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  1. Completely agreed on the thoughts about getting newcomers to take on the roles of the main characters. I give the GoT folks a lot of credit for getting such talented actors to take on the roles of the young Starks, Lannisters, etc. and allowing us to see them grow as the characters and as actors. Using "unknown" talent can really let them make the roles their own as they grow into them. Ideally, they will be passionate about the genre, if not outright fans of the series. It would be great to get some existing, well-recognized talent to take on some of the more "intermittent" roles (the Dark Ones, heads of state, etc.) would be great to add credibility and recognition to bring in new fans.
  2. Just found out about the production of the WoT series into a television series.  It's been a very long time coming, but given the cinematic quality of GoT, we should see the world of Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, etc. really brought to life.  I will now grab Book 1 and start re-reading the series.  Need to catch up on all the details.


    I will be very interested to see the vision of the writers, producers and director and how it matches up to, and enhances, the original series.  Can't wait to see how the casting of the characters works out!


    Bring on the Dragon Reborn!!!

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