, and definitely useful. He wove a small piece of all five powers onto the flower, straining with the water and earth, but pushing through without showing his difficulties. It wouldn't wilt, ever? He allowed a smile to cross his lips, he noticed that young Andorian watching him, he too smiling. He could only imagine the fool liked flowers, and thought he'd found a companion, but of course it was wrong. It was another thing to add to the growing symbolism of this place. He'd picked a flower from the a guardian in the Great Lord's fortress, and it would never die. He was picked by the Great Lord from the garden of mankind, and so the smile. He would outlive this flower, when he gained immortality by the Great Lord's side.. With these pleasant thoughts in mind, he was dismissed, releasing the source, he returned to his rooms. He gently placed the lily on the stand next to his bed, and stared at it with that clever smile, before he scolded his face into indifference, and went to grab a bite to eat. His real training would begin soon, he would need his strength.
  6. Heh al'thor..arthur. A bit similar, don't you think. ;) Aside from that, Rand's story matches up to Arthurs rather well, but then Mat's is similar to Odin's, and so many others are close to so many myths. Though I can't think of any that have ever overlayed exactly, so we can't use the myths as a reliable source of whats going to be in aMoL.
  7. Well Luckers, not sure if this helps our denies your theory, but both times he skimmed/gated to Ishy he was going to T'A'R, at least I'm pretty sure. (I'm sure you'll correct me if I'm wrong.) Once in T'A'R, he could use need to find Ishy, and sorta, for lack of a better word 'poof' there. As for the chasing Asmo thing, Trib4l, you brought up that Rand was searching for Asmo when he started to skim, and he knew where he was going. I think the combination of the two, plus the fact that Asmo was still in transit, led to the two meeting. Also, dmanmiller34, I believe they started as stairs, because Rand didn't know better. As Egwene thought, and demonstrated, the skimming platform can be just about anything you want, and Rand, being ignorant, thought he had to run through the place. If I remember right, it changed to a platform when he saw Asmo using a platform that moved by itself.
  8. I want to see Rand crack, he has been making me angry lately. Also, I'd love a book or a memory of the AoL, and get to know the AoL AS better, so we could really compare them, with the ones around in present time. And I want to know what kind of father Mat would be, or hell, see him when he gets his head shaved. :)
  9. The scene where Caddy tells Rand that he has been using Callandor((SP?)) wrong, coupled with the time that he 'was the storm'. It just struck me of how ignorant Rand is, even though he is a fantastic channeler, he's not on par with Aes Sedai, because he is just plain ignorant of so many subjects.
  10. Well, technically speaking Maching Shin is more like a bacterium that has grown on something rotted. We know from RJ that in itself Machin Shin does not require the taint or the Dark One in order to exist. Well, it did grow from the DO's influence, so its 'birth', and I use that term loosely, was a result from the taint, and thus from the DO. Still, I officailly deem you the paper shredder. ;) I too expect that it will occur at Shayol Goul, i just dont think that being at Shayol Goul is nessasary, nor will it play anything but a thematic role in the actual function of the swap. Yeah, I see your point. I shoulda stuck with my mind traps. Thanks for clearing that one up for me.
  11. Heh, alright, you got me there, though I have to throw up my paper wall here and say that Machin Shin was influenced by the DO, taint on Saidin and all. :) Still, it'd seem somehow wrong to me if it didn't happen at SG, considering the likely hood of Ishy and Rand meeting at SG, most likely with the seals smashed, epic battle insues. At the very least, it seems that the most likely meeting place for these two champions in TG, is SG. Though, not sure what the DO would have to say with Rand so close to him, and his whole no channal in SG rule...
  12. Well, I agree that Saidin will be the catalyst, I think proximity, and more so location (SG) will be equally important. Most, if not all, of the soul trapping/transmigrating/movement in generel has happened at SG, and I think that for something that so defies the nautural order of things, like switching bodies, it would have to happen in the warped setting of Shayol Ghul. As a side note, crud. I finally say something that you support Luckers, and I show up to late to really gloat. ;)
  13. As much as I believe in Lucker's posts and theories more, mostly, because of the evidence he throws at us, I really really like this theory. Though it relies on something that I think is quite questionable, the taint on Saidin tainting the wheel. From what I can remember the two halves of the power drive the wheel, make time flow, etc. etc. etc., but they haven't seemed to have any ability to direct what the wheel spins, they just spin it. Kind of like how the river drives the waterwheel, but doesn't control what machinary it powers, just the fact that it has power. Edit: Of course it could have just been the taint driving Taim insane, and he just shows signs of sanity, but thats not as exciting as what you said. ;)
  14. Well, I doubt all of the Aiel will return to the way of the leaf. The piece that fights against the prophecies, for example. That, and the Shaido who if I remember right vowed not to leave the three-fold land again. They are a remnent of a remnent((SP?)). They were a piece of the whole Aiel culture that broke off, and were further broken down by those who became wetlanderish, and those who remained true to their aiel customs, but the whole remnent thing could also refer to the Aiel who may go back to the leaf, or if Cloglord is right, will sing. All in all though, I think we can agree that not all of the Aiel will go in any specific direction, already they are far to divided.
  15. >_> Wow, can't believe I missed that. <_< I still stand by my theory though, even if I have to fix it up when it gets knocked down just a bit more. ^_^
  16. Ahh, thanks, but there are holes in it, particularly in the Rand section. ^^; Oh, and sorry for spoiling for you, I'll add spoiler warnings for the next guys lol.
  17. Well, I have a theory on exactly what it takes to channel, though some parts of it are at best sketchy, but most of those are unimportant to the whole anyways. Without further pause, another crackpot theory by Kura. (I seem to have a lot of those today. >_>) Well, to start what does it take to channel? Is it an ability of the soul, or the body? Personally, I think its both. Using the ever useful example of a lock and key. The larger portion, but no more important, is the soul's ability, like a lock contains most of the mechanisms. The actual power of the channeler is in the soul, along with the connection to either saidin or saidar, which shall be explained in a bit, while the body is the key to unlocking it. I feel safe in assuming this, because of the scene where Ny healed logain. She felt something when she was probing with the power. A hypothetical bridge, that had been destroyed. She spanned this bridge with saidar, and he could channel again. Now the main reason I say that this bridge originated in the body, was because I have seen no evidence to support the fact that the OP can effect the soul, I believe that that is more of the TP's power(though thats really for a different thread). If someone had the direct quoting from the book, that'd either make or break this theory. Now elaborating on an earlier point, specifically that the strength and which piece of the OP is within the soul. Quite simply, the transmigration of the Forsaken. In none of the POVs that I remember does it mention any of them being reduced in power, with the obvious exception of Cyndaine/Lanfear. That can be explained as her being stilled by the Finn though, and I put a lot of faith in that. (Thanks Luckers for all your information on the subject.)Which peice you channel also seems to be in the soul, by the same example. Aran'gar. Female who channels the male half of the source. I believe that the body that was taken had the ability to channel, and when the new soul was placed within, the bridge simply led to a different place, to put it simply. To further support this last point, look at Rand and LTT. LTT died by way overdosing on Saidin, and when you do such a thing another side effect occurs, being severed/stilled/gentled. Rand can obviously channel, and so its safe to assume that it was LTT's body that would have been burnt out, and not his soul. Of course this particular argument relies upon the timing of the loss of ability to channel. Did he summon the OP and it just flew out of him uncontrollably severing him and then creating dragonmount? Though honestly I feel that this is all of little importance of if his body was actually severed, as the fact remains that he, himself, can actually channel as shown in the battle against the trollocs when he seizes Saidin. We also know that he is not someone created by Rand's exposure to the taint persay, but the actual LTT in his head from Semiharge in KoD. I know there are probably other ways to support or destroy this theory that I simply can't recall at this moment in time, but please feel free to support or deny my idea as you will. Any direct quotes from the book would greatly be appreciated, I admit that it has been a while since I've read them, and small children managed to get in my room when I was in Germany, so I can't go through and do a reread. -.-;
  18. The torm's killing frenzy could be utilized quite nicely though. With the addition of gateways, just send a rather large amount into the middle of a trolloc army, or to the front lines while the humans stay back. They tear everything up, and the humans come in and assist them, particularly with channeling. I haven't read the BWB (though am looking for a copy), and don't know the actual concentration of them in randland, but again with the addition of gateways seanchan's store could be accessed, and I feel quite confident when I say tat I beleive that a few dozen Torm lost isn't much compared to the damage they would do, and the actual human/channeler lives saved by sacrificing them. But on the whole, yeah, most of the exotics don't seem to useful with their concentration or some other drawback.
  19. Well, I doubt its possible mostly because why would they need to see eachother? Or even want to? Sounds really sketchy, but look at it like this. T'a'r seems to reflect the main WoT world the most, almost directly actually. Now, from how weird some of the other worlds are bound to be, if T'a'r reflected them all at once, I doubt that it would appear as it does, or even that it could even be there at all. Now, knowing this and the fact that t'a'r is one of the three constants, and I'm relatively sure that the DO and the creator are in fact the same omnipotent beings as in randland, judging by I believe Verin said that if the DO broke out in one world, he would break out in all. Using this, its plausible to assume that it is in fact the same t'a'r in all of the worlds. So, the question is why does t'a'r reflect the real world so much? I beleive this is because that the person who enters t'a'r expects and wants to see the reflection of his/her world, and wills all the laws of physics to be as they are in her world(or at least very closely) subconsciously, and that the reason that they do not see otherworldly versions of them self is, because even if they are in the same 'time' and 'area', they are in their own world's reflection of this time and area, and thus in a different location. Of course I think its plausible that T'a'r only reflects the main world so much, because it has the highest(or so it seems) probability of existing, and t'a'r responds to that. Have fun with my theories guys. ;)
  20. The issue of whether or not a gateway can be used as a weapon raises a question, does the order or some other factor effect the importance of any oath over the other? I ask this, because any army that a light AS would send a gateway against in TG is most likely to be filled with shadowspawn and darkfriends. This would allow it by the oath of not to use the power as a weapon except against shadowspawn and darkfriends, but as darkfriends are included in this than, depending on that Aes Sedai's views, would be creating a weapon for one man to kill another. And as a sidenote that has no real importance, could an Aes Sedai make a wepaon for a woman to kill a woman/man? :-P Same issue as the bible constantly saying mankind, but then makes the distinction later on, kinda amusing to look at and think about. ;)
  21. Well, I think it would have been a cool twist if I hadn't read this topic and the body swap happened, but now it seems like the only way. You tend to do this to me Luckers >_>; And to add to the theory that the whole body swap will happen at SG, its been mentioned that reality is a little warped there (sure you can find the quotes) by the chosen on a few occasions, particularly in relation to souls and the power, look at those mind traps, I believe, that Moradin has, they are related to both the soul and channeling, and could only be done at SG. The Mind Traps existence further supports the body swap theory, as it shows that links in relation to souls and the power are not only plausible, but have happened. Not only links to other living entities and I believe souls, like Rand and Moradins, but to objects such as the mind traps, and their bodies are objects, if slightly more complicated than a jewelry box. ;) Feel free to tear paragraph 2 apart, its loosely drawn and I can't seem to think of the words to desribe the idea in full, and its based on assumptions, but I believe that paragraph 1 fits and supports the body swap theory quite nicely, and it happening at SG.
  22. Well, it would benefit your point, and thats really what I was trying to do. RJ seems to have really wide ranges on any of these powers he puts in WoT. Look at the power, the difference between the wondergirls and the former queen of andor who's name is escaping me right now. >_>;
  23. The ground shaking ta'veren (rand, hawking, and good ol' LTT) are obviously powerful and have effected at least one continent directly or indirectly (referring to hawking sending his armies over to seanchan here). Though I had a bit of an idea, could mat and perrin be these 'medium ta'veren'? Yes, they are certainly strong, but how many times has it described them as being leaves in a whirlpool next to rand? Or are they large, and Rand/LTT/Hawking are XXL? Just thought I'd throw the idea of Mat/Perrin being medium ta'veren out there, like I said, mostly because of how much they are dwarfed by Rand.
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