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  1. I could never smoke a pack of cigs bought in England....your crazy death warnings on the packs are somewhat threatening!
  2. As much as I complain about Chicago I don't think I could ever leave....I'm one of those sick freaks that loves Chicago weather!
  3. I'm not too concerned with the cost of cigs. I'm more of a cigar or pipe man myself. And, if I was going to move for liquor I would move to Kentucky...probably Bardstown, Kentucky.... mmmmm bourbon festival!!
  4. *starts twitching* I really need to get out of this $^*#% socialist state...
  5. I live near Chicago....Thats how the county funds all of its socialist agendas...they tax my tobacco and liquor until I have to sell my neighbors children to fund my habbits!
  6. Cigs are around $9 a pack around me...If I wanted to smoke I would have to choose between cigs and rent....
  7. Hmmm it has been a while since I cracked open the rum...Thanks a dilemna was just what I needed!
  8. Hoppy and grainy beers smell good too, but I think the ones that are heavier in malts generaly smell better to non beer drinkers! I better go open a couple just to make sure though! ;D
  9. Only bad beer smells bad...A good malty beer smells and tastes delicious!
  10. *gets popcorn and a lawn chair* This should be good!
  11. How can anyone surrvive without going to their happy place?
  12. Every time my brother drives by cows on the road he rolls down the window, sticks his head out and moos. He will be 30 this year...he is my hero!
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