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    On 4/15/2021 at 6:57 AM, Arie said:

    I totally wrote an essay in 11th grade about why I should not have to read Animal Farm. XD 


    I wish i could do the same with todays politics. 😞



    Well... i was on a good reading run for a while. Still have some Webtoon comics to catch up on...  But I am SUPER excited for the Grisha TV series release on the 24th... i totally tore through the trilogy... because I wanted to read them before it came out. Is it the most enlightening (heh) series? Nope, but I enjoyed them. They were fun.


    I really liked Animal Farm: A Fairy Story. I read it in the first term because I had to do my assignment, too. I found such a good service https://edubirdie.com/do-my-assignment, but I was very interested in the book. For the student journalist, this book must be read!


    It is really interesting thoughts, I want to find some other books with similar plot.

  2. On 1/2/2021 at 3:53 PM, Jeannaisais said:

    You mentioned Bradbury in the other thread and Fahrenheit 451 is the first book I'm teaching this semester! Well, that alongside The Odyssey! Love the idea for getting outside of the reading 'comfort' zone too! 


    For classics, for me, I need to choose a classic I've not read/taught before. Started Don Quixote not too long ago and have been struggling to get into it but I shall persevere!

    The first book I read this year was the Animal Farm: A Fairy Story. I really liked!

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  5. Of these two schools, I'm more leaning towards Hogwards. Why is that? Harry Potter" better describes the school, its process, its very structure. It makes me love it all.  It's not true to say I'm categorical about the White Tower. Is that what I'm curious about? If they had a graduate school for magicians? How would they do their dissertations? Maybe they'd use a website https://ukessay.com/buy-dissertation-help to help them with their dissertations. That's all interesting too, of course, but it's different... In a way, my choice was given to Hogwarts because of my passion for the Harry Potter story. Stories of, roughly speaking, being born and living in a circle of people who brought discomfort. His experiences in learning and supporting people close to him. 

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