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  1. On 8/17/2019 at 3:35 PM, Terova said:


    Yes, that intrigued me as well. For me, Rand calling Moridin by his birth name and anyhow the whole style of their later conversations were kind of a proof of a closer relationship during "better" times, of which I would have been very interested to know more.


    Taking into account that Lanfear was actually Rand's (Lew's) ex-girlfriend it would have been rather strange if he would not have called her by her first name. However, as we know that there are usually both partners responsible to a certain extend if a rekationship fails, the reasoning of why Lews dropped off Lanfear was always a bit "onesided" for me.

    He left her for another woman but...all Lanfear wanted was power. Lew's didn't want that or her for that reason. She never cared for him as all she could see was the lust for more power.

    1 hour ago, DemandredFO said:

    Instead of wandering off on tangents that lead nowhere, I wish we knew more about Rand(Lews) and Demandred as that seems to me integral to what went on in the books. Another epic missing scene is Mat vs. Couladin

    I wish we had more background on Lews and all of the Forsaken. He seemed to know them all on a personal level.

  2. On 7/15/2019 at 5:49 PM, Terova said:

    I think somebody already mentioned it - the scene I loved most by far in the whole books is the one in which Moraine tells the Edmonds Field folks about the "Fall of Manetheren". It is so short, but I don't know, somehow this text touched my heart. I re-read it countless times.


    2nd scene I love most is the one in which Rand & Moridin were sitting in front of the strange chimeny and having their chat about live, times, creators, dark ones and so on. As often in fantasy stories (not in real life though!) I favor the villains as they are usually more interestingly written than the heroes. This is not the case for each and every villain in WOT, but for me Ishy/Moridin was actually next to Rand the most intersting character in the whole series and this POV gave an opportunity to get to know him a bit better.


    3rd scene: TEOTW - prologue - intriguing start of the whole story


    Other scenes which were awsome were already mentioned as Tam/Rand's walk to Edmonds Field in the middle of the night at the very beginning of the story, Rand getting to know Tam, Dumai's Wells, The Cleansing, The last thing that could be done, Veins of Gold...

    Unfortunatly - but this is just my personal taste - Memory of Light could not provide a scene matching the ones already mentioned which was a bit disappointing to me. But well, the are so many more WOT books, that I survived it.



    I liked Ishy/Moridin too! I like how Rand uses his former name Elan as well. He does the same with Lanfear.

  3. On 2/5/2018 at 4:42 AM, Topazy said:

    This is a good idea for sure.

    The same idea was involved in the books of Stephen King.Especially under your description gets book IT.

    Dancing Clown PENNYWISE,This is an antagonist who impressed me a lot more than the main characters.

    -Regards Topazy.

    Spoiler alert for Stephen King's IT. Pennywise does die at the end but some of her children "may" have survived. Evidence being Peenywise Lives in the Dreamcatcher and aclown waving from the sewer drain in Tommyknockers. I believe the deadlights were still alive so her children would still have access to it.

  4. 4 hours ago, DemandredFO said:

    I doubt Veins of Gold would have happened before TGS but condensing books 7-11 might've meant changes. With the TV show now, there will be those changes and many, many more

    I doubt it would have either. This is just a "what if" question.

  5. Okay, I do this when I am bored or can't go to sleep. What if you had the power to enter any book you wanted to and control the events in that book? I used to do with Stephen King's IT but have recently been going into Randland. What would you change? Who would you talk to? Remember, you can control everything just as if you were the Creator. So weaves won't touch you, you know the outcomes, ect...

  6. Logain for sure. He is more interesting to me. He gets gentled, then gets promised revenge, he is healed and they still hold on to him and even consider whether they should gentle him again or kill him. He went through a lot more than Taim IMO.

  7. I agree with the OP. The WT could of done "something" more than they did. They all knew the condition of the Borderlands and the ever increasing Blight. Just having channelers as a presence could of made a difference. If even 1 out of a 1000 girls showed the ability to channel, the WT could of swelled their ranks over the years and those women would be aware of the condition of their homelands.

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