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  1. I think they're going to keep Caemlyn and cut Baerlon now... @deathgate I agree that we don't want major revisions, but shows want sets that they are going to use over and over, it gets too expensive to build a set that you're only going to use once or twice... Which is why I think they'll keep Caemlyn now.
  2. Agreed. Completely. Even as a big-time fan of WoT, I'm totally understanding and ok with changing parts of the story to adapt it to TV. Fans can be reasonable. We understand, and have discussed, that main characters are going to need to be cut from Season 1 because they just make cameos in tEotW. The article points out, and we had discussed, that places (we thought maybe Caemlyn--but now I would side with the article's reasoning and probably keep Caemlyn but axe Baerlon) are going to need to be combined and cut as well as secondary and tertiary characters. As fans, we have even di
  3. A Superbowl trailer would be awesome! I hope you're right. I know they had a lot of money in WoT but that's 5million+ for one ad...
  4. This is exciting. I read an article that said the LoTR show wasn't going to pick up production again until February -- so it would likely be end of 2021 or 2022 before it would be released. I hope WoT comes out this year! Does anybody have an educated guess on a month it might be released? Summer? June? I would get all my holed-up friends to watch! Last picture has got to be Shadar Logoth, and it's perfect! Love it. Eerie. Really like the Bel-Tine picture too. And I imagine the Tinkers camp being bigger, but I'm not going to nit-pick! The second to last picture .
  5. This is very helpful. There's a couple series in there that I've never read, so I'll have to pick them up if they are on WoT fans GOAT lists. Who are the authors of the Riftwar Cycle & Deverry Cycle? @Harldin
  6. Thanks. Not really sure what to do... I'm just a fan of WoT & diving back in because I'm excited for the show!
  7. I agree with Elder_Haman. The problem with adapting the books to the screen, especially with the Eye of the World, is that a number of very important characters just make cameo appearances in the first book (and almost all of them in Caemyln-except Min): Elayne, Galad, Gaywn, Morgase, Byrne, Elaida ... so then you have to either adapt the story to give more background/screen-time to these characters or hire actors/actresses who are totally unknown but have great potential so that you can get away with giving them 5 min of screen time in the whole first season but then have them be central char
  8. I know this is a Wheel of Time website, but my question is: where would you rank WoT on the greatest Fantasy series of all time list? My top 5 would be: 1) The Lord of the Rings 2) Harry Potter 3) The Wheel of Time 4) The Dresden Files 5) The KingKiller Chronicles It's hard to put WoT at the top when there were whole books (Crossroads of Twilight I'm looking at you) that were not good & when the show/movie is still a question mark.
  9. I'm 50% nervous and 50% excited and here's why: #1) I've been a huge fan of the Fantasy genre since I was a little kid. It started with the Chronicles of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings...by 6th grade I was reading The Wheel of Time. Then Harry Potter. I've read Eragon, the Sword of Truth, the Dresden Files, the Stormlight Archives, Mistborn, Leviathan, Codex Alera, Percy Jackson, the Hunger Games, The Kingkiller Chronicles, the list goes on and on... I love Fantasy novels. #2) I LOVED the Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter movies. Why? They tried very hard t
  10. It's no secret that Amazon studios is trying to find the new GoT with the LotR and WoT shows... So which, if any, characters do you think they'll kill off for the show? I honestly hope they don't kill off any major characters because that's what I disliked about GoT. But I think they might have Tam al'Thor & some Emond's Fielders die. And perhaps some Whitecloaks and Borderlanders, maybe Intar?? In the first season.
  11. I like Verin too & hope they cast a really good actress for her. Of the Aes Sedai I think you have to keep her even if they cut a bunch of the others.
  12. So before I give my list, just a little background: I started reading this book series about 20 years ago as a 6th grader, and I just started re-reading the series & listening on Audible in anticipation of the TV show. That background is important because as a kid my list would have been: #1) Mat: Funny, Lucky, Relatable --- just trying to keep his head down, but plays an Epic part (and a person could continue to write about what happens with Mat (and Tuon). #2) Lan: Mysterious, Bad-Ass Warder, Borderland-Warrior, King --- he would have been #1 except that almost noth
  13. I find it interesting that virtually everyone agrees that: #1) Crossroads of Twilight = terrible. Slow and nothing happened. Worst book. The friends who started me on this series when I was a 6th grader stopped reading at Crossroads of Twilight and never finished because it really was that bad. #2) The Shadow Rising is top 3 (except for Elder_Haman who left it off his list completely??)= best villain character-development. #3) The Lord of Chaos is top 5 (people who disagree with this are just plain wrong) = Dumai's Wells is the best scene in the book and on it's strength alone
  14. I disagree that they need to or will combine any major characters like Galad and Gawyn, but I totally agree that there are a plethora of secondary and tertiary characters that can be combined or cut altogether: Whitecloaks, Aes Sedai, Maidens of the Spear, Borderlanders, Tinkers, Queen's Guard, Nobles, ect ... I mean, there were a ton of non-essential and lengthy story lines and characters in the books that will have to be cut for TV.
  15. I know the question is which locations are not needed or could be moved, but I think I would answer it by going through which locations are absolutely essential and can't easily be moved in the First Book. And here is how I would answer that: 1) Emond's Field= This is where the story begins, have to have it and can't move it. 2) Fal Dara/The Blight/The Eye of the World= This is where it ends, can't cut it without seriously messing up Book 1. 3) Dragonmount/ & (Tar Valon) = If I were them and wanted to hook audiences that were not already WoT fans, I would start off i
  16. Elayne, Galad, and Gawyn go together, you can't have one and not the other two; and they could be cast in Season 2 at the White Tower -- though I like the Caemlyn storyline as well, I also think they will cut it -- or they could just cut out the palace scene at Caemlyn. The Elaida arguments are really strong, but they could wait a season and cast a big-name actress for that role since she becomes a lot more important in later books; she could be cast with Elayne, Galad, and Gawyn in Season 2. Bayle would be the best character to keep for just a season, because there is just no way they can cut
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