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  1. Hi....I have two theatre shows coming up, and will be tied up with those for the next few months. I will be LOA until the end of April. I may check in periodically, though. As I am responsible for the monthly anniversary thread, could someone cover me for the time being?
  2. Actually, I've been thinking on this one :). I feel like I'm decent with words, but it does take me awhile to collect my thoughts sometimes. I'll be replying soon!
  3. I know Annie Wilkes was defeated by the author guy she captured in Misery, but I can't remember his name! Ugh! Dr. Octopus was defeated by Spiderman.
  4. I've been percolating on this one for a couple of days. The past year has not impacted me the way it has many others, and I carry a bit of guilt for it. Granted, I recognize it is ridiculous, and I do keep it in check, but it doesn't change the fact I still feel it sometimes. I spent a lot of time last year feeling like I need to give back somehow, because so much was given to me, but taken away from others. And since COVID limits in-person things, it was difficult for me to find ways to balance this within myself. So I decided to support as many local businesses as I could by buying local, as
  5. Draco? best answer ever XD Agreed....BEST ANSWER EVER! 😈
  6. Looks like a snake.....but I can't think of a constellation that is snake related 😄.
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