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  1. 22 hours ago, CaddySedai said:

    I loved everything about this.


    20 hours ago, Youss99 said:

    I hate it already.


    19 hours ago, Malkeri said:

    It's all wrong. Greatest books ever, just hope they don't screw with the plot too badly.


    10 hours ago, Knasp said:

    This is looking good! I'm hoping they take a lot of liberties in changing the characters and how they interact.

    and this goes to show you can't please everyone.

    Rafe may as well make all the changes he feels he needs to. it won't change the unpleasable fanbase, and it may actually work.

    10 hours ago, Elgee said:

    What grates with me is Moiraine and Lan.

    Lan, uber Warder, stomping in to a public place like some cheap cowboy, boots (or something) jangling so hard a Trolloc could hear him miles off? Then posing until all attention is on him, giving his name, then announcing Moiraine for every possible Darkfriend in the area to know within days? And Moiraine flaunting herself like that? She acted more like Liandrin would have.

    No. Just no.


    I like then better here than in the books.

    In the books Mouraine and Lan are trying to keep a low profile, going by fake names and everything.

    And yet, Moiraine keeps wearing her great serpent - which you never know who could recognize, there are plenty of stories about aes sedai - and Lan his color shifting cloak - that, besides being recognizable, is also clearly supernatural in nature to anyone.

    Utterly ridiculous. I never liked that, it made them look like morons. No, actually it just looked like the author wanted to introduce them in a distinctive way, and he did so even when it would have made more sense not to. He forced them to pick up the idiot ball just because he wanted to introduce the ring and cloak.

    This version, where they don't try to go incognito and instead just announce themselves as important people to get top services? I'll have to wait, it can still have problems - we know moiraine was trying to hide from the black ajah. But from what little I've seen, I like it better than the original.

  2. asking as an ignorant in how those things are made, but what's the purpose of changing directors so often? they had 4 different directors in season 1, and not in a "storms off and resigns from the job because of interpersonal conflicts, have to get a substitute" (which would have been a huge red flag on the show quality) but it was planned like this from the beginning.

    Isn't there the risk of lacking a unitary vision? What do they gain by having so many different people be directors?


    And by the way, what's exactly the difference between director and executive producer?

  3. 7 hours ago, J-dub said:


    I was expecting something more ethereal, ornate, almost other-worldly. Jordan described Tar Valon's design as evocative of nature and impossible-looking - waves crashing and stars streaking, with bridges and walkways so high and so delicate, seemingly unsupported as to seem fragile, yet firm and secure. Gleaming white, appearing to be all of one piece. This White Tower looks sturdy rather than soaring, with no remarkable detail that makes me think it couldn't have been constructed without the aid of Ogier and the One Power.

    on the other hand, i'm trying to picture this description and can't get anything that wouldn't look silly. perhaps that's why they changed style in favor of something more grounded

  4. dragonmount is west of tar valon, so the east wing and west wing in the second image are inverted.

    east and west wing are recognizable by different roofs, so it means that the first image we are looking north, and the park there is not the ogier groove, unless it's been moved.

    or unless they put dragonmount on the other side of the city

  5. On 8/22/2021 at 9:47 PM, Wolfbrother31 said:


    Yeah? What would have you asked? 

    i have no idea, actually. perhaps some of the details that some of the more detail-oriented people are freaking about in forum? that could have been something useful to ask.


    but stuff like "will the dream world be in the show" is pretty obvious the answer is yes. stuff like "is there someone late on set", since acting is a job, i assume if there was someone always late, they'd get fired, and if not, it's private and not going to be disclosed. and stuff like "are you excited" and its variations, no, it's not going to give us anything.

  6. Those look good. I was worried about perrin looking the part, but he does.

    mat is strange with a beard, perhaps the one I have most trouble identifying with the character.


    EDIT: Rafe said that he was going to answer 5 questions. where are those? I can't find

  7. he looks good. shame the video doesn't show anything.

    the fires make it look likely it's bel tine, though it can still be the battle before shadar logoth where moiraine made a wall of fire.

    as for the sentence, it could come from anywhere, or it could even be something made just for the teaser.


    mostly, i wonder if this means we'll get a trailer sooner (so they are building hype again) or we are not getting a trailer (so they are giving us little tidbits)

  8. 2 hours ago, Lezbi Nerdy said:

    It is more than just characters saying it, he wrote it into the story with Siuan and Moiraine.  They were 'so in love' while they were novices and accepted, but the minute they leave the tower, their relationship ends.  Naturally.  And neither of them seem to care.  It's not explicit, but it has that flavor of "oh, that was just a phase, and we're over it now. Because we're adults."

    I didn't think of that specific case. i guess you're right, then, the narrative supports that view.

    kinda sad, that what's a reaction to immense stress and emotional pain is shrugged off as a "phase" that people "go through". I don't have experience with the queer angle, but I am an educator, and the way the white tower raises young girl is outright criminal.

  9. Quote

    it is rather explicitly hinted at in the narrative, that these ‘pillow friend’ relationships are an expression of an immature sexuality

    I do not see this. There are a few characters that explicitly refer to pillow friends as immature relationships, but characters expressing views is different from the narrative expressing views. Especially when those characters are as faulty as elaida.

    Aes sedai associate those relationship to novices, so they consider them a sign of immaturity, but aes sedai are far from an authoritative source on healty living.


    If i have to read anything out of them, is that people have sexual urges. lacking the appropriate target, they will redirect those urges to something else.

    I mean, lock up a bunch of men in prison away from women, they will engage in sexual activities. lock up a bunch of women in a tower away from men, they will engage in sexual activities too.

    especially because training is very hard, and those girls are very hard pressed, and they need some help, some support. they could use a lover to help them get through the dark moments. and so they promote their best friends to the task as a form of mutual support.

    nothing strange, no representation of queer or anything, just (mostly) straight people making the best of a bad situation.

    And i think robert jordan supported this interpretation when he said something along the lines of "you lock up a bunch of pubescent young girls away from men and you put them through great stress, what do you think is gonna happen?"


    if nothing else, it shows how mentally unhealty the training in the tower is. the white tower is a machine to destroy people; it's no chance that most aes sedai, for all of their strenght and serenity, are deeply unbalanced on some fundamental level.

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